Landing Page Section 1 - Who We Are


My Trail was born in Boulder, Colorado, out of a passion for the outdoors and a desire to bring to market the very best lightweight, functional outdoor clothing and equipment in the world. We want to help you remember why you went outdoors to begin with: to connect with nature, to explore new places, and, most importantly, to have fun!

We take our inspiration from Nature — the incredible tensile strength of a spider’s web, the efficient construction of beehive honeycomb, the resilient crystalline structure of a snowflake that survives a fall of several miles and lands intact. My Trail clothing and equipment has survived many multi-thousand mile trips due to its thoughtful design and construction and the judicious use of cutting-edge materials.  Starting each design from a clean slate we end up with products that are elegantly simple – like a snowflake.

My Trail Company is a Colorado Public Benefit Corporation founded by Demetri Coupounas (Coup) in 2015.  While a new company, My Trail has acquired the proven product designs of GoLite, a company Coup co-founded in 1998 and that served the outdoor community with great lightweight clothing and equipment for 16 years.

From all of us at My Trail, thank you for reminding us every day of what drives us – making great lightweight outdoor products and getting outside as often as possible.