Top 19 Best Sleep Mask For Travel 2020 Review [New]

Top 19 Best Sleep Mask For Travel 2020 Review [New]

Are you trying to find the very best sleep mask for traveling to improve the quality and quantity of your sleep without even taking drugs or using a digital device?

For many individuals, particularly guys, their only encounter with eye masks would be watching old films and tv shows using a stunning character who is oblivious to the world around her while she is wearing a bit of luxurious looking cloth that covers her eyes. It is usually pink lace if you have ever noticed.

Anyhow, eye masks, also called eye covers or blindfolds, are so far greater than this and are valuable in many different ways.

Before choosing which choice is ideal for you, you will want to consider what you are expecting to accomplish with it and also how you’re going to use it. Your skin, if you travel and the total amount of lighting in your area will come into play as you assess your choices.

Top 19 Best Sleep Mask For Travel Brands - best and most comfortable sleep mask for travel

Top 19 Best Sleep Mask For Travel Brands

Bedtime Bliss Contoured Sleep Mask

To get a comfortable fit for a reasonable price that is a cut above the competition, the Bedtime Bliss Contoured Sleep Mask is a superb selection. Designed to satisfy your face without placing pressure on the eyes, the mask features adjustable straps, a contoured shape around the nose, soft cloth, and it totally blocks out light. Soft padding on the sides prevents it from rubbing making it simple to forget you’ve got it on. The eye mask also includes a handy carry bag and earplugs to drown out background sound. Many reviewers said they attempted several sleep masks prior to having success with Bedtime Bliss.

Jersey Slumber 100 Percent Silk Sleep Mask

To get a simplistic design that serves the intent of assisting you to sleep, the Jersey Slumber is a superb alternative. There are no bells and whistles on this eye mask, however, it’s made of 100% silk for a soft, calming texture on the skin and a comfy, adjustable elastic strap to hold it in position – without becoming caught in your own hair. Contrary to other masks, this also is located flat on your face without giving you a lot distance to blink. The light-blocking, the black sleeping mask takes up hardly any space in the bag, which makes it the ideal travel accessory for extended flights.


We’re raving fans of this Jet&Bo website and one of the most favored sleep masks is your 100% Cashmere Luxury Sleep Mask Travel Set. This Italian made all organic cashmere eye mask calms away the past and gives your eyes the softest most tasteful touch.

Cashmere is naturally hypoallergenic, dust mite resistant, and adjusts well to temperature fluctuations. This fitting eye mask sleep set includes a luxurious cashmere blanket to your trendy flights and matching zippered bag for your eye blanket and mask. If you would like to try out the very best in luxury and softness, the cashmere sleeping mask collection is it and also the eye masks can be found in 4 distinct colors.


The Kimkoo eye mask for sleeping is made from soft and luxurious, breathable cloth and will assist block sun or some other undesirable light that will assist you to reach that REM sleep condition. This tasteful eye mask is very light and includes a cozy pillow design that has a light touch in your eyelids.

The lavish fabric-covered strap is long enough and elastic enough to enable you a just right match. Apart from being anti-bacterial, it’s likewise anti-fade and anti-mite. This is the ideal eye mask for sleep, to alleviate fatigue and for traveling.

Sound Oasis Go to Sleep Advanced Sleep Therapy Mask

Preview Product Rating Price
Sound Oasis Glo to Sleep Therapy Mask, Black Sound Oasis Glo to Sleep Therapy Mask, Black No ratings yet $21.55

A hit 2020’s Consumer Electronics Show-a a yearly showcase of the most recent technologies -that this best travel mask. Using an easy push of a button, users may trigger calming blue or red lights that show up on the interior of the eye mask (and therefore are imperceptible to people about you). You may choose to get the lights dim or to get them dim; the two preferences are made to help lull you to sleep soundly. Plush foam around the eye region and an adjustable Velcro strap to ensure total light congestion, making them suitable for snoozing on the airplane once the lights are on. Juliet Izon

Allbirds Bird Mask

Allbirds set out to make a sleeping mask which passengers would not leave behind from the seat-back pocket and the outcome is a sustainable eye guard made of exactly the exact same mattress-like Merino wool utilized in its own cherished shoes. This cloud-embroidered mask will have you counting sheep very quickly.

IMAK Compression Eye Mask

Weighted eye masks are quite a match changer, and also this best sleep eye mask for travel that you don’t have to spend a chance to locate a mid-air bliss. IMAK’s cooling mask has been created by an orthopedic surgeon and can be designed to soothe tired and puffy eyes. The mask conforms to a face and blocks out any lighting, making them perfect for just about any journey situation–airplanes, trains, or even busy buses equally.

MZOO Contoured Sleep Mask

For people who don’t adore the sensation of something above their eyelids, but want help shutting ambient lighting, MZOO’s contoured sleep mask strikes just the ideal balance. The memory foam mask has increased segments over your eyeballs but lies apartment around the eyebrows and nose to block light out. There is an adjustable head strap for extra comfort, also. The mask includes earplugs and a travel pouch to maintain them in and contains an impressive 4,700-plus five-star testimonials on Amazon.

Unimi 3D Contoured Sleep Mask

The Unimi eye mask is the best sleep mask for air travel. With an improved layout on the nose segment that this prevents even the brightest of lights entering your eyes, creating complete darkness.

No pressure as in your eyeballs or confront and will not rub your eyelids

Includes two layers: Low recoil memory foam and elastic polyester

Easy-to-adjust headband having a soft and elastic strap ensure comfort

Mavogel Cotton Sleep Eye Mask

Made of soft, breathable cloth, this smart small mask may bend and stretch to match the contours of the face and nose. The durable, carbon steel cartilage is readily corrected, to give you a nearly tailor-made answer to your sleeping problems.

Block the dark out completely with the extensive design of the mask, that’s remarkably lightweight and comfy to wear. The strap was designed with relaxation in mind and is made from soft, broad material using a buckle which faces backward so the mask will not touch your ears. Well, designed and well constructed, this is a superb eye mask for people who wish to maneuver on the move.

Bucky 40 Blinks Comfortable Contoured, No Stress Eye Mask

The 40 Blinks eye mask gives the best answer for anybody wanting to block light out whenever they travel. This ultra-lightweight, contoured eye mask is large enough to protect your eyes and peripheral vision. The lightweight design permits you to float freely to the contoured eye pockets.

Preview Product Rating Price
Bucky 40 Blinks No Pressure Beauty & Travel Eye Masks, Black Bucky 40 Blinks No Pressure Beauty & Travel Eye Masks, Black No ratings yet $7.99

Produced by latex-free wrought iron, it will not smudge your make-up or put unwanted pressure in your mind as you are sleeping. A flexible Velcro strap that connects from the back is going to keep the mask in position as you nap along with also the 100% polyurethane foam cloth can be washed in cold water to keep it fresh and clean for every single trip.

100% Handmade Cotton Sleep Mask Blackout

Produced out of high-quality, all-natural cotton, this super-wide sleep mask feels gentle on your skin, while retaining unwanted sound and light that will assist you to sleep. The”nose ” design will help to block light from the nose region, which means that you can drift off in full darkness.

So lightweight, you will barely notice it on your own skin, it may be sanded and washed on the move, and maybe folded to fit into its own travel tote. This sleep mask may be adjusted in length to perfectly match the dimensions of your mind without tangling your own hair or feeling tight, and the pure substance is breathable and will not permit you to sweat.

PrettyCare 3D Sleep Mask

With a large eyebrow made out of innovative 3D technologies, this sleeping mask doesn’t compress your eyes. Rather, the eye mask matches all sizes and provides room for eye motion. Weighing 0.4 oz, it’s lightweight and comfy. That’s not all. It blocks all light, developing a shadowy zone. This permits you to enjoy a fantastic night’s sleep.

For the smooth borders, PrettyCare utilizes precision CNC lathes. This produces a company joint for extra comfort. Constructed to meet OekoTex criteria, the mask is anti-bacterial, anti-mite, and anti-fade.

If it comes to cleaning, I loved how simple it was. All I did was put the eye mask at a laundry bag and to the machine. The main reason why I used a laundry tote would be to reduce deformation. As you know, the PrettyCare 3D Sleep Mask includes a 3D no oppression layout. To preserve this, set the mask at a laundry tote.

Apart from how simple it is cleaning the mask, it is possible to wash it without fear of deforming it. Though low bounce memory foam is utilized to provide a 3D layout, it’s somewhat stiff around the eyes.

UNIMI Upgraded Contoured 3D Eye Mask Eye

Produced of high-grade memory foam, this eye mask molds perfectly to your mind, which makes it super simple to nod off where you might be. Offering complete darkness, the nose design with imperceptible foam can help to make sure that no glowing pieces of mild creep in and block you from snoozing.

Having a broader eye area and deeper look than a number of different masks on the current market, there is no pressure in your eyelids or uneasy feeling on your own nose. The simple to adjust headband averts the tight feeling associated with conventional straps as well as also the anti-fade, anti-bacterial, anti-mite substance is durable and simple to wash. A fantastic product at a bargain price.


FOMI Care’s eye mask includes a gel inside which you could use cold or hot, depending upon your taste. The warmth is excellent for accidents, as it increases circulation and stimulates recovery.

The cold helps with pain and swelling. The cooling effect may even function at room temperature, so if you are on the street rather than close to a freezer or refrigerator, you can still reap the benefits.

The cloth is double-sided, which means that you may elect to get the gel directly onto your skin or turn it on and feel the soft fabric instead.

The flexibility of this FOMI Care sets it at the very top of the listing. If you are not using it as a sleeping mask, then you are able to wrap around your knee put in on your lower spine to soothing relief.

YIVIEW Sleep Mask

The Yiview travel sleep mask is both flexible and durable and thus the very best travel sleep mask. You don’t need to fret about the tangling of hair using the strap as it’s a fantastic quality elastic.

The exceptional feature is that the layout of the eye mask. It’s a 3D contoured design that prevents the traveling mask from touching your eyes.

The substances used to produce this eye mask is skin-friendly and enables breathing. You need not worry about the durability of the eye mask.

TEMPUR-Sleep Mask

To acquire a perfect sleep in complete darkness, you’ll require the TEMPUR’s best travel eye mask. The signature materials employed by the manufacturer will be certain you are comfortable when wearing this very best eye mask for traveling.

Preview Product Rating Price
Tempur-Pedic Sleep Mask, One Size, Navy Tempur-Pedic Sleep Mask, One Size, Navy No ratings yet $29.00

The fit of the travel mask will provide you a tranquilized sense and so provide you a nice slumber. The strap includes both elastic and Velcro, which make that the Tempur eye mask ideal for each size.

The eye mask is light in weight because of which you are feeling no pressure whilst wearing it. Regardless of where you go, it is easy to take the Tempur eye mask to acquire the comfiest sleep.

Graphene Times Heated Eye Mask

To get a relaxing, “mini-spa” remedy on the airplane, bus, or just about anyplace, the Heated Eye Mask out of Graphene Times can allow you to sleep better. The mask generates total darkness and includes a handy USB plug to electricity from a battery bank or another origin.

Together with three different heat settings, it calms the nerves and eyes, and buyers have found it helps with migraines, puffy eyes, and wrinkles. Designed to boost blood circulation, it is EPA approved and doesn’t emit electromagnetic radiation. For security, the timer goes off after an hour, so in the event that you fall asleep (that it is intended to allow you to do), it will not remain on all night.


VCOO’s offer beats all bargains available on the industry thus far. It not only provides you two or three sleeping masks for you, your spouse, and anybody else, possibly your kid or neighbor. It’s a slim design and lightweight measuring just 0.6 cm thick and weighing 0.4 ounces. In spite of this streamlined layout, the mask will block 100 percent lights outside to provide you space to get a fantastic night’s sleep or a wonderful rest in the day.

The high-quality substance ensures that the mask does not lose its shape despite being foldable. It will fit any mind along with it is the elastic strap and is ideal for both women and men. The contoured design provides you space to maneuver your eyes obviously without feeling any tension.

Things to Search For in a Sleep Mask

Form and Fit

Eye masks are intended to contour perfectly to your own face. When you’re on the lookout for the ideal eye mask for you, search out ones with eye pockets to keep the cloth from sitting right in your eyelids, which is uncomfortable.

It’s also advisable to be certain that the mask itself is long and wide enough to protect your eyes fully. In case the light still creeps in on the side, then it is going to reach on your peripheral vision and make it more difficult to go to sleep.

Other style touches such as contoured shaping across the bridge of the nose, and Velcro straps that enable you to use the mask without messing up your hair, make a difference to how far you really fall in love with your new travel accessory.

Fabric and Material

Your eye mask has to be thick enough to keep out the light, yet light and soft enough not to place any strain in your eyelids.

A mask that offers a little bit of padding on the sides, and round the borders, will provide superior comfort. Since your eye mask is very likely to be heavily utilized in your journeys, it would also be advantageous to catch one in a substance that could resist regular washing.


If a very simple sleep mask does not satisfy your requirements, try something just a little bit extra. Sleep masks are available with lots of additional features that will assist you to sleep soundly, wherever you might be. Some come complete with fitting earplugs, for whole sensory deprivation, but some provide hydration eye spots that will assist you wake up looking refreshed and free of puffy eyes and wrinkles.

Pros and Cons of Using a Sleep Mask

Some Benefits of sleep masks comprise:

Low price the majority of sleep masks available on the market these days are available for $20 or less, such as transport prices from internet retailers. This leaves them a not as expensive means to obstruct and control mild in comparison to other choices, for example, motion-sensing nighttime lighting and blackout curtains.

  • Lightweight and mobile: Many sleep masks weigh significantly less than 1 pound and are made to be folded up for easier portability. Many include carrying cases.
  • Simple to wash: Sleep masks are often machine washable or can be washed by hand, and never have to be dry cleaned or specialization cleaned.
  • Customizable fit: Sleep masks typically feature a flexible ring with buckles or attachments which may be corrected for a more comfortable fit.
  • Breathable: Some frequent sleeping mask substances, such as cotton and silk, are naturally sterile. Furthermore, a few sleep mask versions were created with ports to improve airflow into and from this mask.

Cons of sleep masks could comprise:

  • Adjustment interval: Sleepers normally need a few nights to acclimate themselves into the mask. The adjustment period might be more for many people, and this could lead to poor sleep cycles in the meantime.
  • Not built to last: Sleep masks must be washed regularly and replicated wash cycles may cause the materials to degrade quickly. Normally, masks with greater price-points have longer lifespans than people with lesser price-points — but this might return to the material, too.
  • Uncomfortable side-sleeping: Many sleeping masks include little metal or plastic attachments on the face of the strap which could lead to pain or distress for side sleepers, but other versions forego these components so as to provide comfort irrespective of sleeping posture.
  • Difficulty walking: Many sleeping masks are so capable of helping people sleep they interfere with the production of cortisol, a hormone associated with increases in moderate amounts. That is, in turn, make it more difficult to wake up for a few people.

Visible effects from wearing them, like wear lines around the lips and eyes, smears from dyes in the cloth, smudged makeup, or messy hair.

Best Sleep Mask For Travel Frequently Asked Questions

Are you currently recommended for side sleepers?

There are lots of choices which have been designed perfectly for side sleepers! Bulky construction isn’t perfect if you sleep on your side. It can result in pressure and distress. But a slender and sleek design will provide all the advantages with no difficulties.


Are there any eye sleep covers intended for guys?

Yes, certainly! Many eye sleep covers are plain black, and guys feel completely at ease wearing them. Other kinds are more female (believe pink floral and cute eyelash layouts ), but that is certainly the minority.

If you are a guy searching for a sleeping blindfold and you are concerned about looks, select one that is blue, black, or grey which covers a lot of your own face. Additionally, ensure the strap is long enough to be corrected comfortably around the circumference of the mind.

Where do I purchase adorable and amusing eye masks?

We recommend two areas to discover adorable and amusing choices. The first is Amazon since they have all. That is usually our initial stop store for whatever we want. They have the greatest selection, competitive rates, and the testimonials are a valuable source in our decision making.

The next area we urge is Etsy. It is a market for handmade products, and there are a whole lot of creative and talented men and women who market their products on the internet on Etsy.


An eye mask will help you nod off to sleep anywhere on the planet. The darker it’s, the greater we sleep, and such beauties may have you nodding off very quickly.

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