Top 23 Best Compass For Hiking 2021

Best Compass For Hiking

Having the ability to navigate using a compass and a map is a very important skill that may save your own life. A hiking compass is able to help you figure out also the ideal method and where you are to reach where you wish to go. Catch one of those trekking compasses if you enjoy exploring the fantastic outdoors and browse throughout the wilderness. Are you search for the best compass for hiking. Keep reading My Trail Company will help you to find out the answer to the best compass for hiking.

Compass For Hiking

Benefits for Hiking of Compasses

Navigation. The compass for biking features significant dimensions for navigation, such as the four cardinal directions: north, south, east, and west. You are able to go back to a starting point.

Lightweight and do not need batteries. Old-school compasses are far better than digital navigation devices since they do not weigh very much they do not need batteries, and they are very durable.

Numerous features. The compass for day hiking could be a beneficial tool when combined with a map. Many glow at nighttime. You require skills that are basic so as to utilize it.

Types of Compasses


This really is very popular with backpackers also is the kind of compass. It’s fairly simple and just has a couple of features nonetheless, often it features a magnifying lens to see a map. Baseplate compasses have transparent base plates that let you read a map.


Compasses have three components. The body/base features dial the needle and scales. The cover, which protects the compass, has a cord that is sighting. This sort of compass reads the dial and also has. Compasses are employed by the army and lasting.


Compasses are exact and provide a readout. They have a lot of features. They allow you to know whether you increase off course and could save bearings. The drawback to compasses is they don’t operate with maps. Moreover, a fee is required by them.

Key Features


The authentic north (the North Pole) isn’t exactly the same as the magnetic north. The angle between the two is called declination and based upon your place is east or west of north. Declination permits you to utilize the needle, which points towards north, to browse to the north.


This is referred to as the ring, and you also use it in order to have a position in the area. The zero characterizes the ring to 360 degrees that encircle the border of the compartment of the needle. Start looking, if you would like to browse more precisely. The bezel also needs to be simple to turn.


Longer is better in regards to reading bearings to a map, or when the map is bigger in scale. The vertical grid lines will probably be much further apart on bigger maps, by way of instance, and it is best to align with the orienting arrows together with all the vertical grid lines. In case you’ve got a baseplate compass that is brief, it can be impossible to align with the arrows.


A compass using a mirror enables you to precisely comply with a bearing on a specific landmark. Normally, the compass will include a mirror that allows you to find as you’re taking a look at your goal the compass capsule. Many compasses use this attribute to provide clinometer readings that are accurate. A mirror may be employed to signal for assist in a crisis.

Other Considerations

Rubber Feet: you do not need to have the compass to maneuver Once you align with the lines on a map. Some maps are slicker compared to many others, and it can be kept by the rubber feet onto a compass. This can look like a detail, but it might become very important once you’re outside in the area.

Night Visibility you might end up navigating in low light conditions or at night. Start looking for devices that contain glowing dots around the needle. The border of the arrow and the indicator mark/pointer also needs to be glow in the dark and glow. This way, you are able to follow a posture.

Global Needle: Not many compasses will operate in most areas in the world. One which balances properly in North America will stay in South America. A needle enables the device by compensating for field gaps to operate.

Brands Of The Best Compass For Hiking

Top Brands Of The Best Compass For Hiking

1. Suunto MC-2G

The Suunto MC-2G is highly popular with mountaineers, hikers, and other outdoor enthusiasts and provides excellent functionality. It’s a construction and provides resistance. If it comes to features you will not be disappointed it has a rotating bezel, ruler, clinometer, magnifying lens along with a sighting mirror. The declination can be corrected with the alteration key, that’s connected to the lanyard.

Moreover, the Suunto compass has a worldwide needle so it functions in most compass zones and does not need to be entirely leveled for exact dimensions. It can be utilized in the evening Since it’s equipped with indicators. The Suunto MC-2G is most effective for people who require a reliable and highly precise navigation device to their experiences.

2. Silva Ranger S

The Silva Ranger S is a Fantastic choice to the Suunto MC-2G. The Silva Ranger S does not possess the lens or the clinometer. But it has many features and is protected from shock, damages, and dirt by its own lid. The Silva Ranger S is fluid-filled, includes a rotating bezel, ruler, luminous points (such as reduced visibility) in addition to a sighting mirror to get more precise measurements.

The declination can be adjusted. The very best thing about the Silva Ranger S is its speed, precision, and endurance. This Silva compass is ideal for people who need a navigation device for hiking or any outdoor activity.

3. Suunto A-10

The Suunto A-10 is an easy and really affordable compass. It is user friendly and ideal for beginners. It comes with a scale, bezel, and ruler. It’s relatively durable and made from scratch-resistant plastic. Additionally, it is liquid-filled and the needle settles.

This Suunto product does not possess a clinometer lens or even a mirror that is. It does have a lanyard for simple handling. The Suunto A-10 is all in all a compass for outdoor enthusiasts along with novices who want a navigation apparatus without many features.

4. Suunto M3-G

The Suunto M3-G is ideal for outdoor enthusiasts who require an easy although dependable compass. It features a baseplate that is designed and outfitted with anti-slip pliers. This product is less protected than the compasses recorded above since it does not have a lid, however, the anti-slip pads assure it remains firmly on your hands. The Suunto M3-G has outfitted with a ruler a clinometer and a needle.

The M3-G compass is liquid-filled and contains a magnifying lens to get simpler map reading. Regrettably, it isn’t outfitted with a sighting mirror that does differently reduce mistakes when transferring the apparatus from eye-level after sighting to waist-level for studying the dial. Suunto M3-G is a compass for people who demand a reliable and very simple navigation device to their experiences.

5. Silva Guide

The Silva Guide is a compact mirror compass with a fixed declination scale. Its mirror lid locks open at 45° levels and stays securely closed when the lid is shut — hence protect the compass from grime and damages. It’s durable and accurate, which makes it ideal for activities like mountaineering and trekking. The Silva Guide includes a rotating bezel, a ruler, and can be full of liquid. The mirror may be utilized for emergencies. Sadly, this Silva compass isn’t outfitted with a clinometer or magnifying lens.

This is sometimes a problem if you’re planning to measure slope angles and it may take you. We believe this the Silva Guide is a fantastic alternative for hikers and outdoor enthusiasts who desire a navigation apparatus that is strong with all features. The very best thing about the Silva Guide is the quality/price ratio and its durability.

6. Cammenga Lensatic Compass

This phosphorescent compass is water-, shock-, and sand-proof. It works in regions with temperatures from minus 50. It is used enthusiasts, in addition to by the army and government agencies. It features an aluminum frame, waterproof housing glass, dial graduations in both amounts for precise readings, and also a sight cable.

This compass is helpful in an assortment of conditions, almost indestructible, and dependable. It seems sturdy and well-made and contains all the features that you need in a compass. It makes you feel comfier once you’re hiking on a trail.

7. Sportneer Military Lensatic Sighting Compass with Carrying Bag

This professional-grade compass is created for a number of scenarios, camping, hiking, and use. It features a lens plus a purpose on the sight to get precision. It is waterproof and shockproof, which provides reassurance when you have a hike that is tough.

The compass is mobile and contains a belt-loop attachment, therefore should you want to keep your hands free once you’re climbing a precipice, it is nearby. The interface excels which means that you may read it. It’s solid and strong, along with the pouch is well-made. It may take a beating, and also the laser sighting is very good to have when you are attempting to obtain a bearing on elevation, etc.

8. SUUNTO Recreational Field Compass

This compass features a liquid-filled casing that inhibits the jerkiness of the needle. It’s a translucent base plate using various rulers and also a scale that is standard on U.S. Geological Survey maps. It is lightweight and can be balanced to the Northern Hemisphere and features a high-quality steel needle.

This compass precise is user friendly, and that which is legible. It’s straightforward to read in a glance so that you won’t be concerned about losing or breaking it, and it is not pricey. Additionally, it will come with directions so it can be used by you with a map.

9. Silva Expedition S Compass

If you are trying to get a top-quality orienteering compass at a sensible price that is.

I adore the visibility bezel for adjustment and studying. If you chance to place down or shed your own compass, Additionally, it is useful. You will have the ability to find it with all the bezel that is illuminated.

This can be a sighting compass for precision and could be an ideal choice for those intending to do plenty of off-trail navigation, orienteering, or adventure racing.

The application is incorporated on the while it will require an instrument for declination adjustment

10. Brunton TruArc 3 Base Plate Compass

This is a badly base plate compass for navigation that is precise but easy. Using a needle, such as the MC-2G, this compass is calibrated to operate appropriately all around the world.

This compass bezel reads in 2-degree resolution and features either cm and inch scales.

Among the features for navigation on almost any compass is a declination that Brunton provides around the 3.

11. Silva Explorer Pro High Visibility Compass

Silva packed with all the features of this Ranger 515 but with no sighting or mirror hole. This usually means you are going to get a compact compass using strong features and precision.

For the navigator that is proficient and knowledgeable, this should pose troubles. You are going to find exactly the gradient 2-degree higher along with the bezel visibility navigation ring together with the glass.

You’ll need to correct declination with the screwdriver that is built-in but that includes its own set of advantages and pitfalls. This could be a fantastic pick for anyone seeking to acquire.



  • Reputable hemisphere readings
  • The serrated bezel ring
  • Black hook-and-loop wrist strap
  • Ratcheting mechanism

PROS: Could be read in the top of the side, sighting notch and studying window, wrist strap matches a wide selection of dimensions, may be removed from the provided band and put on a different wristband, home can turn for management setting, water-resistant, luminous face

CONS: Should be kept flat to Find an accurate reading, does not possess a needle, maybe slow to orient, wristband May Be too big for wrists



  • Compact
  • International needle
  • Easy-grip bezel
  • Base plate using lense

PROS: Baseplate using lens edge, and inch markings for map reading, modification key contained on a lanyard, international needle reads in 2-degree increments, luminous ring

CONS: Amounts rub from the bezel after use, the cover is not durable enough for heavy use, the glowing ring does not stay illuminated for long, instrument



  • Timeless lid bezel & mirror
  • Luminous points for night use

PROS: Luminous points for scanning; acoustic grippers; modification key contained using three scales on a lanyard, clinometer bezel plate, magnifying lens, and a straight border for map reading

CONS: Tool does not have bubbles, needle



  • Slim profile
  • Durability
  • Clear base plate with 1:24,000 and inch, millimeter scales

PROS: black and Red orientation outlines sighting arrow cheap baseplate with inch and edge markings for map reading

CONS: bubbles can appear in liquid, Without an adjustment, not durable enough, does not have a needle, non-luminous



  • Compass Range of 0 Into 359
  • 1-16 graphical pointers
  • Adaptive declination angle

PROS: Delivers data on temperature, altitude, barometric pressure, clock, calendar, and alarm performance screen, water-resistant, bubble level

CONS: Hard to place a few purposes no button

17. Suunto A-30L Field Compass

The Suunto A-30 is a compass. This is another excellent product from a brand that has built a reputation for designing industry-leading navigation apparatus. The compass has a minimalist construct but provides a functionality that is precise and durable.

It’s cheap yet practical and comes with features for hikers from the outside. It is fitted with a pointer for the northern hemisphere. It’s worth noting that ordinary compasses have a tendency to modify their course, particularly.

18. Silva Ranger 3

Silva is a maker in regard to the compasses marketplace. Their products are famous for their quality and should guarantee you that you won’t lose your way. The Silva Ranger 3 Compass boasts nifty and a slick construct, making it effortless to continue the move and user-friendly.

It includes a baseplate using a rubber grip that increases the durability of this device when providing for exceptional traction when using it. There is a safety lanyard to make sure it is within your reach.

You receive a scale from the capsule which may be used. A mirror sighting with a hole causes bearing when studying luminous marks and the compass implies that you will not have a tricky time.

19. Adventure Warehouse Navigation Compass

Simply as your budget is tight, so it does not mean that you ought to risk failing to deliver a compass getting lost. The Adventure Warehouse Compass provides you with among the very cost-friendly alternatives to get a hiking compass on the marketplace.

This system includes a protected and thick baseplate that functions to store everything in place. Additionally, it features a detachable lanyard, maintaining the compass nearer to you.

Three measuring scales are included in its layout (1:25k, 1:50k, 1:63k) while glowing points light up the compass for simple reading in densely populated environments. A man further makes simpler the reading

20. Eyeskey Military Alloy Compass

The hiking compass for hiking on paths is calculated for you space, in addition to allowing you the freedom to roam through a trekking expedition in any sort of environment. This is what you receive from your Eyeskey Multifunctional Army Interface.

The unit is made with a technology metallic body that’s also weatherproof, making for one of the most hiking compasses on the market. It can be easily used by you at the outside come shine or rain! Signifies this compass stays readable at all times of the day.

21. Core Survival Paracord Survival Bracelet

The Core Survival Paracord Compass Bracelet is among the compass’ for trails and hiking UK terrain. Should you believe carrying out a compass provides clutter and interferes with your relaxation, this mild, and bracelet provides a viable escape path to you without forfeiting.

It enables you to inform your place only. This is a tool that features a heavy-duty climbing rope for straps along with a magnesium fire starter to go for a whistle and compass.

22. GWHOLE Military Lensatic Sighting Compass

The Gwhole Military Compass That is just another product that will allow you to find your way when you are lost in the jungle to security. It comes with features that may function as difference-maker in such situations. The compass features a heavy-duty electronic print cover using a design layout.

A conversion chart for angle, space, and gradient has been contained on the backplate. Additionally, there are sighting lines. Another quality that improves the standard of the compass is.

You also receive a number of additional features like a tripod screw hole on the bottom, built-in bubble flat, folding thumb ring, ruler units across either side calibrated in inches and centimeters, a thermo-elastic liquid-filled capsule carrying a floating capsule, in addition to a rotating bezel ring.

23. Suunto-M9 WITH Velcro Strap

The Suunto M9 is just another version out of Suunto, that proves their caliber on the marketplace of tools. It includes a modern and pleasant design that is the alternative to the compass versions.

This compass stays thanks to Velcro straps and is worn just.

The straps are comfortable to touch so that you won’t sense any type of distress of sporting the compass after a day. It’s a device that keeps high-performance where you end up. A luminescent display permits you to inform instructions in the darkened.




A: To triangulate your position, you want an orienteering compass with a nightlife index. A liquid-filled compass using a baseplate that is very long may do a fantastic job. It is worth noting that components can make triangulation hopeless in certain areas of the planet.


A: If your compass stops functioning and you get dropped, you can do the following to locate north: utilize the surface of an analog watch to bisect sunlight, utilize first constellations, utilize the sun’s path as a demanding E-W line or utilize a magnetized paper clip using floating foliage.


A: The arrow onto a compass point to the north. Declination denotes the angle between the north and the north. It fluctuates based on where you are on the ground. True north is northwest in line with the axis of the earth.


The Cammenga Lensatic Compass is loved by us since it is specifically designed to withstand outdoor elements and functions well. With Carrying Bag, but if you do not have a budget to get a compass, then get the Sportneer Military Lensatic Sighting Compass.

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