This is How My Trail Co HL Down Jackets Are Superior to Traditional Down

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My Trail Co down jackets are designed to fit more closely, insulate more evenly, and weigh much less. We create various kinds of down jackets each with their own unique features that allow them to perform different functions at different weights and prices. With a variety of options to choose from, our 850 fill HL down jackets present a long list of benefits for outdoor enthusiasts, and everyday users looking to stay warm and travel light.

Whether you’re about to summit a mountain in freezing temperatures, or hiking through moderate terrain, we understand your down jacket needs to perform not only on your body, but immersed in your surroundings. We design our down jackets with your needs in mind. Check out the unique features and benefits of our 850 fill HL down jackets that transform your experience in the great outdoors.

Lightest fabric possible

My Trail Co down jackets are designed to keep you warm, but they’re also designed to pack up small and to be as light as possible. Our 850 fill HL down jackets excel in both respects. What makes these down jackets so light? Our fabric. These down jackets are made with 10-denier ripstop nylon inside and out. One denier is the weight of the average silkworm thread. This fabric is so light that a 15-mile long strand weighs less than an ounce. We make our 850 fill HL down jackets with the lightest fabric possible to make your travels lighter from start to finish. 

Ultimate insulation for maximum warmth

My Trail Co 850 fill HL down jackets evenly distribute insulation for optimal warmth and comfort. It’s not magic. It’s the decisions we make in designing our down jackets with your essential needs in mind. Why wear a down jacket? Warmth. In My Trail Co down jackets, the main provider of insulation is the air pockets, or dead air space, created by the down loft in between the inner and outer fabric.  And each ounce of that down puffs up proudly to 850 cubic inches of dead air space trapping volume.

Our bodies naturally radiate heat. My Trail Co down jackets help keep you warm by returning half of that radiated heat back to you.. How does that happen? In the 850 fill HL down jacket each filament in the down clusters has a diameter of 0.2 microns. At this size, our body’s radiated heat hits the down filaments and splits evenly in all directions.  Ultimately, half of the radiated heat bounces back to our bodies and this warmth is returned in a natural process that doesn’t inhibit moisture transfer out of the jacket. The 850 fill HL down jacket allows for minimal heat loss and maximum warmth and comfort.

Unique stitching and quilting for minimal heat loss

The quilting patterns on our jackets allow for maximum fabric stretch and consistent down loft, providing the flexibility you need while maintaining an even thickness of insulation.

Many down jackets are heat-bonded instead of stitched, which is functionally inferior. Designed for fashion rather than function, down jackets that are heat bonded with glue create large areas in the jacket with no insulation.  These “cold spots” allow excessive heat loss constantly and diminish your trail experience.

My Trail Co down jackets are stitched, not glued. Their stitching patterns give you more insulation for less weight. There are no cold spots, just evenly distributed insulation that keeps you warm and feeling light.

Designed for durability

We hike and camp all the time and we know that everything we bring needs to perform as well while it is going in and out of a pack or knocking around the campsite, as it does when it is on your body. A tear is a tear whether it happens on the inside or the outside of your jacket.  So we optimize the strength of both outer shell and inner lining to keep your jacket performing reliably year after year..

All My Trail Co down jackets are made with a ripstop nylon shell that is much more durable than polyester. The 10 denier ripstop nylon in our 850 fill HL down jacket allows for optimal durability with minimal weight. The nylon we use is tear and abrasion resistant, and its ripstop pattern provides additional strength.  It’s such a great fabric, we use it for the lining of these highest end jackets as well.

Windproof and breathable

To keep you as warm as possible, a down jacket’s shell needs to stop the wind while still releasing moisture.  Wind saps your body heat quickly in the cold so stopping it at the outside edge of your clothing system is key. But to insulate maximally, your down has to loft freely and to do that it has to stay dry. When you wear a My Trail Co down jacket wind is no obstacle.

Windproof and breathable, our 850 fill HL down jacket’s 10-denier ripstop nylon lining and shell, and the down in between them, allow moisture to pass out efficiently to keep your jacket insulating optimally. Additionally, our lightweight elastic cord hem adjustment and low profile elastic cuffs block drafts cold to help keep you toasty.

Ethically Sourced

All My Trail Co down jackets are ethically sourced to meet the Responsible Down Standard (RDS). This safeguards the welfare of the geese and ducks the down comes from. We value animal rights and welfare and never want harm to come to these birds as a result of the production of our products.

Light, durable, windproof, breathable, and ethically sourced, My Trail Co HL down jackets help optimize your outdoor experience. Whether you’re climbing a mountain or walking around town, our unique design features and fabrics allow you to withstand the elements with the lightest weight possible. Transform your outdoor experience and try our 850 fill HL down jackets today.

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