Check Out These Popular Destinations You Can Travel to Next in 2023

Check Out These Popular Destinations You Can Travel To Next In 2021

Tourism has been hit hard like never before. Airports closed, borders locked, even curfews in many places around the world – all because of a very small, but very dangerous virus that has been harassing us for almost two years now. The good news is that we are finally seeing light at the end of the tunnel. As the number of vaccinated people grows, and as more effective methods of control are being implemented, we have a chance of actually going somewhere “outside”. 

Though any traveling will still be affected by the pandemic, we can point out how and what popular destinations to travel to once the borders open up. In general, try and avoid very crowded places even if you travel to touristy cities, see if you could book a resort instead of a hostel, make sure to have travel insurance, and so forth.

Traveling During Corona

Safety first! While all of us want to have fun, we shouldn’t be reckless and disregard health regulations. Following advice from the WHO for traveling during the pandemic, we can ensure our safety and that of those around us. You should have with you, at all times, a hand disinfectant, as well as at least two masks (that is, a spare one), and follow basic hygiene rules such as coughing into your elbow and keeping a physical distance of at least two meters.

Because some countries are deemed very risky to travel to or from due to having a high percentage of people infected, you should check with their embassy, or yours, beforehand what the limitations or penalties are for traveling to a certain destination. The last thing you want is to be turned back at the border when all other arrangements have been made.

Finding a Resort

The most secure option, at least health-wise, is to find and book a resort. Traveling with a group is made therefore much easier because most resorts will have all the accommodations needed for several people, while also being a bit away from large crowds. However, knowing where to look is the tricky part.

Tourist agencies usually have reservations made earlier and will gladly give you the spot for a certain price to cover their work. A bit more work, but a lot less money, is needed if you use sites like to browse through resorts yourself and learn how the industry works. A resort doesn’t necessarily need to be all-inclusive, as some people like to cook and explore for themselves. Just make sure it covers your basic needs and is easily accessible from a town where you can find whatever else you might need.

The Isolated Landscapes of Northern Europe

man standing in nature Northern Europe

Can’t get infected if there’s no one around to cough on you! Huge tracks of land, forest, and mountains can be found in scarcely populated countries in the north of Europe, where you can walk, fish, and enjoy untouched nature for days on end without meeting a single soul. Countries such as Norway, Sweden, and Finland offer this type of adventurous landscape and are very welcoming to tourists from all around the world. 

The only downside is the expected bad weather that is so common in those areas during most of the year, but an adventurous spirit shouldn’t be bothered with something like that. A reliable wind-proof jacket and hat, solid boots, and some camping gear are all you need to enjoy yourself in one of the last remaining wildernesses in Europe. 

The Mega-Cities of Asia

Looking East, we see the rising popularity of visiting densely populated areas such as the cities of South-East Asia. Having been affected hard by the coronavirus, many of these places have implemented strict regulations and penalties for breaking health regulations, so now they even represent one of the safer places to visit, despite the huge crowds you may encounter. 

Hong Kong, Tokyo, Jakarta, Seoul, etc., offer breathtaking architectural sights, delicious street food, as well as a rich local culture to explore. Traveling there might require more preparation than to other places, as it sometimes happens that locals are not used to using English and you might require a guide or a very good translator app.

Checking Out the Mediterranean

The “Roman lake” has fascinated travelers from all around the Old world for centuries. There has never been such an interesting, culturally diverse, and rich region in human history, and one that still offers amazing things to see and experience. Traveling around it today may be a bit of a logistical problem as it is divided by many borders, but sticking to only one country that encompasses the Mediterranean culture is worth doing too.

Italy, one of the top tourist destinations in the world, is a prime choice. We suggest making a tour of the country going from north to south, visiting the renaissance centers on the road and making sea-side stops to enjoy the local cuisine in one of the many stone-built resorts that decorate its ancient hills. 

Another top destination in the Mediterranean region is Croatia, which offers a variety of seascapes along both its eastern and western coasts. The crystal clear waters make it perfect for swimming and snorkeling, and the incredible panoramas are ideal for exploring cruises to Croatia for travelers who look for comfort and consistency with their travels. Croatian culture adds to the experience in this breathtaking country as well; as you explore its network of coves, you’ll also get to sample local wines, dine on traditional dishes, explore picturesque mountain trails, and revel in wild nightlife.

traveling to popular destinations in Europe

The Best Music Festivals

For those with a thirst for excitement and having a good party – we cannot recommend enough going to one of the major music festivals that are going to be organized this year. Various top lists boast to show what will be popular now that restrictions will be relaxed, and we should point out that you can find these excellent festivals all around the world. 

From EXIT festival in Serbia, over the Isle of Wight Festival in Britain to the electronic music festival Ultra Miami in the USA, there is something for everybody. Although travel restrictions will still apply because these festivals represent an important cultural event, in those places we can expect a bit of loosening up during that time so that the main event can go relatively undisturbed.


Being vaccinated and having a “green” passport will tremendously help you if you plan on traveling this year, but there are alternatives even for those who cannot get vaccinated. A PCR test, or other kinds of confirmation that you are indeed healthy, should be secured before any journey now. Remember to stay safe, and have fun while traveling to popular destinations in the upcoming exciting season.

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