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Bridging the gap between raincoats and package covers, rain ponchos depart no seam discovered in regards to foul weather. The ideal rain ponchos are the Swiss Army knives of precipitation protection. Keeping you and your equipment dry from head to mid-thigh is reason enough to consider buying a poncho, and also the fact that a number can double as a refuge just sweetens the deal.

We have laid out the ideal rain ponchos below and also have emphasized the flexibility of rain ponchos and how they differ from raincoats. Locate the ideal rain protection for all your needs. Are you looking for the best poncho tarp? My Trail Company has many best choice products which help you choose it here!

a Rain Poncho - best poncho tarp for hammock camping

How to Decide on a Rain Poncho

There are lots of aspects worth considering before buying a rain poncho. Many ponchos are offered as one-size-fits-all, but it does not mean all of them are made equal.

For example, let us assume that you have made it a custom to increase your local summit every Saturday morning. This is your favorite day increase for kicking off the weekend and you are likely to perform it, rain, or shine. All you will need is a fundamental poncho to keep the rain off your shoulders and your daypack. Simple and slick that the Frogg Toggs Poncho will find the task finished.

But if you are more the big-pack backpacker kind, you are likely to require a bigger poncho with more performance, maybe something such as The Packa or Sea to Summit Tarp Poncho. These are stronger, more elastic, and also have more features, such as zippers and ports.

Rain Poncho Size

Do not allow the”one-size-fits-all” idea lure you. The same as different ponchos are more demanding than many others, you have to think about over your own body when picking a rain poncho.

To pick the right poncho size you will have to understand how large of a bunch you are likely to take. Though buying the biggest accessible rain poncho to cover all your bases is a choice, you are going to wind up looking (and feeling) like a deflated turtle on these hikes where you opt to leave your large pack in your home.

On the reverse side, you won’t readily match a 65-liter backpack beneath the Zpacks Groundsheet without tearing a hole through it. Know the kind of rainy excursions you are likely to want to have a poncho for and select the size which best meets your requirements.

Rain Poncho Zippers, Cords and Pockets

Most of us recognize that zippers and wires can make a major difference in the feel and match the equipment, and I would argue that these alterations are important for rain gear. You are likely to have to strap down your hood, cuffs, and hem tight whenever the weather becomes filthy.

In the end, do not neglect to check for venting choices! Any sort of rain gear may result in unwanted sweating. There is nothing worse than a self-made poncho sauna which only gets you warm and moist with perspiration rather than wet and cold with rain. Some versions have pit zips, while some depend on the principal zipper for venting adjustment. The total openness of ponchos is prone to allow in more air than the usual form-fitting raincoat, however, the sweatier people will want to search for additional vents.

Pro Tip: Easy access to drinking water and bites is essential to staying happy in wet weather! Ensure it is still possible to get into your package’s cool belt and water bottles or even pick a poncho that’s large pockets.

Rain Ponchos which converting into Shelters!

This is the point where the far-reaching rain protection of ponchos leaves coats in the sand. Beyond protecting you and your backpack from bad weather when hiking, the greater quality ponchos could be transformed into lands with the support of a couple of tent stakes along with a hiking pole.

The Gatewood Cape and Sea to Summit Tarp ponchos provide 360-degree protection when staked out as lands, providing as much protection as would another camp tarp. Instead, if you would rather carry another shield, the Zpacks Groundsheet Poncho does as its name suggests and doubles as a groundsheet to the tent. All these dual-purpose ponchos would fit directly in an ultralight backpacker’s fantasy gear list.

Rain Ponchos vs. Rain Jackets - best tarp poncho

The Way to Purchase Rain Ponchos

If you are trying to catch a poncho instead of a coat, you have already selected function above form. Ponchos offer exceptional rain protection for both you and your equipment. All that is left to decide is where your demands fall upon the range of the function.

We have already discussed pack policy dimensions and shield versatility all these are your two main considerations, so be certain to understand exactly what you want. When you have selected the overall fashion of poncho you need it is time to mull more than minor issues like cloth durability and skirt length. We have already recorded our favorite rain ponchos on the peak of the guide to make it effortless for you.

Online Retails vs. Retail Stores

Very good ponchos are tough to see in physical shops. You are going to be hard-pressed to locate anything greater than Frogg Toggs in big-box supermarkets, and outdoor stores like REI possess a restricted choice. Rain ponchos have not spiked in popularity, however. Jackets still rule out the clothes racks.

Online is the very best choice, particularly if you’re seeking to encourage a little cabin company like Cedar Tree or Zpacks since they only market their own online stores.

The Future is Poncho

As equipment businesses push ultralight technology to its limitations we are seeing an increase in multi-functional exterior gear. Contemporary rain ponchos are made from very lightweight materials. They are raincoats, wind coats, package covers, shelters, sunscreen, and picnic blankets all in a single.

Who knows what they will change into following. Poncho backpacks? Poncho sleeping bags? Poncho trail-runners? That last one may be stretching the imagination a little, but others are real chances.

Rain Ponchos vs. Rain Jackets

Quite simply, the principal distinction between a rain poncho and a raincoat will be the match. Where raincoats contour to your body because you’d expect from any coat, ponchos require a drape-it-over-everything approach to rain protection. The benefits fit hikers in several ways to the level that a few of you might be amazed and of course, there are a number of drawbacks.

Rain Poncho Pros

  • Rain ponchos have a tendency to hang lower than your buttocks (that’s where most coats produce their cutoff), and also a few pay down to your knees.
  • Body-length protection against rain
  • In the majority of instances saves you from needing rain trousers.
  • Ponchos frequently provide better ventilation than coats
  • The loose fit assists, as does zippered vents (beneath the arms down the centre ), which rain coats sometimes have but not consistently.
  • Many poncho models additionally protect your whole backpack and may be transformed into a refuge, providing flexibility with which coats just are not able to compete.

Rain Poncho Cons

  • Rain ponchos, compared to coats, are generally made from thinner, less durable stuff, so keep a lookout for trailside thorns and twigs. This is because of the light and fast thought of a rain poncho, also because when it had been made of thicker cloth it might be a far heavier item on your package, given just how much more cloth a poncho has compared to a coat.
  • If you are into fashion in any manner shape or form a poncho may cramp it. Jackets are form-fitting. Ponchos aren’t.

Top brands of the best poncho tarp - best poncho tarp setup

Top brands of the best poncho tarp

Cedar Tree Packa

The Cedar Tree Packa is your very engineered poncho with this listing and actually intends to change out your raincoat. The Packa was designed to discuss your pack, then, without taking anything off, extend to a poncho that covers your arms, chest, and chest down to mid-thigh. This makes it above other ponchos since the principal issue with all the poncho is how embarrassing it’s to pay yourself AND your package.

The Packa also has a full zippered front, sleeves which tighten, a fully adjustable hood, along with enormous pit zips. It’s possible to purchase in various colors and in a couple of material thicknesses. Be aware that one person makes ships, and fixes the Packa, and therefore don’t anticipate a massive organization when you touch base.

Six Moon Designs Gatewood Cape

The Gatewood Cape by Six Moons Layout is a Really Distinctive product. It is a rain poncho that doubles as a tarp tent. (You read that right!) It weighs only 10 oz, includes a hood to your mind, and a sizable 360-degree policy when worn as a poncho.

Afterward, when you get to camp, then use your trekking pole (not included) to put up an extremely simple shelter. The shield has a zippered entry, a floating duplex, a flexible vestibule elevation for rain protection, and needs just six bets. This poncho/tent is sort of ridiculous because of its easy creativity, and it functions as an exceptional emergency piece of apparel. You need to sew it, or cover for this, which raises the price to $155.

Zpacks Groundsheet Poncho

The Zpacks Groundsheet Poncho is just another dual-purpose poncho. Contrary to the Gatewood Cape, this poncho becomes a groundsheet to the tent, which may definitely equal among 2 things: it could be a protection to get a tent that has a bottom, or a floor into a tarp tent, which generally does not have a base.

As a poncho it does not offer you complete protection, stopping short in the mid-thigh, but does have a hood, zippers, and a snap at the waist. It is made from DFC, which is a super durable and obviously waterproof material, therefore it is going to help fend off rain in the center. You need a little pack if you would like it to match, thus we propose studying the sizing carefully. Overall an adequate poncho, but expensive!

Sea to Summit Tarp Poncho

Preview Product Rating Price
Sea to Summit Unisex_Adult Sporting Goods, Blue, 137x253cm Sea to Summit Unisex_Adult Sporting Goods, Blue, 137x253cm No ratings yet $59.95

The Sea to Summit Tarp Poncho does what others do on this listing: it ensures your body in the rain at a poncho manner and converts to a fundamental tarp shelter in the event that you actually need it to. It weighs roughly double what others do on this record, largely on account of this 70D nylon material, which is a lot thicker. This means it will be more lasting, which is fantastic for many travelers and day walkers but much less great for ultralight backpackers. Additionally, it accommodates a huge backpack and is double stitched and tape sealed, yet another nod to the high-quality layout.

Sea to Summit also provides this version in a significantly milder Ultra-Sil Nano variant, but we prefer this one for overall travel, as it is far stronger.

Frogg Toggs Poncho

Preview Product Rating Price
FROGG TOGGS Ultra-Lite2 Waterproof Beathable Rain Poncho FROGG TOGGS Ultra-Lite2 Waterproof Beathable Rain Poncho No ratings yet

The Frog Toggs Poncho is a favorite for a particular reason: it is cheap. If you’d like a halfway good poncho for approximately $16, do not look farther than that. It does not do anything fancy, isn’t manufactured from super durable or robust cloth, and does not change into something amazing. However, for 9 oz you receive a fully operational emergency poncho with hood, that comes with an alteration.

It goes to approximately mid-thigh, is recyclable, and you could always catch another one in case it rips (that it may do). The go-to budget poncho.

Sierra Designs Poncho

The Sierra Designs Poncho includes all of the operational elements of a best backpacking poncho tarp, which makes it possibly the most completely waterproof on this listing. A full zippered front with storm flaps provides it a raincoat edge, also it has plenty of snaps to adjust the span, yet it is rather oversized so that you can get complete coverage if necessary.

Preview Product Rating Price
Sierra Designs Unisex Storm Poncho Sierra Designs Unisex Storm Poncho No ratings yet

The cloth is simply 2-layer, therefore breathability isn’t its strong suit, however, it’s 80D polyester, which can be very durable and will keep rain completely out. That and the flexible 3-piece hood and waterproof taped seem makes it a simple option. And you can use it as a tarp using all the grommeted corners!

Herschel Supply Co Voyage Poncho

The women-centric Voyage Poncho out of Herschel Supply Co intends to handle the daring claim that ponchos aren’t stylish! We said as much over, and while it is true for many ponchos, Herschel is doing their very best to ensure it is cool.

Preview Product Rating Price
Herschel Women's Voyage Poncho Herschel Women's Voyage Poncho No ratings yet

If you like the performance of a fundamental poncho, which provides breathability and ample rain protection, a complete hood, snap arm openings, and two front patch pockets, but also want it to look great, this really is actually the poncho for you. Offered in a broad selection of colors it is created for girls, but the overall match of a poncho is pretty generic, therefore some guys’ body might do the job.

Canada Goose Field Poncho

The Canada Goose Field Poncho is exorbitantly costly, so while we actually do not recommend it for many people, if you would like the heavy-duty rain poncho which also stands as a critical fashion statement, it is difficult to overlook.

Canada Goose utilizes a 3-layer custom made cloth named TEI, which is lightweight yet keeps out water readily. With sealed tiles, a zippered pocket, snap flexible sleeves, and a fully adjustable hood, this item will keep out water. And there are 3 inner pockets for additional organization. We know this poncho functions for a rather small group of individuals, but think it warrants a place on this listing as equally fashionable and highly functional.

Red Ledge Vinyl Poncho

Preview Product Rating Price
Red Ledge Adult Vinyl Poncho Assorted Royal Blue Red Ledge Adult Vinyl Poncho Assorted Royal Blue No ratings yet $9.52

We do not especially love the term”disposable”, particularly when it regards a plastic product, but you can not deny the one-use character of ponchos for lots of men and women.

The Red Ledge Vinyl Poncho is that one of your parents probably have in a crisis kit someplace. It is not fancy, it is made from PVC (a substance that is known for anything favorable in clothes ), also it doesn’t have many bells and whistles. However, it’s a hood and also covers the entire body, thus protecting you from rain. It is very inexpensive, very fundamental, and we do not really suggest disposing of it, but also keeping it around for emergencies. If it will rip, you will not be hard pushed to catch a different one.


Main features:

  • Made from scratch-resistant nylon, with a sleek, comfortable surface
  • Could be Utilized as a poncho, floor covering or shield
  • Waterproof and breathable with a PVC coating
  • Includes a carrying bag for Simple portability
  • Includes a 100% Money-back Guarantee
  • Size: 40″x55″ (102 x 140 cm)
  • Weight: 1.89pounds (850g)

The Aircee Camouflage is among the very best poncho tarp backpacking now available since it’s big and durable, which makes it perfect for sporting during inclement weather at the outside.

This poncho is readily converted into a shield or ground cover and may even be used to collect rainwater. It has a handy carrying pouch and can be a wonderful staple item to get for outside pursuits and survival circumstances.


  • Heavyweight, scratch-resistant material
  • Roomy enough to wear a backpack beneath
  • Waterproof, together with anti-leakage technologies


  • Very Big and Might not be Acceptable for smaller folks


Main features:

  • Made from heavy-duty polyurethane-coated waterproofed nylon
  • Has a drawstring Hood Along With Pull Cord
  • Includes grommets for anchoring
  • Size: 56″x 90″ (142 x 229 cm)
  • Weight: 9.6oz (272g)

It is a military fashion poncho tarp that features four grommets which you may use to anchor it if constructing a kayak, windshield, or rain shield. Its multiple applications permit you to use it as camouflage, floor protection, or tarp. Its heavy-duty construction also needs to guarantee its durability and long term.


  • Lightweight and easy to save
  • Could be converted into a crisis shelter
  • Waterproof and durable


  • Fits snug across the neck and head, which might put some artists off


Main features:

  • Made from rip-resist
  • Ant nylon and PVC coat
  • Has a zippered neckline, That Makes the mind-opening flexible
  • Includes grommets for anchoring
  • Has a handy carrying bag
  • The option of six camo fashions
  • Size: 56″x 84″ (142 x 213 cm)
  • Weight: 1.81pounds (821g)

The LOOGU Rain Poncho tarp is equally one of the very best ultralight poncho tarp and also appropriate for use as a temporary shield or floor covering. It’s big enough to fit over your backpack and keep everything dry on your travels. The stud poppers on each side will make it possible for you to shape sleeves and create your jobs easier.


  • Big and multifunctional
  • Offered in Different Kinds of camo
  • Zipper neckline and stud popper sleeves


  • Some clients have complained of its using a strong plastic odor.


Main features:

  • Made from tear-resistant polyester
  • Portable and lightweight at just a bit over 1/2 pounds.
  • Includes grommets for Simple anchoring
  • Includes a drawstring carrying bag
  • Size: 86.61″ x 57.09″ (220x145cm)
  • Weight: 0.57pounds (260g)

The Wings Multifunctional Outdoor Rain Poncho is a lightweight selection for climates that are warm. It not only turns right into a temporary refuge with its grommeted system but can also readily be utilized as a beach blanket or picnic pad. This is only one of the very best budget poncho tarp for day trips and light fishing or hiking.


  • Highly lightweight and easy to package
  • Has multiple applications
  • Includes grommets for turning it to a tent


  • Velcro rather than snaps can come reversed during the heavy breeze, according to a users


Main features:

  • Made from 100 percent PVC waterproof polyester material
  • A Zipper about the neckline corrects the problem of their mind-opening being too little for some
  • Contains 4 Grommet corners to utilize the poncho as an emergency shelter or sleeping bag
  • Has a closable storage tote
  • Size: 55″ x 49″ (140x150cm)
  • Weight: 1.6pounds (725g)

This big multifunctional design by JTeng is among the very best lightweight poncho tarp available to some passionate hikers. It could be spread out, and using a rope, construct a tent, awning, or emergency shelter. Reinforced, taped seams make sure you will stay dry during the heaviest of rainfalls.


  • Heavyweight and durable
  • All-in-one raincoat Which Can Be worn over a backpack
  • Grommet system allows for multiple applications


  • Many users complained that it Includes a strong plastic odor


Main features:

  • Could open around 96″x 108″
  • Contains 4 Grommet corners for tying down
  • Has an additional large hood
  • Has a closable storage tote
  • Size: 55″ x 49″ (122x137cm)
  • Weight: 10.2 oz (289g)

Arcturus causes this all-purpose poncho tarp additional long so it will cover beyond any wearer past their knees. It’s produced from 210T Ripstop Taffeta that’s coated with 2 layers of waterproof PU coating.

The enclosed carrying tote will package down to 8″x4″, which makes it exceptionally portable. It’s big metal grommets on all four corners, therefore this best ultralight ripstop poncho tarp can be converted into a tent or shelter.


  • Mobile and Little
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Grommet system allows for multiple applications


  • Might be too long for some wearers


Main features:

  • It may open up to 96″x 108″
  • Could convert easily to a two-person shelter
  • Waterproof and lightweight
  • Tape sealed, 3-panel hood construction
  • Size: 57″ x 104″ (145x264cm)
  • Weight: 8.15oz/230g
Preview Product Rating Price
Sea to Summit Ultra-SIL Nano Tarp Poncho Sea to Summit Ultra-SIL Nano Tarp Poncho No ratings yet

This poncho tarp from Sea to Summit is among the very lightweight and best poncho tarp and bivy setup for rain versions available today. It’s constructed of 15D Ultra-Sil Nano cloth and can readily convert into a two-person shield, floor cover, or merely raincoat. The breathable fabric is fantastic for warmer weather too.


  • Multiuse
  • Incredibly lightweight, small, and mobile
  • Fits right on your backpack and equipment


  • Wind may blow off this around over others because of its being lightweight

Terra Hiker Rain Poncho

There is not much fancy concerning this trekking poncho, but it will get the work done. Using 210T polyester waterproof cloth, it is really very beefy and lasting which I enjoy. A number of the ponchos available now, and people on our listing, are lightweight but lack actual durability.

Rather, this rocky poncho rocks reinforced grommet holes in all four corners for staking down or using as a crisis tarp. I am not going to advocate you use it as a footprint or tarp since that’ll probably shorten its lifetime. But it is your decision. If you may replace a part of your kit using a durable poncho similar to this, the excess weight may be well worth it.

Mil-Tec Poncho (German-made)

Preview Product Rating Price
Mil-Tec Waterproof Poncho Ripstop MIL-TACS FG Mil-Tec Waterproof Poncho Ripstop MIL-TACS FG No ratings yet $37.99

I will be right here is why I enjoy the Mil-Tec Poncho:

  • It ticks all the boxes in my”survival poncho checklist”
  • Very best quality for the cost to get a non-surplus poncho that I could locate
  • It is German-Made Mil-Tec includes a store on Amazon and they send their product from Ireland
  • This really is a proper strategic Mil-Spec poncho.
  • Mil-Spec ponchos are milder compared to army ponchos but have exactly the exact same functionality.
  • The mil-tec poncho has all that you would want out of a poncho. It gives excellent value for the purchase price. It’s simple to locate and purchase.

Military Surplus Ponchos

Preview Product Rating Price
Military Surplus Swiss Alpenflage Camo Wet Weather Gear Poncho Military Surplus Swiss Alpenflage Camo Wet Weather Gear Poncho No ratings yet $19.95

Proper strategic Military Surplus ponchos are among the very best survival ponchos on the market.

Normally, they are extremely cheap, too.

The problem?

An excellent army poncho is tough to discover.

Madness Military Poncho

Preview Product Rating Price
madness After surf Poncho Men AZT002 madness After surf Poncho Men AZT002

This Norwegian Military Emergency poncho is purely for survival crises.

You can not construct any problems with it.

Nonetheless, it’s nevertheless a fantastic product. Here’s the reason why.

What makes it unique is its small dimensions.

At ~7 oz., this poncho will fit in the pocket of your trousers.

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