Our Story

My Trail was born in Boulder Colorado in 2015 benefiting from the 16-year experience of GoLite, the global leader in lightweight outdoor apparel and equipment.

Demetri Coupounas, founder of both GoLite and My Trail, acquired GoLite’s product designs and invested them into My Trail. My Trail is bringing back improved versions of the best of GoLite’s products, then innovating from there.

Like GoLite, My Trail:
- makes high performance outdoor apparel and equipment that is extraordinarily light;
- sells directly to our Customers at affordable prices;
- produces responsibly.

Unlike GoLite, My Trail:
- will focus only on technical apparel and equipment and avoid a big line of casual lifestyle clothing;
- will only operate small, cost effective stores, that carry everything you need and nothing you don’t.

My Trail exists because over 200 Customers and counting have invested in us. To all our Investors and to the rest of our Customers, thank you for the opportunity to help you lighten up and enjoy the outdoors more.

We look forward to serving you!