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best kayak paddles

On the lookout for the kayak paddle on the market? After exploring the 40 most common two-piece kayak paddles picked 9 of our favorites and spent analyzing them side-by-side. We toured with those paddles for miles, assessing endurance and their sense functionality.

We stumbled upon lakes, meandering through meadows, and suffered winds and waves. All these paddles were pushed by us for their limitation to spot the pros and cons of each layout. Pass our findings that will assist you to pick out the paddle to your holiday experience and we must understand them well. Are you looking for the best kayak paddles? My Trail Company has many best choice products which help you choose it here!

How to Select a Kayak Paddle

How to Select a Kayak Paddle

Kinds of Paddle

There are various kinds of paddles. We are going to have a look at the four chief ones that will assist you to select which one may be the one for you.

Recreational Kayak Paddle: Made for use, they are generally heavier but less costly. They’re employed for shorter excursions or from because of their inclination and lasting. They’re also used for fishing.

Touring Kayak Paddle: All these are made to be comfortable after a day of paddling. They are lightweight, brightly colored, and durable and are best for slow-moving rivers, lakes, or the ocean.

They are available with rotating fashions and blade shapes, in a selection of styles to fit your style of paddling.

Performance Kayak Paddle: Just like their name implies they are built for functionality. They are durable and ultra-mild, frequently with features. These are excellent for when you need power and speed.

They are made to make it more effective for you and even more comfortable on the water, with limitations that may interfere with your paddling and less wind resistance.

Whitewater Kayak Paddle: These are made with durability in mind. Due to the whitewater conditions they’re often able to resist submerged hazards, like rocks.

They’re also constructed to permit maneuvering from the currents with a shaft along with blades.

Paddle Length

Will depend on a range of variables. In selecting the length the two main things would be the width of your kayak and your elevation, or more especially, the duration of your chest.

You might need a run, even when you’re not tall with yaks being broader. This is to account for the width of this yak, in order to don’t reach your knuckles from their gunwales as a possible paddle.

Sit-on-tops may need a paddle than sit-insides since you’re higher over the water and will want the excess length to be able to stroke and achieve readily.

For example, if you are under 5’5″ along with your kayak is below 23 inches broad, a perfect paddle span could be 210 centimeters; when it is between 24 and 28 inches, then go to get a 220-centimeter paddle; 29 to 33 inches, then a 230 centimeter an individual would be perfect and also for over 34 inches, then a 240 centimeter one could be useful.

For paddlers over 5’5″, the length needs to increase by approximately 10 centimeters when compared with the paddles for its shorter paddlers, and by a second 10 centimeters for all those over 6 ft tall. So a 6-foot paddler could pick a 260-centimeter paddle to utilize with a yak that is over 34 inches broad.

As will sit in the yak, your chest-length will decide what dimensions of paddle you’ll need.

If your chest is 22 inches, a 180-centimeter youth paddle will be perfect. If your chest is 24 inches, then a childhood shred of between 180 and 200 centimeters could possibly be comfy.

For torsos of 26 inches, 190 to 210 centimeters may be advocated; 28-inch torsos will be 200 to 220 centimeters, together with the length assortment of the paddle increasing by 10 centimeters since the chest increases by two inches.

A fast method of exercising which span of the paddle will probably work best for you would be to stand together with the paddle, with a single blade on the floor. You ought to be able to reach up and your fingers will float just on the blade.

You might even hold out the shaft, in paddling position. Your palms should be approximately two-thirds of the way between the middle of the rotating shaft and the beginning of the blade.

But it is almost always a fantastic idea to check a paddle to the water prior to going ahead and buy, as your manner of paddling will also have an effect on the length you will want. Many retailers will provide demo days where you are able to test the paddles in addition to having specialists available to provide guidance on which is going to be the ideal one for you.

Number Materials (Blade & Shaft)

Kayak paddles come in a range of different materials, each of these using their own advantages. The content you choose will depend on your own personal taste, budget, and style of paddling.

Starter paddles often have aluminum shafts with plastic blades. This makes them hefty but also durable. On the other hand, the benefit is they are often more affordable than a few other materials. You might realize that a few recreational kayaks may include an aluminum and aluminum paddle included.


The blades are made from aluminum plastic or nylon. They may be perfect for novices or if you are trying to obtain a spare.

Fiberglass is a favorite material for blades because it provides good durability in addition to being lightweight and may be a fantastic alternative for both traveling and recreational kayaking.

Carbon fiber blades tend to be much lighter than fiberglass but are also far more expensive. They are normally found on functionality paddles because they will allow you to proceed efficiently through the water and decrease fatigue.


Many shafts are still made from wood, because of its strength and endurance. You could realize that the timber was coated with a protective coating to provide it more immunity, but they may be used even with no coating.

Aluminum is a favorite substance in the shaft construction due to its high durability and durability. Aluminum shafts are normally heavier, which is good if you are not spending a great deal of time around the water but they might lead to fatigue if you are outside on a multi-day excursion.

Aluminum shafts are rather inexpensive in comparison with fiberglass and carbon fiber. Both fiberglass and carbon fiber shafts are lightweight and powerful, intended for regular use which makes them a fantastic selection for the serious kayakers.

Paddle Pieces And Shaft Shapes

As, well as substances, there are different things concerning the shaft which you will need to consider when selecting paddle. To start with, the pliers may be round or oblong shaped. The curved one, that’s the more conventional, might not be quite as comfy as the oval one.

An oval shaft will probably be a lot easier to hold, providing you with better traction and therefore more effective paddling. You might even get shafts that are mostly round, with designated oblong segments for your palms.

Shafts may also arrive as a one-piece, two-piece, or longer. The two-piece could be obtained apart. This is to permit for feathering of these blades, which will provide you a more personalized encounter to the paddling style, with the intent of making every stroke simpler and quicker. With a few two-piece shafts you’re in a position to place them together so the blades are in various angles, to match your unique style.

You’ll also realize you could find bent ones or shafts. The bent, or cranked ones, are all made to make it even more comfortable and easier to paddle, reducing the strain on your wrists.

Blade Shape

Selecting the kind of blade can be challenging, with there being so many to select from. You will probably find that many paddles are dihedral instead of flat, meaning that they have two powers faces, which may help direct the stream of water near the end of their blades, which makes it more effective.

You can also find that many blades are somewhat asymmetric, so their face area from the water is equivalent along either side of the blade, which means that you do not need to use too much energy to paddle the stroke and in addition, it reduces flutter from the water. The manner by which the asymmetric blades have been made ensures that the angle in which the blade strikes the water permits you to optimize your stroke.

When considering the blade, the sides aren’t exactly the exact same but since you do not paddle entirely vertically or totally vertically, the asymmetric angle on the blade provides you the maximum surface area from the water.

Wing blades are employed for pace and in sport. Employing a wing blade may boost your speed and efficacy and also calls for a high angle stroke. For angle and angling, it wouldn’t produce the exact same effect.

How the manner of blade paddle will have an effect on you is going to want. For high-angle paddling, for instance, if you paddle together with the rotating shaft than horizontal, you might be better using a blade. The shafts are normally briefer for high-angle paddling.

For a low angle, where you maintain the shaft parallel into the water, then you might locate your paddling is much more efficient using a shaft, a more narrow blade, and, subsequently.

What About Kayak Paddle Extensions?

If having a paddle you adore it can be tough to let go if you’re at a situation that could use a paddle. But that is where a paddle extension could have the ability to assist.

Would You Extend A Kayak Paddle?

Based on the sort of paddle you’ve got, yes, you are able to. There are products available on the marketplace which could permit you to extend your paddle’s amount with the addition of an expansion section.

In case your paddle features a shaft that must not be taken apart you might struggle to bring an extension. If, however, you’ve got a two-bit or 4-piece paddle, then you might find adding an extension simpler since the expansion was made to fit between both rotating bits.

The Way to Expand Your Paddle?

It can also be possible, based on the sort using the rotating shaft to produce your paddle expansion.

So as to achieve this you can take your”spare” paddle and reduce on the shaft to the expansion period you need. You might have to drill holes at the piece you have trimmed to lock to your paddle’s parts.

You may realize that a number of the diameters may struggle, which might call for techniques and extra items.

Top best kayak paddles brands

Top best kayak paddles brands

SaleBestseller No. 2
Overmont Kayak Paddle 230cm/90.5in Heavy Duty Aluminum Alloy Lightweight Boating Oar for Inflatable Kayaks with Paddle Leash
Two Piece Heavy-duty Construction for Easy Storage; Feather-shaped Blades and Double Serrated Teeth Edge Design
Bestseller No. 3
SeaSense 96 in X-TREME II Kayak Paddle-Black
Feathered Blade Design; Two Piece Construction For Easy Storage; Adjustable Drip Guards; Support Ridge For Added Strength
SaleBestseller No. 4
Two Piece Aluminum Construction; Lightweight, Black Molded Plastic Blades; Adjustable Drip Guards/Foam Rubber Grips
Bestseller No. 5
Pelican Poseidon Paddle 89 in - Aluminum Shaft with Reinforced Fiberglass Blades - Lightweight, Adjustable Kayaks Paddles - Perfect for Kayaking Boating & Kayak Fishing (Blue, 2020 Model)
Adjustable drip rings to help keep hands dry for a better grip; Enforced push-button connection with 0 or 65˚ angle adjustment
Bestseller No. 6
Pelican Aluminum Kayak Paddles 87-Inch / 220cm for Kayaking Boating - Tough & Lightweight 3 Colors, Black, Lime and Orange (PS1966-00)
Sturdy two pieces anodized aluminum shaft and Polypropylene blade for maximum resistance; Try our POSEIDON KAYAK PADDLE if you want a longer paddle
Bestseller No. 7
attwood 11768-2 Asymmetrical 2-Piece Heavy-Duty Kayak Paddle with Comfort Grips 7-Feet
Thick aluminum and rugged plastic construction for durable performance; Two-piece breakdown design is ideal for both storage and transport
Bestseller No. 9
Bending Branches Whisper 2-Piece Snap-Button Recreational Kayak Paddle; (Aluminium Shaft/Black Blade - 230cm)
0 and 60 degree left or right ferrule; Two piece shaft; Plastic ferrule that won't seize up in sand or salt water

Carlisle Magic Plus Kayak Paddle

Adding fiberglass-filled polypropylene blades along with a fiberglass shaft, this one isn’t just lightweight but it’s also durable. It benefits from using a blade using a spoon-shaped curve, which will provide more energy.

It’s offered in three distinct lengths; 220, 230, and 240 centimeters, together with all the 220-centimeter length weighing only 35.6 ounces.

Its lightweight and robust construction mean it might be a fantastic pick for a day to the water or even a multi-day trip.

Werner Camano 2 PC Straight Paddle

Two-piece paddle, this shaft features a carbon fiber mix shaft, making it equally ultra-comfortable and lightweight use and to hold through a day on the lake. It can be bought in a one-piece edition.

Additionally, it benefits from using asymmetric dihedral blades constructed from fiberglass, which makes it additional strength in the water and allowing for effective strokes.

This is sometimes a fantastic option for traveling and for regular use to decrease fatigue, and it may be a perfect paddle for lakes and slow-moving water, in which you are using a minimal angle stroke. It is offered in a selection of colors that are vivid and their sizes vary from 220 to 260 centimeters.

Aquabound Manta Ray Carbon Posi-Lok 2 Piece Kayak Paddle

This might be it if you’re searching for an ultra-lightweight paddle for usage. This Manta Ray one gets the advantage of carbon fiber also although shaft, meaning it light tough.

Preview Product Rating Price
AQUA BOUND Manta Ray Carbon 2-Piece Kayak Paddle AQUA BOUND Manta Ray Carbon 2-Piece Kayak Paddle No ratings yet

Both piece paddle features lightweight carbon fiber blades, providing strength in the water to you. It is sometimes a fantastic selection for multi-day excursions or long times since the oblong shaft will imply it is more comfortable and allows for a much better grip.

This paddle additionally gains in the Posi-Lok ferrule system, which lets you correct the feathering angle readily but keep it secured in place if you want it. The sizes vary from 210 cm.

Advanced Elements Compact Touring Kayak Paddle

With a nylon construction, this one is lasting and lightweight however, the very best thing about it’s the fact that it can be taken apart. It divides into 4 components so that it could be obtained with you while traveling or is easily packaged into a yak as a spare.

Preview Product Rating Price
ADVANCED ELEMENTS Compact Touring Paddle 4 ADVANCED ELEMENTS Compact Touring Paddle 4 No ratings yet

When taken apart it steps only 25.5 inches in length and features asymmetrical dihedral blades along with a round shaft. It is sometimes a fantastic alternative for touring on the ocean or either lake.

Bending Branches Angler Classic

Produced in the united states, the Angler Classic features fiberglass blades and a fiberglass shaft, so it is both durable and lightweight. This one includes a hook recovery system which means when it is caught it is simple to free your line.

Preview Product Rating Price
Bending Branches Angler Classic Plus 2-Piece Kayak Fishing Paddle Bending Branches Angler Classic Plus 2-Piece Kayak Fishing Paddle No ratings yet $156.70

Another quality of the Angler Classic is that the measuring instrument which means it is possible to measure your catch in both metric and standard units. The blades are dihedral that is asymmetric, with a curve to give you power with every stroke.

Werner Kalliste Bent Shaft Carbon 2-Piece Paddle

This may be a fantastic alternative if you’re heading out on a multi-day excursion or maybe spending a great deal of time. With a carbon fiber shaft that’s bent, giving a more ergonomic design, which can be much more comfortable to use during long hours on the water.

Preview Product Rating Price
Werner Paddles Camano Carbon Bent 2pc Standard Kayak Paddle Werner Paddles Camano Carbon Bent 2pc Standard Kayak Paddle No ratings yet

It has carbon blades using advantages out of Dynel blade edges and a dihedral layout, which makes immunity to it. Both pieces paddle comes at a length of 220 cm and benefits from a flexible ferrule system so that you can feather the angle to fit your style.

Carlisle Expedition Fiberglass Touring Kayak Paddle

Designed for vacationing, this Expedition paddle includes a fiberglass shaft and fiberglass blades, therefore it is sometimes a fantastic selection for an all-day experience. Together with the 220-centimeter length weighing only 33 oz, you will have the ability to paddle for more without fatigue.

It is offered in spans of 240 and 220, 230 centimeters plus it features a push-button combined to allow you to place the angle. It may be tilted at inline or 60 levels. The blades are dihedral that is asymmetric, to offer you power as you proceed through the water.

Seattle Sports 060295 SeaWhisper Carbon Kayak Paddle

Using a carbon fiber shaft, the SeaWhisper is a lightweight, powerful option that’s perfect for touring, fishing or diversion. It has DorsalBlades so that you can catch your fishing line or perhaps hook onto equipment on your yak or whatever’s fallen constructed into every blade.

The asymmetric blades that are dihedral are nylon which means they are not as lightweight as carbon fiber blades. You can adjust the distance of the shaft between 240 and 230 centimeters and you could correct the standard angle.

The SeaWhisper offers the additional feature of getting reflectors built for visibility if you are outside in reduced light conditions, into the blades.

SeaSense X-1 Kayak Paddle, 84-Inch (Budget Option)

This paddle can provide decent value for anybody who is seeking to begin or searching for a one. It features blades and a durable aluminum beam. The blades are constructed with plastic, so they may be a fantastic selection for angling and powerful.

Preview Product Rating Price
SeaSense X -TREME 1 KAYAK PADDLE BLACK 84IN SeaSense X -TREME 1 KAYAK PADDLE BLACK 84IN No ratings yet $27.77

The symmetrical blades mean it may be good for high angle strokes but it can find a little heavy after a time, because of its aluminum construction. There are foam grips on your hands as you’re out on the water to give you a little comfort.

Werner Camano Premium Fiberglass Kayak Paddle

The Werner Camano paddle is a high-end paddle that features a carbon fiber shaft and which makes it a kayak paddle that is lightweight.

Preview Product Rating Price
Werner Camano Premium Fiberglass Kayak Paddle Werner Camano Premium Fiberglass Kayak Paddle No ratings yet

It’s remarkably durable that it will stand the harshest of misuse up. The blades are of an innovative design that is produced with impact-resistant glass and nylon and paddling.

The paddle’s shape provides you steady and smooth paddling.

Cannon Paddles Escape E Kayak Paddle

The Cannon paddle is probably the entry-level kayak paddle. It features an aircraft level aluminum shaft that’s durable and lightweight.

The rotating shaft has 3 counter angles so you can adjust it and can be a two-piece layout.

The grips are ergonomically designed therefore all day paddling is no problem.

Aquabound Sting Ray Touring Kayak Paddle

That the Aqua-Bound Sting Ray Carbon should be on the very top of your list, when you’re trying to find a touring kayak paddle. The Sting Ray is a great touring paddle, it’s lightweight and weighs just 28 3/4 oz.

Preview Product Rating Price
AQUA BOUND Sting Ray Hybrid 2-Piece Kayak Paddle AQUA BOUND Sting Ray Hybrid 2-Piece Kayak Paddle No ratings yet

You’ll be hard pushed to get a paddle. Sting Ray accomplishes this using a 100% carbon fiber shaft combined with a remarkably tough and durable carbon-reinforced nylon resin blade.

The carbon fiber blade is significantly stiffer and stronger than paddles that use fiberglass reinforced blades.

Wilderness Systems Pungo Glass

The Wilderness Systems Pungo Glass is the winner of our Editors’ Choice award, because it consistently set together with our testing metrics on the podium. This fiberglass paddle excels in functionality whilst maintaining affordability and durability. Among those game-changing features of this Pungo, Glass paddle is that the lever-lock ferrule.

This exceptional system is hardy, yet easy enough for chilly and awkward hands to utilize. It enables users to extend the paddle’s distance, without compromising the functionality it provides. The Pungo Glass will satisfy the requirements of many different crafts and paddlers.

Aqua-Bound Sting Ray Carbon

The carbon rotating and abs carbon-reinforced nylon blades provide the Aqua-Bound Carbon Sting Ray lightweight and sturdy texture. This paddle is a pleasure to use, cutting through the water and without a flutter. Advanced kayakers will love using this kayak paddle when covering long-distances.

Novice and intermediate paddles will also have the ability to enjoy the advantages of this paddle, particularly its reduced weight and the ease by which it could be corrected and dismantled. This is only one of those paddles we analyzed that consistently feels and works like a one-piece grind. After long days on the water, or when conditions get rough, testers are thankful to get this lightweight and high-performance paddle within their palms.

Werner Skagit FG

The Werner Skagit includes features like the Smart View Flexible ferrule system and carbon mix shaft, from the premium line of Werner. The nylon blades place the paddle. It has the additional advantage of being more lasting. This is a superb value functionality paddle for touring kayakers.

Preview Product Rating Price
Werner Skagit Kayak Paddle Werner Skagit Kayak Paddle No ratings yet

This paddle can be well-suited into a paddler seeking to buy a paddle. Those seeking to tour extended distances or execute high-speed sprints might wish to consider a milder, higher-performing paddle. This is a great solution for people who are looking for.

Bending Branches Whisper

The Budget Purchase Award the Bending Branches Whisper paddle is a favorite with kayak stores for reasons that are great. It’s not a scorer for functionality, but it’s of being durable and very 19, the advantage.

Even though the blades tend to be more elastic than quality paddles, their polypropylene construction means the paddle isn’t readily damaged. This paddle is ideal for the touring kayaker on a budget. you can get everybody families will probably be happy purchasing a few of them.

SeaSense X-Treme

Preview Product Rating Price
SeaSense X -TREME 1 KAYAK PADDLE BLACK 84IN SeaSense X -TREME 1 KAYAK PADDLE BLACK 84IN No ratings yet $27.77

The price label on the SeaSense makes it a tempting solution for anybody seeking to buy a paddle that is affordable without needing to split $50. It would produce a copy paddle that is suitable to maintain for multi-day vacationing crises or as a spare.

Even though the construction and burden of the paddle impacted its performance, it could be adequate.

Bending Branches Angler Ace

Bending Branches’ Angler Ace is expected to be retired, except it is a selection. Offered in a selection of sizes together with the length it gives.

Preview Product Rating Price
BENDING BRANCHES Angler Ace Kayak Paddle BENDING BRANCHES Angler Ace Kayak Paddle No ratings yet

It is a carbon fiber shaft that is durable, stiff, and powerful. It is lightweight and on paddles to and out of your honey pit, you are going to take care of every arm-burning stroke. Such as the Angler Classic, its adjustable” and” ferrule permits for almost any feathering angle you prefer.

Werner Cyprus

Premium paddles are made by Werner, and its own Cyprus is no exception. In a selection of choices and lengths, you are certain to acquire. Long enough for chairs and the broadest kayaks, Cyprus could be had in lengths.

Preview Product Rating Price
Werner Paddles Cyprus Hooked 2PC Kayak Paddle Werner Paddles Cyprus Hooked 2PC Kayak Paddle No ratings yet

It is made up of carbon fiber to tip, providing durability, endurance, and the power which even the most need they might be taken by their experiences. In an incredible 1.26 pounds., it is the stuff of fantasies on long paddles to and out of the boat launching, also. The shaft that is directly or bent, feathered or paired, two, one, or four-piece, this paddle provides the choices to fit your own style.

Adventure Tech Geronimo

Adventure Tech is a participant in whitewater paddles, and their Geronimo is a fantastic selection for kayakers. Offered in a range of lengths, such as custom choices, you may get the match you want to transfer energy.

Preview Product Rating Price
AT Paddles Geronimo Carbon Straight Shaft AT Paddles Geronimo Carbon Straight Shaft

Carbon fiber during, the Geronimo is stiff and demanding. Its blades are made for control, and their borders are strengthened. Offering both bent and directly bottoms, this paddle includes a piece.

Aqua-Bound Carbon Shred

Aqua-Bound’s Shred is its own high-quality whitewater paddle and its competition to our options. Offered at two-centimeter increments of lengths, ranging from 192 centimeters to 200 centimeters to obtain the ideal match for them. Its shaft is carbon fiber, however, its own short blades are carbon.

Preview Product Rating Price
AQUA BOUND Carbon Shred Whitewater Kayak Paddle AQUA BOUND Carbon Shred Whitewater Kayak Paddle No ratings yet

This is the only mistake we could find for this paddle compared to its premium options. In 2.15 lbs, you can trust its strength and endurance, and it is going to provide the stiffness that you want to snack the raging water round your yak. Offered in an ultra-strong one-piece along with also an ultra-portable four-piece setup, this is an exceptional option for individuals concerned about transportation and storage.

Werner Sho-Gun

The paddle, I will review is that the Werner Sho-Gun. This really is a wonderful option. Offered in lengths ranging into 230 centimeters in five-centimeter increments, so you won’t have any trouble locating the length that is very best to suit you, assisting you to keep the control whitewater needs.

Preview Product Rating Price
Werner Sho-Gun Carbon Paddle - Bent Shaft Werner Sho-Gun Carbon Paddle - Bent Shaft No ratings yet

It’s made up out of tip-to-tip, providing. Its blades require a hand that is solid, but they provide power and the reply that you desire. Fat short, rigid, and hard, you can depend on them when the pressure is.

With the choice of a bent or straight shaft, the ferrule of it provides 5-degree increments of feathering, in addition to matching knife angles. For kayakers who need feathering that is customizable with a paddle made to them, that may be the ideal choice.

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