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Selecting the right package of gear can be tricky with so many great brands to choose from. Did you know that the average backpacker will carry 40lbs for a 3 day trip?  (Including all gear, clothing, food and water) What if that pack could be reduced to 30lbs?  What about 20lbs?

Things to consider we building your gear setup:

  • Weight
  • Quality
  • Performance
  • Durability
  • Price

If the price is not a factor, simply stop reading now, and go buy the lightest, high quality product you can find. For the rest of us, where cost does matter, we have choices to make!

Less expensive generally means heavier…because the materials are cheaper, readily available, and easier to manufacture.  

At My Trail Company we make quality, high performance, lightweight gear that is affordable for the masses. Most companies that sell packs and shelters might be able to provide a 6lb 8oz combined option for $500, or a 4lb 3oz package for $750.

We sell direct to our customers, meaning there are no middlemen, saving customers money and adding value.  Our standard 2-person tent and 50L backpack combine for 4lb 4oz at a cost of $478!

When selecting your gear, take time to do your research on the right gear for you.  Know that in the end not everything lightweight will cost you an arm or leg.  Lightening your load will decrease discomfort, allowing you to look up, smile in pictures, see more and feel great.

For more guidance on lightening up your load, contact us via chat, email, or phone. All information can be found at


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