Top 25+ Best Travel Vloggers 2021

Top 25 Best Travel Vloggers 2020

There are quite a few best travel vloggers, and it is vital you take some opportunity to check out a number of them when you plan your next trips or attempt to improve your blog. A number of these vloggers may provide a good deal of advice.

Travel vloggers are content creators who chronicle their adventures in video format rather than in writing. You can follow their videos on YouTube, and if you get hooked on some of these travel vloggers’ channels, you can also use a Youtube To MP3 converter to easily binge-watch their content on your devices even when you’re not connected.

Not only are the best travel vloggers’ channels entertaining and informative, but by watching them, you can also learn a lot of the tricks and tools of the trade in case you get tempted to follow in their footsteps. Note however that you’ll have to be patient and devote some time to mastering YouTube, the video recording process, and the use of tools such as a good video and audio editing software.

Below, we review a few of the best travel vlogging channels to save you some time searching for the top travel content out there today.

Top 25+ Best Travel Vloggers - best travel youtube vloggers

Top 25+ Best Travel Vloggers


Louis Cole originally started out enthralling (and is grossing outside ) audiences with his daring ability to consume each strange delicacy that has been dead or living.

Now, this U.K. traveling vlogger has taken to everyday logs of his lifetime, inspiring audiences to live the experience whilst traveling the world.

A well-loved traveling hero of YouTube, not only does he create binge-watching addictive, but he integrates 360-degree movies and has his lovers present his movies.

Small Crazy

That phrase is FUN if there’s 1 word to explain vlogger, the blogger, and Yishyene behind Little Crazy.

Little Crazy is about watching the light, enjoyable, and exciting facet of traveling.

Because…that is the reason why we travel, right?

Her movies are useful in addition to inspirational, revealing her viewer’s suggestions and jewels which are not covered by travel guides.

Yishyene’s approach to vlogging is the perspectives that everybody has seen or SO REFRESHING since she does not confine herself to seeing the areas.

Little Crazy is humorous and fair. She investigates of investigating for the love, and also her vlogs take us along.

She’s boisterous.

You do not even know HOW she got into her adventures, but you’re happy they were discovered by her!

The excitement will make you want to obtain a ticket, but it is really her unique and humble character that keeps you clicking to see the movie.

The Expert Vagabond

This really is a name that Matthew Karsten has made, although it may look a bit cocky to call yourself The Expert Vagabond. He has been on the street for more than eight years is showing no indication of slowing, regardless of the fact he’s now a dad.

He has racked up over 150,000 followers on Instagram, over 50,000 readers on YouTube, and conducts a site that was popular and successful. He has explored Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and the polar areas, to mention only a couple of destinations. You’ll see a lack of Australia however he can not be far off — right Matt?

Overlander TV

A YouTube veteran of 13 decades and counting, lately Overlander TV has obtained its own vlog into another level, using a professional camera crew shooting magnificent, cinema-level footage. A couple of years back Overlander made an 8787-minute feature-length movie called Australian Motorcycle Adventure, which followed Mark Shea within an epic two-wheeled tour together Australia’s West Coast. With over 23 million station viewpoints and screenings of Shea’s film globally, Overlander is revealing a straightforward YouTube station that can become a lot more!

Eva zu Beck

Among those traveling vloggers YouTube should be followed on by you, Eva zu Beck isn’t your average nomad having opted in areas.

She disproves the limits on girls of society. She lifts prejudices throughout the planet, that is.

Since Eva asserts it, she doesn’t just try to showcase new areas, but she wished to open people’s eyes to new adventures.

Riding a truck into the region of Pakistan, she climbed the world’s second-largest mountain — K2.

Recognizing the fantasies of her Robinson Crusoe, she explored among the areas the Socotra island of Yemen.

With nearly 2 million viewpoints (as of this writing), among Eva’s most distinctive videos features the way she dwelt with a Bedouin family in an Oman desert camp looking for a neighborhood beauty ritual, feeding the camels, and cooking bread straight on charcoals.

Consider watching her and be motivated to detect off-the-beaten paths.

Janet Newenham

It would be remiss of me! A homegrown bona fidé Irish traveling blogger that has made a living touring the planet, Janet has opened her up YouTube channel.

Having a massive following on other programs along with a special insight into the way to develop a stage, I don’t have any doubt Janet will have good success on her YouTube station too. Together with her quirky videos of places that she visits this station is very likely to grow and grow, so watch this space.

Jared Watney

Also the ocean is Jared Watney’s station. A native of South Africa, Jared, and his girlfriend recorded their period served as employees on luxury superyachts and shortly found a significant after on YouTube and Instagram. Up to now, Jared has made a career from his YouTube station, photography, and filmmaking. Mainly shot on a GoPro action camera, the station is just two decades old and has close to 50k subscribers.

Fearless & Far

On the lookout for inspiration that’s a bit more offbeat and adrenaline? Fearless & Far is run by Mike Corey, that joys in undergoing (and filming) action-packed hijinks across the world. Do not anticipate any run of the mill scene shots; Corey is just interested in actions that disgust, entertain, and/or exciting, as his 300K+ YouTube followers will attest.

Hey Nadine

From packaging advice to journey hacks and tips on budget traveling to Q & A’s, Hey Nadine has been vlogging for ten decades.

She has seen over 51 states (her favorite is Switzerland!) Per week And uploads articles.

Why should you trace Nadine?

Not only are her movies inspirational and enlightening, but she has a bubbly character, but which will leave you grinning!

The main reason why I follow Nadine is I love seeing experiences, but she shares hints about how anyone, regardless of the budget, can journey also.

Y Traveling Blog

Caz and Craig Makepeace of Y Traveling blog are our favorite traveling Vloggers by far. They enjoy adventures and traveling addicts like us!

Starting out as man adventurers, they’ve adopted the arrivals of the children and accommodated their traveling fashion.

Traveling for 22 decades, they’ve done everything, from being unmarried travelers to few travelers and family travelers today!

You may pick up heaps of traveling tips in their vast expertise. Among the greatest things we heard from them is the way they detach from traveling chaos by using the’ if’, ‘must’ and’need to’ journey philosophy.

In addition they share actionable Traveling preparation hints and this is actually resourceful for travelers.

You may satisfy their two beautiful daughters, Kalyra, the enjoyable manufacturer, and Savannah, the cutie in their own movies.

We also like that they discuss a movie every Saturday with upgrades on their journeys and Family Travel Ideas.

Their videos are really enlightening and they constantly have content that is unique. By showing us adventurous and fun travels all of the time, you can’t get bored seeing them!


However he travels his Visual Vibes series and somewhat showcases some seriously.

A professional storyteller, his vlogs are partially filmed from his view, as though you’re in his mind.

Whether ski, motorbiking, or trekking, you will feel as though you’re moving vicariously together with him as he traipses across the world to fulfill his posse of all YouTube buddies.

The Bucket List Family

This is one of my favorite YouTube stations. I guess it’s because I believe I could relate to Garrett and Jessica and their young family. Travelers with children, but these men have gone in. Calling themselves family Travel Journalists’, they’ve been traveling together with their three children because of the summer of 2015 and earning their living on the internet.

Casey Neistat

It is Difficult to say YouTube without mentioning Casey Neistat. Casey was a really early adopter of the entire YouTube item and even had his movie’iPod’s Dirty Secret’ go viral 3 years until YouTube actually existed. Casey has over subscribers at nearly all of his articles and the time of composing is put in Manhattan where lives.

Marie Jake And Fe Snow

To start is Jake Snow and Marie Fe. This couple is #travelgoals’ definition since they are always jet-setting into a location or within an adventurous excursion. In earlier times they have gone on safaris in South Africa and shared with the best places around Hawaii and Greece. Follow them to get a glimpse into life for a traveling influencer and the trees in our soul needs.

Adventures of A Plus K

A Plus K, aka Adam and Kathryn’s Adventures are and vlog on experiences in the outside and exploring character.

Initially in the USA of America from the state of Texas, this two drive around the nation in their completely decked they self-converted.

They’re National Park fans, and their vlogs give instructions about the best youtube travel vloggers way best to score a few of the very licenses in the nation.

Much like Havasupai, the Wave, and the Enchantments, their trekking vlogs are down to Earth and relatable, inspiring even the most beginner level walkers into going out!

Their approach to having their very own backyard is a reminder which you could travel without ever stepping foot in an airport — and have a fantastic time doing it!

However, they’re global adventurers, discovering secrets lots of peace in the busiest of jungles.

Sam & Audrey TV

Staying on the traveling and meals motif, Audrey and Samuel have been scouring the planet whilst traveling in Seoul looking for street food as a meeting. They got married and determining they did not need to turn into nights, nappies that were swapped, and the married couple in for travel and adventure. With Asia being a focus Nearly 300,000 subscribers combine them in their experiences.


Life is fun for Louis, who wants to discuss his experiences. He is another who places the viewer right. An act there isalso, as Luis took on the challenge of riding to Africa, has flown himself round the entire world in a light airplane, and found the convenient means to do things! Crazy and constantly optimistic, his Australia articles will have you shaking with traveling envy (at least before you get to do it yourself)

Must Can Canada

There vlog compared to our own if you are interested in researching Canada. My wife and I celebrated the 150th birthday of Canada by road tripping seeing with every and each province and territory.

Through experiencing lots of the things to do in Canada as well as interviewing a vast array of individuals we produced a 12-part travel collection and mini-documentary around Canada.

This project was meant to be a one-time thing but we chose to continue, showcasing the very best travel vloggers on youtube of Canada from coast to coast.

Men and women have watched our stations from all around the world and also our 12-part travel collection has been demonstrated as part of the social studies program to students.

We have been featured in major news outlets and have been invited to YouTube’s NextUp program in New York.

I believe a part of our success together with the Need To Do Canada YouTube station is Karla and I’m very down-to-earth average men and women who move out of the way to try out a vast array of items while sharing info that is fascinating.

We combine and audio and storytelling together, mixing together vlog and documentary-style video.

By Matthew from Must Do Canada. Follow him and Karla on Facebook and Instagram.

Wandering Bird

Ever thought about running off to travel in a camper van and quitting your job? That is exactly what I did 18 months ago!

With my husband and adorable but mad cocker spaniel Mac, we tour Europe and the UK in our motorhome, sharing movies of our experiences, hints of where to go, where to stop, and also the ideal method to get your very own European road trip experiences.

We have a lot of movies for folks getting started in motorhome valid including things to do if it goes wrong and to opt for a van to organize a road trip! (Which it will… often!)

Our travel videos Nearly all include footage that is a drone – recently a visit to the Dolomites resulted in views across the hills — but we carry a mixture of speaking advice movies to assist share their own knowledge.

There is also a movie from when we dropped our drone in Lake Annecy… I am still so unhappy about that!

From Kat from Wandering Bird. Follow her.


Since the reigning traveling celebrity on YouTube, Nadine Sykora understands what YouTube audiences desire.

She tickles her traveling lifestyle station using a flair of entertainment, fun, food, and style.

From travel tips, to”What I Eat each day at…”,… into ,playful collaborations with different YouTubers, Nadine’s station drums an addiction to watching what brand new video she sets out next.


If twenty-something backpacking is the thing, check out Psychotraveller.

Ally disAlly, backpacking traveling all with a dose of comedy, hints, vlogs, and traveling budget info.

On top of that, her studio is a room!


Ever consider hitting the road in an RV and packing up your household lifestyle?

Jason and Nikki of discussions with the Wynns sold it all and packaged it up to strike on the street.

From composting toilets to solar powering an RV (fine, not your regular travel narrative ), they have altered the idea of an RV traveling lifestyle for YouTube.

Their movies are well-shot and sometimes, filmed just like a hot commercial (fine, not your everyday RV travel movie ).

By investing in their RV to get a sailboat they’ve made a shift in their own lives!

Brad And Hailey Devine

The family award goes to Hailey and Brad. They take both women on epic excursions around the planet, a world Ment that the mems in the excellent camera footage. Watching their movies means you’re always be motivated to visit Disney World, or reach on the hills and go snowboarding. You can be invited to register for one of the expeditions through Somewhere Devine.

Allegra Rose B.

Vloggers in the scene traveling right now are Allegra Rose. When you have a look at the cover pictures of her vlogs and movies, you can tell she approaches to travel. Subscribe to her station to find out more about road-tripping and undergoing areas like shore towns and parks.

The Indie Projects

Bee and the began recording traveling Europe within their VW van in June 2014 and they’re still moving. They have evolved to include all the people and many elements of their own lives and journeys.

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