Xero Terra Flex Men's

Xero Terra Flex Men's

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The Xero TerraFlex is a high-performance, true minimalist trail running and hiking shoe. When you want more grip, more traction, and a bit more protection on your next My Trail adventure, you’ll want the TerraFlex. Built with the same DNA as Xero's best-selling Prio, TerraFlex lets your feet move, bend, flex and feel, the way they’re meant to.

The TerraFlex runs small. We recommend choosing 1/2 size larger than your usual size.

Specs at a Glance
The TerraFlex has a lugged sole for grip, and 3mm of Barefoam™ inside the sole for extra protection and comfort. Plus, a durable Tough Tek toe bumper and more aggressive breathable mesh upper.

Details Matter 

• Natural FIT:A wide toe box lets your toes spread and relax. Plus the “XERO-drop” sole (non-elevated heel and low-to-the ground) allows for proper posture, balance and agility • Natural MOTION: The TerraFlex is flexible enough to let your feet bend, move, and flex the way, well, that feet are supposed to. Plus, they’re so light weight, you’ll barely know you have them on. A men’s 9 is only 9.6 ounces each • Natural FEEL: The TerraFlex uses FeelTrue® rubber with an removable 2mm insole, to let you Feel The World® • Vegan friendly materials: No animal products in the TerraFlex • Huarache inspired design: The heel strap is not only eye-catching but functional • Adjustable instep strap: The “inverted V” straps aren’t sewn down, so you can use them to lock in your instep while keeping your toes free to move • Reflective straps: That middle section of the heel and instep straps is highly reflective for evenings and night Removable 2mm insole: For a more “barefoot” feeling, you can remove the optional 2mm insole • Barefoot friendly: Wear the TerraFlex with or without socks • 5,000 mile sole warranty: like ALL Xero FeelTrue® soles, the TerraFlex’s has a 5,000 mile sole warranty