Simply walking outside can have a powerful effect on us. Everyday adventures fill our senses with fresh air, clear waters, and uninterrupted skies. Beyond our comfortable homes, we rediscover the abundance of the quieter, more vibrant world that surrounds us, we reconnect with each other, with nature, and we revive our humanity.
The everyday adventurer within each of us knows that our greatest journeys are not about the destination — they’re about the trails we take and each unexpected moment along the way. Moments that inspire us. Moments that challenge us. Moments when we must be clever — when we must endure. Moments when we are our best selves — moments that become stories that define us.
Whether your adventure starts on a suburban sidewalk, a nearby forest, the head of an epic trail, or in the rocky crags above the trees, My Trail equips you for the journey ahead with precision gear that is as light, agile, comfortable, safe, dependable and affordable as we can make it. We create apparel that is so simple and comfortable that you feel like it is an extension of you. We build packs, shelters and equipment accessories that are so light you won’t feel burdened, and so dependable that you won’t set out without them.
When you have exactly what you need, you can be fully alive and present for every experience on your trail, free to walk or run as far, and climb as high as you’re able. Every product benefits from years of design, development and real-world use and has been collected into the perfect few things you’ll need. My Trail exists so that you may go as far as you want, on whatever trail you set out on.