Top 16 Best Travel Humidor 2021 Review

Top 16 Best Travel Humidor 2020 Review

Are you looking for the best travel humidor? Our reviews below will help you find the best humidors on the market.

A humidor is a space, or a box, with a certain temperature that can be utilized to store cigars, cigarettes, and tobacco. Normally, cigar smokers use humidors to take care of their favorite treats. You have to be careful to purchase an excellent and reliable humidor in order to make sure that your cigars stay secure and in good conditions.

You are likely to want a humidor if you are thinking about traveling with cigars. Classic cigar boxes may not be ideal to bring on a backpacking trip or to transport around with you on holiday, even if they look great on your desk. If you are a cigar lover, you can also take with you a compact box of Cuban cigars. Listed below are our top picks for the best travel humidors – a few tiny enough to fit in your coat pocket! – which are certain to keep your cigars fresh.

Traveling Humidor Benefits

To be able to fulfill their purpose, travel humidors will need to fulfill certain prerequisites.

Primarily, so the mandatory environment can be produced, they will need to provide an airtight seal. If they are not airtight, they won’t keep the moisture provided by the which humidifier is.

The humidor ought to be produced. The materials will need to shocks that are strong enough to withstand or being crushed.

In the same way, travel humidors that are exceptional aren’t just proof but also waterproof. In the end, you don’t know when traveling, what could occur in case you are heading out to the shore, and it a feature that is reassuring.

All travel humidors must have latches to prevent accidental openings on your bag or when transported. Some quality humidors that are bigger will contain locking mechanisms with a secret or mixes so that they can be kept of drifting sticks without fear.

Ultimately, security valves will be featured by a number of the greater, more travel humidors. Given that you might be leaving them in your bag, the valve is able to open to get around the box breaking under pressure that is reduced.

Traveling Humidor Drawbacks

Travel humidors are less than ideal, and that’s the reason why we do not recommend them for long-term storage. Since they’re basically cases with rubber seals that are additional, a few of those travel humidors that we have tested have airtight seals.

Therefore, they so are only workable if you would like to smoke the cigars instead of later and tend to underperform. This does not necessarily speak for many travel humidors are you will find a few excellent ones on the market. Make sure you’re purchasing quality as opposed to a layout or cost.

Another problem among travel humidors they often provide storage space in comparison to their dimensions. This is from necessity.

Nearly all travel humidors are full of Ester, Polyethylene, or Pro-Cell foam to secure and cushion the cigars. This is a double-edged sword is it leaves little space is left for the cigars themselves let alone the which humidifier is or hygrometer!

The foam has a significant role as it prevents the cigars from becoming loose within the container, which might cause one another to be damaged by them.

This might result in rather than having sufficient space for your cigars. Consequently, individuals might attempt to overfill their journey humidors, they could be crushed by us!

Points to Consider Before Purchasing a Traveling Humidor

Cigar humidors play an essential part in travel fans. Selecting an excellent product is from not needing one, nothing distinct. To locate an excellent product, you have to consider these elements.

Traveling Humidor Size

This traveling humidor’s dimensions things a lot in regards to deciding on a humidor for the needs. You need to make certain that the humidor you’re searching to purchase includes ample area for storing the number of cigars that you wish to take along.

Roomy cigar humidors are best for cigar lovers and vendors who must maintain heaps of cigars for any particular period. For all those traveling or for the remainder of the populace, travel humidors are ideal.

But, humidors that are little will need you to stuff your cigars. This will compromise the taste of these cigars as the tote will not have the ability to permit ambient air distribution to ease the cigar’s aging process.

On the flip side, large humidors can cause”humidity overdose.” Overexposure to moisture can soften the cigars and moist cigars can cause irregular burn; a happening known as tunneling.

For this reason, you are going to want to select the ideal size to store the precise amount of cigars you plan to store.


As you’re interested in a travel humidor, reliability must be an essential aspect to remember while looking for humidors. Travel humidors are a must-have for cigar fans and travelers. The very best travel humidor ought to be small and light to easily match your pocket or backpack when in your roadside experiences.

Always maintain a balance between the product’s portability and size. Do not compromise the dimensions. For small-sized products, guarantee that the materials are stable and light.

The Seal of the Humidor

What keeps the warmth of your humidor is your seal. If the seal is faulty, you will not have the ability to maintain the goal humidity amount, which can be between 65 percent – 70 percent. A complete travel cigar instance should comprise an airtight sealing system that keeps a specific humid state to prolong the cigar’s creativity.

Humidor Make

Most high-end travel humidors are made from cedar. These are wood mobile travel humidors offering aroma and insulation. They are not the same as the cedar employed in creating cupboard linings and memorabilia.

This timber is also famous for its durability since it contracts and expands over time, preventing cracking. This could be a choice that is expensive.

If it is found by you from your stove, consider other alternatives like mahogany, walnut, walnut, and cherry wood.

Extra Accessories

There are. For example, hygrometer and thermometer are used accessories in cigar humidors. Thermometers measure temperatures while the humidity level of the humidor is measured by hygrometers.

Some versions have built-in accessories, while some need you to purchase them individually. Prioritize travel humidors that have built-in thermometers and hygrometers within their own design. This permits you to track humidity and temperature levels.

If you’re searching for additional tools very similar to humidor consider purchasing an automated cigarette roller. They have a simplistic design, hardy, and can package the ideal amount of tobacco. It’s fairly convenient and specially designed to save money and time.

Top 16 Best Travel Humidor

Top 16 Best Travel Humidor

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antello 4-5 Cigar Cedar Wood Lined Portable Travel Leather Cigar Case Humidor

Includes a classy and distinctive design that’s surrounded by leather. Although this product is not pocket-ready, it can easily be stowed away in a messenger bag or bag. Its inside is crafted from Spanish cedar timber, which will improve the freshness of the cigars which you are storing.

Insofar as function, this product has a hygrometer to assess the humidity levels inside the traveling humidor.

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To guarantee cluttered conditions, all you are going to need to do is put in some glycol or warm water into which humidifier is and your cigars will be saved in ideal conditions. Based on the size of your cigars, you will have the ability to get either five or four stogies within this humidor.


  • Strong leather casing
  • Cedar timber liner
  • Holds five cigars
  • Hygrometer for humidity


  • Perhaps not the hygrometer for precision

Xikar Cigar Travel Humidor – Finest Travel Humidor for Outside Pursuits

Can you plan on mountaineering or fishing? Your stress cans relieve over withering or damaging your cigars. It’s water-resistant, sterile, durable, and made by a stubborn and crushproof ABS molded plastic.

It’s also offered in a plethora of sizes, which vary from little that may hold a max of five cigars. The Xikar Cigar Travel Humidor, our version, is a 15-stick cigar-holding humidor.

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This version is considered to be the ideal traveling humidor because of its safety method, which consists of hardy and long-lasting latches and hinges. It features a built-in lock that is molded to keep your cigars inaccessible to men and women.


  • Super ABS construction
  • Closed-cell foam
  • Water and airtight
  • Stainless steel latch hinges
  • Lock ring for safety
  • Popular brand


  • Does not seal

Cedar Wood Portable Travel Cigar Humidor – Greatest Mobile Travel Humidor

Since the coming of the humidor on the current market, Amancy is becoming a favorite brand among cigar fans. The Amancy Cedar Wood Portable Travel Cigar Humidor features a slick and streamlined design along with a leather interior complimented with a cedar-lined inside.

With that type of interior, you may be certain that the five cigars dismiss the hardship of problems and will stay fresh even.

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Instead of being eye-catching using its polysynthetic leather skin, this traveling humidor prides itself to be durable enough to provide protection against regular spills and lumps.

It comes. This provides effortless monitoring of humidity levels.


  • Mobile
  • Elegant and Contemporary
  • Built-in hygrometer
  • Holds up to Five cigars
  • Leather outside with cedar timber inside


  • Inadequate space

Waterproof Cigar Travel Humidor for 10 Cigars – Integrated Hygrometer and Humidifier Contained – two Trays

With this particular product from Mrs. Brog, you receive an extremely stable experience for your storage of your cigars. Not merely is this humidor crafted with substance, but in addition, it has a latching system that produces the product airtight.

The inside of this product is constructed from a mix of ABS and foam substance that’s scent-free and is intended to maintain your cigars in an optimal degree of freshness.

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In regards to features, not only does this product have a which humidifier is, but in addition, it contains a hygrometer so you can monitor the degree of humidity. This Mrs. Borg product can quickly accommodate 10 cigars which have a bigger sizing and the entire body is designed to cradle and protect those cigars from external harm.


  • ABS material outside
  • Strong latching system
  • Humidifier and hygrometer
  • Airtight with seal


  • No handle or lanyard

F.e.s.s. Armour S Case Extreme Rugged Air Tight Waterproof Travel 25-30 Cigars Humidor

If you’re planning on bringing at least 25 cigars with you this traveling humidor will provide the experience that you demand. This traveling humidor’s entire body is constructed of heavy-duty ABS plastic that’s definitely powerful enough for pretty much any travel experience.

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The body is crushproof, so this is a superb alternative if you are traveling demanding. This product is waterproof and completely rustproof; in actuality, as soon as the humidor closes, it provides a seal to your cigars. This travel humidor includes a handle for easy portability and stores up to 30 cigars that will be kept in fresh condition thanks to a which humidifier is a disc in the lid.


  • Crushproof
  • Waterproof
  • Holds 30 cigars
  • Clasps airtight


  • Tight for cigars that are bigger

GALINER Genuine Leather Cigar Case

GALINER Genuine Leather Cigar Case with Premium Stainless Steel Cutter Crocodile Shape Portable Lightweight Minimalist Genuine Leather 3ct Tubes Mini Humidor (Black)

A number of these products aren’t packable and as mobile, so you might struggle once you would like to pack lightly. This product from Galiner is a pocket-friendly travel humidor that uses some materials to provide a cigar encounter.

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This product is coated in certain high-quality leather that is 100 percent real. Unlike lots of the humidors in this manual, this product doesn’t have any timber construction but does possess a robust and very durable cigar holder that is surrounded by leather.

For your convenience, this product completely divides each cigar they won’t harm each other. Galiner has packed in a cigar cutter.


  • Awesome leather outside
  • Cigar cutter included
  • Pocket-ready
  • Separated cigars


  • Holds three cigars

RAAM Cigar Travel Container, Crush-proof Portable Humidifier For Cigars

The RAAM is just another heavy-duty travel container that could hold up to 15 cigars.

Produced from impact-resistant ABS plastic, this humidor is crushproof, waterproof, and has an airtight seal. 1 which humidifier is disc is contained in the lid. The protective foam inserts provide added cushioning and impact-resistant properties.

Sold as a single or dual clamp instance this traveling humidor is not difficult to prepare and use. All you have to do is add water or Propylene Glycol to the which humidifier is via the surface holes.

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But this is dependent upon the ring judge size this has a cigar ability of 15. External dimensions 9.25″ L x 4.72″ D x 3.74″ H along with inner measurements of 7.99″ x 3.85″ x 3.18″.


  • Material: ABS plastic
  • Case dimensions: 9.25″ L x 4.72″ D x 3.74″ H
  • Ability: 15cigars

The RAAM Cigar Case is a sound, durable, and well-constructed traveling situation for protecting your cigars. Well, priced, this container offers customer testimonials that are excellent to go with this.


Then that one from CiTree is a great option if you’re looking to keep your cigars fresh once you travel. It comes. This makes it easy for traveling by providing a space to keep your cigars.

The humidor includes a steel dispenser plus a cigar holder. It provides excellent value for money as you don’t need to purchase these accessories. It features all you are, you will need to save, transport, and utilize your cigars.

It is a suitable selection for traveling or home use. It is possible to choose it away from your home for camping, road trips or any other location. The inside features a tray that secures the cigars. The ring is useful to separate and protect cigars inches and a ring gauge of 56.


  • Material: cedarwood and leather
  • Case Measurements: 8.27′ x 5.12′ x 2.76″
  • Ability: 4 cigars

This humidor is a perfect alternative for someone who needs a little, pocket-size layout for portability.

Davidoff Travel Humidor [Luxury Travel Humidor]

Davidoff’s lavish Italian-made traveling humidor is constructed from leather and Jacquard cloth which are welded together to get an airtight seal. A pull-out tray is made to protect every cigar as a hidden grip seals it closed.

Preview Product Rating Price
Davidoff Cigar Case R-2 Leader Black Leaf Design Davidoff Cigar Case R-2 Leader Black Leaf Design No ratings yet

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Davidoff travel humidors were provided with their particular humidity packs, which has since been replaced with those. There are loads of layouts although the one envisioned is a Churchill variant.

You may read about it.

Mrs. Brog Cigar Travel Humidor – Constructed In Humidifier & Hygrometer – Holds Multiple Cigars – Dark

Preventing Your Cigars At Freshness This solid aluminum humidor and Perfect Shape Humidity include a cover that is Built-in a Humidifier at the base, along with Hygrometer on the cover. Its casing provides a guarantee to you your cigars will remain in shape.

If it will be thrown by the TSA as they often do Design to function flawlessly as both a normal travel case and a cigar travel humidor, and opens on both ends, top or bottom. Constructed from aluminum and given a cautious, precision construct. Will will easily twist open when required, and never open unintentionally. Hit on the street for prolonged amounts of time protecting cigars and maintaining them fresh as the day they had been wrapped.

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  • Ideal for the cigar smoker or traveling on the move
  • Anti-Slip Allergic Side Grip
  • Aluminum Casing – Assures Your Cigars Stay In Shape Under Any Circumstance
  • Constructed In Humidifier & Hygrometer
  • Approximately 7-3/4″ X 6.5″ Diameter – Holds Multiple Cigars

Fess F15 Black Travel Cigar Humidor Waterproof Holder Case for up to 10-15 Cigars

Traveling humidor tackle box, or will fit into a golf bag, Briefcase, Glove Compartment. Holding up to 15 Cigars, this waterproof, waterproof, and crush-proof humidor is an exceptional case. Produced from super-strong ABS molded Plastic and comprising a silicone airtight and watertight seal, so this traveling humidor ensures that the protection of your cigars. The Interior is lined to cushion your cigars. The humidor is sure to keep your cigars to smoke.

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  • Black Travel Cigar Humidor Waterproof Holder Case Humidifier
  • Made from a beat proof, airtight, watertight
  • Augmented ABS frame with foam cushioning,
  • This situation has the capacity for up to 15 8″ cigars

Visol Products VCASE452 “Little Joe” Travel Cigar Humidor Case

This incredible cylindrical cigar tube has a built-in which humidifier is and hygrometer for cigar preservation that is extra. It may hold up based on their ring estimate and the aluminum frame is fantastic for travel usage. Catch this as a gift for the cigar aficionado in your life now!

Preview Product Rating Price
Visol Products VCASE452 Little Joe Travel Cigar Humidor Case Visol Products VCASE452 Little Joe Travel Cigar Humidor Case No ratings yet

Last update on 2024-07-23 / Affiliate links / As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API


  • Holds 1-4 Cigars Based on the Ring Gauge
  • Premium Quality Satin Finished Stainless Steel Exterior
  • Integrated Humidifier and Hygrometer for Added Cigar Preservation
  • Fits Conveniently Inside of Coat Pockets
  • Design for Added Cigar Protection

Diamond Crown Cigar Humidor

A complete beauty to behold with a price tag to match, the Diamond Crown St. James collection Alexander Cigar holder functions as both a gorgeous piece of furniture and humidor. The cherry end together with the tongue and groove construction to keep moisture within your humidor whereas the lock and key closure keep prying hands out.

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Assess the humidity and you are going to need to season the wood – there is no hygrometer on the exterior. It comes packed. Some reviews report that the humidifier is leaking a bit, but overall, they were delighted with the capability interior and exterior, and a lid that is close.

This bit is at the top of the budget, but if you are prepared to invest, you will appreciate the storage area and its personality.


  • Gorgeous Spanish cedar and exterior
  • Key and lock closure with brass fittings
  • Made to be exhibited


  • Subpar which humidifier is for your Price
  • No outside hygrometer

Bally 100 Count Humidor

If you searching a product that gives the look and feel of a humidor, the Bally 100 Count is. At the end of the budget, the Bally comprises cedar liner and can hold 100 cigars. Lock and the brass hygrometer and key closure make an appealing centerpiece on any shelf. Cigar smokers are proud to demonstrate that this humidor.

Preview Product Rating Price
100-cigar Bally Glass Top Humidor 100-cigar Bally Glass Top Humidor No ratings yet

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The humidor measures only 10″ x 13 3/4″, however, the extra flexible divider lets you a large quantity of storage at a small, well-designed box. The glass top means you are able to find precisely what you’re looking for without opening the piece. The humidifier is included, and reviewers report that the break-in instructions are simple and simple to follow.


  • Cherry finish
  • Glass shirt to see your collection
  • Fits 100 cigars


  • Reviewers report that the hygrometer is a Little lackluster
  • Humidity management and break-in

XIFEI Travel Cigar Case Humidor Jar

This humidor comes with an outstanding design that will match a look that is contemporary and add some feeling of design. Besides this design, the container is more practical to maintain your cigars moistly. With this note, the humidor comes at a size that makes it simple to match it.

Among the features which you will love about this humidor is your non-slip sleeve on the exterior. It ensures you’ve got a superb grasp of this humidor stop the glass indoors and to keep it secure. The glass interior maintains conditions that are perfect to maintain the cigars at the state that is ideal.

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It features a built-in hygrometer, a which humidifier is, and a dropper. These accessories are crucial in maintaining conditions. You don’t need to invest in extra accessories.


  • Material: glass and cloth sleeve
  • Case Measurements: 8.5 inches x 2.55 diameter
  • Ability: 5 cigars
  • The humidor provides a region. It ensures that the conditions are appropriate to maintain your cigars fresh for more.

CigarPro Cigar Travel Case

If you are thinking about a trip and require a humidor that is mobile, this layout can be chosen by you from CigarPro. It’s intended to provide ample space to take a few cigars and maintain them in the best condition. It’s among the cigar humidors; due to its durable construction.

The situation comes from a robust plastic that could withstand harsh conditions if you’re traveling. It is waterproof and airtight in prime shape and to ensure cigars stay fresh. When it’s raining, you don’t need to think about getting it.

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The situation has polyurethane padding on the bottom and the top to guarantee the inside is protected from damage in harsh circumstances. Additionally, it features a comfortable rubberized grip, which is among the features making it a holder. You’ll have a simple time carrying it about fishing, camping, etc..


  • Material: Molded plastic and foam
  • Case Measurements: 8.7 x 6.3 x 3.7 inches inside
  • Ability: 10 cigars
  • It’s among the best because of these design features that make it simple to carry it.

Humidor FAQs

What is a cigar travel humidor, and why is it important to you?

A cigar travel humidor is a sealed box, cupboard. It is important because cigars that are improperly saved will dry out and eventually become ruined.

How long does cigars at a humidor?

This is determined by the cigar, till they start to go rancid, but generally, cigarettes will continue about five years at a humidor.

Can you take cigars from plastic to devote a humidor?

This is an issue of preference. Cellophane allows moisture to pass through and is porous. New cigars may seem better without it.

Could I maintain cigars?

Definitely not. While it might look like a cool, moist location, it is not. Refrigerators are too chilly for cigars, along with the humidity is much too low to maintain your cigars secure.

 Why Is it too large for cigars?

Ordinarily, yes. Draw off and will be inclined to burn. 72 percent is that the humidity at. Cigars need humidity that is different, but a general guideline is 65%.

Can you know whether there is a cigar poor?

The step is the texture. When you squeeze the cigar into your palms, it ought to give. The cigar gets dried out When it’s difficult or crunchy. It is much too wet When it’s spongy. Smoking and when lighting, notice whether the cigar pulls and burns. It might be bad if it doesn’t.

How do you tell whether there is a cigar dry?

The cigar gets dried outside if you are not able to find any bounce straight back from squeezing the cigar a couple of days.

Would there be a cigar stored?

You can try and the oils from the tobacco all have not evaporated. Rehydrating a cigar may take but so it might be a fantastic time increase your collection and to throw them.

Can cigars get better with age?

Yes, – fuller-bodied cigars will have a tendency to improve with age over cigars and start to mellow out. Consult your cigar store owner to steer you through the length of time they have experienced and he urges aging them.


Travel humidors are cigar accessories that keep your Smokey new. They’re a must-have thing to keep up the flavor of your cigars. They cigarettes prepared all of the time and maintain your cigars by producing conditions.

If you can not resist the impulse to get a smoke and are on the move, consider one of those above-mentioned travel humidors that are mobile to take along. When you’re not an enthusiast, acquiring a humidor proves very useful as it preserves your cigars in the top-notch state.

Are you currently tired of filling fluid repeatedly, consider purchasing an electrical plasma lighter? Plasma lighters are cheap, weatherproof, and rechargeable. They are considered to be trendy. And, if you travel frequently, consider also obtaining a translation apparatus.

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