Top 28 Best Hiking Knife 2020

Best Hiking Knife

A fantastic knife is an essential tool. On regular hikes, it may open food packs, cut twine, and shave kindling; in a survival situation, it may allow you to do everything, from building a refuge to capturing fish.

We have picked out the best knives and multitools for everybody, from very minimalist hikers to full-on forest dwellers.

Are you searching for the best hiking knife? Keep reading! My Trail Company will help you to pick the best hiking knife available today.

Hiking Knife

Picking the Ideal Hiking Knife: 6 Factors to Consider

It’s worth spending a while looking for the very best hiking knife before you go gallivanting outside. There are attributes that you need to look for in a knife even though there isn’t a knife that may fit the bill for everybody.

OUR TOP CHOICE: the SRX90™ Tactical Knife

Lightweight, extra hard, and full of smart technical features, this military-inspired model by SRX Tactical is our favorite all-rounder if you’re looking for the best hiking knife that fits safely in your pocket and can help you out in any situation!

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If that’s the case, go for performance. If you would like to do more than simply cutting and breaking up, opt for something similar to the Swiss military knife. It all is dependent upon how you would like to travel. The backpacking knife is going to be the one that fulfills your needs and your requirements. Since they are inclined to significantly less, you might even go for the ones that are cushioned.


I understand many of you do care about the handle. It can prove to be a costly error in the long term. I can not stress enough the significance of a good handle. The way you sew your blade, how it will feel, the clasp, etc. are only a couple of essential factors out of many. The handle is half of the knife. Its significance is the same as the blade. The next time you select a knife, then be certain that you pay attention to it.

Straight Edge Blades

Among the advantages of owning edge blades are they are fantastic for carving wood and carvings. It is useful once you wish to produce a split and bonfire wood into pieces that produce a fire.

Edge is flexible in comparison serrated knife. They create more precise and greater cuts through materials such as rope and metal. Knives have their perks. But maybe not as much as border ones.

Blade Size

For security and comfort, deciding on the proper knife and blade dimensions is vital. Most of us have different hand sizes, and also that which I feel comfortable using may feel great to somebody else. A handle must fit in your hands for the leverage that is ideal.

If the blade is large, it will become hard to wield it properly. When it’s too little, you risk damaging yourself. A survival knife that is fantastic is roughly 10 inches as it’s in a position that is working.

Sharp Pointed Blade

Sharp pointed blade provides the potential that was stabbing. It’s excellent for you if you enjoy going on a regular basis on lifts and searches. Its line makes stabbing simple and quick. If you simply use a blade to get easy actions, then its purpose does not need to be the sharpest, but you still will need to keep the blade and purpose, therefore it will become sharp once you require it.

Blade Material

Stainless steel or carbon blades would be the most dependable. Carbon steel is easier to sharpen and is proven to be more powerful than steel. Stainless steel is much more resistant than anything else, making it the perfect Selection for using in humid or warm water

Top Best Hiking Knife Brands

Top Best Hiking Knife Brands

1. SRX90™ Tactical Knife

If you’re looking for a truly multi-functional, all-weather tactical knife that is easy to carry and can be used in any and every outdoor situation, search no more. The SRX90™ Tactical Knife by SRX Tactical takes our top spot for best hiking knife. This military-inspired pocket knife is not only the perfect companion for casual and serious hikers alike, but also a must-have tool for campers, survivalists, outdoorsmen, first responders, and even hunters and climbers.

SRX90 Tactical best hiking knife
Our top choice: the SRX90 Tactical Knife


With this model, SRX Tactical have created a smart all-rounder that manages to be ultra sharp and extra hard while also coming in a compact size and being very comfortable to hold. The 9-cm long, 20-mm thick tactical blade delivers strong cutting power, and folds in half so it fits into your pocket and can be carried safely and easily.

This highly practical model also wins points for its great handle design. Made from a lightweight aluminum alloy, it’s incredibly light, rust-proof to guarantee durability, and shaped to provide a confident grip, whether you’re using it barehanded or with gloves.

As a bonus, your purchase contributes to supporting US Military Veterans. An incredible hiking knife that also supports a good cause? What more can you ask for! Check it out on the SRX Tactical website.

Bestseller No. 1
Smith & Wesson Extreme Ops SWA24S 7.1in S.S. Folding Knife with 3.1in Serrated Clip Point Blade and Aluminum Handle for Outdoor, Tactical, Survival and EDC
Secure: Have confidence that the blade will not slip with the security of the liner lock; Guaranteed: This product is covered by a limited lifetime warranty.
Bestseller No. 10
Smith & Wesson SWHRT9B 9in High Carbon S.S. Fixed Blade Knife with 4.7in Dual Edge Blade and TPE Handle for Outdoor, Tactical, Survival and EDC
Secure: Have confidence that the blade will not slip with the security of the hand guard; Guaranteed: This product is covered by a limited lifetime warranty.

2. Ka-Bar Becker BK2 Campanion Fixed Blade

As soon as I see one, just like any other knife fans, I immediately understand a knife. I adored the Ka-Bar Becker BK2 from the very first time. There’s a reason the blade grabbed my attention and I considered it. This might be craftsmanship at its best. The Becker BK2 is a marine corp. knife created for conflict. The heavy-duty blade area knife is excellent for camping errands.

Preview Product Rating Price
KA-BAR Becker BK2 Campanion Fixed Blade Knife KA-BAR Becker BK2 Campanion Fixed Blade Knife $87.49

It’s simple to store securely and also to transport around to where you wish to go with it, as a result of its hard shell black nylon sheath it includes. Nothing may come. Its cutting edge stays sharp for more, and its durability contributes to that.

3. Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Knife

The knife that Bear Grylls himself utilizes cannot fail. But, there is a secret to using this one. In case you’ve observed a number of those episodes out of “Man vs. Wild”, you will immediately notice how he utilizes them. That half will probably be sufficient although you are getting just 1/2 of the cutting span. That is how serrated blades are.

Spec-wise the blade includes a 4.8-inch drop point design and crafted with top 9CR19MoV stainless steel. The construction is quite durable. It is possible to make quick work of paranoids and other fibrous substances. Additionally, it includes an ergonomic, military-grade nylon sheath, emergency pommel, whistle, and fire starter. What more could you ask from a knife?

Too good to be true? Spec-wise yes but there’s a catch. Concerning endurance and use, there are far better knives on the market and prices. Can I mention that this one is pretty affordable? You get exactly what you pay for.

4. Gerber LMF II Survival Knife

The Gerber LMF II is a tier combat knife that is designed. It is so tough it may reduce an aircraft’s fuselage. Cutting paranoids and tent ropes will probably be like cutting butter with a knife. It’s a blade with a serrated edge. Whether you would like to reduce firewood or cut seat belts, the LMF II has you covered.

The handle has a story to tell. The pointer butt cap is created of stainless steel. It is designed that way pierce or to crack the glass. It is also possible to utilize it. The end is separated.

Preview Product Rating Price
Gerber LMF II Survival Knife, Black [22-01629] Gerber LMF II Survival Knife, Black [22-01629] $72.37

I really don’t know which is more practical. The stainless-steel blade and also even the over-molded handle. Gerber LMF II ensures security, comfort, and flexibility. It is designed to adapt. In the blade into the handle, what’s strong.

5. Ka-Bar Total Size US Marine Corps Fighting Knife

If you’re interested in finding a full-size 7-inch straight-edge blade with no additional performance a knife is just one. 20-degrees border angle, 1095 Cro-van steel, 11.875 inches in total length, and a fixed-blade layout. That’s what I call a battle knife that is great. It’s the most well-known fixed-blade layout on the market.

This is the consequence of craftsmanship at its best. But for the leather sheath that is created in Mexico. It is a demonstration grade USMC combating with knife, which means that you may give it as a gift to a relative from the military. You’ll also receive a protective leather sheath that’s powerful rugged and durable.

Campers due to its usefulness still use this knife. You can sense the premium quality simply carrying it. Do remember this is intended for camping. Nonetheless, you can use it. You have to be somewhat creative and have room in your gear compartment.

6. Victorinox Swiss Army Swiss Champ Pocket Knife

When I was a child, I was into Swiss military knives. As soon as I watched this new and improved version of this one, I knew I needed to bring this one into my list of top 10 knives for hiking biking. This SwissChamp Pocket Knife is your cheese on the planet of Swiss military knife. There is nothing that comes close to the sophistication and usefulness of the one.

With all 33 functions, this one is outfitted for your experience requirements. I am pretty certain you will not even use all of them. It is wonderful to get some extras. The most important attraction and the most used function is going to function as a 2.45-inch stainless steel blade. From the knife business, aerodynamic components mean durability. But that is not true with this one.

I am not mad enough to go through the functions. However, for chores that are little they can be handled by that the SwissChamp. The blade may be used to onions, cut on cords, and do exactly what pocket knives may perform. It is a Victorinox if you’re concerned for Pete’s sake. The maker of real and genuine Swiss Army knives. Need I say more?

7. Fallkniven A1 Survival Knife Fixed Blade Knife

It requires an experience to understand what might have made the experience. Let’s just face it. The Fallkniven A1 Survival Knife is your normal survival knife made with qualities.

Here is the sort of knife which you may use difficult and constantly without sacrificing its potency and quality. It has a charming and simple design that will make you look cooler. Since they make you certain in your own endeavors Folks love stylish but knives that are performing.

Preview Product Rating Price
Fallkniven A1 Fine Edge Fixed Blade Knife, Black Fallkniven A1 Fine Edge Fixed Blade Knife, Black $189.99

The swedge provides improved tip power and penetrating capacity. It disturbs me the way that it can take chunks that are catastrophic that you place it to. It will stop at nothing and pounds through timber easily.

8. Schrade SCHF2 Extreme Survival One-Piece

This knife includes a layout that any knife will love. It includes a layout that is exceptional and making it an outstanding cutting instrument. It’s a blade that makes it resemble a sword that is tiny. With its waterproof hollow handle, this knife may be utilized both at the outdoors and the inside.

It can cut on on a snake just like a joke into two. Thus, when you’ve got this knife, you’re safer than if you do not have it. It serves several functions. It is just like a samurai sword that’s designed with technology.

9. ESEE 6P Black Fixed Blade Knife

Once I look at it I understand a knife. There’s every reason in case you understand how to tell a fantastic knife to adore the ESEE 6P Black Fixed Blade Knife. It’s innovatively designed to offer you greater in clipping than you can imagine edge. This knife is powerful and elegant it makes you proud to take it.

And let men and women see you are when it comes to hiking equipment and protection tools. This knife consists of 1095 steel, which can be among the best stuff for creating a durable and powerful knife.

You’ll need to continue to keep its blade properly lubricated if you would like to relish dependability and its efficacy. This knife for the outside, but it’s still fit for your inside. It provides having a sharp, yet long-lasting border that may require small maintenance to remain prepared and sharp and tasteful for almost any cutting job that is serious.

10. Coleman Folding Knife

This knife is made for the outside. It’s a tool for different kinds of jobs that are outdoor. If you’ve got this on your trekking equipment set, you can make certain your trekking will be total and pleasurable.

Preview Product Rating Price
Coleman CMNRBR001 Lockback Coleman CMNRBR001 Lockback $12.99

It’s a spring a knife which locks with the usage of both a liner lock. The rear of its handle includes a stainless steel clip that you may use to attach it to a belt or bag.

11. Spyerco Delica 4

This knife combines a lightweight of just 2.5 ounces with a razor-sharp blade plus a remarkably comfortable, strong grip. The Delica 4 opens and shuts and its own thumb hole causes easy one-handed opening. The knife feels well made and solid.

It chopped through a sheet of newspaper and had been among the knives from the box. We could not detect any shift at its blade’s sharpness. It was hands down the very best at starting a fire in our evaluation. The edges on its backbone left the knife with no use and struck a flicker.

We could not locate downsides. 1 one is that its blade was not for cutting meals, the best. We have seen this knife on sale. You may find it under its cost if you shop around.

It is still an investment, but if you would like to purchase one backpacking knife which you can use on each experience, the Delica 4 is it. When it arrived into whittling wood and dull holes, the brief blade and increased thumb top made this knife texture simple and intuitive to get detail work. No additional knife in our evaluation felt as exact and strong in-hand since the Delica 4 (even though the Izula II was shut ).

12. ESEE Izula II

It is created for survival and wilderness use and created by Randall’s Adventure and Training, which began from the Amazon as a jungle survival school. To put it differently, this knife is untrue. Its blade was not straight from this box, but it was the thickest and most lasting. It held up to a mild toning (dividing wood) without chipping or wearing the coat. It’ll do in a pinch, although it is no camp hatchet.

It is a bit on the heavy side for backpacking if you receive the Izula together with the handle and sheath. Among the beauties of the knife is how customizable it is. The handle is simple to eliminate, leaving you with a barebones knife of just 2.2 oz. The sheath adds another 0.8 ounces. Without the manage that is complete, the Izula was comfy to hold. An easy wrap made it better.

The MSRP is somewhat steep, but we have seen the Izula available on sale. We were all impressed. If you are out there for a fixed-blade knife that is light enough for backpacking scenarios, and enjoyable this is the knife.

13. Spyderco Honeybee

It had been one. This was due to its size, although it had been among those knives at our speed evaluation. The blade sliced easily through two feet of cardboard. The Honeybee was effective at whittling wood, though it was embarrassing and poisonous because of the absence of a locking mechanism. It can find the work done if you need it to.

It managed to hit a flicker on a Ferro pole, though not readily and with apparent wear to the rear of its own blade. We pushed this knife into more heavy-duty usage than it had been meant for. Though it did show any wear and tear flaws, it had been more competent than we anticipated. It is far from the knife that is simplest to hold. The deal is slick and along with the dimensions that are minuscule, it needs a grasp.

For weight-conscious backpackers who realize that a knife remains a vital part of their kit, or for anybody who would like an off-the-shelf knife, the Honeybee is a sweet little bit of equipment at a fantastic price.

14. Opinel No8 Stainless Steel Blade Folding Knife

Its 3.35″ blade has been the second greatest in our evaluation and also gave it a great deal of cutting ability. It held up to all our cutting edge evaluations Even though it was not super straight from the box. We could cut via a period of cardboard than with a few of the knives. We adored chopping and slicing food.

The Opinel employs the exceptional”Virobloc” security lock, in which a metallic ring spins to lock the blade open or closed. We loved its simplicity. If the lock has been engaged, you might see, compared to a number of the framework locks and it felt safer. We discovered that a bit of drama as we whittled. It tended to move forth and back from the lock.

It does not feel or function as a budget, although the Opinel No8 is the very best value pick. It is an instrument.

15. Deejo Wood 37g

It made up for this, although it was not the sharpest knife in our evaluation. It hastens at clipping through…well, pretty much anything. Paper, cardboard cordage, the Deejo made fast work of everything. Due to its design, the Deejo Wood 37g felt that a touch flimsy. It impressed us it was.

Preview Product Rating Price
deejo Black Coralwood 37g deejo Black Coralwood 37g $64.90

The blade was not as steady as the Delica 4 through jobs such as whittling wood or boring holes, and we might sense a small amount of sacrifice in the deal. Nevertheless, it was. It did not play nicely taking on the blade. These are openings to get superbly and a knife that’s lightweight, compact, practical.

16. Kershaw Leek

The Leek was straight from the box. It excelled in food preparation and sliced through a sheet of newspaper. It is open that is helped is snappy and sharp, and the framework lock felt dependable and strong. It is a nice security feature that is additional.

The Leek has been the most peculiar knife in our evaluation (not counting on the ESEE Izula II, which might be customized for lighter weight). While we texture and adored its functionality, it might be hard for us to justify devoting 3 ounces in our package.

The handle that is slick wasn’t the best for tasks that call for a steady grasp. This is a pocket knife having a very sharp blade. It available for less Though the MSRP is about the other hand. We believe weight, design, and layout make the Leek better suited than the backcountry to carry. Even though it may hold its own in tasks that are backpacking.

17. Petzl Spatha

The Petzl Spatha is the top choice in our guide to the climbing knives, therefore we wanted to observe this lightweight knife held to evaluations that are backpacking. When compared with the other knives in our evaluation, it is only…decent. It did not manage whittling or fire, as well as the majority of the knives, drives tested, nor was it fastest or that the sharpest in cutting.

The carabiner hole was actually loved by us for cutting on the knife. If you already have (or intend to purchase ) the Spatha to your climbing equipment, it may capably twice as a backpacking knife. We advocate Deejo or even the Opinel, that can be a weight and cost point, over the Spatha if you are purchasing a knife for backpacking.

18. Gerber Paraframe Mini

We’re stoked to Check that the Gerber Paraframe Mini. Weight and its cost point made it look like a shoo-in for our very best value pick. It did not hold up. Right from the box, the blade has been the dullest. In our paper evaluation, it did more compared to simply cutting, tearing. Within our cardboard cutting evaluation, we’re essentially ripping the cardboard instead of cutting it.

It was a knife. It is a little knife, and we do not anticipate it to be as comfy as knives having a more generous manage, but it never felt secure in our expert’s hands. The lock was tough and awkward to discharge. Its compact size is a benefit, but to get a budget knife, we would select the Opinel No8 within the Gerber Paraframe Mini.

19. Fallkniven U2

With an easy layout, steel, and Grilon manages, the U2 is a superb backpacking knife for people who are worried about sophistication and weight. The whole package comes in at 1.58 oz, which is very great for a knife having a blade span of 2.5 inches.

Preview Product Rating Price
Fallkniven Model U2 Fallkniven Model U2 $89.12

For the steel, that comprises Super Gold Powder Steel since the center, you are paying at $90 in BladeHQ. This steel has excellent edge retention, superior to common high-end steels such as S30V.

20. Spyderco Dragonfly two in ZDP-189

Such as the U2, the Dragonfly comes with steel, that time ZDP-189, plus a very simple layout. It swaps the obscure contour of the U2 for something much more ergonomic out — and it adds a finger choil for hands. In addition, it eliminates the nail of this U2 picnicking to your signature Spyderco hole.

21. Benchmade Bugout

With a few of the blade length-to-weight ratios in the knife world, the Bugout is just another pocket knife. Its easy, nearly lines and timeless drop-point blade are pluses. $120, the price tag, is a good deal for what you buy. The knife has some leading to rock-solid lockup.

It is held by Just two issues back from being the trail knife. To begin with, the pocket clip, a shortened variant of this Benchmade deep-carry clip, does permit the knife to pop from the pocket simpler than many knives. If you are doing some actual scrambling on mountainsides, you may discover your Bugout has free itself out of your pocket suddenly.

Secondly, the knife has a rather pronounced, exposed back tang, allowing for dirt, grime, and pocket lint to accumulate in the inner workings of this knife. If you require a blade span per oz, this is a great option.

22. Three Rivers Manufacturing Neutron

The discipline of full-size, weight-conscious knives is fairly cramped at this time. The Bugout of Benchmade has been popular, and Spyderco introduced a version of its smash hit. Both arrive in under 2.5 oz and both game blades of a minimum of three inches in length.

However, the mild, full-size knife (a knife having a blade of 3 inches or even more ) I enjoy the best comes out of a small producer in my home state of Massachusetts: Three Rivers Manufacturing. The Neutron’s 20CV blade is far better than the steel to the Bugout (S30V) or the Para3 (BD1N). The deal is more comfortable compared to ParaPara’s more sturdy than the flexible grip of the Bugout.

$169, the price tag, is high, but you are getting state-of-the-art steel at a super-slim, super-slicey bundle. And also the simple fact that it is manufactured in the USA is a bonus.

23. Spyderco Native 5 FRN at LC200N

The 5 is just another mild, full-size knife. However, it adds yet another component to the knife recipe — LC200N. This steel, that has been in existence for decades beyond the knife business, is now making inroads from the world that is. Its rustproof composition is fine, but the step up, when compared with other corrosion-resistant steels, is its hardness.

As 154CM, LC200N is as tough Contrary to H1, which makes it. It is tough rustproof, comparatively simple to sharpen, and not expensive for what you buy in $121. The 5 is somewhat bulkier at the pocket compared to the Neutron, but should you want rustproof steel onto the road, this is the knife.

24. ESEE Candiru

Fixed-blade knives are usually too large for the road, but a style revolution has happened in the fixed-blade knife universe, causing several small slicers that are not “broken.” Is that the ESEE Candiru. With a whole length of 5.125 inches, then the Candiru is that the size of a huge folder once closed. It matches ESEE’s excellent 1095 heat-treated by Rowan and includes an adequate cloth sheath that places flat from the pocket.

At about $50, the Candiru may perform a great deal of work that many knives can not. And should you decide you wish to move past the apartment handle, there is an accessory kit that provides Micarta scales along with also a snap-fit Kydex sheath.

25. Bark River PSK

In the event the Candiru is somewhat too austere the PSK is a knife of dimensions with features. The run is completed criminally wax steel, in Elmax, although It’s been offered in several of steels. It features quite a few distinct scales round a tang, all of which have that Bark River gleams in-hand feel. A thick, the sheath leather amount retains the PSK straight.

It’s too high to conceal in a pocket such as the stock cloth sheath of the Candiru. Finally and perhaps most significant, the PSK, such as most of Bark River knives, sports a glorious high-durability, convex grind.

26. StatGear 99416 Surviv-All Outdoor Knife

We’re actually thinking! The StatGear knife is a 440-stainless steel drop point blade that lacks any serrations and’s beefy! The handle is rocky, features a bolster, plus finger relief.

They place a pole such as the Gerber Bear Grylls knife in the sheath, but on the sheath, they picked rather than serrations!

27. Spyderco Endura4 Lightweight FRN

Spyderco is another title in the domain of knives that are cheap that are of high quality. This pocket comes with a pocket clip, very low profile, and also fine-edge blade missing serrations.

I applaud the dearth of serration with this span blade since it might crowd the blade span that is brief.

28. Buck Knives 192BR Vanguard

This really is the knife in our lineup that’s a holdover into the days of old. Having a reinforce that is broad and a wooden handle steel handle and blade fixings, it is a wonder.

The leather sheath that is is fitting although unassuming. This knife understands that the residence is in the forests, where it needs to be and that is.

Knives for Hikers

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What’s a Hiking Knife?

Knives are intended for work. As the saying goes”there’s a well-used knife supporting each well-hiked mountain” It is not far from the reality, although I made up that one really. As an attachment consider it as part of the 18, do not think about it.

These are not anything like your kitchen knives. Stronger blades powerful and ergonomic looking and grips. Some are foldable. Each with its own intent. It depends on what actions you’ll do and how you are going to travel.

You will find several out there knives out there which are utilized by corps. Have a look at our 5 applications section if you would like to understand how you are going to be profited.

2. What’s tare Best Hiking and Camping Knife for Money?

There are a lot of factors for selecting the ideal knife As I have mentioned earlier. It is like choosing on a smartphone you will never know till you have tried out a lot of those, which one will fit you.

I will tell you, attempt to pick one which major master’s use. You also need to consider your budget. Allow me to outline my listing here in order to provide you a brief idea.

From those ten I Have recorded, here are my 3 favorites:

Very best Value For Money The Ka-Bar Becker BK2 Campanion Fixed Blade Knife will be the one for you.

Many Versatile: nothing surpasses the Victorinox Swiss Army SwissChamp Pocket Knife If you need an all in 1 solution. It is everything you need on much more and your knife.

People’s Choice: When cash is not a problem, why don’t you go for the hottest of all of them. The ESEE 6P Black Fixed Blade Knife is a hardy, no-nonsense knife. You can not beat the timeless.

3. Which will be the Best Knives for Hikers?

You need to know the solution by now. If you are confused, an easy solution would be to try out get to get hands I have recorded. Rest assured, I’ve spared no off the effort in piling this listing. If a version isn’t currently working out for you, try out options of the identical brand.

Avoid fake knock-offs. And pick the brands within this business. Some of the knife makers that are favorite are:

  • Ka-Bar
  • Gerber Blades
  • Victorinox
  • ESEE
  • Schrade

There are many others on the market. I am only naming a couple of out. It is impossible to mention them all since it is a massive industry.

4. What Type of Knife Can I Want for Hiking?

My two cents is to choose something which has functionalities inside if you’re planning to get a hike. Where I am going with this right, you understand?

I am speaking about the king of functionalities and Victorinox Swiss Army Knife. The Army one is among the choices that are most well-known since it is so flexible.

The majority of them possess a screwdriver, cap lifter, can opener, scissors, along with a screwdriver. Some other tools all in addition to the leather punch constructed in.

Additionally, there are small pins for lifting material. Toothpick, tweezers, a lanyard you name it. This one is ideal for camping and biking, along with a must-have part of the gear.

5. Where to Maintain a Knife While Hiking?

Knife security might appear easy at first, and it is. But do not take it. Maintain your blade. This way you can get into your knife. It is large, they should be kept by the compartment of your own backpack.

Some backpacker does use pliers. In cases like this, a knife should do just fine. These are easy and compact to shop. Be sure that the sheath is powerful and can be attachable to a belt if you wish to carry a blade.

Knife accidents are typical while backpacking or camping. Stay safe. When managing a blade, take Additional care


With a number of these knives on the market, it is not feasible for me to check all of them. But after sorting through use and several options, I managed to pick just a couple.

It’s your responsibility to decide. Be sure that you’ve researched to make your purchasing decision. I hope this helps. Be certain that you check back for the knife.

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