Winter Looks Amazing in Buffalo Creek

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Saturday January 19 was another stunner on the Colorado Trail!  A snowstorm just hit so I chose to hike in an area with no avalanche prone terrain – the southern half of segment 3. Two jeeps at the trailhead matched two guys a mile in cooking up breakfast after a crisp overnight.  The rest of the day I only saw one other person, a snowshoer and his dog.  I didn’t see any wild animals but was amazed at how many tracks there were on the newly fallen snow.  The Colorado backcountry is full of wild animals that you rarely see.

The past 3 weeks I’ve heard from lots of people who’ve liked my posts about hiking the Colorado Trail in Winter, and from some with concerns. There is a concern that by telling people about special places to hike at special times of year, more people will do so and the places won’t be special anymore.

I started My Trail, and GoLite before it, to help more people get outside and enjoy the outdoors more often.  I believe that people who do so are happier and healthier, and most importantly, that the more people who care deeply about our biosphere due to their first-hand experience playing in it, the more likely that we’ll take care of it. That belief drives me to want to make high performance gear, to make it lightweight, to make it affordable, and also to share experiences of how, when, and where to use it in a safe and fun way.

Every time I enjoy a trail all to myself all day long, I’m happy for the amazing solo spiritual experience, but I regret that others could have enjoyed the area that same day and didn’t. It is disheartening to see thousands of people on a single trail, littering and abusing it, but I feel the greater danger is a younger generation that largely doesn’t experience the wilderness at all.

It takes a certain number of people to maintain a trail and by popularizing seasons other than summer on the Colorado Trail, I hope to help the Colorado Trail Foundation attract more of the volunteers it needs to maintain and improve the trail over time.

Each year, more people enjoy certain iconic backcountry hikes, such as Colorado’s Four Pass Loop.  The solitude one can experience in such areas is sometimes replaced by a steady stream of people.  I encourage all hikers to act responsibly – be safe, be courteous, and leave no trace. But I don’t want them to stay home. I’m glad they’re getting outside in a magnificent setting.

We need more people enjoying the back country more often. Whether you go out to clear your head and seek solitude, hike with an experienced guide to gain insight about how to safely navigate different exposures, or go out with friends to reconnect and venture together, we want you to be well-equipped so the journey is fun and rejuvenating.

My Trail Company has been around for a couple of years now, but we are still young. We have new products already developed that we can’t wait to bring you, and we’re just getting started on our journey to becoming a single, trusted source for just the gear and apparel people need in order to fully enjoy whatever they do outside. We hope you’ll spread the word.

I’m looking forward to seeing you out there!

Demetri Coupounas

Founder & CEO
My Trail Company, PBC

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