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Our products are designed to accommodate the widest range of outdoor enthusiast.

To show how diverse our Backpack Lt 50L is, I asked 3 of my co-workers what are some of their favorite summits or trails they have been on with our pack- below is what they told me. Interestingly enough, their answers where just as diverse as our pack!

1. Haleakala, HI  

Truly a special hike that must be done if you ever make it to Maui. One of our founder's all-time favorite adventures was reaching the summit of this volcano. While, not technically difficult, the large elevation gains make this ~38 mile round trip, sea to summit challenges one for the books.

One of the best features of our pack for this summit was the hydration sleeve and port because it allowed for minimal breaks allowing Coup to the summit round trip in one day! In addition, the hip pockets made it smooth and simple to access his camera for some beautiful shots.    


2. Chasm Lake, RMNP, CO

This hike is one of our Director of Shipping favorite hikes- he has done it at least once a year for 30 years! The hike showcases the true beauty of Colorado with wonderful panoramic views, strenuous terrain, and relevantly easy access. 

For this day hike, Phil loves to use the compactor straps to turn the 50L into a 20L. This means not having to buy two packs! The combination of clips & straps unique to this pack, are designed to lift the weight higher and closer to your center when carrying a lighter load. 

3. Rim Trail Lake Tahoe, CA

This long- distance loop is one that our COO says can't be passed up! The trail is 168 miles that loops around the Lake Tahoe Basin. It great for hiking, ultra-running, and mountain biking. 

Due to the lightness and simplicity of the pack design, the 50L is perfect for through-hikes and long loops. Weighing in at 2lbs 1.5oz and able to carry up to 40lbs, this is an ultra-lighters dream. 


Other features of this pack include:

- Opposing slide-buckets and longer side straps to allow for gear to be strapped to the outside (i.e. snowshoes)  

- Replaceable semi-rigid backboard

- Roll-top Closure

- Dual mesh side pockets

- Dyneema RipStop fabric - lightweight AND durable


No matter where your trail is heading, our pack will help get you there. Check out reviews and other specs at http://bit.ly/29xaEMZ.


For additional questions regarding our packs, contact us via email, phone or chat!

Email: customerservice@mytrailco.com

Phone: 720-588-2493

Chat: mytrailco.com


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