NiteIze S-Biner #3

NiteIze S-Biner #3

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All the usefulness of a single-gated carabiner... times two! A unique, two-in-one S-Biner offers functionality for a nearly endless variety of uses.  A perfect compliment to any backpack.

This unique double-clip carabiner offers a great way to manage many items, like hanging a bear bag. Dual hook design with opposing gates allow you to easily link two things together.

The rugged stainless steel and secure gate closure is rated to hold 5 pounds, so it is not intended for climbing use. We keep 2 or 3 of these on our packs at all times.

Specs at a Glance
Materials: Stainless steel Dimensions: 2.625" x 1.125" Weight: 0.3 ounces