Gear Tips: Starting to Think Light? 2 in 1 options.

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Starting to Think Light? 2 in 1 options: 

One of the simplest ways to lighten up your load is to carry things that have dual purposes. Below are some gear tips to help you get started:


  • Poncho Trap: The poncho tarp can be used as rain wear, a pack cover, and a shelter (with trekking poles and guy lines)


  • Lightweight Integrated Stove System: When choosing a stove find one that is one system with multiple uses. There are several systems out there that allow for the pot to be a cup, bowl, and coffee press.


  • Spork: I would say this is the great invention to date! It is a spoon and fork combo, if you get really fancy you can find some with knife teeth as well.


  • Bandana: A bandanas are more than just a fashion statement. They can be used to protect your neck, face, head from the elements, a pre-water filter (to remove debris), a tourniquet, a sling, your map, toilet paper, etc. The possibilities are endless.
  • Convertible Clothing: Have clothing that can be shorts or pants is good for cutting weight. It allows for options without having to carry two different pieces of clothing.

Additional tips from other staff members: 

  • Down (or insulated) jacket used as a pillow.  Just roll up or put into a stuff sack
  • Newspaper – On longer treks, some people like reading material – especially when weather confined them to a tent.  Newspaper can act as reading material, fire starter, and even insulation – replacing book, fire starter, TP, and extra jacket.
  • Use sleeping pad as pack frame – remove the frame sheet from your pack, and fold your sleeping pad up next to your back.  This will function very similar to the foam pad, and reduce a few more ounces.

We would love to know how you have gotten creative with multiple purpose gear ideas! Please share below or let us know on our social channels!







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