Pyramid 4 Shelter

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  • At its lightest, the Pyramid 4 provides year-round shelter for 5 that weighs just over 2 pounds.

This versatile shelter system includes a bug-proof nest and a rain fly, either of which can be pitched alone. Used together the nest houses 4 and the fly forms a vestibule. Used alone the fly sleeps 5.

Winter guy lines let you stabilize every panel. The single center pole and symmetrical design make it strong from all directions and easy to pitch.

Wherever you're going, whatever the forecast, take only what you need.

Specs at a Glance
• Capacity: 4 • Seasons: 4 • Area: 87 sq ft • Max Height: 6’ 1” • Body Area: 76 sq ft • Vestibule Area: 11 sq ft • Color: Bamboo
My Trail Tent Layout Diagram

Details Matter 

Overall Weight: 2lbs, 2oz - 6lbs, 0.5oz Fly: 1lb, 14.5oz Nest: 2lbs, 13.5oz Pole: 12.5oz Stakes: 6oz Stuff Sacks: 1oz Guy Lines: 1oz Min Weight: 2lbs, 2oz (Fly, 8 Stakes (hang from above)) Bug-free 3-Season: 2lbs, 15.5oz (Fly, Pole, 8 Stakes, Stuff Sacks) Winter: 3lbs, 2.5oz (Fly, Pole, 12 Stakes, Stuff Sacks, Guy lines) Rain-free 3-Season: 3lbs, 14.5oz (Nest, Pole, 8 Stakes, Stuff Sacks) Full Protection: 5lbs, 13.5oz (Fly, Nest, Pole, 9 Stakes, Stuff Sacks) Max Weight: 6lbs, 0.5oz (Fly, Nest, Pole, 13 Stakes, Stuff Sacks, Guy lines) Fly: 15 denier ripstop nylon, silicone coated outside, PU coated inside with taped seams Floor: 70 denier nylon, PU coated inside with taped seams Mesh: 20 denier no-see-um polyester Pole: 19mm diameter aluminum

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