Legacy Adjustable Trekking Pole

Leki Legacy Lite (pair)

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For My Trail hikers, trekking poles are as much a part of life off the trail as they are on the trail. The perfect pole to add miles to your hikes is also great at pitching your poncho tarp at night. The Legacy is the culmination of 60+ years experience in designing and producing trekking poles. Featuring ultralite, high-tensile strength aluminum shafts and durable Cortec grips, Legacy also includes the next generation SpeedLock 2 which is not only smaller and stronger than our previous design, but further reduces overall weight and enhances the swingweight on the trail. We think these are the best value on the market — the perfect pole for any hiker anywhere in the world.
Specs at a Glance
100-135 cm 8.0 oz / pole Aluminum Shaft