This Week's Share Your Adventure Story "Trekking Around the World."

Posted by Thomas Dangerfield on

Last year after hiking the entire Pacific Crest trail I became addicted to the feeling of endless nature, thru-hiking, and carrying my life on my back. So, this year I headed out with a friend to hike a new trail called Via Dinarica. It begins in Slovenia and goes down Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro, and ends in Albania. It is just over 800 miles and consists of mostly non-existent trails. It was slow-moving due to tough navigation and Bush-whacking. The trail traverses through the Dinaric Alps, with little water and large mountain passes. I completed it on August 22. Becoming the first American woman to have hiked the Via Dinarica with continuous footsteps.

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  • Sounds like a great adventure!

    Mike on

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