HL, UL, or Light? Which My Trail Co Down Jacket is Right For You?

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Hiking trails, climbing mountains, standing in the cold watching your children’s soccer game, whatever your experience is with the great outdoors you need a down jacket that fits your body and stands up to your surroundings. My Trail Co down jackets are lighter, warmer, and significantly more comfortable to give you an outdoor experience you’ll enjoy. We have a variety of down jackets to choose from, but what are the differences between them, and how do you know which down jacket is right for you? 850 HL, 800 UL, and 700 light, with My Trail Co down jackets there’s no bad decision, but here are some key differences between them and why they’re all superior to your average down jacket.

Your choice: Light, lighter, or lightest

While there are varying weights and fills to choose from when buying a My Trail Co down jacket, all are made to be as light as possible for an optimal outdoor experience. Choosing between our 700 light, 800 UL, and 850 HL down jackets is choosing between light, lighter, and lightest.

Fit, fabrics, insulation and features are all optimized for each group.  All have full length zippers for versatility, hem draw cords and cuffs to seal out drafts and reflective logs for safety.  But other features vary. The 800 UL and 850 HL jackets self-stuff into their own internal pocket for instance whereas the 700 lights don’t, which saves some cost.  On the other hand, 700 lights and 800 UL jackets have fleece lined hand-warmer pockets; 850 HLs skip the fleece to save weight and bulk. The closer you look, the more refinements you’ll see that make each group serve it’s users best.


The insulation in My Trail Co down jackets provides optimal warmth so you can travel farther and explore the great outdoors longer. The main insulation in our jackets is the air pockets, or dead air space, created by the down loft between the inner and outer fabric. In our 800 UL down jackets, each ounce of down puffs up proudly to 800 cubic inches of dead air space trapping volume. In our 700 light, each ounce of down fills 700 cubic inches of dead air space. Each different fill volume in My Trail Co down jackets allows for minimal heat loss and maximum warmth. Stay comfortably warm on the trails all day and night, no matter the weather.

Nylon vs. Polyester

How many times have you seen duct tape patches holding together tears on down jackets people paid far too much for? That’s usually because the jacket has a polyester outer shells that is cheaper to make and looks great Day 1, but isn’t nearly as durable as nylon.  All My Trail Co down jackets have a durable ripstop nylon outer shell.

We’re not anti-polyester mind-you, we just keep polyester in its place, on the inside lining of our 700 light and 800 UL down jackets.  There, the comfort, suppleness and moisture management superiority of polyester really shines. For the lightest possible 850 HL down jackets, we choose 10 denier ripstop nylon inside and out - polyesters that light just aren’t tough enough for the job.

None of this is to imply that My Trail Co down jackets are indestructible - of course they’re not.  But we build them to work well and look great after years of trail use, not just when you put them on and look in the mirror for the first time.  Take care of your My Trail Co down jacket and it will take care of you!

Fit and Styling

No two My Trail down jackets fit quite the same.  Why should they? They’re all optimized for slightly different bodies, temperaments and uses.  700 light down jackets are generous in the chest and especially in the waist for extra layering.  850 HL down jackets are trimmer in the chest and much trimmer in the waist for those who want to shed every extra ounce they can.  800 UL down jackets? - you guessed it - right in between :-~)

Within each group, the hooded jacket adds much more than just what you see from the neck up.  There’s also another inch in the chest and 2 inches in the waist for layering, and the hooded jackets are a few inches longer too.  Vests are the opposite - a little trimmer and shorter than the 700 light down jackets they share fabric, down and colors with.

My Trail believes in “form follows function” so you’ll see that we’ve stitched panels into all three groups in such a way that not only is down controlled well for uniform, efficient insulation, but also that the jackets naturally follow the shapes and contours of the body well, especially around the head, shoulders and the sides of the torso.  Every feature in My Trail Co down jackets is thoughtfully designed with your comfort in mind so you can make the most of your outdoor experience day after day.

Ethically Sourced

All My Trail Co down jackets are ethically sourced to meet the Responsible Down Standard (RDS). This safeguards the welfare of the geese and ducks the down comes from. We value animal rights and welfare and never want harm to come to these birds as a result of the production of our products.

Whether you’re deciding between our 850 HL, 800 UL, or 700 light, know you’re getting high-quality fabric and insulation that’s light, durable, and provides maximum warmth. Wear them to hit the trails, summit mountains, or take the kids to hockey practice. Our down jackets optimize both your outdoor experience and daily wear. Have you decided which down jacket is right for you? Feel confident about your choice when you shop at My Trail Co.

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