Top 13 Best Fanny Pack For Travel Review 2021 [New]

Top 13 Best Fanny Pack For Travel Review 2020 [New]

A fanny pack can bring back memories of the 1980s and a number of the style disasters which went with the age, but possessing one of those much-maligned sling-style totes will totally transform how you carry your personal possessions.

Sling it over your shoulder or tie it around your waist, and you will quickly see the fanny pack goes back and is still a favorite of fashionistas all around the world.

Mytrailco will help you find the best fanny pack for travel.

What’s a Fanny Pack?

A fanny pack is normally a small, streamlined bag that may be placed on in the area of the waist or hips. Utilizing a flexible strap using the buckle, it lets you fix it as far as you want. Regardless of your luggage is sitting on your buttocks, to the frontal side or slightly towards the trunk – a fanny pack is a very efficient and comfortable way to store your things with you. Surprisingly, what has been popular from the 1980s and 1990s is currently once more popular because of the trendy and usefulness layouts.

What's a Fanny Pack - best small fanny pack for travel


Various Kinds of Fanny Pack

If you ask yourself”what’s a fanny pack?” then you want to be aware of different kinds. A massive number of fanny packs are offered on the market includes essential features useful for different goals. Here are the most well-known fanny package options:

Travel Fanny Pack

This fanny pack may be your ideal companion for everyday use or experiences. The vast majority of fanny packs are produced from synthetic materials such as polyester and provides a sporty appearance. Normally, they comprise a few compartments like a roomy major compartment plus some tiny zippered pockets. They permit you to maintain your camera, passport, phone, cash, and other essentials. Employing a journey fanny pack is your very best method to store your valuable items securely.

Lumber / Hiking Fanny Pack

This type of package is needed for all sorts of camping and trekking. Whether you are planning to get an hour increase or multi-day travel, the trekking package is going to be your very best partner. Normally, they’re bigger and more expensive than a journey fanny pack. These kinds of packs have a huge pouch kind of just like a normal backpack; the sole distinction is the smaller and more portable version of this.

Tactical Fanny Packs

Largely military personals (And for hunters too ) need reflex action and fast thinking. Maintaining your significant things in near your hands and prepare use is extremely helpful. They frequently design in camo or khaki green color and keeping your hands free of the day.

Hydration Fanny Packs

As its name implies, this specific sort of fanny pack was made to take water during exercise such as jogging. Additionally, it’s ideal for a hike, long walks especially to get a warm and humid climate. A silicon sac comprises of the hydration pack to maintain your water. Using a straw, you are able to easily get access to this water. Thus, you do not have to eliminate or adjust the tote.

The Advantages of Fanny Packs

If you are considering investing in your first fanny pack or just seeking to re-ignite your love, keep in mind there are a lot of wonderful reasons to put in your possessions around your waist.

A fanny pack leaves your hands free to focus on the important things in life. With handles, then you can slide it on your waist or on your shoulder, and off you go.

  • Everyone can put on a fanny pack. The design itself is unisex, meaning that the entire family can wear one if they need to. Additionally, there are thousands of styles to pick from, available in colors and dimensions to match every fanny pack lover.
  • These kinds of bags are lightweight and durable and will help keep you balanced than a shoulder or tote bag. As a result of this, fanny packs are fantastic for outdoor activities, sports, and other experiences where you do not want your trip tote to hold you back.
  • A fanny pack is spacious without being bulky. With many distinct compartments, it is possible to easily maintain your keys, wallet, phone, and other tiny essentials about your individual without slowing down yourself.
  • Fanny packs come back in vogue! From music festivals to the beach and everywhere in between, fashion-focused travelers once more adore the appearance of the midsection bag.

What makes a fantastic travel fanny pack?

If you’re trying to find a traveling fanny pack, you’ll shortly learn that there are an infinite number of versions and styles to pick from. The best fanny pack for travel Reddit may fluctuate significantly based upon your travel plans.

What makes a fantastic travel fanny pack - best fanny pack for travel women


Here are a couple of items to consider to determine if a fanny pack is ideal for you in your excursion:

1. Goal

What do you intend to do on your journey? You will find fanny packs appropriate for all types of travel, from adventure travel to leisure holidays. Creating your travel plans is perfect prior to considering what is going to be the very best traveling fanny pack for your journey.

Travelers who wish to go trekking will have a considerably different fanny pack to people who only require additional transport space on a very long excursion. Fanny packs may vary in performance. The great thing is there are fanny packs accessible to all sorts of travelers.

2. Features

Based on their preferred usage, fanny packs may have many (or couple ) features. More experienced travelers will benefit from features like a lot of pockets for storing essential items and waterproof material for endurance in many different elements. Leisure travelers may also profit from a lot of pockets but might be interested in hidden compartments for weeds when seeing tourist attractions in which pickpocketing is much more prominent.

Taking a look at the features of a fanny pack will ascertain if it’s the best match for your journey. New features are constantly being added into fanny packs to choose them out of the typical waist package to the ideal travel companion.

3. Cost

Traveling frequently requires us to find out our funding for your trip. Backpacking is normal for much more funding travelers, and luxury travel may not have any limitation on your expenses throughout the trip. Fanny packs may be helpful in both kinds of excursions and everything in between.

Fanny packs come in many different price points which are usually influenced by the manufacturer and its particular features. A less costly fanny pack may be more acceptable for funding traveling, which means you don’t need to worry about theft when staying at a hostel, for instance. A more expensive fanny pack could be ideal for travelers that are searching for a more practical fanny pack to bring along.

4. Storage

In spite of all the new updates and features you may find on fanny packs now, generally, it serves the main function for extra storage throughout your journey. Storage may be for day-to-day use throughout your journey or perhaps travel en route to a destination.

We are all comfortable with increasing bags prices, but a fanny pack may take a number of this load. They may be good as a private carry-on thing for your own flight. When you venture out to research a new town’s attractions to the afternoon, they are sometimes utilized to maintain miscellaneous items like tickets, maps, hotel room keys, and other things you would otherwise things in your pockets.

5. Weight

The best fanny pack for traveling is one which makes travel more suitable. Keeping up with this much bag and fining everything you want when you arrive may be a hassle. Your fanny pack is intended to improve your travel experience for the greater.

Weight preference varies per traveler. Adventure travelers that are accustomed to big backpacks might be more comfortable with a slightly thicker spine to take off a few of their load in their back to change the weight. Individuals that wish to go sightseeing might be more interested in a lightweight fanny pack they can get on all day walking from site to site.

6. Size

Even the size of a fanny pack is also a vital element for locating the ideal fanny pack for your own journeys. Size is directly linked to the burden of this tote. Travelers could have different preferences depending on the type of trip.

We have all seen the normal dimensions fanny packs but travel fanny packs may vary because of their functionality. Adventure travelers that favor longer features on a fanny pack may consider a bigger bag that could hold more essentials throughout a very long hiking trek. There are more unobtrusive fanny packs that are slim and match concealed underneath your top if needed.

7. Durability

Traveling may indicate that you are constantly on the move. Whether using a fanny pack throughout the trip or to enhance your bag, you will still need to have something which could withstand regular use. The sturdiness of a fanny pack is something in common for many kinds of fanny packs used for traveling. Whether leisure or adventure travel, the more lasting the tote, the better so which you are able to get continuing usage from it.

Top 13 Best Fanny Pack For Travelers Brands - best mens fanny pack for travel

Top 13 Best Fanny Pack For Travelers Brands

Bestseller No. 7
Fanny Pack for Men Women,Crossbody Waist Bag Pack,Belt Bag for Travel Walking Running Hiking Cycling,Easy Carry Any Phone,Wallet (Black)
Fanny Pack for Men Women,Crossbody Waist Bag Pack,Belt Bag for Travel Walking Running Hiking Cycling,Easy Carry Any Phone,Wallet (Black)
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CREATOR Tactical Waist Packs

Adventure travelers will immediately fall in love with all the CREATOR Tactical Waist Packs. The CREATOR Tactical tote is a fanny pack created for travelers who want extra storage to their items while out in their world experiences. Whether you are hiking the Alps or trekking through a rain forest, you will have all you need in an arms reach.

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The CREATOR Tactical Waist Packs is small and streamlined, created out of high-quality nylon material. In addition, it is waterproof and durable for demanding use. Along with the main pocket, it’s several side pockets and compartments, each with zip closure. The tote is adjustable to suit an assortment of waist dimensions or transformed into a shoulder bag.

The CREATOR Tactical Waist Packs is among the very best fanny pack for international travel since it allows for the storage of all items that are essential while keeping a comparatively slender design in contrast to other versions. You could even personalize the bag for your traveling specifications by buying attachments and accessories to improve its performance.

Everest Signature Waist Packs at Jade

Offered in a huge array of colors and designs, this adorable little fanny pack is ideal for everyday usage. Having a 36-inch waist strap, a zippered compartment, and a leading dangling key string, this little tote will keep your essentials secure, whatever you are doing.

Last update on 2024-06-20 / Affiliate links / As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

The Everest Signature Waist Packs consists of polyester fabric and contains a distinctive slim and stylish design. The flexible waist belt may be made small enough to fit around your waist or lengthened to work across your body.

The main compartment is big enough to hold your wallet, coins, as well as your mobile phone, while the zippered front pocket and key holder will keep everything safe.

Made with practicality in mind, this fanny pack could be wiped down or washed to ensure it looks good and continues through many experiences.

Osprey Packs Talon 6 Lumbar Packs

Traveling giant Osprey is renowned because of their exceptionally durable and long-lasting traveling accessories, and also the Talon 6 Lumbar Packs is surely no exception. Produced from mesh coated AirScape ridge foam to keep your load secure, this fanny pack lets you be sporty or daring as you wish to be.

Preview Product Rating Price
Osprey Talon 6 Men's Lumbar Hiking Pack Osprey Talon 6 Men's Lumbar Hiking Pack No ratings yet

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More than only a travel pouch, this big, safe, and secure timber package will keep your possessions safe and your posture.

Complete with two Osprey 6000ml BPA-free water bottles which remain upright even once you don’t, this can be a best fanny pack for travel Europe.

You may pack lots of essentials such as cash, keys, your telephone, and your passport or ID from the large zippered compartment, whereas the flat straight coat compression straps make sure that the package never has bent out of shape.

Much like all Osprey products, the Talon 6 Lumbar Packs includes Osprey’s All Mighty Guarantee. That is a serious piece of kit for serious travelers.

FREETOO Waist Packs Bag Fanny Packs for both Women and Men

This traditional design fanny package offers you all of the space you need around 5 zippered pockets. The biggest is large enough to hold your water bottle, although the tiniest will maintain all those small pieces like hair and key follicles organized and safe.

Made from solid 1000D Polyester, this tote is easy to wash and constructed to last. A superb addition to your daily travel bags, this handy little package has sturdy zippers, an adjustable strap with a safe waist buckle, and also the choice to be worn around your waist or across your shoulders.

As useful for outside activities because it’s for festivals and having fun, this is a fantastic alternative for anybody.

Day Tip Money Belt

This fanny pack is very good if you do not require a whole lot of room. It is really thin and it will not really match any bulky products. You can not actually carry your wallet inside this fanny pack, but you can take your cash and charge cards. And because the main pocket is created entirely from RFID obstructing substance, they’ll be exceedingly safe.

What causes this fanny pack unique is the buckle is on the front. Thus, if you are really wearing this around your waist, there is virtually no possibility somebody may unbuckle it and slip it without you noticing.

Last update on 2024-06-20 / Affiliate links / As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Another thing I truly love is this features a backside made from the breathable net. I was surprised to see venting in such a cheap belt bag. And because it’s created out of 210D Nylon, you may even rely on it to be durable and water-resistant. Now that is an excellent deal for under $15!

However, there’s the dilemma of capacity. This waist pack features two zippered pockets on the front, and also a concealed slide pocket on the trunk. And that is all. There’s an integral clip in the bigger front pocket, but secrets are essentially the sole bulky thing you can fit within this tote. It is unbelievably slender, and it can not really hold much equipment.

That is fine if you are considering this only for traveling. You may absolutely match your passport, telephone, credit cards, and tickets within this tote. Not much else.

Karpathic Fanny Pack For Women and Men

The Karpathic belt tote is an intriguing alternative. So far it is the only one which is unavailable in black, and this surely makes it exceptional. And you also get some free things with it – a microfleece pouch to the sunglasses and a travel guide. However, with us, you barely want the latter.

1 problem with this tote is that there isn’t any advice about what material it is made from. I am imagining polyester but do not quote me on that. I can tell you for certain it is water-resistant, however, but not entirely waterproof. In the event you become caught in rain or fall to a pond, nothing within will remain dry.

However, you’ll be OK in light snow or rain. And I will even tell you that you will find three RFID secure pockets within this fanny pack. The most significant you can certainly match your passport, which is quite suitable.

Last update on 2024-06-20 / Affiliate links / As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Besides the main compartment, in addition, there are two outside front pockets plus a concealed one on the trunk. But just one of those outside front pockets is zippered – another one features Velcro closure, which isn’t my favorite item.

1 thing that I love about this fanny pack is your opening for earphones. That is a really helpful attribute for every one of those who (surprisingly ) nevertheless utilize cord earphones to their telephones with the headset. In 2019, can you envision?!

The belt buckle is adjacent to the main compartment, therefore it ought to be in your hip when you are wearing this tote. The belt strap may be adjusted to match a 54″ waist maximum, and it features two stable holders that make it remains in place.

JanSport Fifth Ave Fanny Packs

Preview Product Rating Price
JanSport Fifth Ave Fanny Pack JanSport Fifth Ave Fanny Pack No ratings yet

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JanSport is a reliable brand for quality, cheap bags. The JanSport Fifth Ave Fanny Packs stays true to the new promise by providing one of the best fashion fanny pack for travel. It is a very simple tote constructed for everyone.

The JanSport Fifth Ave Fanny Packs matches your personality and style with many colors and prints. It is the ideal bag for kids and adults, with adjustable straps to fit your waist (or shoulder) perfectly.

The tote has a small, compact design made from a lined interior. It’s two zip-closure pockets that you may fit objects like your telephone, passport, wallet, keys, and much more. It is among the very lightweight fanny packs available on the current market, ideal for wearing all day. It is a handy tote that serves as another pocket to get important things you wish to get quickly.

Many travelers advocate the bag due to the lifetime guarantee supplied by JanSport on its own products.

EGOGO Travel Sport Fanny Pack

The EGOGO Travel Sport Fanny Pack is a flexible travel fanny pack helpful for busy travelers, or leisure travelers who want somewhere to hold valuables. EGOGO made the tote around advantage and utilized high-quality substances to make it ideal for travelers on the move.

Preview Product Rating Price
EGOGO Travel Sport Fanny Pack Waist Bag S2316 EGOGO Travel Sport Fanny Pack Waist Bag S2316 No ratings yet

Last update on 2024-06-19 / Affiliate links / As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

The times of ugly fanny packs are all over. The EGOGO Travel Sport Fanny Pack features a sporty, unisex design and vibrant colors to give it a fashionable advantage over other luggage. It is a comparatively small-sized bag having a slick design for everyday wear or shooting on the next travel experience.

The bag comprises three pockets – a large principal compartment, an inside mesh pocket, in addition to a hidden pocket on the trunk. It is made from ripstop nylon, designed to be breathable for active usage. Additionally, it is water-resistant and durable and regular handling.

Blue skies BASICS Waterproof Pouch

Blue skies BASICS Waterproof Pouch is the previous entry in our listing. Having a high closed design, this tote is a well-constructed and more economical option that’s worth considering as you’re working on a strict budget. But, carrying a backpack isn’t important once you wish to take a couple of things like telephone and cash.

Among the best slim fanny pack for travel of this sterile bag is a waterproof waist bag to maintain the most crucial personal possessions with you all of the time. Unlike other competitions, this waist bag has a high-class closure layout that ensures extra protection against the water. If the weather condition is bad or you will fully submerge inside the water, this waterproof pouch will stay your things dry.

The triple seal zip-lock protection will permit you to go as heavy as 10 feet underwater and also the material of this tote will probably be dry. So, have you ever any doubt about this most effective waterproof fanny pack? If that’s the case, check it prior to using it.

As for me, I enjoy the simple fact of the tote is transparent and touch screen friendly. Therefore, you can assess the material readily of your luggage without the necessity of opening up the bag. Furthermore, you’ll never miss any text or notifications whilst enjoying the wonderful outdoors. Many people today feel it is going to promote the thieves, but the majority of the folks like the bag this way.

This waterproof fanny pack can be obtained with two packs package. It will become a fantastic choice for paddlers that need a smaller and basic fanny pack to store telephone or cash. Offering life guarantee and triple seal protection, this tiny hip package works well for almost any water experience.

SoJourner Black Rose Fanny Pack

Last update on 2024-06-19 / Affiliate links / As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

A stunning 90s-style fanny pack with loads of room to keep your possessions secure, this tote comes in an assortment of prints such as flowers, stripes, polka dots, as well as the American flag. Fantastic for trendy girls and festival fans, these totes are cute and super easy.

Both main zippered pockets can keep your water bottle, keys, cards, and mobile phone all near hand, whereas the rear pocket is ideal for loose change and hair follicles. The flexible nylon waistband matches a 15- to 48-inch waist.

These bags are acceptable for both women and men, along with the elastic nylon construction that will make certain your SoJourner fanny pack will last you over many fantastic experiences.

EGOGO Travel Sport Waist Packs Fanny Pack

Made to be worn around the side of the stylish, this water-resistant waist package is a special way to keep your belongings close by your side in any respect times.

A little on the small side, this adorable little bag is large enough to carry your own water bottle, wallet, phone, and possibly even your journey camera in the main compartment. Your keys and loose change could be saved from the smaller zippered compartment.

With a cushioned back and side panel, it is going to rest gently from the hip and remain there for as long as you require it.

Offered in many different colors, this really is a wonderful small tote for adventurers of all types.

Nabob Leather Fanny Packs

Leather goes out of fashion. And will this fanny pack. If you’re searching for something really timeless, I believe that you can not go wrong with a black leather purse.

And also this fanny pack not only looks fantastic, but it’s also really practical. It features six distinct pockets, which allow for the good organization of your own personal products. The main compartment is really large, and it could easily match your wallet.

Along with this, in addition, there are four zippered pockets on this fanny pack. Two are on the very front, and 2 are on either side. The side pockets are tiny and they are intended to hold your keys, earphones, chapstick – things that you generally can not find on your bag since it’s really tiny.

Last update on 2024-06-19 / Affiliate links / As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

The pockets are larger and may match pencils, shades, etc.. And there is also a hidden zippered pocket at the trunk, which is intended to match the plus-sized smartphones. Each of the zippers on the pockets is hardy, smooth, and durable.

The belt of the fanny pack is fairly long – it may match 26-50″ waist circumference, meaning that pretty much everyone can use it. Plus it includes a sturdy buckle. However, not much else, concerning security features. The very least the buckle is located in your hip, rather than in your back, once you’re sporting the fanny pack in front of you.

Huameibang Genuine Leather Waist Packs

What about a handmade real cowhide fanny pack? It is very soft, comfy to wear and it feels like when you are holding it. And it is still more affordable than the Adidas alternative.

What I really like about the bag is that it does not really seem as a fanny pack, though it really is one. It just seems so elegant, mainly due to the premium materials it is made from. But because of how the pockets were created – rather than getting the timeless fanny pack contour, this seems similar to an organizer for me personally.

Last update on 2024-06-20 / Affiliate links / As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

You’ve got three compartments complete. The one from the trunk is the biggest, and it is the primary compartment. It can easily match your phone, wallet, passport, tickets, etc.. Both of the other compartments are equally in front. One of these is zippered, while the other features snap closed.

The buckle of the fanny pack is 49″ long and flexible. It has a metal buckle, which is a lot more durable than plastic ones. However, there is not too much difference, concerning security.

But, there’s 1 benefit to this specific fanny pack, and that’s its own weight. It is heavier than most of the other we watched so much, which is really an upsidedown. Since it’s a presence, you’re more inclined to notice instantly if a person were to try to steal it out of you.


These was all of the testimonials of the best mini fanny pack for travel. Every one of these must boast with multicolored features together with stylish design. They all are well-constructed with watertight and durable fabrics.

Now it is time to select one yourself. When you’ve determined that’s the opportunity to go for a fanny pack, literally your shoulder and back will probably be grateful for this shift. The fanny pack will provide you with exactly the very best approach to getting a variety of things with what it is possible to take from 1 trip to the next.

But if you are a traveling enthusiast, you definitely require a fanny pack. After purchasing you will going to appreciate them and can take them each moment.

Thank you for taking the time to read this particular article of the best fanny pack for travel cheap. Hopefully, you have a fantastic day.

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