Top Best Small Cooler 2020

Best Small Cooler

Would you really feel as a kid going away to operate with a goofy small lunch box in hand? If that’s the case, maybe it’s time to find a new method to generate lunch more pleasurable (and less awkward ). Or you might be on the lookout for the perfect cooler to your son or daughter, or even a day excursion to the shore.

Personal coolers are fantastic for carrying considerably more than simply lunch alongside you. Below are a few of the finest personal tiny coolers offered and why you might wish to consider creating one of your personal. We also have examined many soft private coolers and also have ice preservation times on those below. Are you looking for the best small cooler? My Trail Company has many best choice products which help you choose it here!

Small Cooler - best hard sided cooler

What Makes a Fantastic Personal Cooler?

This sort of cooler is little enough to manage comfortably by one individual. They frequently have soft sides and a shoulder strap for simple transportation. (Read about our bigger soft-sided coolers here). Some might even have a grip on the surface or a few may be an insulated backpack cooler.

Soft-sided coolers remain closed using a zipper and tough sided private coolers have a plastic locking lid ordinarily. They have the ability to maintain your things cold for a day or 2. Sometimes these can hold ice for up to 4 times (our testing under ). As you can see there are many distinct fashions, materials, and ice retention capacities in regards to little private knobs.

Frequently these coolers can be found in an assortment of colors for you to select from. Each cooler-maker will include their own special touches into the cooler. Folks can utilize them for their everyday dinner, a car ride, a visit to the beach, or the lake, as well as trips to the grocery shop. Soft-sided coolers might seem small but expand to hold more.

For the ones which are not fond of the soft-sided cooler, then there are several plastic private coolers available also. We’ve emphasized both types below to demonstrate the pros and cons of each.

Ice Packs Or Normal Ice For Little Coolers?

Cool Cooler Ice Packs For CoolerMost using a little or private cooler are utilizing it to get a lunch bag or even a day excursion. Since many uses, these kinds of coolers for daily lunches much elect to use ice packs. Using ice packs on your little cooler will maintain internal temperatures cool enough to enjoy your meal, however, it won’t cause food to become waterlogged.

Based on which ice pack you select many simply produce minor perspiration which wouldn’t destroy a lunch. Whereas ice hockey, by lunchtime, would probably experience significant melt possibly ruining a sandwich.

Additionally, many of the cheaper soft-sided little springs aren’t supposed to hold water. As the ice melts indoors, water can float through the seams of the bag. It’s worth noting, however, that the greater end cooler bags such as Polar Bear or even Yeti Hopper are in reality watertight and may hold ice meltdown, but then again these are bigger choices.

Top Best Small Cooler - best small ice chest cooler

Top Brands Of The Best Small Cooler

SaleBestseller No. 2
Coleman FlipLid Cooler, 5 Quart , Blue
Small, portable cooler keeps food and beverages cold; 5-quart capacity holds up to 6 cans; Reversible FlipLid with molded beverage holders provides stable surface
SaleBestseller No. 4
Coleman Excursion Portable Cooler, 9 Quart
Portable beverage cooler with 9-quart capacity; Large enough to hold 9 cans or a full meal
SaleBestseller No. 5
9 Can Cooler, Blue
Holds 9 cans; Shoulder strap adjusts for comfortable hands-free carrying; Heat-welded seams prevent leaks
Bestseller No. 6
Coleman 9-Can Collapsible Cooler with 16-Hour Ice Retention | Soft-Sided Cooler Bag Folds Flat for Compact Storage, Slate
Ultra portable 9 can cooler designed to fold flat for space saving storage; Premium insulation keeps ice up to 16 hours in temperatures as high as 90°f
Bestseller No. 7
Igloo Profile 16 Quart Cooler
Convenient bail handle folds flat into liner for easy stacking and storage; Lockable lid - molded loops on lid & liner by adding a lock (not included)
SaleBestseller No. 8
Igloo Island Breeze 9
Swing up handle for comfortable one handed carrying; Lid reverses to tray and cup holder; Designed for easy stacking and storage
SaleBestseller No. 9
Coleman 16-Can Soft Cooler with Removable Liner, Grey
Holds 16 cans; Shoulder strap adjusts for comfortable hands-free carrying; Heat-welded seams prevent leaks
SaleBestseller No. 10
Coleman Cooler| 16-Quart Portable Cooler |EZ-Clean Excursion Cooler Ideal for Picnics and Barbecues
Medium-size cooler ideal for picnics and barbecues; 16-quart capacity holds up to 22 cans or a full meal

Coleman FlipLid 6 Personal Cooler

Coleman FlipLid Personal Cooler, 5 Quarts Coleman FlipLid Personal Cooler, 5 Quarts No ratings yet

This little cooler can hold up to 6 cans of beer or soda. It’s a wide base for stability and a comfortable handle for you to hold onto. The FlipLid shirt though is that which really sets it apart from other jets. The lid itself is reversible so it may be utilized as a menu, which also has molded can holders to ensure when it’s time to eat, you can consume stress-free no matter where you’re. It’s offered in two colors, either red or blue.

Rubbermaid 10Qt Personal Ice Chest Cooler

Rubbermaid 10 Qt. Red Chest Cooler Holds 12 Cans Plus Ice Rubbermaid 10 Qt. Red Chest Cooler Holds 12 Cans Plus Ice No ratings yet $43.26

Little Rubbermaid CoolerThis is the best portable cooler if you would like a personal cooler that could hold more. You may carry up to 12 cans in addition to ice. It has the capability to keep food and beverages cold as a result of the exceptional thermal retention. This can be carried using a durable handle that swings on the surface. It’s simple to clean and resists stains and odors. You may select from red or blue. This is probably among the most popular and inexpensive selection for a little plastic cooler.

Igloo 14.8Qt Playmate Cooler.

Igloo The Boss Playmate Cooler Igloo The Boss Playmate Cooler No ratings yet $25.20

Open Diamond Plate Igloo Small CoolerThis little Igloo cooler features an industrial diamond plate outside appearance. Being produced with a well-known semi cooler producer, The Boss has made its title as one of the greatest little knobs available on the market The Igloo includes a tent-shaped locking lid which helps to prevent clogs. The diamond plating outside is durable and resists damage from impacts. The playmate boss opens toward both sides for simple access, and the handle is extremely comfortable to hold. Many guys prefer the diamond plating sides which makes this their go-to-lunch pail.

Coleman 16Qt Personal Wheeled Cooler

Coleman 16-Quart Personal Wheeled Cooler Coleman 16-Quart Personal Wheeled Cooler No ratings yet

Telescopic Coleman Wheeled CoolerEven little knobs can develop into a few if loaded to power. Adding cans of beer or soda together with ice may produce the weight adds upward fast. If that is 1 concern that stops you from receiving a personal cooler, then you need to consider that Coleman’s wheel private cooler. It’s taller than many private coolers and equipped to maintain a two-liter bottle vertical. Although this can be a more compact version to the majority of our coolers with wheels, it may hold 22 ice and cans. It’s recessed wheels to make sure it rolls easily and the handle is extendable to ensure it is comfy at just about any height.

Stanley Adventure Cooler

Stanley Personal CoolerThe Stanley Experience cooler is the best small coolers that produce many applications such as the favorite tape measure. The husband or dad will love this manly cooler. The lifetime warranty is a testament not just to the cooler itself, but Stanley as an organization.

Stanley Adventure Cooler Stanley Adventure Cooler No ratings yet

This experience cooler provides a leak-resistant lid and double wall insulation. This is the best job website cooler. Additionally, this is slightly bigger at a 21 can power making it appropriate for a days-worth of beverages. Last, that is one of those few smaller knobs which provides adjustable tie-down AND can double as a seat. Stanley Personal Adventure Cooler

Wagan Powered Personal Cooler

Open 12V Personal CoolerThis cooler is a little different from the remaining coolers outlined in this informative article, and for good reason. Should you will need a little cooler for long hauls, truck drivers, for instance, this may be the best answer. This cooler plugs into a 12 volt supply and may cool AND heat its contents.

In the summer months, this can be much more than able to keep internal temps indefinitely provided that it could be plugged. In the winter months, this is the best personal cooler food into a holiday celebration or to get a hot cup of soup or coffee on the work website. This cooler will keep (on trendy manner ) in 35-40 degrees and if on heating style will heat up to 140 degrees. The Wagan is a 7 Liter cooler that features a cushioned shoulder strap in addition to built-in cup holders. This is the best personal cooler.

Coleman 24 Hour Cooler

30 May Coleman Personal CoolerThe Coleman 24 hour cooler is capable of carrying up to 30 headphones and maintaining them cool for up to 24 hours. This is a flexible cooler with numerous entry points such as a bigger zippered opening in addition to a soft, hinged top entry stage. The front part of the cooler also supplies a pouch for dry products. The padded should strap makes carrying this cooler comfy and handsfree.

Coleman 24-Hour 16-Can Cooler Coleman 24-Hour 16-Can Cooler No ratings yet $19.99

Among the greatest features of this cooler is the best mini coolers. The lining resists mildew and odor. This is the best cooler for anybody who will forget food or ice packs inside their own cooler. Many mothers will know that feeling when opening a cooler and locating a moldy sandwich or mold out of a leaky ice pack.

eBags Crew Cooler

Anyone who travels frequently has probably heard of eBags before. EBags is one of the hottest packaging block manufacturers. Hence, they’ve developed the best hard cooler. The Crew Cooler delivers several compartments for the storage of wet and dry goods. The base section of this cooler is that the”chilly section” and provides insulation on all 6 sides. Externally there are many mesh jar storage compartments. Ultimately, on the top is zippered dry storage space.

Among the most unique features of this Crew Cooler is that the rear slide pouch that allows for a rolling bag handle to slide through. This permits the to your cooler to be firmly transported in addition to a rolling bag. The eBags Crew Cooler can be found in several color schemes.

Igloo Max Cold Lunch Box Cooler

Igloo Playmate Gripper Maxcold 16 Black Igloo Playmate Gripper Maxcold 16 Black No ratings yet

The Igloo Max Cold is a traditional”lunch box appearing cooler.” This is fundamentally a modern approach to the lunch pail. Even though the Igloo supplies a leak-resistant layout, we still advise using ice packs with this cooler. This will guarantee that seams don’t become moist or flow. The inside provides an antimicrobial liner along with the outside provides an ergonomic carrying handle.

Everest Lunch Bags

Everest Cooler Lunch Bag, Black, One Size Everest Cooler Lunch Bag, Black, One Size No ratings yet $10.79

If you’re the”Keep It Simple” type of person you may love the Everest Lunch Bag. This is only one of the most economical lunch bags. Offering another storage space along with the big insulated region, this is among the easiest coolers out there. This is sensible for a kids’ lunch box since it’s offered in numerous colors so every child can have their own color. At approximately $10, this is the cheap approach to your lunch box. This is the best small cooler bag.

Engel Soft-Sided

A really fantastic product, Engel’s entrance in the cooler tote sector actually impressed us. The ice retention is industry-leading along with the build quality is unmatched. Additionally, there are some very cool features that you won’t find anyplace else. Combine this with fantastic styling and you’ve got one of the very best small cooler bags we’ve reviewed.

ENGEL HD30 Waterproof Soft-Sided Cooler Tote Bag ENGEL HD30 Waterproof Soft-Sided Cooler Tote Bag No ratings yet
  • Pros: Industry-leading ice life, Incredibly hard outer shell, exceptional vacuum attribute, attractive styling
  • Cons: Restricted sizes Strap adjustment is a little more work


Among the best portable coolers available on the market. The Kong Coolers combines impressive ice life, heaps of amazing features, and powerful build quality. Additionally, they look fantastic! This is among the best coolers you can purchase.

  • Pros: Great ice retention, Lifetime guarantee, Attractive styling, Really durable
  • Cons: Small dimensions Choices

K2 Summit

K2 Coolers Summit 20 Cooler K2 Coolers Summit 20 Cooler No ratings yet

K2 provides up to one of the best portable coolers in the marketplace using their Summit series. Ice life could be possibly weekly or more (from the largest sizes) and the build quality is top-notch. You might not see as many exotic features as you can on additional premium coolers, however, the simple approach causes a long-lasting and effectual cooler which is likely to make its owner happy for several years to come.

  • Pros: Unbelievable ice life, wheeled alternative for freedom, really sturdy construction, excellent tough Appearance
  • Cons: Really expensive, really bulky


This cooler has an exceptionally lengthy ice lifetime, even if compared to other worthy superior coolers out there. This is due to extra-thick walls, optimum construction, and also a straightforward and proven approach. Plus it seems that the part too. Only be expected to cover well into the top price range to relish one.

  • Pros: Some of the best ice life in the world Current Market, amazingly durable, competitive appearance, simple to take considering the dimensions
  • Cons: Very Pricey, heavy


In regards to styling and features, it will not get better compared to Orion. Additionally, the guarantee is one of the finest in the business. However, it will come at a really high asking price and the majority of the colors might have a little too much”pop” for somebody who’d rather mix in.

  • Pros: Really intelligent features, Impressive ice functionality, Amazing Styling, Long guarantee
  • Cons: Really expensive, Not a great deal of”secure” color choices


A fantastic lineup of small to big coolers that have great ice life and durability. What brings these on the top is that their smart features together with a comparatively competitive asking price.

  • Pros: Suitable asking price, Fantastic ice life, filled with features
  • Cons: Small dimensions Choices

Canyon Adventure Collection

A really amazing cooler which has a few of the greatest ice life we’ve ever encounter. There are loads of features that help make it hard while simple to use. Consider the reasonable asking price and lifetime guarantee and you’ve got a house run.

  • Pros: Super long ice lifetime, exceptionally tough, life guarantee
  • Cons: Few color options


This Idaho-based company actually impressed us with their boat-inspired lineup of hard-sided coolers. The ice lifestyle is there however, the most noteworthy aspects are the smart features and gorgeous aesthetics. And with a lifetime guarantee sure does not hurt, either!

  • Pros: Great ice life, Lifetime guarantee, Many smart features, Amazing styling
  • Cons: Not a ton of sizes, tight Colours, Higher price tag


Another worthy candidate at the best small soft cooler. Once it lacks in colors and sizes, it makes it up features, durability, ice lifetime, and also a fantastic asking cost.

  • Pros: Very cheap to get a top cooler, filled with features, Fantastic ice life
  • Cons: Small dimensions choices, few color options

Number Techni Ice Signature Series

This cooler includes industry-leading ice life along with the proven performance we come to expect from leading earners. There are sufficient features to make most joyful and the asking price is more than fair considering everything you’re getting.

  • Pros: Unbelievable ice retention, Great Build Quality, Affordable Price
  • Cons: Very limited in color choices

Igloo Sportsman

Igloo Products Sportsman 5 Quart Cooler, White Igloo Products Sportsman 5 Quart Cooler, White No ratings yet $373.99

This really is a superb cooler that’s intended to compete with the best hard coolers in the business. It includes premium build quality, demanding elements, and it’s proudly made in the united states. Additionally, it is less expensive compared to a lot of its competitors in the industry. The only minor problem we have is insufficient color choices.

  • Pros: Great ice retention, Extremely durable, more economical than several other superior coolers
  • Cons: Somewhat limited features, Deficiency of color options

Cordova Soft

Cordova Coolers Soft Sided Portable Cooler Cordova Coolers Soft Sided Portable Cooler No ratings yet $139.99

While somewhat limited in dimension choice, the recent versions of Cordova’s Soft Cooler lineup are rather great. They provide up heaps of storage area, excellent build quality, and remarkable ice life. A good choice for a person who needs to transfer a lot of cans for your weekend.

  • Pros: Loads of storage, Good construction, Attractive styling, Affordable Price
  • Cons: Could be just too big for a few, tight Color Choices


Palm’s recently revised V2 Coolers improves on which was a good layout. You may enjoy excellent ice life and among the longest warranties in the organization. The extra features are welcome also. Our only minor problem is the absence of color choices.

  • Pros: Great ice retention, Really tough, Fantastic Price, Wheels on new versions
  • Cons: Just two dimensions of fresh versions available today, Limited color options

Pelican Elite

Pelican Elite 70 Quart Cooler Pelican Elite 70 Quart Cooler No ratings yet

This cooler will provide you long ice life also it’s endorsed by proven construction and high-quality parts. Additionally, the aggressive appearance can help to make it stand out. However, it will come at a really high asking price (despite the superior cooler industry ).

  • Pros: Unbelievable cooling, Very durable, Rugged Appearance
  • Cons: Quite heavy and hard to maneuver, Expensive

Siberian Soft

While quite restricted in dimensions and color options, the Siberian Sidekick 32 is an excellent actress when it comes to ice retention and general toughness. And there are sufficient features to create most people’s articles. We expect to see Siberian build on this stage later on.

  • Pros: Great ice retention, Really hard, Beautiful warranty
  • Cons: Small in colors and dimensions, Can be a little pricey


The major selling point of the little lineup of coolers is at the remarkable capability to upload layouts to be published on the cooler. Additionally, the ice life and asking price are not horrible, either.

  • Pros: Great capability to upload layouts, Fantastic ice life
  • Cons: Restricted size selection, Just two base colors, Pretty pricey

Sacko Insulated Cooler Bag

A very simple bag that performs very well in comparison to what is on the market. When you consider the attractive cost, the results are much more striking. The achievement comes in the top quality insulating material utilized along with the optimized layout that isn’t too large or too little. In addition, we like noteworthy features like the quick-access best latch.

  • Pros: Excellent price, high-quality insulating material, big enough for many programs, quick-access Velcro hatch
  • Cons: Wish it was a bit harder

Lit Cooler

LIT Cooler 22SW- Sage- White Liner- 22QT LIT Cooler 22SW- Sage- White Liner- 22QT No ratings yet

An extremely refreshing superior cooler than standing from the crowd due to its strong build quality and attractive and convenient LED lighting. Acceptable performance and a lot of color options make this a good purchase regardless of the high price tag.

  • Pros: Functional lighted inside, Tons of color options, Acceptable toughness
  • Cons: Expensive, Somewhat restricted ice life, Not a Great Deal of sizes

Number Canyon Outfitter Series

Canyon Coolers Outfitter Series 55qt- Sandstone Canyon Coolers Outfitter Series 55qt- Sandstone No ratings yet $229.99

Even the”small brother” of the Adventure Collection, it sacrifices little to get a noticeable fall in cost. Very great insulation and nearly as hard while lightweight and sticking to the excellent lifetime guarantee.

  • Pros: Great ice life, “cheap” for being high quality, a lot durable
  • Cons: Few color options

Thermik Cooler

Thermik High Performance Roto-Molded Cooler, 45 qt, White Thermik High Performance Roto-Molded Cooler, 45 qt, White No ratings yet

Another good competitor in the top cooler marketplace. It requires a proven approach of supplying solid ice lifetime and durability in addition to some useful accessories like a pressure release valve. We just wish there were more colors to select from.

  • Pros: Great ice functionality, Tons of amazing features
  • Cons: Much more expensive than some comparable brands, lack of color Choices

Bison SoftPak Cooler Bag

A proven soft-sided cooler tote, the BIson SoftPak uses a very tough outer shell and thick insulating material to give it a bump in performance. It will not possess a lot of ice life of those best cooler for air travel, cooler luggage but the asking price is considerably more reasonable.

  • Pros: Quite tough outer cloth, Thick Insulation, Proven Appears
  • Cons: Somewhat limited ice lifetime to get a premium cooler tote

CoolersbyU Cooler

COOLERSbyU 26qt Paintable Cooler COOLERSbyU 26qt Paintable Cooler No ratings yet $44.00

This is only one of the more distinctive coolers that we’ve examined. It’s specially made to be painted. While its general ice retention and record of features aren’t anything special, its technical purpose and the excellent asking price will nonetheless ensure it is effective, in our view.

  • Pros: Able to paint right on it, Really Inexpensive
  • Cons: Just 1 dimension, Limited ice lifetime, Results depends on artistic ability

Engel High Performance

This cooler’s ice life is all up to the requirements of the majority of people following a fuller cooler. Nonetheless, in the ever-increasing premium cooler marketplace, discovering ways to stand out is equally significant and Engel’s easy approach may not many men and women. The tradeoff with this simple approach is a cheaper asking price. And you’ll still appreciate superior construction at this less expensive price point.

ENGEL ENG35 High Performance Hard Cooler and Icebox ENGEL ENG35 High Performance Hard Cooler and Icebox No ratings yet
  • Pros: Great insulation capacity, very demanding, cheaper than several similar coolers
  • Cons: Lid does not seal and anticipated, dull styling, nevertheless quite expensive


ORCA Cooler ORCA Cooler No ratings yet

An extremely simple cooler that does not wow you with a lot of features but rather with great ice life and durability. There’s also a massive choice of color and pattern choices, but that they do come at a high price.

  • Pros: Lots tough, Very Good ice life, Many color Choices
  • Cons: Little in the way of features, rather expensive

Igloo Marine Ultra

This is only one of Igloo’s most proven coolers and it’s specially made for boat excursions. The choice size is enormous so everyone, regardless of their storage requirements, can probably find a version that is suitable for them. The insulation is sufficient (even in sunlight ) and you will find wheeled options for extra mobility. That having been said, they could be about the tight side and also costs often change a bit depending on where you shop.

Igloo Marine Ultra Cooler Igloo Marine Ultra Cooler No ratings yet
  • Pros: Overall good to very good insulating material, many wheeled choices, stainless steel hardware, seems very professional
  • Cons: Bland styling, have to shop around to find a good bargain

Igloo Backpack

Little SizeOur Rating: Modest Size

The Igloo Backpack Cooler has experienced some changes which have improved its appearances and ice hockey operation. The end result is a string of cellular coolers that we actually appreciate. Ice life will change but may reach as much as half an hour. Along with the features which are in the area make this an extremely mobile and reliable product.

Igloo Daytripper Collection Igloo Daytripper Collection No ratings yet
  • Pros: Quite reasonably-priced, Nice features, Great build quality, Lots of Alternatives
  • Cons: Limited colors, No intense long-term ice solution

Mammoth Ranger

The Mammoth Ranger Cooler is your bigger sibling of this newly-updated Mammoth lineup. It provides up exceptionally thick, rotomolded walls and excellent hardware. This ends in a challenging package that may provide a very wonderful ice lifetime. Nonetheless, it’s a little lacking in features and color options.

Mammoth Cooler Ranger Series (25 – 125 Quart) Mammoth Cooler Ranger Series (25 – 125 Quart) No ratings yet
  • Pros: Dramatic ice hockey life, Really tough, Lifetime guarantee
  • Cons: Not a Great Deal of features, Lacking in color Alternatives, Pretty expensive

Orca Pod

Orca Pod Cooler Backpack Realtree Max 5 Realtree Max Orca Pod Cooler Backpack Realtree Max 5 Realtree Max No ratings yet $294.99

The Orca Pod is the bigger of both Orca’s backpack. It includes plenty of storage space along with also the ice retention is one of the very best in the business. Blend this with exceptionally high-quality construction and you’ve got the ideal recipe for a superior cooler. However, this product is very large/bulky along with the asking price may be more than a few folks are able to afford. This is the best small ice chest.

  • Pros: Excellent ice life, Loads of storage area, Extremely durable
  • Cons: Very bulky, tight features, Expensive

Ozark Trail

You’ll be able to enjoy an excellent premium cooler which has around 80 percent of the functionality of additional top earners but for a portion of the asking price. Each of the features and elements we want to see are all here. The only minor complaints are several lingering quality difficulties and the absence of color choices. However, for anyone on a strict budget, this cooler is well worth looking into.

  • Pros: Great Value, Plenty of Features, Very Good Ice Retention
  • Cons: A Few Quality Issues, Couple Of Shade Choices


Homitt delivers great performance and fine build quality at a really competitive asking price. This really is a superb cooler for people who need their money to go farther. But we do have problems with their absence of color choices and guarantee info.

  • Pros: Great functionality, Nice construction, quite reasonably priced
  • Cons: Very limited color choices, Unsure about particular of guarantee


An extremely distinctive layout, Icemule Coolers direct the way concerning freedom and portability. Their ice life is acceptable as well as the build quality is a lot resilient. However, this simple approach will come at come prices: lack of features rather than many alternatives for storing items out the insulated main place. However, these coolers certainly have their place one of our subscribers. There are the best small coolers for keeping ice.

  • Pros: Very Easy to Use, Extremely hard, Acceptable ice life
  • Cons: Restricted additional pockets, Really Brief guarantee, Can be expensive

Dometic Patrol

Dometic AVAL55L White Avalanche Ultimate Outdoor Cooler (55L) Dometic AVAL55L White Avalanche Ultimate Outdoor Cooler (55L) No ratings yet $372.95

While Dometic could be known more for their powered coolers, their current Patrol hard-sided coolers are no slouches, either. They have a good build quality and their ice lifetime will contend with the best. But they’re somewhat Spartan in regards to features. And we would not mind a couple more color options.

  • Pros: Great ice retention, Built sturdy
  • Cons: Not a Great Deal of features, Only 1 color choice


Taiga really impressed us with their enormous choice of customization choices and their astonishing life guarantee. However, the cooler is really bare when it comes to features and ice hockey performance is typical to the premium cost. However, this remains a good competitor all around.

  • Pros: Limit personalization choices, Lifetime warranty, Great build quality
  • Cons: Small dimensions, Not a ton of features, Really expensive


Among the most inexpensive premium-level coolers you can purchase, Frosty has a fantastic approach that can sit nicely with people on a small budget. But, it must create some noteworthy sacrifices in features and styling to attain this.

  • Pros: Great ice life, Plenty Difficult, among the Less Expensive premium cooler options
  • Cons: Few features, Boring layout, Deficiency of color options, Disappointing guarantee

Yeti Hopper

An extremely impressive soft-sided cooler throughout the plank, the Hopper was among the first top soft-sided coolers to reach the marketplace. You’ll come across the ice life and durability one of the best there is and there are a couple of unique colors to select from also. However, it does include a higher asking price and somewhat restricted storage places

YETI Hopper TWO Portable Cooler YETI Hopper TWO Portable Cooler No ratings yet
  • Pros: A few of the best cooling in the Marketplace to get a soft-sided cooler, Fantastic size for its own intentions, Really tough
  • Cons: Lack of Further pockets, Few color Choices, Really expensive for your storage dimensions


Kula has among the most unique fashions of almost any cooler that we’ve examined. The round cooler provides up a great collection of features and can be constructed quite well. On the other hand, the ice lifestyle and large asking price may turn off some people.

Kula 5 Coolers Kula 5 Coolers No ratings yet
  • Pros: Great build quality, Beautiful, Nice guarantee
  • Cons: Uncomfortable to take, So-so ice life, Expensive


Dewalt is famous for its power resources. However, their new lineup of hard-sided coolers is not shabby, either. They provide very good quality and performance for an acceptable cost. But you’ll be stuck using their vivid yellow color.

  • Pros: Reputable manufacturer name, Fantastic construction, Fantastic ice retention
  • Cons: Few features compared to other manufacturers, Only 1 color choice (bright yellow), Unsure on the guarantee

Arctic Zone Titan 16

Being more compact dimensions, the ice operation is somewhat missing. But outside of the concern, everything about the Titan 16 is rather great. The instinctive lid makes obtaining things a breeze and we actually enjoy the styling of it. That is an acceptable option for a tiny soft-sided cooler if super-extended ice lifetime is not a large concern.

Arctic Zone Titan Deep Freeze Zipperless Hardbody Cooler Arctic Zone Titan Deep Freeze Zipperless Hardbody Cooler No ratings yet
  • Pros: Very handy lid Smart shelf technologies is a Wonderful touch, looks amazing
  • Cons: Struggles with cooling

Engel High Performance

This cooler’s ice life is all up to the requirements of the majority of people following a fuller cooler. Nonetheless, in the ever-increasing premium cooler marketplace, discovering ways to stand out is equally significant and Engel’s easy approach may not many men and women. The tradeoff with this simple approach is a cheaper asking price. And you’ll still appreciate superior construction at this less expensive price point.

Engel 65 High Performance Hard Cooler Engel 65 High Performance Hard Cooler No ratings yet
  • Pros: Great insulation capacity, very demanding, cheaper than several similar coolers
  • Cons: Lid does not seal as well as anticipated, quite heavy, still quite pricey

Igloo Contour

The Contour is a small but powerful cooler that could manage ice for a weekend trip. It’s an adequate size to match most items a little group would require also it made to take up minimal storage space. This makes it significantly easier to carry. At length, the asking price is quite fair.

Igloo Contour Cooler Igloo Contour Cooler No ratings yet
  • Pros: Very portable, comfortable to carry, pleasant grip on grips, cheap
  • Cons: Cooling capacity can be a little better, no cup holders

Igloo MaxCold Tote

The blend of adequate short-term cooling capability, simplicity in usage, and aggressive asking price make this a fantastic purchase. It’s well-constructed and lightweight enough to be carried in your shoulder. We do wish there were a few more size choices but that is a minor criticism.

Igloo MaxCold Coolers Igloo MaxCold Coolers No ratings yet
  • Pros: Really keeps things cold for Some Time, really lightweight and portable, well-priced, fine construction
  • Cons: No varying dimensions choices, not as stiff as most coolers

Coleman Xtreme Marine

The Xtreme Series has just undergone some upgrades and the new look is a lot more appealing. Additionally, the thicker insulation and greater quality materials lead to a rather superior ice lifetime for the dimensions and cost. That having been said, the lid could be a little stubborn to start, and shut and screws used on the hinges may also strip.

Coleman Xtreme 5 Marine Cooler, 150 Quart Coleman Xtreme 5 Marine Cooler, 150 Quart No ratings yet $112.59
  • Pros: Really good ice life, wheeled choices for freedom, comparatively tough, high-quality materials
  • Cons: Lid may be overly tight, quite hefty, screws could strip, fairly expensive

Engel Cooler/Dry Box

An extremely clever approach but for people who aren’t following the particular needs of these more expensive addresses, you are going to wind up paying to get a product that does not have as long of ice lifetime as a more conventional premium cooler. The exceptional design also contributes to a rather restricted storage area. But we surely can not deny its quality parts and for individuals after an”all-in-one” cooler, this can not be defeated.

ENGEL Cooler/Dry Box 19 Qt - White ENGEL Cooler/Dry Box 19 Qt - White No ratings yet
  • Pros: Can keep both cold and hot things, cooler could be submerged underwater without any difficulty, quality hardware
  • Cons: Perhaps not the best heating system, a bit restricted in storage quantity, pricey for the size

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