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Backpack HL 30

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The BP HL 30 backpack is as light and compact as it gets without compromising comfort and dependability. Created with simplicity in mind, this incredibly light backpack features a minimal suspension for the lightest loads.  

The BP HL 30 is streamlined but still has comfortable shoulder straps and a hip belt. And it's tough: the white Ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene threads are 3x stronger than Kevlar and 15x stronger than steel. Enjoy peak bagging or the lightest of overnights with confidence.


Specs at a Glance

Max Volume: 30 liters
ComPackted Volume: N/A
Max Suggested Load: 20lbs
Weight (M): 11.5 oz

The HL 30 is lighter than almost every long-haul pack in its class and can easily carry loads up to 20 pounds for many thousands of miles.
Comfort starts with lightness. Our shoulder straps reduce weight, allow moisture to pass through, add flexibility, and ventilate on warm days.
Not many pack makers use Ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene Gridstop because it's so hard to cut and sew. Our HL 30 benefits from over 20 years of design refinements, and feedback from customers who have trail-tested them over millions of miles as well as hundreds of summits to the highest peaks on earth.

Details Matter 

Spine Lengths*:

Small/Medium = 15.5-18.5"

Medium/Large = 18.5-21.5"

Hip (Iliac Crest):

Small/Medium = 22-48"

Medium/Large = 22-52"

*Spine Length is measured from the 7th (bumpy) vertebrae to the top of the iliac crest (hip bone).

• UHMWPE Gridstop threads are 3x as strong as Kevlar, 15x as strong as steel

• Nylon webbing hip belt

• Contoured foam shoulder straps with reflective tube guides

• Air mesh lining on shoulder straps

• Adjustable stretch sternum strap with reflective tab and emergency whistle

• Internal reservoir gravity hook

• Haul loop

• Extension collar with draw string roll top closure and quick pull tab

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