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Have you ever heard of a man-made dome that has lasted the test of time? We haven't either! That is why we are big fans of pyramid shelters- they are ultra-light and ultra strong. In fact, our Pyramid 4 is a 1/80 scale model of the Great Pyramid at Giza. 

We understand that pyramids are not your standard shelter option, but pyramids offer the best weight to size to strength ratio.

The reason for this spectacular ratio is because the load is supported straight down on one, stout pole. In addition, having only one pole elongates the lifetime of your tent because poles and zippers are often the first thing to fail.

The center pole allows for a higher ceiling. This means more head space and in some cases the ability to stand within your shelter! The pitch increases the steepness of the walls, which is better in the elements, such as rain or snow, making pyramid shelters the best for 4-season camping or backpacking.

(Pole can be removed and pitched via a guyline to a tree branch.)

If carrying poles is not your thing, you can also pitch a pyramid using the fly and guylines. Attaching the center guyline straight up to a tree branch and staking out the sides is a great option that creates space for an additional person.

(Top: P4 with nest & pole; 5 people can fit under fly only. Bottom: P3 with nest & pole.)

All in all, there is no perfect shelter. There are only shelters that appropriately fit your needs. Our pyramids are versatile, strong, and light to accommodate where you want to go.

To review more specs check out our Expanded Specs section on our site: 

Pyramid 4: http://bit.ly/290v5Mw

Pyramid 3: http://bit.ly/295eQE1

For additional questions regarding our shelters, contact us via email, phone or chat!

Email: customerservice@mytrailco.com

Phone: 720-588-2493

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  • I bought the pyramid 4 tent to take to a week long camp with my scouts. it was easy to set up and offered plenty of room for two adults whom are both over 6-0ft. tall and all of our gear a week of camping. loved it

    Brian on

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