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Best Fleece Jacket

With a large array of insulating coats on the marketplace, the traditional fleece still is very comfortable and very affordable. These polyester coats have been providing comfy warmth for many years from campsites and ski hotels to the roads and restaurants of all-mountain streets. Fleeces run the gamut from casual to breathable performance bits for serious experiences.

Below are our choices for the best fleece jackets for men of 2020, together with choices from top outdoor brands across a variety of price points. For more history, visit our fleece jacket comparison table and purchasing information below the selections. To read about other kinds of insulation, we have also written about down coats and synthetic coats. Are you looking for the best fleece jacket? My Trail Company has many best choice products which help you choose it here!

Fleece Jacket Features - best men's fleece pullover

Fleece Categories: Regular vs. Performance

Nearly all individuals wear best fleece jackets for their unbeatable blend of coziness and warmth. They’re excellent for layering on cold evenings, hanging around the cottage, and beneath your ski coat.

Thus, most fleeces tendency toward being casual in character, from hard-weave cardigan-style coats that dress up well to fundamental fleeces which are barely more than the cloth itself. Casual fleeces compose the vast majority of our listing, even though we do need to emphasize they are fantastic for layering.

For operation or serious outdoor use as an outer coating, a down coat or synthetic coat defeats out a fleece ordinarily. Both are lighter, more packable, and provide much better protection against the elements. Where fleeces do have the top hand is breathability, even though this may also be a drawback as most offer small wind resistance.

You will find a tiny number of high-end, climbing-centric brands that do provide functionality fleeces. The Arc’teryx Fortrez Hoody is constructed for bouldering or scrambling in cold weather, and Patagonia’s R Collection includes similar objectives in your mind. Some fleeces such as the Kuhl Interceptor are far more of a hybrid: great for wearing around town but also easy to maneuver in and tough.

Full-Zip vs. Pullover

The majority of the coats towards the top of the list are of that full-zip selection, which provides you maximum flexibility and are easy to slip off and on. Full-zip models have a tendency to get more features like hand pockets and stretchy side panels, whereas pullovers are more fundamental and operate just like a sweatshirt (albeit an extremely comfortable one).

The upside of fleece pullovers is they weigh less, pack smaller, and are more economical. The Patagonia Lightweight Synchilla is a very common fleece pullover which in many ways defines the class.

Fleece Weight and Warmth

For a concept of how hot a specific fleece is going to be, some coats list the cloth thickness or fleece weight. Polartec’s Classic Line breaks it into three classes: 100, 200, and 300-weight fleece, along with other manufacturers use a similar nomenclature. 100-weight coats are great and thin for high-output actions when breathability wins out over extreme heat. In their lightest type, like the Patagonia R1, the fleece is only a small step up concerning insulating material in the base layer.

Midweight or even 200-weight fleeces are warmer and therefore are an excellent pairing for autumn and spring or a mild-weather afternoon on the slopes. Heavy fleeces of this 300-weight variety are warm and bulky and may insulate when temperatures dip below freezing. You will frequently find high-loft layouts with sufficient insulation for cold days–a coat like The North Face Denali 2 falls into this class.

As many companies have moved toward designing their own proprietary fleeces and Polartec has diversified their offerings, as the demarcation is not quite as straightforward as clarified previously. Nonetheless, it’s nevertheless helpful, when accessible, and generally speaking, the burden of this fleece correlates with its own heat. The heavier a coat is, the more probable it’ll have the ability to keep you warm and prevent wind from penetrating.

Water and Earth Resistance

1 area of confusion that you consistently discover in consumer testimonials is the lack of wind resistance that fleeces provide. It is accurate fleece jackets aren’t meant to fight heavy rain or wind. The synthetic fabric itself is hydrophobic, but the end might make its way through the porous construction rather readily.

Exceptions include coats with WindStopper or even face tough cloths, which provide a small increase in weather resistance. The Arc’teryx Fortrez uses Polartec HardFace cloth on the exterior and the traditional Denali two jacket from The North Face has non-fleece nylon panels which could repel light levels of precipitation.

Whatever the fleece, once the conditions get rough you’re going to want to bring along a much more dependable rain and wind protectors such as a softshell jacket or raincoat. Among our favorites is that the Patagonia Adze which has fleece on the inside of the jacket for extra heat however a thick outer layer, so that you don’t feel that the components.


A noteworthy upside of fleeces is their breathability. This is only one of the chief reasons they operate in addition to a mid-layer, and in addition, it contributes to their own openings as a real outer coating in the wind and cold. In comparison to some softshell jacket, fleece is made of standard polyester that’s sprinkled with small openings hold up a fleece into the sunlight and you’re going to see light flowing through.

Some windproof jackets have another layer sandwiched between the outer and inner fleece to reduce this bone-chilling gusts. Regrettably, by obstructing the wind, breathability endures along with a few of our favorite advantages of a fleece: the lavish next-to-skin feel. Those drawbacks make a windproof fleece among our least favorite fleece types; we favor a synthetic insulated coat or down coat with end blocking fabric rather.


Fleece coats range widely concerning fit, and it is important to check in the coat’s planned to use to be certain it aligns with your personal. Performance bits have a cat that’s intended to eliminate excess material for extra freedom and efficient venting. While quite powerful in the mountain, the design does not necessarily translate well to urban life.

If you are looking for a coat adept at the two, something such as the Arc’teryx Covert Cardigan will the perfect option, with enough space to be comfortable but not so loose as to become unworthy from the backcountry. For casual wear, a roomier fit choice such as the Patagonia Synchilla or among the other budget choices could be the ticket.

Regular vs. Performance - best lightweight fleece

Fleece Jacket Features

Fleece Loft

The artificial character of lace coats means that they can vary quite radically in fashion, and among the greatest representations is the quantity of attic in the coat. Less attic usually means a lower profile which has a brushed, sweater-like appearance, while high-loft choices are fuzzier and thinner. A lot of the choice will come down to personal taste on feel and style.

A number of those high-loft choices have polarizing looks (the additional fuzzy Mountain Hardwear Monkey Man comes to mind). The extra-soft texture of a top pile coat is well worthwhile for a few, while those who utilize their Undertaking around the city might prefer a lower attic alternative such as the Arc’teryx Covert Cardigan.


Just about any fleece out, there’s provided in the either hooded or conventional fare. As an example as a timeless mid-layer, we generally lean towards a non-hooded alternative as even a very low profile hood may get in the way beneath your shell (unless you consistently use both hoods).

And to be used under a ski coat, it is a no-brainer to decide on a non-hooded version. Alternately, in colder weather states that the hood is a welcome inclusion, and lots of fleece hoodies are well fitted over your mind and ought to remain on while exercising.


Performance fleeces created for tasks like jogging or cross-country ski will sometimes have thumbholes constructed into the sleeves. While functioning as an opening to get chilly air to creep in when not being used, the openings operate well for maintaining the sleeves in place during high effort tasks or if shooting off and on layers. User suggestion: if you are eyeing a coat that has this attribute, we recommend checking to guarantee that the cloth round the thumbhole has a few stretches therefore that it does not feel as though your thumb has been hauled around when you stretch your arms.

Fleece vs. Synthetic and Down Insulation

The mid-layer marketplace is chock-full of choices, along with both main fleece opponents are faux jackets and down jackets. Both are far somewhat more expensive than the usual fleece but provide improved heat relative to the total pounds and therefore are a lot more packable. Not one of the end-all-be-all insulation coating, and that’s the reason it’s typical for individuals to have one (or more) of all those 3 choices.

If a comfy next-to-skin texture is high in this listing, a fleece stays your go-to option. Artificial and down coats call for a liner and outer shell to maintain the insulation, which affects comfort and the ability to pull perspiration and warm atmosphere. Therefore, the fleece excels in aerobic activities when the majority is not as much a variable. As soon as it’s nevertheless a fine alternative for climbing or softball, the simple fact remains that it takes up too much room in your package to be the most suitable choice.

Looking to get a Fleece Jacket

Pilling is just one of the drawbacks of a low-quality fleece, and also a nicer choice can begin losing fleece as time passes. After a coat starts pilling up, it is hard to reverse the process, so prevention is essential here. Among the greatest methods to prolong the life span of your own sanity is keeping it clear of a dryer. Line drying or tumble-drying on reduced will do wonders, and a few have experienced success washing their fleeces on the delicate wash cycle.

Additionally, whilst fleece jackets are a favorite selection for hanging around the campfire, do your very best to keep it clear of the flames. The plastic construction will melt if subjected to intense heat. Beyond these considerations, fleeces are simple to keep and should provide you years of comfortable support.

Top Brands Of The Best Fleece Jacket - best patagonia fleece

Top Brands Of The Best Fleece Jacket

SaleBestseller No. 1
Columbia Apparel Steens Mountain 2.0 Full Zip Fleece Jacket, Light Grey Heather, Large
Columbia Apparel Steens Mountain 2.0 Full Zip Fleece Jacket, Light Grey Heather, Large
VERSATILE: Soft and warm, this fleece jacket is the perfect layer for any winter activity
SaleBestseller No. 3
Amazon Essentials Men's Full-Zip Fleece Jacket (Available in Big & Tall), Black, Medium
Amazon Essentials Men's Full-Zip Fleece Jacket (Available in Big & Tall), Black, Medium
REGULAR FIT: Comfortable, easy fit through the shoulders, chest, and waist.
Bestseller No. 4
SaleBestseller No. 5
Amazon Essentials Women's Full-Zip Polar Fleece Jacket - Discontinued Colors, Black, X-Small
Amazon Essentials Women's Full-Zip Polar Fleece Jacket - Discontinued Colors, Black, X-Small
CLASSIC FIT: Close-but-comfortable fit with easy movement
Bestseller No. 6
Amazon Essentials Men's Full-Zip Fleece Jacket - Discontinued Colors, Black, Small
Amazon Essentials Men's Full-Zip Fleece Jacket - Discontinued Colors, Black, Small
REGULAR FIT: Comfortable, easy fit through the shoulders, chest, and waist.
SaleBestseller No. 7
SaleBestseller No. 8

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1. Arc’teryx Covert Cardigan

  • Category: Casual/performance
  • Weight: 18.9 oz.
  • Fleece weight: Midweight
  • What we like: A very versatile design using a super-clean layout.
  • What we do not: Pricey.

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For the top-rated all-around fleece in the current market, we give the nod to the slick Covert Cardigan out of Arc’teryx. This full-zip coat is comfortable, well-built, and super flexible. Contemporary styling and a wool-like look make the Covert perfect for casual times around the town, but it could certainly pull double duty for cool weather trekking or as a mid-layer for hotel skiing.

With an update this past year, it currently features more durable fabric that is less prone to piling up and an elegant and slightly longer match. It is correct that the Covert Cardigan is not quite as stretchy as technical fleeces such as the Arc’teryx Fortrez Hoody beneath, but it still goes pretty well on the move. This is the best fleece pullover.

2. Patagonia Lightweight Synchilla Snap-T

  • Category: Regular
  • Weight: 14.3 oz.
  • Fleece weight: Midweight
  • What we like: Really warm and cozy.
  • What we do not: No features: that is fleece and nothing more.

It is difficult to move down this list without even including the Synchilla Snap-T. This pullover is pretty much interchangeable with the term”fleece,” and despite its simple look, maybe a fairly versatile piece of equipment.

The Synchilla is simple to throw before going outside for a walk or bicycle ride, and ideal for hanging out to the town after a day of skiing. It is definitely not performance-oriented at all, however, the masses have had no problem embracing its casual slant. There are the best mens fleece jackets.

3. Marmot Reactor Fleece Jacket

  • Category: Casual/performance
  • Weight: 11.4 oz.
  • Fleece weight: Adaptive
  • What we like: A fantastic value for a full-zip fleece coat.
  • What we do not: Not as hot as other choices.

Let us face it: lots of men and women desire a fleece as a simple layering piece to remain comfy around the cottage or outside by the campfire, and they do not wish to invest $200 to receive it. If it describes you, the Marmot Reactor is an excellent fleece with a proven history of below $100.

Made with mythical Polartec Power Grid cloth, it is an easy yet versatile lightweight coat for everything from outside use to journey. It is warm and soft for your shoulder seasons, nevertheless low-profile sufficient to coating well while skiing and snowshoeing too.

4. The North Face Denali two Hoodie

  • Category: Regular
  • Fleece weight: Heavyweight
  • What we like: Warm and hard.
  • What we do not: Combine is a small baggy for our preference.
Preview Product Rating Price
THE NORTH FACE Mens Denali 2 Hoodie THE NORTH FACE Mens Denali 2 Hoodie No ratings yet

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The Denali lineup in The North Face has been in the marketplace for decades and is up there with all the Patagonia Synchilla in terms of its iconic standing (it is especially popular for urban use in cold climates such as the East Coast of the United States).

The 2020 variant, which features a slightly thicker fabric than preceding versions, provides the maximum warmth and wind protection of almost any coat on this listing. The fleece is thick and designed to continue, and the chest, chest, and chest feature nylon panels that withstand light wind and dampness. For moderate autumn and winter, the Denali two is your sole outer coating.

5. Arc’teryx Fortrez Hoody

  • Category: Performance
  • Weight: 13.2 oz.
  • Fleece weight: Midweight
  • What we like: Cozy and incredibly agile.

What we do not: Layout is about the technical aspect of everyday wear.

We frequently favor a synthetic-insulated jacket for aerobic activities in cool weather, but there is still a loyal following on the market for functionality fleeces. Within this class, the Arc’teryx Fortrez is a phenomenal piece of equipment for tasks like hiking, climbing, and as a mid-layer for backcountry skiing.

The coat breathes exceptionally well, has a difficult face cloth, and provides great mobility. If you’re planning on actually getting after this autumn and winter, then the Fortrez Hoody is your Swiss Army Knife fleece coat.

6. Patagonia Better Sweater

  • Category: Regular
  • Weight: 22.5 oz.
  • Fleece weight: Light/midweight
  • What we like: Classy looks and flexible functionality.
  • What we do not: Lets a whole lot of end through.

Patagonia has more fleece choices than any other equipment company, which ranges from the casual Synchilla Snap-T into the functionality Regulator (R) series. Sitting handily in the center is the favorite Better Sweater, which may be used for anything from everyday wear to mild outside pursuits.

In addition, the Better Sweater is stylish and comes in a large number of colorways which can make just about everybody happy. At approximately $140, it is not all that pricey for Patagonia.

7. Kuhl Interceptor Fleece Jacket

  • Category: Casual/performance
  • Fleece weight: Midweight
  • What we like: A fantastic value for a quality full-zip fleece.
  • What we do not: Build quality can not quite fit the Arc’teryx or Patagonia models over.

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We were impressed when attempting about the Kuhl Interceptor, which seems just like a cheaper sibling of this Arc’teryx Covert Cardigan over (it’s more technical features also ).

For an extremely reasonable $115, you receive an athletic-fitting fleece coat with loads of storage (four pockets in total) and convenient features like articulated five-panel sleeves with thumb holes, in the end, to keep your hands warm and the sleeves set up.

8. Mountain Hardwear Monkey Man/2

  • Category: Performance/casual
  • Weight: 13.4 oz.
  • Fleece weight: Midweight
  • What we like: Super soft and comfy.
  • What we do not: Fleece sheds over time.

The Monkey Man is just one of our favorite pieces of equipment that Mountain Hardwear makes. To begin with, it is one of the best mid layer fleece on this listing, made with all the signature Polartec High Loft that really feels somewhat like fur (you will discover folks reaching to touch it).

And like the favorite Patagonia R2 beneath, stretchy panels along the sides to help the most recent Monkey Man/2 go well with you through high-output tasks like biking and climbing.

9. Fjallraven Keb Fleece

  • Category: Casual/performance
  • Weight: 18 oz.
  • Fleece weight: Midweight
  • What we enjoy: Quality materials and superior looks.
  • What we do not: Pricey without pockets.

If you have worn Fjallraven attire previously, you could be drooling over the Keb Fleece. In typical fashion, this coat has a high-end appearance and texture that few brands can emulate. For the construct, Fjallraven employs an exceptional wool and polyester mix that does a wonderful job of keeping you warm while still keeping a nice number of moisture-wicking stretch and ability. The final result is a really comfortable and practical design which also looks the part.

10. L.L. Bean Sweater Fleece Full-Zip

  • Category: Regular
  • Fleece weight: Light/midweight
  • What we like: Nice looks and a fantastic cost.
  • What we do not: less well-made or flexible as the Patagonia Better Sweater.

It will not get more classic than the L.L. Bean Sweater Fleece Full-Zip. In the throwback logo on the torso to the knit outside and a broad selection of muted colorways, the coat is a regular staple. The middle-of-the-road fit (L.L. Bean requires it”slightly fitted”) slides easily over a long-sleeve base layer or dress top, despite the fact that it’s somewhat awkward for wearing under a rain shell.

And you do not get a waist snap for really sealing out the cold, however also the light-to-midweight insulating material, fall hem, and lined hand pockets create the Sweater Fleece a wonderful game for most spring and autumn days.

11. Arc’teryx Delta LT

  • Category: Performance/casual
  • Weight: 9.3 oz.
  • Fleece weight: Adaptive
  • What we enjoy: Great mixture of functionality and casual features.
  • What we do not: Pricey for not a great deal of heat.

Most all-around wear and functionality fleeces prefer the casual consumer, but the Arc’teryx Delta LT flips these priorities because a lightweight alpine mid layer that looks great around town. Having a gilded complete on the outside, soft-touch inside, and superior 100-weight fleece, the Delta LT wicks moisture and breathes exceptionally well.

The coat’s performance slant is apparent from its feathery 9.3-ounce weight–almost the lightest on our record –however you still get features like two hand pockets and a little pocket on the left sleeve. What’s more, the coat received a more hem and a relaxed fit in its latest upgrade, which makes it better for crossover usage. For lightweight, comfy, and efficient heat, the Delta LT will be the entire package.

12. Patagonia R2 Jacket

  • Category: Performance/casual
  • Weight: 13.4 oz.
  • Fleece weight: Light/midweight
  • What we like: Blend of hot high-loft fleece and functionality R1 fabric.
  • What we do: Not quite end – or water-resistant.

Patagonia’s R2 is the go-to fleece for active outdoor pursuits at the cold. The coat features a combo of high-loft fleece over the crux of the human body and stretchy substance on both panels, sleeves, and cuffs (the exact same fabric which makes the favorite R1).

This mixture provides the coat the breathability, lightweight, and freedom of movement of a base layer, but the center heat of thick fleece. In a Feeling, it is a best-of-both-worlds mix of a performance coat like the Arc’teryx Fortrez plus a comfy, casual coating such as the Mountain Hardwear Monkey Man.

13. Columbia Titan Passes 2.0 II

  • Category: Regular
  • Fleece weight: Midweight
  • What we enjoy: Excellent price and great warmth.
  • What we do not: Shorter lifespan compared to a premium version.
Preview Product Rating Price
Columbia Titan Pass 2.0 II Fleece Columbia Titan Pass 2.0 II Fleece No ratings yet

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Columbia’s Titan Pass 2.0 coat has clean lines, adequate heat, and all of the features you need in a simple fleece. The 200-weight Polartec is hot enough for many spring or autumn days provided it is not too windy, and a snap cord dial at the match in the hem.

With new styling and also the accession of stretchy underarm and side panels for greater mobility and breathability, the present design provides a definite rise in functionality. Columbia’s Steens Mountain below might be their largest seller in the midweight class, but we favor the additional features and updated expression of this Titan Pass 2.0.

14. Outdoor Research Vigor Half Zip Hoody

  • Category: Performance
  • Weight: 13.6 oz.
  • Fleece weight: Adaptive
  • What we like: Stretchy and breathable for high-output use.
  • What we do not: Not quite warm or flexible for wearing around town.

Lightweight performance fleeces are an increasing trend, and we enjoy what Outdoor Research has come up with at the Vigor Half Zip Hoody. This trim-fitting mid layer slips well over a slender Merino long-sleeve and provides a fantastic mixture of stretch, breathability, and small warmth.

Concerning construction, OR utilizes a hybrid concept using a milder polyester/spandex blend across the arms and upper torso, whereas the lower torso and rear have a slender, grid-style fleece that’s soft, wicks moisture, and helps keep you cool. For whatever from running in freezing temps to backcountry ski, the Vigor Half Zip is a terrific player to get in your own stride.

15. REI Co-op Hyperaxis 2.0

  • Category: Performance/casual
  • Fleece weight: Midweight
  • What we like: A performance Polartec fleece at a reasonable price.
  • What we do not: Overkill for casual usage.

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Seattle-based REI understands a thing or 2 about the value of a fantastic fleece–they are helpful in the Pacific Northwest about 9 months per year. But breaking in heritage from basic fleeces such as the older Groundbreaker, the Co-op has assembled a surprisingly contemporary and performance-oriented layout in the Hyperaxis 2.0.

It is true that the $129 is pricey for an REI in-house product, but using this fleece you obtain superior Polartec Power Stretch Pro cloth, low-profile seams, as well as features like thumb loops. The outcome is a good-looking, well-built, and flexible coat. This is the best fleece vest.

16. Toad&Co Los Padres

  • Category: Regular
  • Fleece weight: Midweight
  • What we like: Fleece/wool mix to get a warm, breathable layer.
  • What we do not: Lack of chest and hood pocket detract from performance.

We have been amazed at recent products out of Telluride-based Toad&Co, that have struck a wonderful sweet spot between comfort and performance for everyday usage. The Los Padres coat is merely one of a few with this list that combines wool to the fleece for additional warmth (even when wet) and extra breathability.

Toad&Co. made the coat with a DWR finish on front and rear shoulder panels, perfect for keeping moisture out through mild precipitation. In general, it is a well-made jacket, using higher performance details concealed behind a casual appearance.

17. Mountain Hardwear Form 2 Fun Hoody

  • Category: Performance
  • Weight: 11.8 oz.
  • Fleece weight: Adaptive
  • What we enjoy: Great freedom; does not cluster underneath a harness or backpack.
  • What we do not: Lacks flexibility; not quite hot.
Preview Product Rating Price
Mountain Hardwear Men's Type 2 Fun Hoody Mountain Hardwear Men's Type 2 Fun Hoody No ratings yet

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Outdoor enthusiasts like to joke about Form 2 Fun when speaking to an action that is not fun at the moment, but just after the truth. To put it differently, a suffer-fest. So to get a technically educated pullover fleece constructed for high-output actions, we believe Sort 2 Interesting is the best name.

This new offering from Mountain Hardwear features a form-fitting, 3/4-zip design, meaning there is no zipper or surplus fabric bunching up under your backpack or harness. What’s more, the mild, 190-weight fleece breathes decently well and provides good freedom, and the hood is slick enough to fit beneath a helmet. And using such a cut fit, the Form 2 Fun can also double as a base layer on a very cold day.

18. Columbia Steens Mountain 2.0

  • Category: Regular
  • Weight: 16.6 oz.
  • Fleece weight: Adaptive
  • What we like: Lots of colors and sizes.
  • What we do not: Durability is suspicious.

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Soft, cheap, and sold in a slew of sizes and colors, the Steens Mountain is a really common budget. First of all, this is a really straightforward coat: the cloth is fundamental and you do not receive any features to speak of. Nonetheless, it provides adequate heat and styling along with a hefty part of coziness, particularly for the purchase price of just $35 (costs do change on retailers such as Amazon based on the color).

Patagonia R1 Hoody

A perfect layering piece that regulates body temperature so nicely you will abandon it on from peak to sleeping bag and anyplace in between

The Patagonia R1 Hoody is a time tested mid-layer fleece coat that, every year, continues to reign supreme as possibly the most functional and comfy jacket for active usage, again making it our Editors’ Choice Award.

Preview Product Rating Price
Patagonia Men's R1 Hoody Black Patagonia Men's R1 Hoody Black No ratings yet

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Its tried and true layout was fiddled with over time, but it still has all of the features we have grown to appreciate: a balaclava design hood, thumb loops, a very long zipper, which lavishes gridded fleece goodness. We have been attracting a variant of the jacket along on each trip for decades, and its flexibility, packability, fashion, and mild weight make it an essential coating that will never be left from our kit.

Patagonia R1 TechFace Hoody

This is not your Normal mid-layer fleece coat, It’s cut loose to match nicely over other layers. This is the best hiking fleece.

An exceptional entry in the fleece category, the Patagonia R1 Techface Hoody is your very weather resistant”fleece” we have ever worn. Buyer beware, this isn’t your conventional, soft R1 we have all come to adore. After scratching our heads, we found the Techface is a superb coating for jogging, biking, and climbing.

Preview Product Rating Price
Patagonia Men's R1 Hoody Black Patagonia Men's R1 Hoody Black No ratings yet

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It is harder than any end layer and more watertight than any hardshell. After months of testing, it became our favorite bit for layering over our pragmatic R1 Hoody on average spring days and drizzly bicycle commutes. Our testers claimed over who got to put on it in the variable”shoulder season” conditions, prompting us to award it our Best Pick for Weather Resistance.

The North Face Campshire Hoodie

This comfy fleece is a freshman preferred

The North Face Campshire Hoody prioritizes comfort and style, making no compromises for weight loss and breathability. We are not going to package this fleece on our next ski excursion, but we adore wearing it about camp…plus it seems cool.

Preview Product Rating Price

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The Campshire hoody harkens back to a time when fleece was created from fluffy polyester toilet seat covers, so we all increased together with rigid stem buddies, and free-heeling was the only means to go around the back (not any one of our testers are old enough to recall ). All of us love the retro stylings of this Hampshire, and if we place it on, we’re all smiles and comfort. This fleece gets our Best Pick for Comfort.

The North Face Denali two Hoodie

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A Superb stand-alone hooded fleece for casual day hikes and maintaining heat around town on cool, breezy days

The North Face Denali two Hoodie is the contemporary hooded version of the classic The North Face fleece jacket, first introduced back in 1988. This fleece is thick, thick, and fortified with nylon patches within the torso, shoulders, and hood, and which makes it a bad choice when weight or packability is a concern. But for casual times in the hills or running around town on chilly winter days, the Denali two Hoodie will keep you super comfy and protected from the elements. This traditional fleece feels a great deal more jacket-like than any other fleece from the inspection because of the thick character and strengthened panels.


Everybody who enjoys a fantastic fleece understands that its Achilles heel in the end. Fleece is traditionally quite bad at maintaining out the breeze, and cold wind can easily turn an enjoyable experience to a chilly slog. The solution? An Apex Canyonwall in The North Face comprising their WindWall technology.

The outer WindWall remains fleece, but it has been put through a special cloth bonding process to significantly lower the total amount of wind that may lance throughout your jacket. The trip dollar goes a long way towards maintaining your neck warm and nice with no irritating it. So go ahead, courageous that cold and wind, and get then experience with no single shiver.

Preview Product Rating Price
THE NORTH FACE Apex Canyonwall Jacket - Men's THE NORTH FACE Apex Canyonwall Jacket - Men's No ratings yet

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The many different color choices also all but ensure you’ll come across a variation that perfectly matches your preferences. We have a fleece jacket that can shine on this windy day and make you look great whilst doing any outside activity.

We believe a comfy and warm hood will finish the outfit for complete impunity from cold breezes. However, the relaxed match, warm compresses, and decent pocket space readily make this among the best fleece jackets available on the industry nonetheless.


The Mammut Aconcagua brings us all of the significant performance features of a manicured fleece in hoody shape for one of those best mens fleece jacket. That is in part because of the Aconcagua’s outstanding moisture wicking capacity at which any perspiration buildup is rapidly wicked into the outer coating of this jacket and subsequently dried by the ambient atmosphere. The coat is thus very breathable and will help keep you cool through the busiest hiking experiences.

Speaking of experiences, the stretchy layout and underarm gusset both operate in tandem to be certain that you are never limited and have a complete selection of movement. Mammut has additionally concentrated on horizontal seams to help remove uncomfortable rubbing whilst sporting a backpack.

Though the Aconcagua is regrettably lacking inside pockets, it will contain quite beneficial thumb holes alongside a chest pocket to round this off performance-focused nobody sool kit. Although it’s a costly option, we certainly think the Mammut Aconcagua to be among the best fleece jackets on the market.


Still another advantage in the sphere of high-performance fleece coats is your Deviator from Outdoor Research. This coat puts a premium on breathability and insulation in a perfect balancing act that makes this jacket a perfect addition to any high-output game.

Both different material blends are the trick to the balancing act. Where the arms, hood, and rear panel are highly moisture-wicking so as to head off any perspiration buildup, the torso substance focuses on insulation and breathability to keep you comfy in almost any circumstance.

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Outdoor Research Men's Deviator Hoody Outdoor Research Men's Deviator Hoody No ratings yet

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Take note that although the core concentrates on insulation, this is the best fleece jackets, this coat is quite thin and is created for high-intensity motion. If you are only searching for a coat once the temperatures begin to fall, the Deviator probably is not for you.

The Deviator nonetheless leads the pack from its own goal market of motion, motion, and high-intensity action, which makes it among the best fleece jackets for you athletes out there!

Outerknown Dusk Fleece Jacket

On the lookout for this crucial blend of specialized design and durability that only the very best fleece jackets appear to possess? Start looking for your Outerknown Dusk Fleece Jacket, an exceptional spin on the shape that amps up and changes everything you thought you knew about the fleece coat.

Made from Italian cotton-fleece – that is the fantastic stuff, in case you were wondering that the Dusk Fleece additionally features nylon beams for winter-ready durability. Wear it with a few of their brand’s perfectly cut Oxfords plus a set of its denim.

Helly Hansen Profile Jacket

For the man on the move who prizes exterior performance as well as the type of flexibility that woodwork the road or at the town, there is the Helly Hansen September Profile Jacket, made out of large loft pile fabric and a cushioned inside for autumn and winter.

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Helly Hansen November Propile Midlayer Jacket Helly Hansen November Propile Midlayer Jacket No ratings yet

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If that’s the circumstance, we recommend that you pair it with a rocky waffle henley along with a chambray workshirt to the next day hike (or another round of post-hike beers). The cost point is fine $150 although the selection of colors provides something for, yes, everybody.

Greatest Made Co. Wool Fleece Jacket

You may know Greatest Made Co. for your brand’s ridiculously rocky, trendy outdoor equipment, from axes to biking gear. Maybe you understand the brand because of the vital Service Chinos (a favorite of ours). Or even better, perhaps you’re going to have to know the new during the handsome Wool Fleece Jacket, as marketed by the traditional menswear purveyors in J. Crew.

It is a beastly insulated coat that does not overdo it – that the match is composed without being overly tight (say farewell to your baggy school fleece) and also how it is created with Wisconsin wool is applause-worthy within our publication. Wear it with all the brands above Service Chinos, also solid leather boots and a traditional chambray shirt.

Topo Designs Mountain Fleece

The best fleece coats are often more discreetly designed than you may believe, however no less essential in regards to Enrolling in the winter. Particularly when the holidays hit, the event sometimes requires a warm, rocky fleece that is likely to keep you warm as you spend the day in your favorite brewpub.

If that’s the circumstance, the outdoor-minded (however city-ready) Topo Designs Mountain Fleece is the one that you want. At a trim fit and made with a mix of Polartec fleece and nylon, so it is as good as it gets in the event that you want an easy, winter-ready fleece (which you do).

The North Face Campshire Full-Zip Fleece Jacket

The North Face is still another new you can trust to come through in the clutch in conditions of surprisingly trendy gear which also performs at the maximum level the Campshire Full-Zip Fleece Jacket simply knocks it out of the park at that respect.

The Vintage White California Basket PrPrintshown here’s your upcoming eye-catching addition to your winter wardrobe, a ready pairing with faded light wash denim and broken-in leather moc toe boots. The brand urges you to wear this to coating up in your campsite, and we all believe it would look equally good when worn for casual post-hike beverages this is the best fleece hoodie.

Marmot Bryson Jacket

The best mens fleece for men is often easier than you would believe that the key comes in receiving the match and also the specifics right, and a few brands struggle with this. Not Marmot, using its winter-friendly Marmot Bryson Jacket.

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Marmot Bryson Jacket (M - Black) Marmot Bryson Jacket (M - Black) No ratings yet

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It is as fitting as it gets for laidback weekend layering, particularly when paired with a garment-dyed Oxford and stretch denim. Polartec 200-weight fleece keeps you warm while still being unbelievably lightweight. Proceed with the glossy Black color for a severe weekend java run update.

Orvis Windproof Sweater Fleece Jacket

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Orvis Men's Windproof Sweater Fleece Jacket Orvis Men's Windproof Sweater Fleece Jacket No ratings yet

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Generally more well-known because of its exceptionally rugged outerwear and demanding task coatings, Orvis takes matters marginally lighter nevertheless, no less ell-made using its Windproof Sweater Fleece Jacket. Available for only a shade over $100, it is designed to block wind and keep you warm early morning lifts or searching trips. Better yet? It is going to pair up quite well with other field-ready equipment from Orvis, and it is offered in neutral colors such as Navy/Charcoal and Light Grey. Your next experience with Orvis expects.

Patagonia Retro Pile Fleece Jacket

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Patagonia Men's Retro Pile Fleece Vest - New Navy Patagonia Men's Retro Pile Fleece Vest - New Navy No ratings yet

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Figuring out our list of those best mens fleeces is the entrance that comes out of a new we all know, love and love in regard to churning out classic fashions and seasonal staples, year in, year out. Patagonia does one better with its Retro Pile Fleece Jacket, a bit that calls to obey your favorite fleece jacket of decades gone by.

The double-sided polyester strong tellings comfy and warm, while the raglan sleeves provide freedom and a simple fit. The final result is a cozy, casual coat that will wear with ease this holiday season and past.

Vineyard Vines Performance High Pile Fleece Jacket

The design is a design staple which lends more visual attention to some look than the usual baggy hoodie or other comparable winter coats – hence, the Vineyard Vines Performance High Pile Fleece makes it right if you’re trying to find a coating that lends casual style to layered appearances that this vacation. Made once more using Polartec fleece, it is soft to the touch and easy to throw for casual, cold winter evenings. Wear it with a crisp white Oxford to get a slightly more polished appearance this winter.

Penfield Mattawa Fleece Jacket

Penfield, it would appear, has succeeded in creating menswear that nods toward classically technical mountaineering style with a contemporary, brand new design approach consequently, the consequent Mattawa Fleece Jacket.

Made with lace shSherpaleece using a full-bodies liner for breathability and an easy-to-layer allure, this coat is a specialized piece that also handles to wear well over casual winter fashion staples, such as a challenging white henley and broken-in blue selvage denim to another holiday gathering.

Herschel Supply Co. Fleece Zip-Up

The brand that always delivers when it comes to trendy bags and regular carry essentials has expanded into a different attire category you are likely to adore, especially this winter that would be Herschel Supply Co. along with also the brand’s Fleece Zip-Up.

Since the newest puts it, the Fleece Zip-Up is an “iconic fashion” using its spin when performed by Herschel. In this instance, that means ripstop accents complement anti-pill cloth for a fit that is easy to pull off, particularly if worn with black lace and lace leather shoes.

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