Top 12 Best 2 Person Kayaks Review 2022

Top 12 Best 2 Person Kayaks Review 2020

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Kayaking is enjoyable with a buddy! And the best tandem kayaks have space for a child, a paddler, or your paddle puppy.

Some are created only for diversion while others boast numerous specialization features such as fishing paddle expeditions, and family enjoyment.

Additionally, there are kayaks that are better for on-the-go travelers and many others which are better for individuals that live near a lake or slow-moving river.

The features of each change, and also the kayak for you will depend on how you intend to utilize it.

In this guide, we are going to supply. We will also cover a few kayak tips that are important and provide hints!

The Way to Select a Tandem Kayak – Buying Guide

The Way to Select a Tandem Kayak - Buying Guide

There are key features to consider when hunting for the tandem kayak. We have listed all of the info you want to pick the dog to help!


There are several distinct sorts of. The substance is related to this rig’s weight, durability, and performance, which makes it an important aspect to consider when selecting between different kayaks.

Polyethylene is. It’s a material that’s also lightweight. It doesn’t scratch easily and does a fantastic job of absorbing effect. This makes it an exceptional selection for the hull that comes in contact with stones and sand. Polyethylene has its downsides. If it spends too long in direct sun it becomes brittle and may heat. However, so long as you make sure you don’t matter your polyethylene kayak into the components and bear this in mind, your tandem two-seater kayak will endure for many years to come.

Composite is a combination of high-end substance. The Kevlar, fiberglass, and carbon mix create a material that will endure the test of time. An additional bonus is these are materials that are lightweight. Be cautious when landing and starting this kayak kind are damaged compared to the polyethylene counterpart. This substance is simple to fix but maybe quite a hassle.

PVC is featured in kayaks. Believe it or not, kayaks have come a very long way through recent years. The substance is now powerful puncture-resistant, and include standard PVC or high-quality Denier substance. All these are ultra-portable usually fold right to a backpack. There are also air pockets, making sure that you make it back into the beach in the event that you spring a leak.

Hull Shape

The shape will determine the water is performed by the kayak. There are 3 kinds of shape:

Base hulls are found on novice ships. The flat bottom allows the equilibrium in calm conditions. But taking this kind of hull into demanding or sea conditions isn’t recommended since they won’t have the ability to cut through the browse.

Rounded bottom hulls make it possible for kayaks to cut through the water, increasing their rate over flat bottom hulls. Reaching faster speeds also requires less effort in a round bottom hull since there is less friction from the water. But this speed supposes some equilibrium this kind of hull is suggested for riders.

A V-shaped hull will propel you at the quickest speed and is fantastic for long-distance journeys. They supply stability, Though they’re the least secure. This means when they are tipped on their side, they may be stored. These kinds of hulls are going to have the ability to turn on a dime and be maneuvered simpler than the other two types. They should be utilized by expert kayakers.

Weight Capacity

Each kayak has a weight capacity that is different. Tandem 2 seater kayaks will vary from 400 to over 800 lbs. The weight capability determines important characteristics of your kayaking experiences, including how a lot of people may ride on your kayak, and the total amount of equipment it is possible to bring. The substances used to make the kayak play an integral part in deciding the riding capability.

Kayak Weight

The weight of the top-ranked kayaks varies from 30 to 100 lbs. The features and construction can include and reduce weight. As an instance, a polyethylene kayak may weigh that of an inflatable. Kayak weight is a significant aspect to consider when selecting kayak as you want to make certain you’ve got the capability to take it to and out of the water and to transfer it from your house.


The length is an element that determines your kayak’s skills. A longer vessel is more difficult to move but is better in managing big waves and maintaining a lineup. A shorter kayak will probably be much easier to control and turn, however, it isn’t the ideal option for extended journeys.

Pick A Tandem Kayak?

Of the numerous styles to pick from, a two-person kayak is among the best choices. Not only do you receive a lot of storage but you also get to bring along a buddy. This is very helpful for families and people who have young kids. This will let you bring your child with you at the kayak and permit them to build their confidence in the sport. Recreational kayaks tend to be a little longer than kayaks which makes them go quicker in the water.

Sit-On-Top Or Sit-Inside Tandem Kayaks?

When you select among the ideal double kayaks, you’ll observe there are two distinct styles of kayaks for you to select from. That is your sit-on-top along with your sit kayaks. To get sit-on-top tandem kayaks, you’ll come across both these styles out there for both the solo and backpacks. You might believe that these kinds of ships are just made from tough plastic but you do get them equally in inflatable boats too.

These kayaks, even while they have lots of gaps, share lots of the very same attributes. In both kayak layouts, you refer to the base of the kayak since the hull and the surface of the kayak since the deck. Much like other watercraft, you still refer to the front part of the ship as the bow and the rear as the stern. In both types of ships, you’ll locate the deck of this vessel covered in bungee lines allowing for optimum storage. Both ship fashions will even feature a chair and foot supports.

There are differences. Sit-inside kayaks have an enclosed cockpit that enables riders to sit in the water. As its name indicates you sit-on-top of your kayak, which provides you a considerably higher center of gravity. Sit inside kayaks consistently include some type of backrest within their seat area too.

Selecting the kind of kayak that’s ideal for you might not be as simple as you might believe. There are advantages to both kinds of kayaks which need to be considered before making your selection. To begin with, you might choose to ask yourself a few questions, like determining the temperatures of the water in addition to the kind. From here, consider the pros and cons of every two-person kayak kind.

Sit-on-top kayaks are very user-friendly since they are easy to get in and from. They are inclined to deliver a ride giving a feeling to you as you aren’t restricted in a cockpit. This kayak design doesn’t have any protection from the water also guarantees one to get moist. These ships come equipped with self-bailing features which permit you to remain safe. This can mean that they are designed for waters. This sort of kayak is simple to get in and from making them perfect.

Sit inside kayaks provide you with somewhere to lessen your body into creating them sexier. Providing refuge from rain and wind these kayaks are great for paddlers in waters. Because of this protective casing, you can paddle while sporting a complete outfit of clothes and are much less likely to become wet in this manner of the kayak. They offer you a fantastic deal of stability but don’t have exactly the identical quantity of freedom to maneuver in and out of the water because of their sit-on-top partners.

Benefits of a two-person kayak

There are lots of benefits of selecting a two-person kayak. The largest benefit is the capacity. Having a weight capacity that is bigger, you’re in a position to bring individuals or both and equipment together. You can bring along your buddy. Because these ships are often longer in size, you may have the ability to enjoy improved functionality. This is a result of the slim and long-form. Possessing the capability to take 2 paddlers onboard means you will have the paddle electricity.

Below we investigate the benefits of choosing for this kind of kayak.

Top 12 Best Tandem Kayak Brands

Top 12 Best Tandem Kayak Brands

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Ocean Kayak 12-Ft Malibu Recreational Kayak

This tandem kayak from Ocean Kayak is one. It’s a sit-on-top kayak that’s been developed using a layout that is spacious. The kayak includes two chairs for 2 adults, and there is also some space for your friend or a youngster. It’s 12 feet long and contains a 34-inch width. Not only that but weighs only about 56 lbs. This makes it a globe that is lightweight in the tandem kayak. With its lightweight, the kayak may support a maximum weight of 425 lbs.

We loved how it’s made with a seat for solo paddling, and also three seating positions bow. The deck and hull layout enables you to stack hulls. It’s a leg area, which permits you to enjoy your paddling irrespective. There are two seats that are comfortable, along with a single molded seat for your kid.


  • It’s roomy enough for 2 adults plus a child/pet
  • It’s Been created for flexibility and comfort as you cruise the seas
  • You may enjoy three places that are paddling
  • It’s a footrest when paddling to provide you relaxation. The leg region is also enough.


  • Some users claim that the product comes in a color range that is limited.
  • The width may be smaller for several users.

Intex Excursion Pro Inflatable Kayaks

The Intex Excursion Pro is an inflatable kayak for 2 people. It is made out of a super PVC center that improves its capacity to withstand damage from affects abrasions, and also the effects of UV exposure.

This kayak adheres to pressures that are elevated it preserves. Additionally, it features spring-loaded valves that enable it to inflate and deflate it when you are finished paddling.

Among the advantages of the kayak is it can be packed up and stored in a compact area. This makes it a fantastic two-person kayak for both RV owners and travelers and it’s a weight capacity of 400 lbs.

The Pro also comes. This mount permits you to groom fishing kayak using GPS techniques, fish finders, fishing pole holders, along with accessories that are preferred.


  • Compact Storage
  • Ability To Merge Accessories
  • Simple Deflation and Inflation


  • Less Maneuverable Than Kayaks
  • Can Be Performed More Easily Than A Kayak

Vibe Kayaks Yellowfin 130T Tandem Sit On Kayak

The Vibe Yellowfin 130T 13 ft. Tandem Sit On Top Kayak is filled with features. It must be among the most feature-rich kayaks on this listing. Just as it’s feature-rich, it is full of cost – but the cost to value ratio makes it worth every cent that you pay. You may see a few that contain footrests set at periods, but it is taken by the Yellowfin 130T a step farther. The footrests with this version are.

Along with all that, you will also discover two sealed hatches in the entire body of this Vibe Yellowfin 130T 13 ft. Tandem Sit On Top, that can be doubled with beverage holders which were molded into the plan. You may enjoy a brew that is comfy as you’re on the water.

If this does not seem like it is enough, you can also store both fishing poles on the flush-mounted pole holders. You will also find shock cable lashing on front and awful of this kayak for equipment storage or fishing handle. This 2-person fishing kayak is most effective for those searching for all of the features and does not mind spending that extra little cash.


  • Fantastic Excellent material used
  • Cozy chairs
  • The Plan ensures that there’s Lots of leg space


  • The seam alignment between the upper and lower part of this mold is a bit away.
  • The cup holder is at the positions
  • It is a bit heavier

Lifetime 10 Foot Manta

Then you want the Lifetime 10 Foot Manta if you would like to go kayaking in yours. It may hold up to 3 individuals but provides choices that don’t forfeit comfortability or its security. It will carry 500 lbs and lightweight using a weight of 60 lbs.

It includes two backrests for maximum relaxation in addition to two paddles. It’s a layout that’s tunnel-hull like for stability and maneuverability. And that is the reason the Lifetime Manta doesn’t tip over.

The Manta is a tandem kayak that is semi-automatic which besides holding three individuals, it’s a huge cargo area at which you could set fishing equipment in addition to your meals. The chairs are dry and high, meaning that it enables its customers while remaining off the bottom of the ship, to ride.

Why is this kayak is that it is very durable? It is extremely durable, and the provider supplies a 5-year guarantee. It’s the tandem kayak for surfing, fishing, and sailing.

The Lifetime Manta includes advanced built-in features that make it well suited for kayaking. It’s a jar holder cargo area, fishing pole holder receiver receptacle, side carry handle, shock cable straps, plus a paddle. It is a budget-friendly kayak that provides greater than just other high-end priced versions.

For the greatest comfort, whilst paddling, the Manta has footwells. Be aware you are going to need to purchase your own and that it doesn’t include paddles. By installing an electric trolling engine you may update it.


  • Greatest for solo vacations but can hold up to 3 individuals
  • Easy and convenient to use
  • Overlapping
  • Stable
  • 5-year guarantee


  • Doesn’t include paddles, and you Want to Purchase Your own
  • Weak tracking

BKC UH-TK219 12ft

This is another tandem kayak that’s fantastic for a couple. The kayak includes features such as four flush-mount pole holders and two holders. It’s 12.3-foot long and weighs about 70 lbs.

The kayak was designed for three individuals, and it is sturdy enough to support a maximum weight limit of lbs.

Yes, this is sometimes an ideal small-family kayaking/fishing vessel.

Every paddler will have footrest when cruising the oceans, to improve comfort. Should you want, you can dangle your legs over the side of the kayak with no problem. The kayak is fitted with four carrying handles which let it moves. We loved the watertight storage compartments for maintaining the little products.

There is also a cargo segment that’s bungee tie-down straps for carrying solid on. The kayak includes paddle parks that hold the paddle whenever you’re not using them, without a doubt. This will help to keep the stability and control of the boat.


  • It’s two storage compartments for keeping your valuables
  • It may accommodate 3 people, using a weight limit of lbs.
  • It’s sturdy and strong
  • It’s six-rod holders
  • The kayak is easy to paddle in almost any way


  • The chair does not provide backrest, which makes trips uncomfortable
  • Maybe too heavy for a single person to take

Perception Rambler 13.5 Sit on Top Tandem

We wish to be simple – that the Perception Rambler really isn’t the complete beginner tandem kayak.

It’s a fantastic value for recreational paddlers looking to have fun or beginners. We advocate the Rambler for lakes, tranquil sea bays, and slow-moving rivers.

This Perception is created from Rotomolded high-density foam, which means it’s one piece of leak-proof construction.

The Rambler gets the weight capability of the 2-person kayaks on our listing.

This tandem was created to continue. It features water-staying colors, rustproof construction, and UV, impact, and abrasion resistance.

There is storage in the kind of bungee-corded nicely from the trunk. There is not and no storage enough space for equipment.

Seats make it easy to get in and from the sits at the top, however, they are not the comfiest for all-day adventures. Flexible and even the seat supported backrest may use a little fluff. There is a center chair to get a child or a pet.

There are a few deficiencies that make this kayak just for funsies, and they’re coated in the cons section.


  • Stable
  • Multiple footrest places to adapt kayakers of ages
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Bow, stern, and unwanted handle for transport that is comfortable
  • U.S. Coast compliant hull I.D. amount
  • 5-Year Limited Warranty


  • Will want to put in seats that are comfier during the day to be used
  • Middle region needs an additional chair is mounted by you
  • Pad eyes not included and will require a gun to put in

Vanhunks Voyager Deluxe

The Vanhunks Voyager Deluxe two-person kayak is twelve-feet lengthy and provides a weight capacity of 551 lbs. This is a great tandem kayak for paddlers that are bigger.

It features two aluminum chairs which may be adjusted for comfort. These chairs permit to sit in the kayak, which can be advantageous for visibility and kayak fishing.

The package comes with 2 fishing pole holders and two paddles. This kayak boasts two storage hatches where you are able to store additional equipment, coolers, tackle boxes, and luggage.

In addition, this kayak may be adapted to incorporate a chair. This permits you to bring along a puppy or child.

The Voyager Deluxe is constructed of rotomolded plastic that’s resistant to sunlight damage and punctures. The side handles make it much easier to maneuver around the 77 lbs of the weight of the kayak when hauling it.


  • Seats For Visibility And Fishing
  • Cockpit For Larger Paddlers
  • Inner Storage Hatches For Dry Gear


  • More heavy Weight Makes It Mobile
  • Extra Length Requires More Storage Space

Aquaglide Chinook XP

This ought to be the choice for you if you’re seeking a tandem kayak that won’t offer you a time to use and move about. It is. This kayak weighs only about 30 lbs.

Yes, it is possible to take it to get a paddling experience by yourself. With its lightweight, the kayak has a weight limit of 500 pounds when inflated.

We loved the seats’ comfort, alongside the fan at the trunk that alleviates the kayak’s steering.


  • It’s lightweight
  • You can adjust the chair positions
  • It’s enough space for a child and 2 people
  • It’s a color mix that is trendy.


  • You are going to Have to Buy a pump and paddles to utilize with this kayak
  • It may be not the choice
  • The chairs back may be too low for a few users

Driftsun Rover 220

Lightweight Driftsun Rover 220 and this minimized allows you to enjoy no matter where you move, kayaking. The kayak stays sturdy throughout the rough plastic finish together with the inflatable I rotating bottom which allows it to provide a laid-back ride. Additionally, it features a key. It is durable and lightweight. It may be inflated in under ten minutes.

The stiff high-pressure drop Engineered flooring provides unmatched stability and control in rough and flat water. The Driftsun Rover 220 tandem kayaks are constructed for class III and class IV rapids. Designed with all the outline of a conventional river runner, the Driftsun Rover 220 can manage rapids with speed and control. The high-pressure fall tiled flooring can rival contrary to the sense of a traditional kayak.

It includes tie-down points, self-bailing vents, along with a front-action camera bracket. This has a travel bag, repair kit, back monitoring fin, dual-action hand pump, and flexible aluminum kayak paddles.


  • Fairly light weighted
  • Chairs are comfy
  • Paddling is simple


  • The seat material is quality
  • It ends sensitive
  • It is expensive

Elkton Outdoors Tandem

This two-person kayak out of Elkton Outdoors is constructed for the adventuresome couple that wishes to bring lots of equipment in addition to their paddle experience. It boasts several features for fishing along with an area for equipment storage.

This kayak includes two storage areas from the stern and the bow. It is possible to secure your equipment in these types of areas utilizing the cord.

There are two storage hatches within this kayak. They are in front of every paddler and provide room to store equipment that you wish to stay dry throughout your journey.

The Elkton Outdoors features a weight capacity of 650 lbs. The kayak itself weighs 72 lbs and is constructed from ultra-durable rotomolded plastic.

The kayak is a full 36 inches broad, making it secure for paddlers. Additionally, it boasts adjustable seat springs to get a ride.


  • Adjustable Seat Backs
  • Wide Design For Extra Stability
  • Large Weight Capacity


  • Heavy Weight Makes It Harder To Transfer
  • Lacks Optional Third Seat

Sun Dolphin Bali

This monster comes in at 13.5 ft, which will enable you to move easily around the oceans. Whether you would like a solo paddle, a two-person adventure with your spouse, or even a family cruise together with your kiddo, this tandem will provide you all those choices.

It has a capacity of approximately 500 lbs and weighs about 70 pounds. There are 3. We also loved the cushioned flexible chairs that have adequate back supports.

The tandem has adjustable foot braces, paddle holders, and a well-placed carry handle.


  • It has storage space
  • It has seats with backrests than units
  • It’s designed for three individuals, two, or one
  • It’s paddle holders


  • The storage compartment may leak in large turbulence or whenever it’s raining. You may be made to empty them. However, this might not be a problem if you don’t have to take anything.

Best Tandem Sea Kayak: Boreal Design Esperanto PE Rudder Tandem Sea Kayak

The Boreal Design Esperanto PE Rudder Tandem Sea Kayak is a tandem that is Wonderful ocean kayak. The distance makes this 2-man sit boat ideal for cutting through the sea with the best of ease. And of course that the included rudder and rocker make turning into the sea waves a cinch.

In the event that you and your spouse need storage space, you will find bungees on the front, back, along with a compartment in the center. You bulkhead or may match the center. There is space, don’t hesitate to choose your equipment.

If you elect for the dividing barrier (bulkhead), then you’ll have the advantage of additional flotation power. And of course less of a possibility of capsizing if your kayak is invaded by water! The two cockpit chairs are spaced far enough apart so both people inside will not strike on paddles.

Constructed from polyurethane front is a V hull. This implies riding maneuvering and rockstar monitoring. We urge the Esperanto for vacationing purposes and sea recreation.

Many beginners find this watercraft ideal for developing and studying their own abilities. In reality, a couple of happy customers refer to the tandem as”bombproof and forgiving for beginner kayakers”, since it’s”very secure and weatherproof”.

Sea kayaks are long and may be prone to damage during transport. The Boreal is different. Ordering online is a fantastic alternative if you don’t reside close to a specialty shop.


  • Kayak Perfect for long distances
  • Maneuverable and responsive
  • Ability to be fitted using a kid or bulkhead seat
  • Fantastic for 2 people with diverse skills
  • Storage compartment for days out at sea


  • Heavy for individuals that are powerful
  • Expensive
  • Low weight limitation for two adults and equipment, kid, or pet
  • Prone to damage when sending because of span

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Best Tandem Kayaks For 2 Person FAQs

Best Tandem Kayaks For 2 Person FAQs

Am I too old to kayak?

Ordinarily, the tandem kayak can be used by an adult with no problem. The companies which organize excursions have an age limit. Should they wish to utilize the tandem kayak On the other hand, some oversight might be needed by the older?

What is the age limitation?

You can don’t hesitate to do so if you would like to paddle along with your kid. Nevertheless, if they’re over five decades old, it’s always recommended to take your kid. You’ll need to be whatsoever timed together with the kid in the kayak.

What should I wear when kayaking?

You need to pick. As an example, you can opt for clothes like lace. Cotton clothing isn’t the ideal option because they require a very long time for kayaking. Wear sandals or socks rather than sneakers. Do not forget to put on a waterproof, windbreaker coat and some sun protection eyeglasses for your eyes.

Is a lifejacket required?

It’s true, you need to try wearing your life jacket you go kayaking in and around the water. It is better safe than sorry.

Can my dog be secure?

Once you carry him at the 15, yes, your buddy is going to be secure. These vessels arrive for your puppy, with sufficient space and they possess a material. Never forget to use the lifejacket for your dog.

What is the best arrangement for 2 people in tandem?

This is a significant question since it is going to impact charge of the boat and the simplicity of steering to ask. It is better than the kayak is filled. However, if that’s impossible, allow the person that is more heavy sit at the captain’s seat, in the back. The back should be seated in by the individual.

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Imagine if I am solo-kayaking?

If you’re following a tandem holiday experience, you’ll have to be sure that the chair is well-placed. Most fishing kayaks are going to have the ability. Eliminate one of those chairs in the event that you would like to kayak solo and secure the chair. This is the place which will provide you control of the boat. If the chairs can’t be eliminated, put some weight or fishing gear and you should choose to sit down at the seat. This can help balance this vessel’s weight reduction.

Where do you purchase the tandem kayaks?

As a result of the shops, you receive your tandem kayak and can place an order online. You should be careful when purchasing the kayak on the internet. Buy from Amazon or by the site of the kayak manufacturer. This may minimize the chances of being scammed or purchasing the product with no return policy.


A kayak is on the list for everybody. I attempted to be certain just about every budget, ability level, and the taste that was reflected here. You will find ships for recreational users anglers and users.

Obviously, it is your responsibility to work out which one to go with. If you are still confused, return and examine the”how to pick” section to have more thoughts. There is nothing wrong with analyzing tandem kayaks and going down to the regional outfitter store!

Just make sure you consider all of the variables until you purchase the tandem kayak you visit.

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