Xero Z-Trail Women's

Xero Z-Trail Women's

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We’re always searching for ways to go farther, climb higher, and do more on our favorite trails without having to think about our gear. The 4.6 oz (W7) Umara™ Z-Trail is the ultimate trail shoe. These things are ultra-light and ultra-comfortable, and once you take them on a climb, across a river, in your boat, for a run, or kicked-up with a cold beverage, you’ll be giving away your other trail shoes.

At only 10mm, the triple-layer FeelLight™ sole packs solid protection, traction, and grip into the smallest package possible. The BareFoam™ top layer cradles your feet for superior comfort. Inset FeelTrue® rubber tread pods grab the ground.  5mm of TrailFoam™ smooths out the bumps and edges as it contours to your foot. These things are the lightest, most comfortable things you can between you and the trail.

Specs at a Glance
10mm (~3/8″) FeelLite™ outsole 100% Vegan 5,000 mile sole warranty! “Zero-Drop” *Please allow up to 48hrs to ship from our warehouse Weights per pair (ozs) W5 7.6 W6 8.0 W7 8.6 W8 8.8 W9 9.0 W10 9.6

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