This Week's Share Your Adventure: "We Never Walk Alone"

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Every adventure in the great outdoors has a story to go along with it. Whether it's a story of victory, fear, love, or determination, My Trail Co knows that every adventure is one worth sharing. Share your adventure and get an exclusive 30% off any item in the My Trail Co store if we use your story.

This week’s winner is “We Never Walk Alone” written by Marc Klecka. This story demonstrates the power of perseverance as Marc reminds us that on our adventures, we never walk alone.

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We Never Walk Alone

“I returned to St. Jean Pied de Port, France on May 10th to hike my second Camino Frances, Camino de Santiago.  My previous hike was in April 2012. With so much to see and do in this world, I never thought that I would return to 'The Way of St. James.'  However, the Camino called every day, for 6 years.

Walking 800 km, or approximately 500 miles, in 30 days, can be physically and mentally trying.  Adding an approximate 9 kg backpack (20 pounds) adds to the toil. I hiked the first 360 miles solo, with my wife and daughter joining me for the last 140 miles.

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I may have hiked 360 miles solo, yet, I was never alone.  The fellowship of the trail is powerful. I shared the path with hikers from S. Korea, Taiwan, Australia, Germany, Russia, Holland, Spain, France, Canada, the USA, U.K., and so many more.

I live my life, spiritually knowing that I never walk alone.  The Camino is an easy reminder of this. As one nears Santiago de Compostela, Spain, well wishes of 'Buen Camino' change to the Latin word 'Ultreia.'  That is, keep moving forward. Never quit! Continue one's Camino into life.

We never walk alone!”

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