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We carry too much. Too much clothing, too much equipment, too much food, too much water, too much everything. We do it because we’re ignorant. We do it because we’re afraid. Knowledge weighs nothing. Courage weighs the same. When we release the tired dogmas freedom is our reward. Try carrying only a handful of the highest performance, lightest, most durable, most versatile, most comfortable gear – only items you will use every single day – and operate so as to arrive at journey’s end with bottles empty but body hydrated, and food-sack empty but stomach satisfied. Life will never be the same.

- Demetri Coupounas, Co-founder of GoLite and the founder of My Trail Company

#KnowledgeWeighsNothing  #NuggetsFromBoulder

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  • It’s wiser to follow that ultralight philosophy if you’re packing a significant load of knowledge, as your article suggests, else you may be taking an unnecessary risk (e.g., running short on water, being unprepared for severe weather). There’s definitely a balancing act.

    Kelly Carter on

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