Top 13 Best Travel Shaver 2021 Review

Top 13 Best Travel Shaver 2020 Review

First of all, the very best travel shavers needs to be dependable. It also ought to be streamlined enough to pack off, have a protective cap, and also be simple to use generally. We addressed these variables and more, after creating the very best list below.

You do not need personal grooming habits to slide while traveling, thus a quality mobile shaver is a must-have. Many opt for electrical ones in this circumstance, but you will find manual razors that do the work too. Whichever type you would like, we came up with seven best products that will assist you to find the very best electric shaver that will fit your requirements.

Top 13 Best Travel Shaver 

Top 13 Best Travel Shaver

Bestseller No. 1
Braun Electric Razor for Men, M90 Mobile Electric Shaver, Precision Trimmer, Washable
Braun Electric Razor for Men, M90 Mobile Electric Shaver, Precision Trimmer, Washable
Wide Floating Foil - for close comfortable shaving; The electric razor is washable - easy cleaning under running water
SaleBestseller No. 10
Panasonic Men's Shaver for Traveler ES-RS10-A Blue | DC3V (2 x AA Alkaline) (Japan Model)
Panasonic Men's Shaver for Traveler ES-RS10-A Blue | DC3V (2 x AA Alkaline) (Japan Model)
Battery operated; (Best with Polaroid AA Batteries); Panasonic Men's Shaver for Traveler ES-RS10-A Blue | DC3V (2 x AA Alkaline) (Japan Model)

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Panasonic ES3831K Electric Travel Shaver

If you’d like smooth shaving anywhere, then this is the best electric razor for you. You may use it on either side moist, dry and wet faces. It’s completely made for people who travel a great deal. The shaver also has all of the features that the very best electric razor must-have.

This electrical shaver has quite a lovely and slick design. Its blades are made from Japanese swords, which are extremely sharp and slick. In addition, it has excellent advantages for grooming.

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The very best travel shaver has one blade system, that’s a stainless steel blade. It’s quite thin and smooth. It’s created in such a manner that it fits in the hand quite easily. Thus, you will have all the control over it while shaving. You may also use it while taking a shower.

It’s quite simple for you to wash it with all the water. A cleaning brush is also provided. Therefore, it is possible to easily remove facial and hair gel out of it.

The lightweight shaver also includes a soft leather traveling pouch to take them everywhere you would like. The pouch can readily be taken with all the bags, gym bags, and daypacks anywhere easily. Thus, you might consider this one as the very best shaving machine accessible for you when traveling.

Braun M90 Mobile Shaver

Foil devotees will probably be thrilled to have a Braun M90 within their traveling tote. It is shaped like a wise phone but somewhat smaller, but if this seems like it may be too little to grasp and shave, Braun has you covered. The top part of this shaver covers the heads to get protection and may be secured for travel. But once you’re ready to shave, it swings down to behave as a comfy handle. Unusual, but powerful.

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The M90 is a battery-powered razor powered by 2 AA batteries that are stored in an accessible compartment and are simple to replace. You do not need to fiddle around with a screwdriver once the batteries will need to be changed, and the majority of people will get at least fourteen days’ worth of shaves until the batteries run low. Obviously, you may also use rechargeable AA batteries but that needs bringing a distinct plug-in charger, which we have been trying to prevent.

The broad, floating foil head does a good job of shaving your beard. It will not completely measure up to among Braun’s full-sized foil shavers made for home use, but that is not what you ought to expect from an electrical travel shaver. You need to expect for a good-but-not exceptionally-close shave, and that is exactly what the M90 delivers. It is not a fully wet/dry version, but it may be kept under running water to get a fast cleanup. This Braun includes a slide-out blossom and sideburn trimmer also, an odd add-on to get a cellular shaver. This is the best razor for men.

Philips Norelco 4500 Portable Rotary Shaver

The Philips Norelco 4500 is your very best electric razor for men that is travel-friendly.

Since it’s three shifting rotary heads, it is going to work better for guys who’ve thicker beards and do not shave daily. The Norelco 4500 provides a smooth shave, however, needless to say, the outcomes will not be smooth when compared with foil shavers. Additionally, it includes a bigger pop-up trimmer around the back, which is fantastic for getting directly hairlines and dressing mustaches. Even the SH50 Replacement Heads do not cost a great deal, but they are not cheap, so bear this in mind. This shaver can be totally waterproof, meaning you could wash it by rinsing in running water and use it from the shower.

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This razor is powered by a lithium-ion battery, which will do the job for approximately 50 minutes until it has to be recharged. It is charged with a normal cord, and it is dual-voltage, meaning it is going to work everywhere on earth. Nevertheless, you need to be sure to bring appropriate travel adapters to your electric sockets.

The Philips Norelco 4500 will probably be the best shaver for men as it is compact, so the charger does not occupy too much space, and it includes a protective cap for maintaining the blades sharp. But 1 thing that it is missing is a lock to your on/off button, meaning you’ll need to pack it securely within your bag to prevent it from turning on.

Shavetech USB Electric Razor

We said USB charging earlier, and also the review team considers that this is the best men’s electric razor that benefits from the capacity. The Shavetech will just operate for 30 minutes before having to shut, but you do not need to mess about with adapters and power wires to take action. You merely need to pull out the retractable USB jack and then plugin it into any device with a USB port. A charge takes approximately four hours.

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It is a foil wig with a single mind, and because it is smaller than a smartphone you’ll be able to tuck it into a pocket or briefcase, in addition to your own toiletry kit or bag. The Shavetech isn’t in its best when cutting long hair, but it works fairly nicely for touchups or routine shaves on milder beards (twice per day is greatest, due to the somewhat-low ability of the razor). Obviously, like every transparency razor, it can not enter into the nooks and crannies in your face as readily as a rotary version will.

To wash the Shavetech you have to get rid of the head cap and use a brush, which can be less suitable than the tap cleanup you are able to perform using the Braun. Additionally, it comes with no lock or even ahead cap, only a soft carry case, which might be deal-breakers to get a few. Nevertheless, the USB charging is absolutely a trendy approach. It sells for approximately the exact same cost as the Braun.

PRITECH RSM-1880 Mobile Foil Shaver For Men

This really is the best electric razors for men. As it’s provided using all the USB charging option. You can carry it easily anywhere without any worries. It’s an ultra-thin body to fit in your pocket. Here are a couple of methods to use this mobile foil shaver.

To start with, you’ll need to charge it for 8 or more hours. After charging it, then remove the protective cap and change it ON. Then hold it on your beard to trim your beard’s desirable area. Gently put it upon your own beard, so you don’t get hurt. After shaving, then change it OFF and wash it. Ultimately, place on the cover.

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If you’re cleaning it frequently then it will stay in good shape. It’s possible to wash it rather easily. It’s a cleaning brush, protective bag along with also a guide for one to direct. Bear in mind, you can not wash it with water.

It’s acceptable for small beards and mustache. It’s the very best one for traveling with the best features inside. It’s possible to control it by simply plugging into your budget travel laptop whenever required.

Pladou Electric Rotary Razor Shaver For Men

This rotary shaver includes a one-year complete guarantee. When there’s a problem, you can speak to the corporation. It’s a very distinctive design and comes from your hands perfectly. The ideal size of the product makes it quite simple to use.

You simply have to turn the switch ON and begin shaving off your beard. The negative beard shaver is quite great for sideburns and mustaches. If you wish to lock the shaver, simply press on the ON/OFF swap for three occasions and the shaver is going to be locked. The Pladou Electric Rotary Razor is fantastic for people who enjoy traveling.

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It requires just 1 hour for charging and functions for about 80 minutes. It’s possible to enjoy a dependable close shave each time, which will provide you a flawless appearance. You might also gift it to your loved ones; they’d absolutely adore this gift.

You may wash this shaver very easily as it’s a readily washable product. It’s an LED screen, which shows you that the battery percent. In addition, it includes just two AA batteries. There’s not any need to worry about the battery, it lasts quite long as mentioned. Therefore, you can use and carry anywhere with no problem.

Elezenioc Portable Foil Shaver

The Elezenioc Portable foil shaver is quite much like this Panasonic Arc5, just costs a fraction of the price tag.

This foil shaver ends in a clean end, which is not as great as on the Panasonic Arc5, but fairly close nonetheless. Rather than utilizing five foil heads, this one utilizes just three. In the back, there is also a pop-up trimmer for cutting more beard hair and receiving exact hairlines. Additionally, this shaver is waterproof, meaning you could use it at the shower and wash under running water.

Folks are often shocked to learn that replacement generators for Philips, Braun, and Panasonic shavers price 30$-50$. This shaver prices less than this, and also the replacement generators for Elezenioc price even more economical, making the general operating costs very low in comparison to shavers from well-known brands.

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The Elezenioc foil shaver is best rated electric razor for traveling, as it’s double voltage and runs for approximately 60 minutes on a single charge. You could even control it via USB, so, actually, you do not even have to bring the charger with you in case you are bringing your budget travel laptop or a cellular charger. Additionally, it includes a protective cap for the blades, a lock to your on/off button, and a travel pouch, which means it will be easy to pack into a bag.

Overall, it is a really good selection for a travel shaver, particularly when considering how inexpensive it is.

Micro Touch SOLO Rechargeable Shaver

The Micro Touch Rechargeable Shaver is an all-round package that includes an all-in-one entire body, beard, and confront shaver and trimmer. It’s three trimming attachments along with a single USB charging cable. It features a built-in LED light and pivoting head which contour into the trunk, neck, and torso without difficulty. Its trimming combs are great to protect the face, beard, and human anatomy.

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The Micro Touch SOLO Rechargeable Shaver has semi-automatic stainless steel dual-sided blades that shave and trim beards with ease very similar to a proper beard trimmer. No aggravation usually means no lotions needed. The rechargeable lithium-ion battery may last up to 45 minutes at 1 charge. It utilizes hyper-advanced technology, complete body razor which may trim, shape, and the border with all the micro-precision.

Remington TF70CDN Battery-operated Foil Travel Shaver

Meet using a battery-operated shaver. It’s surgical blades, so it’s going to provide you an extremely smooth and flawless shave in virtually no time. It’s a really powerful shaving system. Its functionality is quite great.

It is simple to use it everywhere. It has two lasting foils to provide you a smooth shave. It’s among the very best travel razor. You may even lock it conserve the battery life.

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A cleaning brush can be provided so you can wash it afterward using it. Thus, it is going to stay fresh and fresh for a longer period. It is simple to alter its batteries when required.

The very best travel electric razor also has a protective cap onto the transparency. It’s quite durable, easy to transport and simple to utilize the machine. You’ll find the brand new look in no time at a really minimal price. It’s simply excellent for people who enjoy traveling.

Phisco Portable Rotary Shaver

Basically, the Phisco traveling shaver is quite much like the cheap Elezenioc shaver mentioned previously, but using rotary-type blades rather than transparency ones. This usually means it will end in a marginally worse shave but will probably be a lot easier to work with, better for men and women who do not shave every single day, and better for individuals with thick beards.

This rotary shaver includes three shifting heads with self-sharpening blades. You are going to need to replace them every 12 months, and also the Phisco replacement heads are extremely reasonably priced. This shaver has a pop-up trimmer around the back, which is fantastic for obtaining a sharp hairline along with keeping mustaches. Additionally, it is totally waterproof, so that you may utilize it at the shower and wash it under running water.

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The Phisco shaver is powered by a lithium-ion battery that lasts for approximately 120 minutes on a single charge. Its double voltage so that you may control it anyplace on earth. In addition, it deals with a USB – MicroUSB charger, meaning you could control it with your own budget travel laptop along with your own cellular charger. This usually means you don’t need to take another charger while traveling, which is fine for saving a while.

Even though it does not have a lock to its on/off button, it has a protective cap for the blades and also comes at a little pouch, making it very travel-friendly. Basically, it is almost identical to this Elezenioc Portable Foil Shaver, only inkjet.

INSMART Electric Shaver

The INSMART Electric Shaver is a two-in-one electrical razor that cares for your own beard and sideburns. It’s unique 3D floating blades which assist this wise shaver read and adapt to the contours of the neck and face in a precise way. The push-up precision trimmer aids in handling thick growth of hair, sideburns, and facial hair very fast. It’s a waterproof shaver for both dry and wet use.

The INSMART Electric Shaver enables shaving to receive a soft dry shave or a sterile wet one. It’s likewise hassle-free to utilize. It’s USB, rapid charging service which makes it easy to bill fast. With one fee, it might provide you 60 minutes of non-stop functioning. The INSMART Electric Razor includes a waterproof system, also you may use it in the shower. For more wellness products visit our guide on house formulations for wrinkles.

GAMMAPU PIU Zero Cordless Foil Shaver

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The GAMMAPU PIU Zero Cordless Foil Shaver provides a close shave with no hassle. It’s an ultimate Italian end, functionality, and quality. It’s a professional completing foil shaver that features ultra-slim and sterile golden titanium foils and floating cutters. It’s an innovative design that provides a smoother, closer, and even shave and doesn’t irritate skin. It may be utilized both as cordless or corded shaver and features an exceptional USB-charge strand using a lithium-ion battery which extends to full strength in half an hour to get a remarkable 120 minutes runtime.

The GAMMAPU PIU Zero Cordless Foil Shaver with ultra-thin super shut cutting edge gold foils maintains most sensitive skin with no razor bumps, burns, skin irritation, or ingrown hair. For more grooming manuals assess our one on mind shavers.


There are loads of shavers on the market, but a great deal of them are easy. The Bienna isn’t. This is only one of the best foil shaver on Earth. It’s quite unique and it’s unquestionably one of the greatest travel shavers on the market.

Below, you are likely to find out more about the shaver and its own perks. When you’ve completed that, you will have the ability to ascertain whether this one is ideal for you.

First of all, you should be aware this razor includes nearly all you want. It features a cleaning brush, a user guide, and a travel pouch.

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It will not have some oil, but that is not too big of a deal. The traveling pouch is quite convenient for those that are likely to be moving from place to place.

Just about everybody has a budget travel laptop in this era. You’ll certainly need to take your budget travel laptop along when you are traveling. The great thing is the Bienna is really charged with a USB port.

So long as you have your budget travel laptop or an adapter, you will easily have the ability to receive this shaver billed.

Some razors have blades that make a good deal of friction. That will rush in a lot of aggravation and it might cause your skin to bleed and damage. This is something that you will need to prevent.

The Bienna features a sleek, low voltage blade. The business promises that this shaver won’t ever harm the skin.

Things to consider while Picking a traveling electric razor

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It’s correct you will see a lot of travel shavers on the marketplace from several brands at different price ranges. However, both of these shouldn’t be the only deciding factors for purchasing the ideal travel shaver if you don’t would like to wind up with a fair shaver.

Here are several important factors That You Ought to Consider Before You Purchase the best portable travel razor:

Size and Weight

Since we’re discussing traveling, weight and size would be the most important aspects you ought to consider before anything else. It’s handy and advisable to traveling light and hassle-free. You may need to take plenty of things as you travel. You definitely do not need to pile on the additional weight and distance owing to your shaver. For that reason, it’s crucial that you purchase a shaver that’s smaller in size and lightweight.

Battery Operated

Maintaining the weight and space as low as you can as your journey is the smart thing to do. Thus, it’s extremely crucial that you opt for a battery-operated travel shaver if you purchase one. Should you do so, then you’re eliminating the requirement to carry a charging station or an excess cable once you travel. Additionally, you do not need to worry about port compatibility with this charger.

Blades and Foil

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Many shavers possess blades, some shavers have transparency and some have a mix of both. All of these perform pretty much the same. Nonetheless, it’s very important to understand more about the components and assemble materials of these cutting parts. It’s much better to go with stainless steel or other powerful elements such as ceramic or carbon steel. A number of the foil and blade have carbon or ceramic coating that also prove to be extremely durable.

Ergonomic and Suitable design

It’s the best travel trimmer with an ergonomic and suitable design. Sometimes you need to perform shaving for lengthy intervals. If you do not have a fantastic grip and control, then you certainly do not receive the shaving experience that you want. Thus, it’s crucial that you opt for an electrical travel shaver that has an ergonomic design and fits comfortably inside your hand.

Strong Durable Motor

The motor is the principal part of an electric shaver that forces the blades. If the motor isn’t powerful enough then the blades function badly and pull the hairs rather than cutting them while gliding on your skin. Because of this, it’s extremely imperative that you pick the shaver with a solid motor that rotates fast. When it isn’t quick enough to induce the blades to slide over effortlessly over the skin, then you are going to experience plenty of uncomfortable tugs and pulls.

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There are a few additional aspects to consider as well, like the accessories that have the shaver, the plugin kind of the charger, the blade protector, etc.. However, making certain you abide by the aforementioned variables will ensure that you earn a decision that you won’t repent!


Do electrical shavers cut as long as guide razors?

Since there’s a physical barrier between the real blades of an electric razor and the own skin – in the shape of a micro-foil or a spoonful – a guide razor will normally provide a closer shave.

But, conventional wet shaving comes with its own (important ) drawbacks and contemporary electrical shavers come a long way with respect to comfort and closeness.

Consequently, most consumers will probably be absolutely fulfilled by the closeness provided with a high-quality electrical shaver. With a couple of alterations to your shaving and technique regular that you can improve your results much more.

Do electrical shavers cause less skin irritation?

The brief answer is yes, normally an electrical shaver will be comfortable and hence better for sensitive skin in comparison with a blade.

Some electrical razors are better than many others in this respect, being milder, more pliable and less prone to induce irritation or razor burn.

Braun foil shavers are nearly unanimously considered to be the most comfortable from the large 3 manufacturers (Panasonic and Philips Norelco being the other two).


Do electrical shavers exfoliate the epidermis?

To a tiny amount, yes. You can’t compare it however into the exfoliation you’re going to receive out of making use of a razor blade.

Little bits of the skin may poke through the perforations from the foils or combs and a very shallow layer of epidermis cells will probably be scraped off too.

However, it’ll be quite spotty and in certain instances, that could lead to razor burn if you press too hard.

Consequently, it is a much superior approach to just use light pressure and exfoliate your skin twice per week utilizing a gentle face wash.

Do electrical shavers cause ingrown hairs?

Shaving can occasionally result in ingrown hairs as well as razor bumps irrespective of the way you select.

But, it’s not as a problem if you use the right electrical shaver and exfoliate skin frequently.

Since electric shavers do not shave quite as shut and the hairs can also be cut straight and clean, there are fewer odds of these curling back in the epidermis and getting ingrown.

If you are already addressing acne or razor bumps, an electrical shaver will be a much better and safer option. You do not need a mirrored blade to be hauled over infected lumps.

Do electrical shavers operate on legs/pubic hair/armpits?

Electric shavers are intended to reduce short, rough hair. Consequently, they are not excellent for shaving hair.

You can theoretically use an electric shaver provided the hair is quite short, but you are going to be better off using a body trimmer.

Do electrical shavers need shaving lotion?

No, electrical shavers do not demand shaving lotion.

You may optionally utilize shaving cream/gel together with your electric razor when it is acceptable for dry & wet functioning.

Some customers do get improved outcomes concerning comfort and closeness, so if your individual shaver can manage wet shaving, then it is possible to give it a go and see whether there are any improvements for your own results.

Can electrical shavers cut on you?

Yes, an electric shaver can nevertheless cause modest nicks and some horrible razor burn. It is much less likely to occur in comparison with a razor blade, but it is definitely possible.

The perfect method to prevent this is by not pressing too difficult.

Should you employ excessive stress, tiny pieces of skin tissues surrounding the hair follicles or other tiny imperfections in the skin are going to poke through the holes and slots and get cut from the blades.

Could you use an electric shaver in the shower?

If your electrical shaver is waterproof and specifically promoted as appropriate for wet/dry usage, then yes, you may safely use it at the shower.

Can electrical shavers be shared between consumers?

The same as manual razors, electric shavers are meant for individual use only and shouldn’t be shared between users.

Skin infections and germs such as Staphylococcus aureus may nevertheless be transmitted. Additionally, some germs may be within the skin with no obvious signs of disease, so never discuss an electric razor with somebody else.

Can you wash an electrical shaver with water?

If the shaver is waterproof, yes, you may and you need to clean it with water. And many contemporary electrical shavers are waterproof.

Utilizing warm tap water to wash an electric razor will be quite effective, particularly in the event that you add a little bit of liquid soap also.

You need to find quite detailed instructions in your user’s guide on how to properly clean your shaver.

Why is it that electric shavers have various plugs?

Because electrical shavers are offered in various sections of the world, a specific model can include various plugs based upon where you are.

But you can, for example, use a USA electrical razor in Europe using a very simple plug adapter.

That is possible because nearly all electrical shavers are fitted with automatic voltage converters, letting you control your shaver any place on the planet.

This info will be listed on the box or on your user’s guide.


We’ve provided you with all the listing of the best travel electric shaver available in the event of the competitive industry. By going through this record, folks are able to easily decide which is your ideal product for them. These shavers aren’t just very simple to use but also long-lasting. You’ll receive your face dressed in a matter of a couple of minutes.

The majority of the electrical travel shavers are waterproof, which means it’s possible to utilize them while having a bathtub. Furthermore, they are simple to wash. These are extremely light in weight and also available at very inexpensive rates.

They’re also available in exquisite layouts. If you adore to travel then these mobile electric shavers would be the very best, you are able to take in the bag. It’s possible to just shave your beard and mustaches if required. These electrical shavers are extremely durable and long-lasting. These just are the finest products available in the present market.

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