The Benefits of Hiking Umbrellas: Why You’ll Want One for your Next Trip

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Really? A Hiking Umbrella?

The two biggest enemies you’ll face on any trail are sun and rain. On sunny days, the sun can sap you of energy and needed hydration and give you a sunburn, and if you are too exposed to the sun you can suffer heat stroke. On cold days, rain can not only get your clothes wet and make you feel uncomfortable, but worse, it can cause hypothermia. The hiking umbrella from My Trail Co is built to be the first line of defense against sun and rain.

Leave Your Sunscreen at Home

The My Trail Co hiking umbrella is an improved version of the much-loved GoLite Chrome Dome. Its reflective coating on the top side and blackout layer below can not only keep the sun off your skin, but reduce the temperature under the umbrella by up to 20 Degrees Fahrenheit. When I couple this with My Trail Co ultralight hiking pants for full body sun protection, I leave my sunscreen at home. The hiking umbrella is lighter than my bottle of sunscreen and saves my clothes and food from the risk of sunscreen leaking into my pack. Our hiking umbrella is the ultimate solution for sun protection while hiking.

Lose the Rain Shell

So long as there’s no threat of powerful wind-driven rain, I often take just my hiking umbrella and leave my rain shell at home.  Most rain is actually drizzle, and most drizzle is intermittent and putting up and taking down my umbrella several times in an hour is much easier than putting a shell on and taking it off – especially when wearing a pack.  Of course, the hiking umbrella is far more breathable than any waterproof-breathable fabric, so in many conditions, you actually stay drier overall with the umbrella!

Less Weight. Less Hassle. More Fun.

On the trail, the hiking umbrella saves me from packing sunscreen and a rain shell and ends up being lighter and easier to deploy as rain and sunny conditions vary throughout the day. But my umbrellas don’t just protect me for hiking. Because they are so light and durable, I keep them in the car for soccer games, outdoor events and any time I know my family will be outside for more than a few minutes. The durability and lightness of these umbrellas make them super kid-friendly and have been great at eliminating common complaints I get when we’re all together outside.

Efficient sun protection paired with shell-free convenience and ultra lightweight durability make the My Trail Co hiking umbrella the best choice for any and all of your outdoor excursions. Stay dry, comfortable, and light and see the difference our My Trail Co hiking umbrella makes on your next trip.

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