Landing Page Section 3 - Where We're Going

As soon as My Trail Company raises enough capital, we’ll bring back our customers’ favorite lightweight products from packs, to shelters, to accessories, to storm shells.  We’ll follow these up with sleeping bags, and hiking and running tops and bottoms.  When it gets cold enough, we’ll bring in down jackets, mid- and base-layers, and cold weather accessories.  We’ll add more great products every season but we’ll stick to only the very best we acquired and leave the rest behind.  Then we’ll innovate from there.

Half a year after we’ve raised enough capital, these products will appear on this web site.  Then we plan to open stores in some of the best outdoor communities throughout Colorado.  Our stores, like our products, will have everything you need to help you enjoy the outdoors more; and nothing you don’t.  They’ll embody the philosophy of “less is more” saving money that we’ll pass back to you in the form of great products at great prices.

If you’re not in Colorado, visit!  In the mean time, just visit our web site.  Some day we plan on opening stores outside Colorado too – but not just yet; we’re going to take this trail adventure of ours one sure step at a time.

Looking forward to serving you, your family and friends, for many years to come!