Top 29 Best Festival Tents Review In 2021

Top 29 Best Festival Tents Review In 2020

Camping in a festival and to purchase your tent? Do not worry, we have got you covered. Here we have shared our specialist advice about what to watch out for when purchasing in addition to our best holiday tent recommendations. From simple festivals pop up tents to more robust choices, we have given a fantastic idea of the distinct affordable alternatives available below.

Keep reading My Trail Company will help you to find out the best festival tents.

Everything you Want to Know before Purchasing best tents for music festivals

Everything you Want to Know before Purchasing best tents for music festivals

When it’s your first time looking around for a tent, that there are a couple of things that are worth understanding and considering before you begin scoping out your alternatives.

Tents are offered in various sizes depending on the number of individuals who may fit down. If you are searching to take camping apparel with you and also want to have a small room to maneuver around, it is well worth dividing. If you are unsure about how big the tent which you require, you can visit a store to have a sense of the various sizes available.

With the unpredictability of the weather in the united kingdom, you want to get a simple comprehension of the waterproof rating given to unique tents. This can be known as the Hydrostatic Head score and will be awarded in millimeters (mm) in 800mm to 10,000mm. The higher the score, the rain the tent can manage without leaking. Read more about how to waterproof a tent.


Blackout cloth, blackout cloth, blackout cloth. Can we say blackout fabric? Nothing sucks more than being awakened at 5 am by blazing sunshine… If you are still drunk from the night before.

A number of the new breed of tents for festival provide blackout cloth, which is a superb strategy when you’re planning to be alert into the tiny hours and even in the event that you don’t intend to! Sunrise at a tent isn’t just very ancient (pre 5 am), but also amazingly bright and sexy, so blocking out that is a very important part of growing sleep. An excellent sleep can allow you to deal better with almost any hangovers and keep you feeling energized for the remaining part of the holiday season.

At length, a festival tent has to be waterproof enough to take care of rain, which may appear incomplete monsoon fashion during the holiday period. This means a fantastic groundsheet is vital, in addition to great ventilation to prevent your possessions from smelling like a wet puppy.

While we are on the topic of cruddy weather, not expect the weatherman torrential rain and freak storms love partying at festivals as far as you can. Read more about best-camping tents.

Top Rated Best Festival Tent Brands

Top Rated Best Festival Tent Brands

Bestseller No. 5
Coleman Sundome Camping Tent, Dome Tent for 2/3/4/6 Person, Quick & Easy Setup, Snag-Free Poles, with Rainfly, Wind & Rain Protection, for Camping, Festivals, Backyards, and Sleepovers
Coleman Sundome Camping Tent, Dome Tent for 2/3/4/6 Person, Quick & Easy Setup, Snag-Free Poles, with Rainfly, Wind & Rain Protection, for Camping, Festivals, Backyards, and Sleepovers
Quick & Easy Setup: Snag-free, continuous pole sleeves for hassle-free assembly; Convenient E-Port: Provides easy access for bringing electrical power inside the tent
SaleBestseller No. 6
Coleman Carlsbad Dark Room Camping Tent with Screened Porch, 4/6 Person Tent Blocks 90% of Sunlight and Keeps Inside Cool, Weatherproof Tent with Easy Setup and Screened-In Porch
Coleman Carlsbad Dark Room Camping Tent with Screened Porch, 4/6 Person Tent Blocks 90% of Sunlight and Keeps Inside Cool, Weatherproof Tent with Easy Setup and Screened-In Porch
REDUCES HEAT: For a more comfortable rest anytime of day; STAY CONNECTED: E-Port makes it easy to bring electrical power inside

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1. Quechua 2 minutes Pop-Up Tent

Being in blue, white, and green colorways with 3 and 2 man alternatives, the Quechua 2 minute pop-up is a hassle-free, affordable alternative for holiday beginners and camping. Becoming super fast to pitch up and pack off, this time-efficient and the best waterproof tent is your lowest cost point in our choice. The porch area provides you ample space for keeping shoes and camping equipment as well as the inside pockets are fantastic for keeping valuables off the ground. Quechua was that the 2019 champions of our very best budget and weekender tents at our Tent Owner Satisfaction Awards.

2. Regatta Malawi 2 Pop Up Tent

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If the setup rate is a high priority this Regatta tent fits the bill also does not compromise durability. Pitch up in only a couple of minutes, wasting no time, letting you get on and enjoy researching the holiday season. This tent has inside hanging points that are fantastic for light when you return and the inside pockets are as easy as any. Fold this up into its cover in only a couple of minutes, ready for the next camping excursion.

3. Move Outdoors Freedom Trail Apache 6

Easy to see in a bunch, this 1-rod tepee design not only looks stylish, but it stands its own ground in bad weather also. With adequate venting, inner storage pockets, and enough space for six buddies, this can be an inexpensive alternative for a huge tent. Though this tent doesn’t have any porch, you can buy a Freedom Route Tarp to make a sheltered entry for keeping any bulky apparel. This is particularly handy if you are sleeping six. Were you aware that members of this Club get a 10% reduction in addition to this Go Outdoors Discount Card costs? Learn about joining the Club to gain today.

4. Coleman BlackOut 3 Festival Dome Tent

Get a fantastic night’s sleep and also be festival prepared in the morning together with all the BlackOut 3 tent. This tent has blackout technology that keeps the inside dark even in the middle of the afternoon so that there will not be some rude awakening once the sun pops up. The little porch means that you can fit three individuals with a light kit and the venting keeps warmth to a minimum. Fairly easy to install and takedown, this is a fantastic alternative for a couple of days in a festival and brief camping breaks.

5. Coleman Instant Dome 5 Tent

Quick pitching along with a sturdy structure and that the Coleman Instant Dome 5 Tent on our preferred list. The steel and fiberglass poles come already attached to the tent, so there is no struggling with projecting up. Another bonus is that the completely integrated groundsheet, keeping you dry and protected from some other creepy crawlies.

With space for 5, this scooter has lots of space to get a couple of friends or little household spending a couple of nights in the wonderful outdoors. You do not have a sheltered porch area on this particular tent so that it’s worth bearing in mind the capability when planning your journey. Coleman was that the 2019 champions of the very best family camping tents.

6. Vango Pulsar Pro 300 3 Person Tent

Whilst among the greater budget choices we have recorded, this can be an excellent option if you’re looking for a 3 man tent. Ideal for festival camping, the ample sheltered porch at the Vango Pulsar Pro is fantastic for keeping muddy sneakers and camping equipment. The plan of this tent prevents rain from pooling on the top and there’s a door on both sides of the porch to get simple accessibility when there’s greater than among you personally. When you are ready to pack up and move home, the compression bag provided gets the task simple, despite a wet tent.



  • Sort: Semi-geodesic Sleeps
  • Weight: 4.3
  • Fabric: Polyester, PU coated


  • Super-fast to place up
  • Sun-blocking Blackout material

In various ways, this is the greatest festival tent owing to its lightning-quick pitch period of 2 seconds, which makes it a tent for anybody who wishes to stone up late and grab a fantastic pitch about the festival campsite. It will even pitch with no pegs if you are in a hurry, though we would not recommend you do this differently your tent may dismiss in a mild breeze.



  • Form: Tunnel
  • Sleeps: 3
  • Weight: 5.65
  • Fabric: Polyester, PVC


  • Sewn-in groundsheet
  • Covered porch space
  • Totally weatherproof
  • Lights Out interior
Preview Product Rating Price
Vango Tay 300 Tent – Treetops, M Vango Tay 300 Tent – Treetops, M No ratings yet

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The Vango Skye 3-man tent is a little bit of a small gem for your intensive festival traveling by automobile, providing you with all of the crucial holiday camping points (total elevation, blackout bedroom space, a porch) wrapped to a comparatively solid weatherproof package. Also, but it is keenly priced also.



  • Form: Semi-geodesicSleeps: 3Weight: 4kgFabric: Polyester


  • Quick to install
  • Lightweight yet powerful
  • Totally waterproof

The Journey Trio is the perfect way to solve the disposable tent civilization. A rugged and roomy 3-man tent that will keep you warm, dry, and happy on any campsite, this can last for many years. On top of that this proper tent layout will endure following the cheap ones are flattened in high winds, and it’s going shrug off a monsoon – therefore standard Glastonbury festival states, basically.



  • Form: DomeSleeps: Weight: 3.8fabric: Polyester


  • Mega cheap cost
  • Taped seams for Greater water-resistance

Ok, so this is not a looker, it does not have blackout technology, and it surely is not inflatable. However, for those who need a normal holiday camping tent, and you also do not care whether it gets busted during the course of this weekend, then this really does the job just fine.



  • Form: DomeSleeps: 5Weight: 5.95fabric: Polyester


  • Lights Out cloth blocks harsh sunlight
  • Sturdy and quick inflatable layout
  • Totally waterproof and breathable


  • Expensive when compared with other festival tents

If outside equipment had a royal household, Vango would definitely be a part of it. Famous for the sublime camping tents, super-snug sleeping bags, and ultra-lavish outdoor furniture, Vango equipment rarely disappoints.



  • Sort: Tunnel
  • Sleep: 5
  • Weight: 23.5
  • Fabric: Polyester, PU coated


  • Buckets of distance for more festivals
  • Blackout bedrooms
  • Independent living room
  • Enclosed porch

When compared with the remaining models in our very best holiday tents round-up, the Pinto Mountain 5 Plus XL is enormous and is so suited to auto camping. But in a festival that this is truly a very beneficial thing. It is full-height, which means you won’t have to stoop or bend to get right into it, and it is large enough to sleep five people in comfort.



  • Sort: Bell
  • Sleep:
  • Weight: 29kg
  • Fabric: Polycotton canvas


  • Zipped-in-floor sheet
  • A lot of space to sleep and celebration


  • Cream cloth shows up everything
  • It’s pricey when compared with other best tent for festival

Many festivals today provide camping adventures, so don’t be concerned about getting trashed from this area should you pitch up with this. Nevertheless, we are not sure we would be courageous enough to pitch a bell tent in a metal festival, therefore maybe pick your place sensibly.

14. Coleman 3+ Coastline Tent

This is now my go-to holiday tent. It is large enough for 2 people to have tons of space and readily sleep three if desired, although it’s small and light enough to take, construct, and pack off easily by yourself.

Preview Product Rating Price
Coleman Coastline 3 Compact Tent - Green/Grey, Three Person Coleman Coastline 3 Compact Tent - Green/Grey, Three Person No ratings yet

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The bedroom walls are miles in the faces of the tent, and that is probably why it had been one of the few tents from the Kendal Calling crew campsite which didn’t get soaked through from the thunderstorms last summer. There is a porch area large enough to sit on camping seats indoors.

15. Charles Bentley 4 Person 2 Room Tunnel Tent

This tent out of Charles Bentley provides one of the fundamental’bit-in-the-middle’ in which it is possible to socialize and save things, whilst providing you with different sleeping compartments on both sides.

You will have festival luxurious with just two individuals, together with all the privacy and space of a bedroom each along with every spacious living room. With three or four individuals, you still need to be fine, as you have got the large central region to store your own (non-valuable! ).

Read more about the best 4-person camping tent.

16. ProAction 6 Person 2 Room Tent

This tent is much like the 4-man tent featured previously, so in the event that you’ve read exactly what we have said about you, you are off to a fantastic start.

This is a marginally bigger 6-man tent, with space for three in every bedroom on opposite surfaces of the storage and living space. There are doors on either side, which may be opened out to an abysmal with comprised sticks. Read more about the best 6 person tent.

17. Yellowstone Lightweight Ascent Dome Tent

This tent out of Yellowstone weighs significantly less than 5KG and should only take approximately five minutes. It is among the most affordable double-skin tents we can find, therefore it’s another bedroom to hang indoors to help prevent flows halfway through.

There is a little porch space to maintain your wellies dry along with your seat hidden away.

18. Coleman Cortes Octagon

As it came to setting up all those tents at the backyard, I stored the Coleman Cortes Octagon till last (it is the sole crumpled on the ground ). As the largest of those tents, which may comfy fit eight individuals (though frankly, it could probably sleep 10-12 in case you packaged them ), I expected this could require the longest to install.

Last update on 2024-07-23 / Affiliate links / As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

We’d notice that unlike another Coleman offering, there is no blackout cloth here, so it is not good at blocking either sound or light. But, I guess if you had eight collections of backpacks and sleeping bags, they would probably all help absorb a great deal of the sound also, so it may not actually be anything to be worried about.

19. Mountain Warehouse Kit Neale Festival Fun Tent

Recall what I mentioned in the intro about shelling on quality? Well… this one is the exception which proves the rule; the supreme tent for the festival for your discerning buyer. Let us be fair, you purchase this one since it’s shockingly affordable, has a fantastic holiday layout, is super duper light and small enough to fit in your backpack.

If you consider that part of the fun or something to worry about will probably figure out whether you need to purchase this tent. (If you really do, and you also discover after one festival which you don’t really need it on your own life, please give it to a regional homeless charity later, rather than leaving it at a field, destined for landfill.)

20. Skandika Montana 8

Another one for your gamers. As shown by a load of camping sites, this is the largest tent around and it is also among the priciest. If you see these at Wilderness Festival, suppose that David Cameron is back in town.

1 other thing that I could not actually test given how nice the weather was when I was putting it up, is that apparently this tent is beautifully secure in windy weather and torrential rain, which may just be a fantastic thing.

21. Mountain Warehouse Backpacker

Alright, the first thing to mention is that this is a really great tent. It’s a comfortable quantity of space for 2, it is compact enough to fit into a backpack, also contains a great deal of useful technology built-in, such as aluminum coating to keep the warmth in.

When we believed the setup was awful, taking back this thing down again was a complete nightmare. Just folding up things to get them back into the package was cluttered and hard. I am sure a seasoned camper can make light work of it but once I envision doing this after a huge weekend in a festival, the entire thing makes me wholeheartedly.

22. Easy Camp Nightden/Daysnug

Another pop-up tent using a wonderful fun layout plus small compact dimensions, but provided that this one costs a little more compared to Malawi, I have reduced its location in the listing. That said, a lot of what I stated concerning Malawi holds true here.

Eventually, my main bone of contention has been folding it off. The directions are crap for all of the help they supply in putting it off. It took me more time to find this one back into its luggage compared to a number of the stalls with sticks, and it had been twice as irritating.

23. Skandika Dale 3

On the surface of it, Dale 3 is a fairly good tent. It is definitely one of the spacious possibilities, it includes a ground-sheet, and does a pretty good job of blocking out light.

Now, I am certain that lots of folks have done this and it is all nice, but it felt just a little too near nature. Knowing my luck, a little bit of rain could flood the interior of the tent, and germs will be crawling all evening. And given the state of the majority of festival campgrounds, I would imagine there would be much worse things that may enter your tent than bugs and sand…

24. Freedom Trail Apache Tipi

We adore the superbly retro looks of the tall tipi. It impressed us test also it’s simple to vertical and feels much more powerful than other tipis we attempted, because of the strong central rod, well-placed man ropes, and six-sided layout.

You can easily sleep a family or a set of four buddies indoors, and we enjoy the abundant pockets and hanging things inside for storing possessions. Ensure it is the celebration tent with a tarp (sold individually, #25) to sit in the entry if the skies open.

25. Asaklitt Dome Tent

Partying with a significant gang? Our best pick for bigger groups is your rugged Asaklitt Dome. This geodesic attractiveness is categorized as an eight-man tent but we would suggest sleeping six and equipment, or four having heaps of living space (children will also enjoy its spaceship-like seems ).

Large doors mean you are able to ventilate the tent readily on warm days, also. The dome is simple to vertical in 10-15 minutes along with the waterproof fabric feels just like good quality. The zips are on the flimsy side, so go easy when utilizing them. Read more about how to cool a tent without electricity

26. MSR Zoic two

Forget chugging apple at a muggy tent a brand new breed of walking, walking and health festivals are celebrating the joys of getting to the excellent outdoors. If you are off to an energetic occasion, MSR’s small but beautifully shaped Zoic two is the perfect tent companion.

MSR chairs stand out because of their excellent quality and are well worth the invest – that the light-as-a-feather Zoic is completely waterproof, easy to erect and secure, and contains two roomy porches on all sides of the primary compartment for storing equipment. It is you to spend in for further future camping and backpacking trips in addition to festivals.

27. Robens Fairbanks Tipi

Roomy glamping tents are excellent, but in a festival in which space is at a premium, you may struggle to find someplace to put them up. Input the Robens Fairbanks time the perfect compromise between cotton glamping zip and sensible streamlined swimming tent.

It takes a couple of attempts to erect it fast but as soon as you do the fundamental pole means there is lots of space inside perfect if you are tall. If you are heading into a festival overseas, you will also discover the cotton and cotton mix of the tent cloth much cooler to sleep beneath in warm weather. This is a superb excellent choice for a couple of people.

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