Top 36 Best Hiking Underwear Review 2024

Best Hiking Underwear

An impact can be made by picking the ideal underwear in your experience, although it might be the very last thing you consider packaging. The hiking panties are watertight, dries quickly, and fits around the skin. It permits you to walk for days or weeks.

Just like any bit of clothes that is specialized, deciding what’s the ideal underwear depends on where you’ll be trekking and in what period. We’ll lead you through the hiking panties available out there. Whether you’re out camping for the weekend or even placing out to get a multi-day alpine trek, we’ve got you covered. Are you searching for the best hiking underwear? Keep reading! My Trail Company will help you to find the top models on the market for men and women today.

Hiking Underwear



Much like if you are picking some Lycra shorts or a fantastic pair of sneakers, you desire the briefs you choose to be comfy. A few briefs will leave you feeling sore and red but others wind up sticking with perspiration to your skin. You will want to invest in a set that is simple to throw breathable and never go without.

The pairs of briefs are made from Merino wool, Lycra, nylon, or a mixture of those materials. As cotton does only snare in of the things It’s never a fantastic idea to choose cotton briefs. Merino has become the selection because of feel and nature. Ought to be one of the number one worries when selecting a set of briefs, locating.


Sweating is a natural physiological function, and if we are hiking or performing strenuous action, it’s fairly probable that we’ll sweat more than we would. Hiking underwear ought to be promoted as being antimicrobial, since it will make sure your underwear is retained fresher for longer, with is essential if you are trekking for days at a time or can not bring a lot of items with you.

The antifungal properties of Merino wool make it a candidate for hiking panties. Synthetics and polyester have to be treated with mediums so as to be promoted this way.


It could be incredibly embarrassing, as well as painful, to get your panties to begin to break apart when you are in the center of a trek. Flatlock seams provide added strength in addition to having the ability to decrease chafing since you do not have a thick seam rubbing against your skin for hours at a time. The hiking undies should not break after a few washes and ought to have the ability to withstand some usage.


It is your choice to make about the way you’d prefer your panties to be trimmed, whichever makes you feel the most comfortable. Some folks like their panties to match them very tightly, like boxer briefs since they fit well beneath hiking pants and do not ride up too large to hinder a day package.


It’s not difficult to overlook the cleaning directions on your laundry, getting accustomed to just chucking them in the washing machine and allow it to do it the thing, but you have to use a bit of care when washing your trekking panties. You would not want to wind up after a few applications with tears or holes on your underwear since they aren’t being washed.

If your plan is to be trekking over a couple of days at one time, you need to consider some panties which may be washed at the sink and then hung outside to dry, rather with rapid dry capacities. Having could be perfect.



The frontlets you urinate without pulling down the underwear.


The property of a cloth that prevents the spread of germs.


Modal is a kind of cloth utilized in activewear.


The line located in inside of the fighters, beginning from the crotch.

Top Brands Of The Best Hiking Underwear For Men

Top Brands Of The Best Hiking Underwear For Men

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Are you concerned about the condition of your panties? Can you realize that you are left feeling sticky and tired? Well, throw those away briefs that are old and get a set of REI Co-op Briefs. Constructed with 87% Polyester and 13% Spandex, these briefs are really comfy and breathable, complemented with moisture-wicking capabilities that will not leave you stuck into the cloth after a long hike.

All these briefs extend to fit perfectly around the body due to this 4-way stretch cloth with anti-odor properties (so that you are not left stinking up the car on the way home). Comfort is guaranteed by the waistband with a brushed face, even.


If you’re searching for boxer briefs that will provide you look no farther than the BN3TH Vintage Boxer Briefs. These briefs have MyPakage Technology, which comprises a 3-dimensional pouch that will give person support that is total, without needing to worry about constant readjusting or changing throughout the day.

The 95 fabric is breathable and soft against the skin, with the extra bit of becoming resistant. Comfort is ensured by the knit waistband together with the beverage tag. If you are concerned about these briefs demonstrating through your trousers, there is no need you will find little to no visible seams, along with the soft cloth settles perfectly into the contours of the body.


If you’re searching for features that come in tiny packages, the ExOfficio Give-N-Go Printed Boxer Briefs could be the object of panties for you. These lightweight briefs are easy to bring along with you on any trip you’ve planned, you may throw them into your carry on with no worry if you are packing light.

The antimicrobial treated cloth struggles against any scents, made from mesh that will help keep you comfy and cool where you want it most for hours. Seeing as they’re so mild, these briefs are simple to throw from the laundry or wash up at the sink of your own resort, just needing a few hours until they’re clean and ready to wear. With this quick-drying system, you should not need over a few pairs of each trip, helping to help save space while packaging.


The Smartwool Merino Sport 150 Boxer Briefs is luxury at it’s best providing you with all-around relaxation if you are handling a hiking trail or relaxing with a cup of green tea. It isn’t important if you’re a winter wanderer or whether you want the winter months of summer, you will heat up while providing breathability and odor immunity in the summer months.

The front panel provides you with a few additional support. The Merino and polyester blended material not just provides you the warmth and odor control mentioned previously, you receive a rapid drying period and the durability that comes with polyester briefs that are average. What more could you desire?


You end up chasing the paths and are left feeling sweaty if, chafed, and uneasy after the shortest trail, it is time to pick up yourself a set of ExOfficio Give-N-Go Sport Mesh Boxer Briefs. These briefs are tender and very long, providing you from chafing you won’t find yourself raw and red. The ultralight mesh fabric is breathable and pliable and was treated with AEGIS Microbe Shield to prevent any odor-causing bacteria from attaching itself into the cloth.

The fly is constructed with all the Give-N-Go signature mesh to guarantee all-day service if you’re bouncing up and down the paths. The kind fittedness of those to ensure they don’t go which they aren’t supposed to your techniques that are jogging are.


Staying comfy and cozy ought to be one of your concerns if cold mountain tops will be your experience of selection. The SportHill Northwind Unders Underwear does not fall short in regard to weather protection. The 3SP Fabric includes a tight, tight close-to-body match which lets you take benefit of its own temperature regulating qualities.

The fabric is moisture-wicking, which means that you do not need to be worried about rain or sweat. They are priced on the high finish, coming in a couple, but they are a worthy investment in regards to the features that are packed to them.


The Icebreaker Anatomica Boxer Briefs actually does live up to their title ideal for those long winter lifts, the 83 percent Merino wool cloth provides warmth and softness, along with 12% and 5% Lycra which ensure a tight match and extreme durability. The front pouch provides support if you’re on the go. The Flatlock seams help eliminate chafing that any set would usually cause.

The quick-drying properties guarantee that even in case you wind up drenched on your experiences, it is only going to require a couple of hours before they are ready to wear. The moisture-wicking cloth helps keep the sweat at bay, letting you move without adhering to places.


If you spend the majority of your time on hikes then pulling and prodding in your boxers to make them sit in the spot during your trekking, then you should be swapping yours out. These briefs provide all-day comfort where you want it the most letting you remain comfortable and dry.

The BallPark Pouch provides the ideal quantity of support to you, restricting the quantity of fixing you are going to have to do and staying friction. The 9-panel construction places sides of the pits on the inside and the thinner, making sure comfort. These boxer briefs come in several limited edition prints if you enjoy a fashion with your underwear.


If you’re looking encouraging you your athletic endeavors wind up carrying you, then your REI Co-op Boxers won’t let you down. They come with stretch fabric that provides comfort and breathability if you are trekking biking or running.

The fly is constructed with all the classic contour, ensuring that you receive more support where it is really needed. In addition to being moisture dissipates, these briefs will also be odor-resistant and rapid drying, which means they do not need more than a wash if you are on the head, and they will be ready to use in a few hours.

10. SAXX QUEST 2.0

As soon as you end up about the epic of experiences is a set of briefs creating the trip uneasy and pulling you down. If you are sporting the Saxx Quest 2.0 Boxer Briefs, you’re going to be encouraged from the very start. Lightweight and soft, this fit utilizes a 9-panel construction with anti-chafing flat seams to make sure you are not left feeling raw and red.

These boxer briefs are excellent for on-the-go wear and wash, as they drying and need to be prepared to wear once you’ve given them a clean. The waistband is moisture-wicking, and contains anti-roll properties, making sure you’re kept feeling safe for the time that they’re being worn by you.

11. Arc’teryx Stage SL Boxers

An upside of this Stage SL substance is the fact that it is fast to dry and breathes & wicks. These fighters are made the ideal selection for usage by this. The material is fit and stretchy. This will help to halt the fighters riding upward through active use, but in addition, it means that these fighters are rather a tight (i.e. cozy ) fit. We believe if you like your fighters maybe look elsewhere, although they find a balance between comfort and support.

One thing to watch out for besides the cost is a simple fact that there’s not any flap. Arc’teryx doesn’t currently provide a version using a flap therefore then you’ll have to appear elsewhere if no flap is a deal-breaker for you. The Arc’teryx Stage SL Boxers are treated using an anti-microbial coating to improve odor resistance. This appears to work but is very likely to fade over time. If you’re interested in finding something for extended multi-day excursions or a thru-hike afterward Merino wool may be a better choice.

12. Duckworth Vapor Short

The Duckworth Vapor Short term, initially, feels just like a wool boxer short that is contemporary, but there is a bit more going on than that. Duckworth is famous for its high-quality wool and wool mix clothing, and such briefs are no exception. For the ones looking to understand where their money is moving, their clothes are manufactured by Duckworth and also the wool comes out of Montana.

This was a pair of panties as a result of their own fit; much more like a fighter than a short. These are our favorite group for wear and making our Best Award for that while not as versatile as choices having a cut and match.

13. Outdoor Research Echo Boxer Short

The Outdoor Research Echo Boxer Short is the underwear component of the Echo cloth line. They feel breezy and light, breathe and the lace fabric is soft and nice. To get a cloth that there are a couple of trade-offs, such as the propensity to roll a narrow waistband and a little. We do wonder how well these can hold up at the longer term, so much, although they sense they’ve held up nicely. The Echo briefs are a superior product at a cost lower than many, making our Best Award.

14. Patagonia Sender

The Sender boxer brief is the most up-to-date effort at a set of underwear of Patagonia. It is certainly an improvement in the times of Capilene, and it is. They are utilized in warm weather, in which you will discover the most advantage in the cloth and fast-drying capabilities. But, it has the very same problems that cloths that are lean have: odor and durability. We believe that is a step in an ideal way for underwear, but there’s still space to improve.

15. Marmot Performance Boxer Short

The Marmot Performance Boxer Short is an odd mixture of excellent construction and materials with a couple of layout features. While we love Marmot trying new items from the underwear section, we believed the flat fly has been a change for change’s sake, and also the Jewel Harness is inefficient at best, uncomfortable at worst. This might have been a set of skivvies. We believe that reverting to a standard shape or committing to adjustments would improve these panties.

16. Stance Poly Blend

The Stance Poly Blend is just one sharp-looking set of boxer briefs, and while they may be ideal for a night out that might involve a couple of layers coming away, they are not as ideal for traveling software. We enjoy the collection and also the fit and hanging out whenever they’re comfortable. When we wore the boxer briefs that are Stance in scenarios that are busy, they were breathable, and such as underwear, they kept stink. We started to observe some wear with six months of active and regular use in the seams between the thighs.

17. Howies Penn Merino Boxers

Upgraded with an elasticated band-style waistband, the Howies Penn Merino Boxers is a hit. Rob was, converted by A wear a couple of decades back into the luxury of Merino undies immediately he taken them! They do a job and they are still going strong, regardless of their overuse. The 100 percent Merino cloth is a bit thicker than the Rab’s but no less comfy. They’re best for hiking in all temperatures and would be the solution for winter experiences, although this makes them too hot for summer trekking.

18. Runderwear Merino Briefs

Our reviewer, rob, is a boxer’s boy. That is before he discovered that the Runderwear Merino Briefs! Little did he understand how comfy and cool one can sense in a set of tighty-whities. As with the Merino choices we’ve reviewed, they shine in moisture-wicking and odor control. But, elastane, polyamide, and the mix of lace Therm cool make these briefs quickly drying. And due to that, they’re Rob option for multi-day trekking in the summertime. Even though they’re more fitted than the fighters on our listing, the deficiency of cloth round the legs makes for a cooler, more freer texture when trekking in the warmth. Additionally, their seam-free construction removes any danger of irritation or chafing.

19. Rab Men 120 Boxers

It is Merino all of the way in the men’s hiking underwear department. These would be the women’s Rab Boxers’ boy edition, offering superfine, lightweight, and soft Merino relaxation. There is absolutely no seam which makes them sit without riding up. And since the merino/polyester single jersey fabric construction is really lightweight, they are feeling fine and airy, despite being the more in the leg compared to the Howies (so I am told!).

20. Minus33 Acadian Boxers

These are manufactured which makes them excellent for multi-day scent-free hiking. They won’t create an odor, so you don’t have them. But if you do feel as giving a scrub to them, they will dry.

The Merino Wool utilized in these is rated as Ultrafine, and it’s essentially only a fancy way of stating these fighters are extremely soft and comfy. The Merino Wool builds additionally makes these pellets hot.

21. Adidas Hiker Climalite Boxer Short

These do not include any properties, which means they are not a fantastic alternative for multi-day hiking. Nevertheless, they are affordable, and that they are available which makes for an excellent entry-level alternative.

If you’d like decent trekking boxers that don’t specialize in anything (but provide an update out of day-to-day boxers), these are a superb option. But if you are looking for something special and more technical, these are not an option.

22. David Archy Performance Hiking Underwear

Another choice for affordability is the cheapest with this list and you also get three of these! They are available in 16 different color options. They are also an excellent option for the flexibility they are in three distinct structure choices: net mesh with the fly, without a fly, and solid without a fly.

They’re naturally constructed with quality As these are affordable. They are not Merino Wool. They’re made out of Spandex and polyamide. They perform because of its price point Though they’re of quality. They are breathable, they are fast-drying plus they have a crotch. They have a snug fit and also the construct is pretty great at preventing you from getting too tired.

Top Brands Of The Best Hiking Underwear For Women

Top Brands Of The Best Hiking Underwear For Women

Bestseller No. 1
Bestseller No. 8
adidas Women's Seamless Brief Panties 3-pack, Silver Violet/Heather Grey/Silver Green, Large
adidas Women's Seamless Brief Panties 3-pack, Silver Violet/Heather Grey/Silver Green, Large
These brief panties provide you with a seamless fit micro stretch for a perfect fit; 4-Way womens panty stretch that adjusts for every curve in-between

Last update on 2024-07-22 / Affiliate links / As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

1. Rab Women 120 Boxers

You will adore these Rab Women 120 Boxers if you are a fan of woman boxers. Made with exceptionally handsome Merino wool and mixed with polyester, these are lightweight performing trekking panties in their very best. They feel soft on and are similar to this Howie’s Boxers concerning odor control and moisture-wicking. Such as the Howies do Additionally, they are prevented by the polyester material from loosening. What allows them is that their shape. The seam, though divided in the crotch with a segment, creates the shorts ride on me. I favor.

2. Runderwear Women’s Briefs

If you are after support and comfort on the road Runderwear Briefs is where it is at. All these are panties the kind that I want to snuggle up! They fit around the thighs to cup the buttocks well no possibility of these riding up. Additionally, I am held by the waist. I really like that they’re seamless (besides the lined crotch area). Along with also the wide waistband does not produce a muffin top! Nevertheless, I am a size S but chosen for a dimension M they match perfectly. So it is well worth ordering up a size if you don’t enjoy your undies super tight.

3. Odlo Women’s Performance Light Sports Briefs

For summertime hikes when remaining cool is a high priority, the Odlo Women’s Performance Light Sports Briefs is difficult to conquer. Not only are those nearly seam-free of these riding up without a prospect, but they’re also airy and lightweight. I saw myself sweating in them. When I do they deal drying no time.

4. Howies Boxhers Merino Undies

Although you are not sold on boxer-style undies but adore the concept of the relaxation and chafe-free heat those Howie’s Boxers are a choice. They provide a more comfortable fit around the buttocks and shorter in the leg compared to the Rab Boxers. They are shaped like a short but with a bit’ extra’. The elasticated waistband is super comfortable and stays in place well without being too tight.

Otherwise, those undies’ fabric is 100 percent, Merino, using no elastane. The drawback of this is they loosen with use. They take to dry the Rabs. They are outlasting a couple of days that are fantastic without needing to modify.

5. WAMA Underwear Hemp Bikini

The planet’s most eco-friendly trekking underwear has arrived! WAMA Underwear consists of 53% berry that is the world cloth and cotton. Spandex makes the 3 percent up for this all-important little stretch. Hemp is also a super durable cloth the world’s most powerful natural fiber, actually which makes these a superb alternative for life on the road, extra wear, and a number of washes. However, like magic Merino, hemp is obviously anti-microbial, which means that you may eliminate prolonged wear.


ExOfficio is for getting the hiking panties on the market, a brand. Plus they have this reputation because of this their panties are breathable and soft and it is made from quick-drying fabric.

ExOfficio treats it is garments with an antimicrobial treatment to help control odors. It’s not possible to ensure you will not smell after a day at the hills, but ExOfficio helps restrain that odor in the event you want to wear the panties for a number of excursions on a long-term backpacking excursion. The nylon, these panties are created to provide breathability and will not leave you drenched in sweat. These panties fit true to size.


Merino wool is a cloth for Icebreaker products, due to the soft-as-skin texture it provides that’s as comfy as could be. These undies are no exception. Merino wool comes from Merino sheep and is nicer and softer than different fabrics, in addition to itch-free. A fantastic solution for anyone who has skin Merino wool does not appear to irritate the skin as far as fabrics are inclined to.

Those undies are quick-drying, breathable, and odor removing. They will not trip up and will remain in place for your increase, leaving you wedgie-free during your experience.


The Adventure Junkies can attest to the performance of ExOfficio’s Give-N-Go Sport Mesh Bikini Underwear. These panties are going to keep you comfortable, dry, and cool. The mesh cloth that is slim is equally quick-drying and moisture-wicking comfortable you might forget you are wearing them!

Icebreaker’s Give-N-Go Sports Mesh Bikini panties will stay put through the day, plus they offer you a little more coverage than the Icebreaker Give-N-Go Briefs. All these undies come in many different fun color combos also, from purple and pink to blue and teal, you’re guaranteed to find something to your liking. Take note that clients feel these hiking panties have a tendency to run somewhat big.


Icebreakers Sprite Hot Pants is basically a boy brief for the female but somewhat shorter than a boy brief you might be accustomed to seeing.

The inseam on these shorts is 1.5 inches, which provides a little more coverage on the thighs to get a hiker who perhaps enjoys some road running from time to time. The thin Merino wool those panties are made of stretchy, but they hold true to size, therefore that they will not catch up on you through the day.

These are also a terrific choice to throw at your trekking day’s conclusion when camp is reached by you or for lounging around at home. These panties are so comfy you will want to reside inside them.

10. Smartwool Merino 150 Bikini

At Ultimate Gear Lists, we adore Merino! It’s a natural fiber with amazing properties that make it the ideal material for active utilization clothes… it’s obviously odor-resistant moisture-wicking, insulates when wet, and dries quickly. It’s soft and comfortable against the skin (at least great quality meMerinos). And these undies have all those nice qualities Smartwool Merino 150 Bikini briefs are a lightweight underwear ideal for biking, biking, and other active usage.

It suggested that merinos hot and not perfect for warm weather, however, we do not feel it to be the situation. In all but the absolute weather, we increase in meMerinonderwear and t-shirt. These panties are lightweight and breathable, and be bettered they’re still comfortable even if you’re sweating it out to the climb up the mountain!

11. Patagonia Barely Hipster

When you are on a multi-day backpacking excursion, each ounce of clothing has to be justified. An obvious place to begin cutting at a couple of grams is at the regions!

If you’re searching for a lightweight pair of artificial underwear which nonetheless ticks all the boxes, then Patagonia Barely Hipster could be exactly the pick. We have a tendency to prefer the net used on the ExOfficio Give-N-Go Mesh Sports offering but to tell the truth, there is not much inside. If you’re after a bikini short for high-intensity actions the Patagonia Barely Hipster is a selection.

The thigh seams with this set of undies are a lot more minimal compared to the ExOfficio offering or the Patagonia Active Briefs. We discover that each of the parties on the list is fairly good at staying and not riding up during action, but those undies might be a fantastic alternative if you would rather a layout with tiles that are minimalist.

12. Patagonia Active Briefs

If you’re interested in finding a synthetic full short for active usage, then the Patagonia Active Briefs briskly to be precisely what you’re searching for.

These briefs have a waistband and provide much fuller coverage. Patagonia has utilized flatlock seams around though, and that means that you won’t locate pits or the waistband. But be cautious that higher-waist panties can rub in your spine. Therefore, in case you’re planning to wear hiking to them, then check the positioning of the portion of the belt out in your backpack.

13. Ridge Merino Boy Shorts

Ridge Merino Boy Shorts are made from ultra-fine 18.5 micron Merino fibers (84 percent ) combined with nylon and spandex for superior shape retention after wear and wash. Having a high content of Merino usually means you may fully enjoy the benefits of natural fiber like its softness, breathability, naa natural odor-resistance, and its drying period in comparison to. Ridge Merino Boy Shorts available in some different colors and also black. This comes in black, although It’s also accessible as a version.

14. Arcteryx Stage SL Boy Shorts

The Arcteryx Stage SL boy shorts are specially constructed for period activities like trekking and mountaineering using the hydrophobic and moisture-wicking Phasic SL cloth a soft jersey knit of 70% cotton and 30 percent polypropylene. For the relaxation, the flatlock seams are placed strategically, the waistband is wider and the crotch is gusseted with a cotton insert. The Arcteryx Stage SL comes as briefs; the two styles can be found in color combinations that are black and lively.


Layering begins from the skin out, thus a superior pair of panties is the ideal place to begin for performance. We looked for skivvies that will be watertight, durable, comfortable, and ready to be put on for a little while. We analyzed what we believed were the broadest and very best choice of men’s journey panties to provide you with an in-depth review. We hope this helps you with your decision making since we understand that while your automobile may take routine, superior is deserved by your body.

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