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RightOnTrekWe want you to have fun out there.

We design equipment and apparel that is comfortable, ultralight, and performs well in the widest range of conditions, but that's only part of what you need to be safe, go further, and explore new terrain. RightOnTrek provides a hike planning platform to give you the tools to prepare for your next big trip, so you can be prepared when it matters the most, stay safe, and enjoy the great outdoors.
We at MyTrailCo and the folks at RightOnTrek are here to guide you with gear, tips, and support so that you can go further on whatever trail you set out on.
Check out RightOnTrek for planning your next long-distance hike and PLEASE, share with us your outdoor experiences however you like to share. Email us, tag us on Instagram, reach out to us on Facebook, or send us some smoke signals from camp.
Have fun out there. We've got your back.
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