Top 16 Best Hiking Boots For Men 2024

Best Hiking Boots For Men

Folks gravitate towards trekking boots since they are more effective in keeping your feet warm, and because of their ankle support.

We’ve researched, broken in, and also trail-tested heaps of hiking boots across a terrain that was changing, and through several of the most gorgeous areas in the nation to give you this list of the best boots on the market today.

So if you’re searching for the best hiking boots for men, keep reading: My Trail Co will help you to find the answer and so you can purchase the best-suited model for you!

Hiking Boots For Men


Hiking boots are a church, but the reasons you will want a few for the materials are the mix of protection, stiffness, and grip. Traditional road boots Doctor Martens, for instance, may provide some support by lacing but a deficiency of cushioning will reduce you.

Contemporary hiking boots incorporate a waterproof membrane, which is helpful once you go off the beaten track. Additionally, mountain and hiking boots incorporate a raised’rand’, a rubber buffer within the leather of the boot closest the only, that protects the foot from rock cuts that are sharp when walking around scree. Click here for more information about hiking boots.

Boot bottoms are also much stiffer than road shoes/boots to shrug off surfaces, including tread frequently, and for traction on sand, moss, or wet grass cleverly-placed sticky rubber regions for grip on the stone.

That only gets a tier from B0 to B3-B0 and under, which makes them nice for summertime hikes that are casual, but elastic for crampons. Meanwhile, B1-3 boots provide amounts of stiffness to adapt technical, crampon usage.

This may seem surplus for your casual walker, but in case you are hill walking choosing a milder crampon-compatible walking boot is recommended, as circumstances may change.


Outdoor technology has come a very long way with enormous strides being made in the way. From technician directed to keep your feet warm in sub-zero states you remain vertical on the slippery and dangerous paths. These are:

  • Vibram Megagrip (enhanced grip )
  • Gore-tex (improved waterproofing)
  • NestFit (bio-mapping for relaxation )
  • Thermo Tech Application technology (better service )
  • CleanSport NXT (odour control)


Construction-wise, old-school leather hiking boots that are complete are rare beasts not just due to cost but because they desire months of breaking in’ before use. Modern boots utilize a selection of substances, in addition, they are much softer from the box.

The hottest thermo-fitted/NestFit versions are basically ready to rock off the store floor, before leaving a significant expedition, though wearing or to and is a fantastic idea.

Simply speaking, the rule is to purchase what is suitable for your usage, and also matches. Concerning brands, in the robust end of this spectrum La Sportiva, Scarpa, Mammut, Lowa, and Aku all construct boots that will shame a tank, even while in the milder, summery end Teva, Keen and Salomon bring considerable experience to the table.

Top Brands Of The Best Hiking Boots For Men

Top Brands Of The Best Hiking Boots For Men

SaleBestseller No. 1
Columbia mens Newton Ridge Plus Ii Waterproof Boot Hiking Shoe, Cordovan/Squash, 10.5 US
Columbia mens Newton Ridge Plus Ii Waterproof Boot Hiking Shoe, Cordovan/Squash, 10.5 US
Weight: 15.9 oz / 452g; Durable, lightweight hiking boot; Techlite midsole for superior cushioning.
SaleBestseller No. 2
Columbia Men's Newton Ridge Plus II Suede Waterproof Hiking Boot, elk/Mountain red, 12
Columbia Men's Newton Ridge Plus II Suede Waterproof Hiking Boot, elk/Mountain red, 12
ADJUSTABLE FEATURES: A lace-up closure ensures an adjustable, secure fit.
SaleBestseller No. 4
Merrell Men's Moab 3 Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot, Earth, 12 Wide
Merrell Men's Moab 3 Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot, Earth, 12 Wide
Merrell Air Cushion in the heel absorbs shock and adds stability
SaleBestseller No. 9
Timberland Men's Anti-Fatigue Hiking Waterproof Leather Mt. Maddsen Chukka Boot, Dark Brown, 10
Timberland Men's Anti-Fatigue Hiking Waterproof Leather Mt. Maddsen Chukka Boot, Dark Brown, 10
Premium full-grain waterproof leather uppers; TimberDry eco-conscious waterproof membrane keeps feet dry in any weather

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Timberland White Ledge Men’s Waterproof Boot

More than 2,000 reviewers clarify such all-purpose hiking boots as”comfy,” including a person who calls them”the finest I have ever used.” Another reviewer calls for these waterproof boots”a lifesaver” exclaiming, “Wow, my toes remind me.” 1 reviewer with”improved all around the world,” explains, “Sure, you can buy a few really fine expensive shoes which may do the task,” however he counsels prospective customers to”go to the match, not the brand, or design or what is promoted as the very best. Once you put it on, this boot felt great. It is light, and it seems durable.” Another reviewer says”they’ve excelled,” even after a year of all-seasons use. “For spring and autumn, these really are brilliant all over.

For the various on and off-road, dry and wet, rugged and muddy, infinitely diverse conditions, you will find none of these have been comfortable for.” Many also love the grip these boots provide when trekking, such as a reviewer who writes, “I have never had a slide or fall because of lack of grip with those boots. Wherever you want to go They’ll go. I have worn them hiking through streams and over stones in the Colorado Rockies, day hikes on trails, a lot of locations, tree climbing. These boots can get there.”

NORTIV 8 Men’s Ankle High Waterproof Hiking Boots

“They are extremely inexpensive in comparison to other trekking boots, but so far, so good,” one reviewer writes of those Nortiv ankle boots. “I’ve worn them in moist weather, on lifts, lawn work, walk the dogs, etc., and they’re quite comfortable.” Almost 40% of reviewers call these trekking boots comfy, and several agree they don’t require any break-in time.

Even still they wear nicely: “I have set 60+ miles and 20+ and hours on these boots at the enormous, steep, rugged and unforgiving mountains of Pennsylvania,” one reviewer writes. “I can’t say enough great things about those boots. Supportive, comfortable, sturdy, and hot.” They are also lightweight, making one reviewer say they’re great for hiking in the summer months, also.

But these boots are acceptable for any condition. 1 reviewer wore those”through jungle paths, torrential rain and dry dusty dirt avenues” throughout a bicycle ride through Vietnam states”They took it all as well as when they got wet inside from water coming across the surface they were as comfortable as could be anticipated.”

Skechers Men’s Relment Pelmo Chukka Waterproof Boot

Purchasers state these hiking boots are excellent for snow, rain, and walking and several can not believe the cost that is low. “I hiked 16 miles the first time that I wore them without any problems,” writes. Still, another says, “Highly recommend those for somebody who does not need to invest an arm and a leg winter boots but wants to get warm, dry feet” And though a lot is certainly come up by the price, lots of reviewers concentrate on how well these work.

Many say they are excellent for wearing in town, for example, one happy client who talks about walking 50 miles in those, through”London’s cold and rain.” But they are even equipped to deal with hiking based on plenty of reviewers who talk about their experiences that are positive testing out these. One writes, “Held up only good for a long trip that included climbs from the Galapagos and journeys to the Amazon basin.” The following adds, “Boots came quickly and fit good. North Carolina mountain paths hiked. I didn’t have the time to break them and did not need to.”

Merrell Men’s Moab two Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot

“These items kick-ass,” writes one happy client, explaining, “I work in the rain a good deal, and want something which could hold up to being rained on for like eight and hours nonstop whilst stepping into the water and the rest. These items have gotten so wet I could assure that they’d allow water through, but they’ve not yet.” Another reviewer calls them”Probably the best money I spent footwear,” and goes on to explain them as”sturdy, and frankly, they provide me an unbelievable quantity of confidence with each step.

I do not dread another twisted ankle any longer ” As one reviewer finishes, these boots are”about as good a match as you can get with no boots custom made: wide in the toe, cushioned tongue, arch support, waterproof, nicely constructed, exceptional lone, not too hot or thick. What is not to adore?”

Ariat Men’s Terrain H2O Hiking Boot

These hiking boots are described by Approximately 10% of reviewers as waterproof. “I have been sloshing through snow, ice, sand, and puddles, and haven’t undergone any moisture float at all,” in puddles around four inches deep, reports a healer who has worn them hikes on Mount Desert Island, Maine, also throughout Pennsylvania. They include, “I have put many miles on these boots, so far there’s not any appreciable indication of wear”

Another who really wears them while riding their bike says they’re”Mainly waterproof at 60 miles from the rain, just torrential downpour and riding in 2 feet of water has compromised them” And while reviewers utilize those for hiking a dozen notice that they are worn by them. According to a consumer, “The bottoms do not pick up the sand like most hiking boots I have had. They’re comfortable riding and walking. They provide aid in the rough pastures and do not slide in the stirrups.”

Columbia Men’s Newton Ridge Plus II Waterproof Hiking Boot

The leather on these Columbia hiking boots stood out for plenty of reviewers. “Certainly a high-quality product,” notes you, including, “I put miles on my shoes/boots. These are. They’re more durable, waterproof, comfortable and fairly warm considering they have not snowed boots” Another reviewer explains them as the”greatest boot in the price point, palms down” due to the”actual leather construction and brief break-in time”

Another admits that when compared with cloth,” they took a bit more time to break in as a result of leather substance,” but nevertheless clarifies the match as”great from day one” 1 casual hiker” who only discovered he inherited a bleep-load of woods” calls these”terrific,” continuing, “They are lightweight, nicely put together, along with the treads are ‘catchy’ They are hiking boots not work boots so that they probably won’t deal with a hunk of rebar being dumped ’em, but on the other hand they weigh a whole lot less, so it is a lot easier to run out of bears.”

Skechers Men’s Verdict Boot

Many clients appreciate how comfortable these boots are directly from the box, such as one reviewer who sees, “No break-in time for me. They have been really comfortable.” And a good deal of other five-star reviewers says they are comfortable over extended distances. “My son actually likes them and says they’re quite comfy.

After trekking for four weeks he explained his feet did not hurt in any way,” one mother writes. “It is comfy, impervious to rain when walking up two to three inches (have not attempted anything deeper) and snow around 3 inches,” illustrates another fulfilled reviewer, including, “I have had several different brands and this boot is my favorite all-season trekking boot”

And one reviewer thinks they are so trendy, he does not even wear them grinning: “I am really happy with my hot, tasteful pair of boots, which I could wear casually or using a pair of blue jeans that are fancy. I’ve so many compliments from my friends, both female and male, concerning how tasteful and sexy I seem in these boots”

Danner Men’s Mountain 600 4.5″ Hiking Boot

Reviewers who increase long-distances testify to the durability and relaxation of those Danner boots, such as a person who calls them”a fantastic boot. It’s comfortable out of the box and needs no break-in. I have used it for many different hikes over the previous six weeks, which range from walking my dog in the area to a number of day-long climbs through the hills of southwestern Pennsylvania with a daypack.” One paused mid-hike to examine these boots”I am 70 miles to some 150-mile increase on the AT through the Smokies, and the sneakers are amazing.

And surprisingly, no allergies. They waterproof. Literally just got done trekking 20 miles from the rain, such as over-Clingmans Dome, and my toes are the only things ” As this enthusiastic hiker finishes,”All these Danner boots were love at first increase.”

Danner Men’s Radical 452 5.5

“In accordance with my husband, once the apocalypse comes there’ll be three items left: Twinkies, roaches, and Danner boots,” compose 1 reviewer, who is one of the who believes these boots are designed to last. “These boots lasted me about 2 decades ahead of the soles wore out of scaling down and up tall wrought iron ladders and walking over asphalt shingled roofs,” one writes, while the other whose spouse walks ten miles per day for work states”All these are the only boots that he can find a year from.”

Though they’re a heavy-duty boot “My guess is that you can walk through anything using those babies and they’d be no worse for wear” heaps of reviewers nevertheless explain them as lightweight. “They’re well built, feel quite comfortable, relatively mild, considering all of the protection which they provide,” one says.

Merrell Men’s Moab Polar Waterproof Winter Boot

Reviewers believe these boots keep feet comfy and warm If it comes to hiking in winter. “These boots fit great, look great, and feel much better. They’re keeping my toes warm and comfortable in this harsh Michigan winter,” writes. Another believes the”tactical kinds may dig,” adding that since they are lightweight, yet insulated, they are”good for moving quickly through the suspended rainforest of SouthEast Alaska.”

One can be”beyond fulfilled with those boots,” continuing, “Went to a three-hour rise now in four to six inches of snow along with the boots were warm, dry, comfortable, and provided desired grip in slush and icy surfaces” Many love how waterproof they are, particularly this reviewer who remarks, “I totally hate wet toes when hiking. The boots are waterproof. My feet stayed dry, and my heart sunk, although I turned into a slushy puddle. Yippee,”

Merrell Men’s Moab two Vent Mid Hiking Boot

“Holy cow. Regardless of that these boots are so popular, ” rejoices one reviewer, that adds, “For the cost, the quality is wonderful. Took them 24-mile increase through the forests and they were excellent.” Tons of reviewers love the vents, noting they are fantastic to get warm-weather hikes. One writes this, “these sneakers breath, keeping your toes from getting sweaty.”

Along with other clarifies, “I had a shoe with ankle support, powerful soles for rough trails but breathable for hot weather. All these were comfortable from the beginning and I am wearing them in 90-degree weather.” One wore them onto a 14-hour increase, commenting, “These rocked the whole way others were whining six to ten hours that their feet were hurt and sore, these retained them comfortable for the whole hike.”

KEEN Men’s Targhee II Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot

Many note that although those are breathable, they are also waterproof including the vented Merrells stated. “They are extremely hot but flexible, and possess quite good water-proof attributes,” notes. The following adds, “They’re comfortable, durable, certainly waterproof and watertight. When my toes feel a little hot, they aren’t sweaty.” One believes those are”100 percent value the price tag,” including, “This boot is amazing and fits like a dream.

Works amazingly although it will make my feet look haha. Waterproof, warm winter, breathable in cozy, also summer. They seem big and heavy but I find they feel very quick on my toes to walk ” Two decades after, he upgraded his reviewer, commenting, “They’ve never let me down, and gave me assurance on a few really sketchy routes on a 13er this past year.” One thinks they are so great, he possesses multiple pairs, writing, “I had been impressed by how comfortable and lasting these boots really are, once I found them available, I purchased two pairs”

Salomon X Ultra 3 Mid GORE-TEX Men’s Wide Hiking Boots

Those worn boots are praised by Over 15% of reviewers to be lightweight. One says, “All these are about as light as I can envision a full-support boot ” Another who’s repurchasing these place their first set through”trekking to Everest Base camp and three high passes, Mt. [Kinabalu] at Borneo, [and] Macho [Picchu] Peru” calls these”Lightweight and comfy (even directly from the box) and good to wear our normal weekend hikes following five decades.” Others notice breathable they’re.

1 reviewer”Hiked at 80-plus-degree weather plus that I did not encounter any sexy feet. My toes certainly sweated, but also the breathable GoreTex cloth did its job” Plus, these boots are waterproof too, which has been a nice surprise to a single consumer: “I was sure these would not be waterproof, considering it’s a mesh shirt. I was incorrect. I really don’t understand this stay dry. It is the most striking component of those shoes. Rain, mud puddles, wet grass, nothing gets through”

Timberland Men’s Chocorua Trail Mid Waterproof

Trekking through areas that have terrains believed these worked the very best to adapt grounds. “I broke them on a three-hour increase over mixed terrain which included a great deal of sand and shallow water. They performed. The boots are lightweight but using a rigid enough bottom that stones and roots cause no distress,” one. Another Tajikistan resident shot these on”several medium-challenge climbs on mixed terrain; stones, gravel, packed dirt paths, grass, mud, and puddles, you name it,” noting, “These handle whatever just fine and keep my feet warm and blister-free.”

One”hiker, climber, runner, and mountaineer,” believes even after six decades of usage, ” he prefers these to his expensive pairs, commenting, “These boots are through hell and back. Up mountains, through snow, through home improvement projects, on the job, etc. and they are still practical. I probably have walked a few thousand miles. These boots are among my favorite parts of footwear and so are super comfy now they’re broken in they feel like slippers.”

Adidas Terrex AX3 Hiking Shoes Men’s

The grip on those hiking shoes that are more shoes than eyeglasses is for several reviewers the best they have ever experienced, and several belief makes them great for many kinds of terrain. “The grip level on those items is crazy. I walked ice-covered streets like my shoes have been glued into the floor,” one writes. Another reviewer wanted shoes” for every kind of terrain from paved paths to dirt avenues to walking on stones and waterproof,” and states, “that I wasn’t disappointed, these shoes passed each test.”

Not only are they waterproof, they compose, but”they traction walking on slick rocks was exceptional, but I felt convinced with each step.” These shoes are so mild, many reviewers utilize them for road running: “I have about 50 miles values of jogging miles inside them on the sand, concrete, soil, and dirt,” one writes. “They are not showing any symptoms of tread reduction however, so they are very durable.”

KEEN Men’s Targhee II Mid Wide Hiking Shoe

Reviewers with feet lament over how hard it’s to find. “Most comfortable boots I’ve ever owned. They keep producing this fashion for quite a very long moment. I wear a broad and it difficult to discover. That is it,” celebrates one. “I have significant problems with my toes bunions, neuropathy, and they are crazy broad. Keen’s are among the only brands that I will use,” notes another, adding, “All these are comfy right from the box”

Another who climbs”roughly ten miles each day at Oregon” admits he is a”very difficult customer” for his broad feet, but he writes, “I’d almost determined that nobody left great hiking boots for wide feet. I Got those Targhees and the Durand. The Targhee’s will be, although both are exceptional. They simply operate in most states, they fit nicely, and they’re light.”

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