Gear Tips: Repairing Fabrics

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Unfortunately, rips and tears are often not covered under warranties and are going to happen over time, especially with ultra-light fabrics. So the My Trail team put together a few examples of ways to help you repair your gear at home!

Hole caused by Crampon in pant leg:
(outside of the garment) 
(inside of the garment) 
To fix at home you will need: 
- Tenacious tape
- Seam Glue 
Step One- Tape inside with Tenacious tape (make sure to align torn edges on the outside before pressing into tape) 
Step Two- Glue and seal the outside with Seam Grip
Step Three- Let it dry
Hole in a Jacket (Alternative Repair & Example): 

To fix at home you will need: 
- Tenacious tape
Step One- Tape the hole on the outside
If you are not comfortable repairing your gear at home or have a structural repair check out Rainey Pass Repairs or Tentpole Technologies. 
For more in-depth gear repair references, here are some of our favorites:
DIY Repair Videos:


Co-authors: Kale Klontz & Gabby Tinner

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