Top 18 Best Hitch Mount Bike Rack Reviews 2024

top 18 best hitch mount bike rack reviews

Are you a bicycle riding enthusiast? Are you looking to purchase the best hitch mount bike rack in 2024? If so, you’ve arrived at the ideal location. Look no more! Here we can give you a hand.

Storing and transporting your bicycle may be an easy job to be carried out. But it might be a challenging job for you to select the best bike hitch rack if you don’t have some expertise or knowledge. What’s more, you might find it worrying when you wish to transfer your multiple bicycles at precisely the same time correctly. If you’re a newbie, you need to learn fundamental variables before making your final choice.

You will find it perplexing when plenty of bicycle rack options are being offered in the marketplace these days. These bicycle racks have a vast array of mounting styles, designs, and features. Therefore, don’t hurry into a decision, since it’s possible to damage your car or truck or bicycle using the incorrect sort of bicycle rack. 

By studying our detailed analysis, you’ll have the ability to find the perfect option. Additionally, do not forget that the best hitch mount bike rack would be the one that can fulfill your purposes and requirements. It doesn’t always have to be the most expensive one.

Kinds of Bicycle Racks

Do understand that there are mostly 3 kinds of bicycle carriers: roof-mounted, truck-mounted, and hitch-mounted bicycle racks. Let us dig into each of them.

Roof-Mounted Bicycle Racks

Their name says it all. Bike stands for roofs connected to an SUV or Wagon’s present roof rack. Additionally, some roof-mounted bicycle racks are attached to a car’s rain gutters or upper door frame. These are perfect for vehicles that don’t have a present roof rack. If your vehicle already has a roof rack, then the price of installing the bicycle rack is considerably reduced.

The significant advantage of the models is the stand may be used for any range of different applications aside from distributing your bike. Again, roof-mounted racks permit you to continue as many as seven bicycles with big vehicles. This is a wonderful feature, for example, to get a bunch of riders that wish to use one automobile to transport their bikes.

The reverse side is that roof-mounted racks are a hassle to set up, and definitely not as user-friendly as the best hitch mount bike racks. They also involve a great deal of lifting, that’s very difficult for off-road vehicles. If not carefully done, you may even readily scratch your automobile or perhaps break the mirrors.

Trunk-Mounted Stands

Trunk-mounted racks would be the least expensive of the lot. Unfortunately, they also tend to be the least protected. These versions have adjustable straps onto their frames. These frames connect to a car’s trunk, back bumper, or hatchback.

Despite being comparatively cheaper and streamlined compared with other versions, truck-mounted racks are somewhat more likely to harm your car or truck. Again, the straps may quickly snap or be trimmed easily. These racks also make it tough to get the truck together with the bicycles mounted.

Hitch-Mounted Bike Stands

The final category of bicycle racks connects to a vehicle’s hitch in the trunk, hence their name. Experts concur that the best hitch mount bike rack models are the safest and the most flexible for bicycle transport. Even though they’re the most expensive rack designs, they remain the most well-known alternatives for riders.

best hitck mount bike rack brands

Top 18 Best Hitch Mount Bike Rack Brands

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Thule T2 Pro XT 2 Bike Rack

With its full feature set and superior construct, the Thule T2 Pro XT is our treasured all-around hitch-mounted stand for 2024, taking the crown in our search for the best hitch mount bike rack. We have put this stand through its paces over almost two decades of analyzing-logging over 20,000 miles from the process-and have come away thoroughly impressed.

The user-friendly feature is best in class, providing fast and effortless access to the trunk of the automobile. Its flexible carrying system distinguishes everything from fat bicycles to 20-inch children’s versions. At $620, the T2 Pro surely is not cheap, nor is it exceptionally light at more than 50 lbs, but its hardy, long-lasting layout is excellent for dedicated cyclists.

Preview Product Rating Price
Thule T2 Pro XT 2 Bike (2' ) Black Thule T2 Pro XT 2 Bike (2" ) Black No ratings yet

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Hitch racks are an aggressive area, but what sets the T2 Pro XT besides the area is the sheer variety of features it provides. In other words, this stand does it all. Its enlarging leash attachment system makes for a wobble-free connection.

You receive ample clearance out of your car or truck and involve bicycles, along with the added integrated locks providing an extra measure of safety. And as stated earlier, each of the Thule elements is incredibly well-made, making the investment worthwhile over time.

Kuat Racks NV 2.0 Hitch Mount Bike Rack

The Kuat NV 2.0 is a two-bike stand that provides advanced features, convenience, and a good deal of capacities. It is a platform-style stand which uses wheel securement to maintain your bicycle set up without touching the framework. Additionally, it provides a flexible front bicycle cradle system to make sure the perfect match is found for every single wheel dimension.

Preview Product Rating Price
Kuat Racks NV 2.0 Bike Rack Kuat Racks NV 2.0 Bike Rack No ratings yet

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Among the fascinating features of this recently redesigned NV, 2.0 is the pivot system and its incorporated foot help. This permits you to squeeze the rack as you require, without your foot, making sure a more straightforward loading/unloading process.

The integrated cable locks guarantee lots of safety for your bicycle during transportation. There’s also an enclosed Trail Doc work stand, which enables you to easily grip your bike for repairs or maintenance work on the move.

Yakima HoldUp 2-Bike Hitch Rack

The Yakima HoldUp is just another stage style bike rack that concentrates on keeping your bicycle protected without touching the framework. Such as the Thule and NV 2.0 stated earlier, this stand provides adjustable tire cradles, along with a locking bolt that hooks on the surface of the tire to maintain the bicycle in position without damaging the framework.

Preview Product Rating Price
YAKIMA, HoldUp Hitch Mount Tray Bike Rack YAKIMA, HoldUp Hitch Mount Tray Bike Rack No ratings yet

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Additionally, it features the StrongArm design to make getting your bike on the rack and procuring it more accessible and more straightforward regardless of how much it may weigh.

Among the unique selling points about this specific bicycle rack is the simple fact that it delivers a 60-lb weight limit per bicycle, giving the whole rack a 120-lb capacity. Be aware that this is only a two-bike stand. However, an optional +2 attachment allows you to upgrade to four at one time.

Maxx Haul 4-Bike Deluxe Hitch

If you’re trying to find a less expensive option to the Yakima Holdup rack, this may be a fantastic alternative. This low-cost rack holds up to four bicycles. The straightforward, compact approach is lightweight, coming in at just under 27 lbs. Additionally, it folds down when vacant, letting you receive on your back without taking away the bicycle rack.

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The Maxx Haul bicycle rack falls just outside our top 3 best hitch mount bike racks because it is largely made for men’s bicycles. Due to the plan shape, it will not hold bikes with slanted frames, which many women’s bicycles have.

Saris Superclamp EX 2-Bike Rack

The Saris Superclamp EX 2-Bike Rack comes in an eye-catching design and is made to take several types of bicycles in a single bar. If you have a Subaru or even a hatchback-style SUV for camping or other purposes, this stand will capture your eyes. To stand in 251 for Bicycle Car Racks in the Amazon Best Sellers Rank, the Superclamp EX 2 reacts exactly to what a stand is supposed to perform.

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The build process takes less than half an hour as it was outside the box using added tools and easy instructions.

Since the Superclamp EX 2 has many adjustments that can be found on the tipping bike rack, any sort of bicycle could be accommodated, including off-street bicycles.

Allen Sports Deluxe

If you are not going to take out your bicycles on the road all that far, Allen’s Sports Deluxe version is a hitch-mounted rack that boasts a favorable price tag for occasional users. It matches equally 1.25-inch and 2-inch recipients and comes from iterations that take anywhere from two to five bicycles – sufficient for the entire family to venture out.

Preview Product Rating Price
Allen Sports Deluxe 2-Bike Trunk Mount Rack, Model 102DN-R, Black Allen Sports Deluxe 2-Bike Trunk Mount Rack, Model 102DN-R, Black No ratings yet $44.40

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You may be sure that the bicycles will stay both secured in and stable, even on rocky mountain roads, due to some tie-down cradle system that separately joins the bikes (although it moves to take a massive assortment of frames) and also the no-wobble bolt at the hitch.

The stand can tilt so that you may get on your back without needing to dismantle the whole operation. The setup is not entirely tool-free, even though it is not tricky: There are just three bolts required to place the hitch rack collectively. For two bicycles, there is a maximum capacity of 70 lbs, which should be OK for many. Its price and convenience have made it Amazon’s top-selling model in the best hitch mount bike rack category for casual users.

Swagman XTC2 Hitch Mount Bike Rack

During your journey, you may use the Swagman XTC to deliver your bikes along with you. This version was created as a heavy-duty hitch bicycle rack to hold two bikes securely. Cost is cheap compared to other models.

Preview Product Rating Price
Swagman XTC2 Hitch Mount Bike Rack Swagman XTC2 Hitch Mount Bike Rack No ratings yet $118.55

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This model is simple to use and build. It merely takes you a while to build by following the provided directions. When it’s installed, you can load and unload your bikes to the automobile quickly and safely. This version can fit most frame sizes, shapes, and design (perfect is from 20″ into 29″ wheel dimensions ). This rack can simply fit 1.25-inch into 2-inch hitches.

Hollywood Racks Baja Trunk Mounted Bike Rack

Among the very best hitch mount bike rack for the price is your Hollywood Racks Baja. It provides a capacity of up to 3 bicycles. This version is high on quality, which you may load your bikes for your car securely and safely.

This model can fit a broad selection of bicycles. Additionally, it’s considered an impressive number of vehicles. So no more concerns about the potential and capacity.

This version comes completely pre-assembled, so no fear regarding the setup. This version was created as ease of use to fold it flat for effortless storage in your trunk or garage.

BV Hitch Mount Carrier

The BV Hitch Mount Carrier is a terrific middle-of-the-road alternative. Cheaper than manufacturers such as Thule or Yakima, more durable than other lower-cost choices on this listing, is an excellent rack for fresh bikers and fans seeking to save a little cash.

The fold-down layout provides you access to the back as you require it. The tray-style layout keeps mountain bikes, and road bikes along with the hooked, cushioned arms lock the bicycle in place while at the same time protecting it from scratches and dents while in transit.

Though the stand will hold two bicycles, it’s a weight capacity of just 70 lbs. In case you’ve got two bigger bikes, this might not be adequate.

Tow Tuff Cargo Carrier & Bike Rack

If you like other outdoor pursuits or traveling and biking, a trailer rack that may do double-duty could be a fantastic pick for you.

The Tow Tuff TTF-2762KR Steel Cargo Carrier doubles as either a cargo rack along with a bicycle rack. It may hold up to 500 lbs of freight or bikes. If you would like to cart bicycles, simply fold the metallic frames. You may hold up to 4 bikes simultaneously.

If you need to bag cargo, all you’ve got to do is fold at the bicycle carrier, load your gear up, and then strap it down. It is possible to carry everything out of work equipment like air compressors for your suitcases to your next family holiday.

Just a small segment of the U.S. bicycles operates so that many fans do it for pleasure. A stand that may be used for much more than just your hobby is an excellent way to get the most out of your cash.

Saris MTR Bike Hitch Car Rack, Hitch Bicycle Rack with Add-On Extension Options, 1-4 Bike Carrier

The Saris MTR Bike Hitch Car Rack is another great platform-style stand with wheel straps. Unlike some of the other best hitch mount bike rack options we have listed, the wheel straps are situated side by side, parallel to the body of this rack, instead of the bottom of the stand. It is one of those milder racks available on the current market, weighing in at only 35 lbs., but it’s a 60-lb per bicycle capacity (up to 4 bicycles, depending on the option you choose).

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The stand melts to provide access into the trunk of the automobile and folds up when you aren’t using it. The hooks that fasten the wheels fold down and lock in place for simple setup, and the stand also features reflectors for greater visibility in low light driving scenarios. At length, the rack also features incorporated locks to keep your bicycles protected during travel.

Yakima RidgeBack 4

In general, we favor the stage design because of its ease of loading and superior all-around equilibrium, but high-capacity hanging versions are the leaders concerning value. One of the choices available on the current market, Yakima’s RidgeBack is a long-time favored: it features a durable construct, affordable cost, and anti-sway layout that restricts bike movement while on the street.

Further, we believe the Yakima gets the ideal cradle system, including ratchet-style straps, to grip the bicycle’s top tube into the stand securely. Priced at a reasonable $349 for its four-bike edition, the RidgeBack provides double the capacity of their Thule T2 Pro at just over half of the price.

Preview Product Rating Price
YAKIMA, RidgeBack Tilt-Away Hitch Bike Rack, 4 Bike YAKIMA, RidgeBack Tilt-Away Hitch Bike Rack, 4 Bike $339.89

Last update on 2024-07-22 / Affiliate links / As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

What is not to enjoy with all the hanging-style RidgeBack 4? An adapter is essential to carry full-suspension mountain bicycles, step-through bicycles, or smaller children’s versions, which adds a substantial amount to the general expense (top-tube adapters are approximately $50 each).

Moreover, there’s hardly any distance between the bikes when loaded, which may result in rubbing and harming the paint. Nonetheless, it’s difficult to dismiss the RidgeBack’s track record of reliable functionality, making it our best hanging saddle stand.

RockyMounts BackStage

After the RockyMounts BackStage was commercialized, the stand made quite a stir in the business. It had been among the primary stage racks to integrate a side-swinging mechanism to the layout (consider an arm that moves away from your vehicle to permit complete accessibility to the trunk of your car).

And it is worth noting that this operation still is not accessible from big hitters such as Yakima or Thule. Additionally, the BackStage includes lots of features you’d expect from a top hitch rack: a cable lock (although maybe not incorporated ), the capability to carry a variety of forms of bicycles and wheel dimensions, sturdy ratcheting arms, along with quality materials and construction all around.

Adding the swing-away performance to some hitch-mounted rack will not include compromises. The RockyMounts BackStage is 10 to 20 pounds heavier than most other platform-style racks, and so you won’t wish to eliminate it from your automobile quite frequently (or without assistance ).

Another quibble we now have is that the lock isn’t incorporated into the stand, and it is a useful feature we love about the Thule T2 Pro over and Yakima Dr.Tray below. If, however, you’re searching for the best in back cargo entry, the BackStage ought to be on the very top of your list.

Retrospec Critical Cycles Lenox Hitch Mount Bike Rack

The initial hanging rack on the list, the essential Cycles Lenox, delivers secure mounting for up to 2 bicycles. The L-shaped frame slides into the hitch readily and locks into position with a nut and bolt. You’ll realize that a handy tin lets you fold down the rack so that you may get into the back of the car even if it is fully loaded. Be aware that this stand is simply compatible with Class III and Class IV two-inch hitches.

The rack includes a weight limitation of 80 pounds, meaning every bicycle can weigh up to 40 lbs. Both bikes have separate cradles on each rack arm, allowing the framework to be cupped securely, and protected in contact with the metal stand alone. The tie straps are specially intended for worry-free operation. Be aware that this stand needs a minimum quantity of assembly, but does ship with all the resources required in the box.

Recon Racks Gen2 R6

For group rides, tour providers, or if you merely wish to make the most of your carrying capacity, Recon’s Gen2 R6 is well worth a serious look. This distinctive best hitch mount bike rack for numerous bicycles takes another approach to carrying bicycles: its own “baskets” maintain the front wheel while the remainder of the bike hangs below.

The regular baskets can take 24- to 29-inch-wheeled bicycles, along with the rack may accommodate fat bicycles and 20-inch kids’ bicycles with various attachments (sold individually ). The most important benefit of this Recon’s layout is that it is possible to continue to six bikes simultaneously. The vertical hanging place retains them relatively steady and near the rear of the motor vehicle.

What are the drawbacks of this Recon Gen2? The $1,170 cost tag instantly restricts its appeal to people who will indeed use the massive motorcycle capacity (stepping to the 5- and – 4-bike variations drops the cost to $950 and $770, respectively). Further, the Recon’s burly construction tips the scale in 85 lbs, making it hard to prepare and remove.

Last, Recon Racks is a small business based in Ferndale, Washington, and occasionally, orders backlogs may be a problem (we have seen wait times around three weeks). But despite an increasing number of opponents in this class -such as Yakima’s new HangOver-that the Gen2’s mix of build quality, ease of usage, and compatibility with a broad assortment of bike styles makes it our treasured high-capacity rack.

Saris Freedom EX 2

Saris might not be as famous as Yakima and Thule. However, they have carved out a fantastic section of the marketplace and released several of the best hitch mount bike racks with their budget-friendly rates and innovative layouts. The Freedom EX two is their top platform-style rack, which differs from our best collections above with its capacity to carry two bicycles on a single stage.

Yakima and Thule equally have comparable offerings, but we like the Saris for being streamlined and user-friendly. The cradles do an excellent job of procuring the wheels, and the frame straps hold bicycles fairly solidly in place. And what we enjoy most of the Freedom is its minimalist construct which takes up hardly any space behind your car or truck and is easy to keep in your garage.

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Very similar to hanging-style hitch racks, the Saris Freedom EX 2 moves directly on your bike’s frame, which necessarily will result in scuffs and marks. Another shortcoming is that it may be quite challenging to correct the center clamps down and up when you are carrying quite different bike styles or dimensions.

At length, bike-to-bike clearance is nominal at best, and that’s to be expected given the compact design. But if you’re looking for a compact stand and intend to carry lightweight street or not as competitive cross-country mountain bicycles, the Saris Freedom EX 2 is an excellent option.

North Shore Racks NSR 4-Bike

British Columbia-based North Shore Racks is famous for being among the first businesses to provide high-capacity hanging versions, which are all worthy of shuttle days and demanding streets. Their capacity to safely carry around six mountain bicycles, while offering sufficient ground clearance for water bars makes them an immediate favorite among downhill-oriented riders.

We’ll begin with the positives: the NSR 4 is a proven product that firmly holds bicycles set up, the highly flexible layout ensures that the rack will work with a vast array of car types, and it is among the few versions out there which minimally affect floor clearance by maintaining the bikes near the rear of your vehicle. Not only that, but undercuts the likewise engineered Recon Racks GEN2 R4 by $175.

What are the shortcomings of this NSR 4-Bike? First, the top tier that holds bikes in place isn’t compatible with street or cyclocross-style bicycles, limiting its attractiveness. You may indeed flip the bicycles around and hang them by their handlebars, but North Shore Racks does not suggest this tactic.

Secondly, the cradles make immediate contact with your bike’s fork crown. This contributes to significant scuffing and reduction of paint as time passes. And lastly, we have seen some significant problems with rust emerging in no more than a year of usage. Unfortunately, these downsides push it down our list of the best hitch mount bike racks. We think that it’s well worth the excess investment to find the more flexible and lasting Recon Racks above.

Tyger Automobile TG-RK3B101S

Last but not least, the Tyger Automobile TG-RK3B101S also deserves its place among the best hitch mount bike racks today. Constructed with variations for both four and three bikes, this Tyger stand is fantastic for those who bike around town (it retains three city bicycles) and about the paths (it keeps two mountain bicycles). It matches with a 1.25-inch or two-inch receiver.

Last update on 2024-07-23 / Affiliate links / As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

However, an extender may be required for several trucks and cars. (One caveat: This rack will not match Toyota Tacomas.) Bikes are protected from the soft palate, which helps keep bicycle frames from scratching and scratching against the stand’s steel construction. It includes a cable and hitch lock, in addition to safety straps to keep bicycles in place – most of which can often be extras, particularly at this price point.

Much like more expensive versions, this stand includes a tilt-down arm so you can enter your back with no stand getting in your way. Cyclists love exactly how firmly this stand keeps bicycles set up, even on bumpy gravel streets. The couple who encounter wobbling adds some shims into the recipient, which helps tremendously.

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Strategies for Picking the Ideal Hitch Bike Rack

cycling in the forest

With so many choices out there, you’re going to want to restrict your options and consider your requirements to make sure you’re purchasing the right model and very best hitch mount bike rack for you. These ideas may help.

The Weight of Your Bikes Matters

If you are new to biking, you may be amazed to learn that bicycles come in different weights and sizes. Also, the variation in weight is something you want to consider when searching for the best hitch mount bike rack. Since many bicycle racks can manage bigger, heavy bicycles, they might not have the ability to manage several.

When you purchase a bicycle rack that will hold several bicycles, you want to ensure it can take care of the entire burden of every one of your bicycles combined. Though it might be promoted as having the ability to hold bikes, which are 60 pounds or thicker, it might just be outfitted to hold up to 100 lbs.

If you would like to have the ability to transfer more than just one heavy mountain bike, you ought to be sure you’re picking a rack using a significant weight limitation.

Consider Whether You Want Trunk Access

Bike racks mounted on a trailer hitch are simpler to get and easy to install. However, one disadvantage of a trailer hitch rack is that it may block access to the back.

If you are using your bicycle rack to transport your bicycles around town for rides, then you may not worry about getting in your back to additional equipment. But if you would like to take your bikes with you about a camping excursion or out-of-town escape, needing to carry your hitch standoff every time you have to have it in your back for luggage or gear may be a hassle.

Fortunately, a trailer-type best hitch mount bike rack could swing out of the way to enable you to receive into your back without removing the rack.

bike rack

Decide on a Budget

Bike racks, just like every sort of outdoor equipment, come at a variety of price points.

Defining a budget can allow you to make sure you don’t wind up falling in love with a more expensive version with innovative features.

If you are on a strict budget, do not worry. An inexpensive bike rack will still hold your equipment where you have to go. But if you have a little excess cash to invest, a more expensive version will allow you to get more features and a lasting rack that will endure considerably harder use.

The very best hitch mount bike rack for a single individual is not necessarily the most appropriate for everyone else. Picking a model that matches your requirements and can also be in your financial plan is essential.

Additionally, saving some cash on your bicycle rack will leave you with additional money to invest in other aspects of your hobbies, such as the bikes themselves.


Possessing the best hitch mount bike rack can help you transfer your bikes quickly. When picking a bicycle rack, there are tons of items to consider before making your final choice. You should pay attention to a few essential aspects, like the cost, style, type, compatibility, weight, and capacity. Assessing these components can help you discover the very best hitch mount bike rack that meets your requirements.

Do you have a best hitch mount bike rack model to recommend? Leave your suggestion in a comment below!

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  1. Robert Rose says:

    I’m using Saris 3 trunk rack to carry three bicycles on a 4-door Toyota Corolla.
    After my last ride, I found out that the trunk door wasn’t fitting the trunk well, and was actually shifted by about 1 inch from where it is supposed to be. The repairman claimed that the arm carrying the trunk door has slightly changed shape because of the weight of the bicycle, and recommended not to use such carrier anymore.

    Have you heard of a similar case before? I’m carrying three reasonable-weight bicycle, all hard tail, no electronics.

    I love using the Saris trunk rack, and would like to find solutions to allow me to use that.
    My repairman suggested using a single bar roof rack, and mount the top straps or the Saris rack to it, such that the major weight moment will not hit the trunk door’s arm anymore.

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