Xero Prio Men's

Xero Prio Men's

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A great hike or run is built from the ground up. At My Trail Co, our favorite running shoes, on or off the trail, are from Xero. Introducing, the Men's Ipari Prio, Formula One-inspired performance footwear. The flexible FeelTrue® sole transfers power naturally and combined with the low 9mm stack height, keeps you balanced, agile, and connected to the trail. Lightweight construction, averaging 7.6 ounces, delivers speed through extreme efficiency. Dial in custom comfort with an anatomically-correct wide toe box, adjustable instep straps, and non-elevated “Xero-drop” sole. We love these for long miles and short runs, and they look great around town.

Specs at a Glance
Average only 8 ounces each 5.5mm FeelTrue® rubber sole 100% Vegan 5,000 mile sole warranty! “Zero-Drop” Note for sizing: These shoes fit true to size, but when running, or wearing without a footbed, we recommend going up 1/2 size to accommodate foot elongation. *Please allow up to 48hrs to ship from our warehouse Weights per pair (ozs) M6.5 14.4 M7 14.6 M7.5 15.2 M8 15.4 M8.5 15.8 M9 16.1 M9.5 16.1 M10 16.1 M10.5 16.2 M11 16.3 M11.5 16.3 M12 16.4 M13 16.4

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