Gear Tips: How to Protect your Down Jackets

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Ever wonder why you can put on a down jacket on a cold morning and after warming up can still wear the jacket without over heating? Down is nature's best insulation. It naturally lofts more when it is cold and naturally shrinks when it is warmer.

For most buying a down jacket is an investment that you hope lasts throughout the winters ahead.To ensure that happens, we have collected some tips on keeping how to keep your down protected and you warm. 

Wash your Down Jackets

Down jackets can, and should be, washed. No matter what activity you are doing in your down you will get them dirty and sweaty. If you are hesitant to put your down in the washing machine you can hand wash them in a sink with proper soap.

The key to washing your down is not using traditional detergents or fabric softeners. Traditional detergents and softeners trap themselves within the fabrics clogging pours, making them less breathable, and a breeding ground to absorb moisture and residues.

In the sink:

Hand wash with a down, we recommend NixWax, or a regular powder soap in warm water and hang dry in a place with lots of air flow, not a closet or dark room.  

In the washer: 

In the washer, using a front loading machine, wash in warm water on wool cycle (or light cycle). It is not recommended to use a top loading machine with a center agitator.

Dry on tumble or delicate on low heat. We suggest not using a tennis ball during the dry cycle because the tennis ball beats your down and polyester fabric. You will also want to check your down midway through the drying cycle to massage out any of the clumps or pockets of air. Repeat the massaging process at the completion of cycle. 

Storing your Down Jackets for the Summer

When storing down for an extended period of time there are a few things you should do: Wash it, avoid compressing, and avoid wrapping in plastic or any other non-breathable material. Compressing your down for a long period of time ruins the fullness of your down and can result in clumps. Likewise, if you wrap your down in a material that is not breathable, the down can trap particles resulting in mildew or a 'funky' smell. 



 - All the above is true for all down products. (sleeping bags, comforters,etc) 

- Don't be afraid to wash your down, it will assist in the longevity of your product.

 - Avoid pulling down feathers out if they are poking through, try to pull them back into the jacket. Pulling them out creates a bigger hole.  






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