Top 13 Best Heated Ski Gloves Reviews 2024

top best heated ski gloves reviews

If you suffer from cold hands on the slopes, heated ski gloves are likely to make a big difference to your comfort levels while doing snow sports. But select the wrong pair of gloves, and you will waste money and time and only get irregular heat that will not last (as a result of poor battery or fabrics). So to spare you the hassle, we’ve scoured the web and compiled a list of the most effective heated ski gloves available on the market today.

Heated gloves are like regular ski gloves, except that they use battery power to generate an inner heat source and provide additional heat to individuals who suffer in the cold or who are skiing in extreme temperatures. Each of the best heated ski gloves models I have listed below come with a rechargeable battery pack that can be plugged into almost any wall socket. The batteries are lightweight, flexible, and can be readily placed in and removed from a little compartment around the cuff.

If you would like to increase the battery life, I would recommend purchasing two sets of batteries where possible. Having a spare battery will ensure you can enjoy all-day warmth while you ski or snowboard.

What Are Heated Gloves Exactly?

Heated ski gloves refer to electric and battery-powered ski gloves that can heat your palms for 2-3 hours, all the way up to 8 hours in a moderate setting.

Using an inner heat source, they produce warmth that circulates inside, heating your chilly hands. The batteries are not bulky and are subtly attached to the glove near the wrist.

Removable and rechargeable, they may be fitted just like your phone into a wall socket. The marketplace holds an insane number of versions and styles for various diverse tasks, including motorbiking, gardening, fishing, and construction.

The best heated ski gloves however are especially made for the slopes. They are designed to withstand more extreme temperatures than the latter types, protecting you even in extreme weather. Be cautious not to choose a common pair to take to the slopes, as they will not live up to expectations.

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Top 13 Best Heated Ski Gloves Brands

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CLISPEED Winter Heated Gloves

If you love trekking or skiing, these would be the most effective heated ski apparel to utilize. The hands of those gloves are produced from a wear-resistant and non-slip substance, in which the surface is hard to hold everything nicely. It’s exceptional touchscreen technology on the index finger which lets you run any wise or touchscreen device without removing the gloves.

In any case, these best heated ski gloves are made from a breathable and waterproof material that provides you with enough heat throughout the cold season. It’s created with three heating systems that enable you to control the glasses heating out of anyplace. These heated gloves are all appropriate for activities like fishing, hiking, skiing, motorcycling, sledding, jogging, climbing, hunting, and racing.


These gloves are waterproof and watertight

They’re wear-resistant and anti-slip

Fantastic for freezing temperatures


No negative reviews

Rechargeable Electric Heated Gloves

Taking second place on our list of best heated ski gloves, these heated gloves are outfitted with a 3200mA Li-Po battery that makes it possible for the gloves to warm into the ideal temperature to maintain cold away. The gloves are made using a lightweight and portable design which lets you utilize the gloves both indoor and outside.

Additionally the hands of those gloves are produced from a substance that’s slide and wear-resistant to allow you to have a safe grasp of stuff and improve durability.

It’s a suitable one-touch button which turns the gloves. The gloves are made using a waterproof design which makes them perfect for biking, skiing, fishing, jogging, skateboarding, biking, searching, and a lot more. They feature a demanding conducive substance on the indicator which lets you use your digital devices without eliminating your glove. Furthermore, they have three heating levels, where you can pick the ideal level that will provide you with relaxation.


Waterproof and comfortable to use

Made from a comfortable and breathable material

The gloves are temperature flexible


They aren’t ideal for using a coat with a thick sleeve, since they’re too thick

Savior Ski Heated Gloves

Even the Savior gloves have a challenging surface which makes them perfect for work. The outside coating of those gloves includes a combination of polyester (60 percent) and lambskin (40 per cent), whereas the palms are made by a non-slip and wear-resistant substance.

Moreover, the top coating is waterproof and breathable, which guarantees that your hands stay dry all of the time. The loop and hook buckle design fastener adjusted on the cuffs make the gloves readily adjustable.


The simplicity of use and comfort

Best for outdoor tasks

Made from durable cloth



MOUNT Tech Unisex Heated Performance Glove

MOUNT technology heated gloves are outfitted with 7.4V lithium-ion batteries and a composed dual charger for easy charging and also help you keep warm when in cold surroundings. They’re outfitted with exceptional heating systems to provide you around 8 hours of warmth time. The heating systems involve a few improvements in energy efficiency, durability, corrosion resistance, and heat conduction.

What’s more, these contenders for best heated ski gloves are waterproof and slip-resistant, which makes them perfect for use in almost any outside activity in cold surroundings. They’ve harmonious palms and thumbs that allow you to run your smartphone. These gloves are made from a lightweight and breathable material that permits you to remain comfortable when searching, biking, biking, skiing, fishing, and a lot more.


The construction is lightweight and breathable

Waterproof and slip-resistant

Heating degrees are reliable and comfortable

The rechargeable lithium-ion batteries are mobile


The double charger is faulty

Seirus Hellfire

These very best heated ski gloves from Seirus are incredibly functional, provide excellent quality and are perfectly designed to protect your hands from cold. The glasses are made from top-quality leather and also possess the DryHand waterproof match.

The gloves have been fitted with all the new 300 Ultra batteries, and this is a lightweight, exceptionally useful lithium-ion battery.

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Seirus Women's Heat Touch Hellfire Mitt Seirus Women's Heat Touch Hellfire Mitt

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Preview Product Rating Price
Seirus Men's Heat Touch Hellfire Mitt Seirus Men's Heat Touch Hellfire Mitt No ratings yet

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You’ve got three different heating settings to pick from: low, moderate and large. The battery lasts between 4 and 12 hours, depending on which setting you’re using. To create the gloves more successfully, the company incorporated the elastic fusion panels, in addition to 280g Heatlock hollow-core insulation.

Seirus Hellfire comes with the Toughtek and Soundtouch technologies which let you use a touchscreen device using the gloves on.

On the downside, the cost for all these gloves is rather high, and a couple of clients said the construction of the gloves is tight.





Breathable and comfortable

Touchscreen compatible



Bulky construction

Gerbing T5 Hybrid

Even though these electrical gloves are intended for riding bicycles in chilly weather, they may also be utilized for a ski if you purchase a lithium-ion battery, temperature controller, and charger.

The exterior of these gloves is made from superior leather, and the interior is lined with lightweight Thinsulate insulation and fleece. The waterproof but breathable membrane will wick moisture away.

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These gloves may keep your hands warm for 1 hour, 2.5 hours on moderate, and 4 hours on low and the highest temperature is 135 degrees F. Since the firm employed the Microwire heating technologies, the little heating fibres are dispersed throughout the whole glove to provide all-over warming.

Gerbing’s T5 Hybrid heated gloves are waterproof, durable, and have excellent construction.

Some customers complained that though the cuff is big enough to fit over the coat sleeves, it also allows the rain to get within the glove. Other customers said the palms are too long. These slight downsides push them out of the top 5 slots for best heated ski gloves.



Very hot

The heat is dispersed throughout the glove


Available only in black

The palms are too long for a few


These heated gloves are so flexible you may successfully utilize them for skiing, paragliding and other pursuits, making them some of the most versatile best heated ski gloves.

The casing of these gloves is goatskin using a GoreTex breathable membrane, which is waterproof, and also the four-way extend helps with flexibility, in addition to movement. The Primaloft insulation will maintain heat when it is cold and in high altitudes.

Preview Product Rating Price
Zanier Aviator.GTX Heated Gloves Zanier Aviator.GTX Heated Gloves

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The gloves have flexible cuffs that could fit over the winter jacket, as well as the borders of the palms, are strengthened to prevent tearing. The index finger and the thumb have touch screen compatible palms, and it is a rare characteristic at heated glasses.

The lithium-ion batteries are incredibly mild and shock-resistant. Each glove includes a pocket for extra batteries. These batteries provide the maximum heating time found at heated glasses, with a life of 10 hours after utilizing just one battery pack.

According to the firm, the gloves may heat up to 144°F on large, 113° on moderate, and 99° on reduced as well as also the”Impulse Control” microprocessor will keep the blood flow in your palms. The general layout and construction of the gloves are incredibly high-quality, and the technology features are topnotch.

Some customers complained that they didn’t get warm and some desired the gloves to possess a wrist strap to avoid losing them. On the downside, the batteries require 7 hours to charge, and it can be more than most other batteries that are similar.


Touchscreen compatible

Extended battery life

Pockets for additional batteries

“Impulse Control” to assist flow in palms


No wrist strap

Don’t get hot enough for a few people

The batteries require a long time to control

Vellazio Ski Heated Gloves

These 3M Thinsulate insulated gloves are exceptionally comfortable. The cushioning included in the gloves permits them to trap and keep heat efficiently. The strong Thinsulate is moisture-wicking and breathable, making this version a must-have, particularly during the chilly season.

The fan-tex membrane technologies adopted in the construction of the gloves ensures that the palms are sweat-free and sterile. Therefore, the Vellazio version may be utilized in moist and snowy locations and throughout the rainy seasons.



Breathable and waterproof

Highly durable

Business grip


Quite bulky and with

VentureHeat 12V

These heating gloves include the charger and outside battery separately, but using a temperature control for each one of those gloves. The heating elements are placed around the palm of this glove so that the heat will radiate from the outside into the interior.

The gloves include a Dintex membrane, which is waterproof and put over a nylon and Nappa leather casing. They’re touchscreen harmonious, are lined with fleece and have 100-gram Thinsulate insulation.

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Venture Heat 12V heated gloves aren’t tight and the gel pad that was constructed assists the glove a soft texture. The heat-up period is quite brief, warming your palms in under a minute. These are a few durable and well-constructed gloves, using easy-to-use heating controllers.

Because of the very thin fibers of these heating components, the Venture Heat 12V gloves are extremely comfortable, plus they run true to size.

On the downside, some clients complained they got an electrical shock in their hands once the gloves got wet. Several other people stated that the gloves aren’t entirely waterproof, so they become moist even after a brief time in the rain.


Not bulky


Touchscreen compatible

Temperature control in each glove



Come only in black

The gloves get wet if subjected to plenty of rain

Touchscreen fibers can burn fast

Aroma Season Rechargeable Heated Gloves

The glove provides 3-level heat setting methods using different operating hours, in which they are easy to adjust by pressing the button on the glove. The gloves, not just warmth your palms but also your hand and hands back except that the thumb. In any case, the gloves are powered with a 7.4V rechargeable battery that provides sufficient electricity to maintain the gloves warm.

The thumb and forefinger have an exceptional touchscreen that’s compatible with your telephone or other smart devices. Moreover, the heated gloves are made from breathable and waterproof materials that improve comfort and help you to stay comfy.


They’re waterproof and breathable

The heat levels are simple to adjust

These gloves provide Immediate heat for your hands


This model is a bit bulky

Autocastle Rechargeable Electric Heated Gloves

The Autocastle heated gloves model comprises four layers — an imperceptible warmth processor, reinforced PU leather, waterproof coating cloth, and heavy cotton. These layers render the gloves lasting and comfortable. An added Li-Ion battery retains the warmth, ensuring that the hands remain comfy and warm all the time. These gloves have a massive heating surface to keep the hands comfortable, making them perfect for outdoor pursuits and sports.

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Breathable and waterproof material

Ideal for multiple applications

Temperature is adjustable


The included battery Isn’t long-lasting


These gloves have updated liner with 80% cotton and 20 per cent sponges to offer you a much better grasp encounter. It’s a water resistance coating shell which will help keep your hands warm and dry all the time. What’s more, the gloves have been equipped with three heating settings, where every heating has long-lasting hours.

They’re constructed with security design, in which proper heat keeps your hands dry while powerful heat can make you sweaty and lead to danger. These gloves are fantastic for men and women that enjoy biking and ideal for outdoor sports in the winter. It’s constructed with a lightweight design that helps keep your hands comfy and stops you from carrying much weight.


They’re lightweight and comfortable to use

Suited for outdoor sports in the winter

Waterproof and breathable


No heating components in the finger region

Mount Tec

Mount Tec may be the very best heated ski gloves for you. They’re created out of the far-infrared micro-composite fibre, in addition to using 3M Scotchgard goatskin leather, which is waterproof, and neoprene.

The interior compartment is produced with Primaloft insulation using a reflective silver lining, in addition to an absorbent brushed tricot lining that has antimicrobial properties. The gloves have been powered with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery fitted using a 3-level energy switch, in addition to a LED indicator light.

The gloves have a charger, and there’s also a gauntlet cuff with a barbell to help fasten it to your hand. You may pick one of the five available sizes.

Among the most excellent parts about the gloves is they are touchscreen compatible and therefore are one of the very best heated gloves due to their high-tech features.

On the downside, some customers complained that the battery life doesn’t continue for extended after being recharged. In contrast, some others stated that the gloves didn’t provide enough protection in chilly conditions.





Touchscreen compatible


Not acceptable for extreme weather conditions

Sizing may run little


Best Heated Ski Gloves: Things to Consider

Heating Area

Heated gloves would be the ideal method to fight the chilly, but not all versions work exactly the identical manner. Because of this, you want to look closely at where gloves focus their heat. Some heat all areas of the hand, but specific versions concentrate their energy to the palms of hands. That isn’t always a bad thing. However, it’s something to notice. To find the best heated ski gloves for you, focus on where your hands get cold and purchase gloves that target those regions.


The best heated ski gloves usually hold their charge longer than others. As a rule of thumb, the more, the better. That said, not everyone spends all day on the slopes. If you just ski in brief spurts, you do not have to shell out additional cash for a protracted charge. Also, pay particular attention to the way your gloves maintain their cost on every setting. Some versions can last hours but fast drain medium or high.


With gloves, the different materials they’re created out of is essential. Comfort ought to always be a key concern, but you will need something which could resist the cold also. A rough exterior, particularly one with leather components, with a lavish or foam-lined inside should find the task finished.

It’s a great idea to attempt and find strengthened construction as soon as you’re able to. It not only gives your hands an excess degree of protection, but it also ensures that your pair of best heated ski gloves will endure the test of time too.

skier wearing heated gloves


I think you’ve got all you needed to learn about heated gloves! Customer testimonials are always a fantastic source if you need to learn the way the product that you desire works in real life. Reading reviews will make it easier to find the best heated ski gloves for you. You can opt for any of the products listed above, since they’re practical and dependable for most outdoor sports and activities practiced in winter.

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