Top 5 Emergency Items to Have When Camping or Hunting Outdoors: A Guide

Top 5 Emergency Items to Have When Camping or Hunting Outdoors Guide

Going camping or hunting is a fun activity, but external threats and factors can jeopardize your and your companions’ safety, no matter how safe the area might seem.

If you’re about to go on a camping or hunting trip and are planning your packing list beforehand, there are five items you should include to keep you and your family and friends safe.

Besides the usual camping gear like heated pants or water shoes, you’ll also want to keep these emergency items in mind. It’s better to have and not need than to need and not have, after all.

In this guide, you’ll learn about the top five pieces of safety equipment to carry with you when going outdoors, tips and tricks on staying safe in the wild, and more.

5 Items to Have When Traveling

Whether hiking in the mountains or hunting in a dense forest, here are five must-bring items you should always have on hand or in your survival pack. They could end up saving your life.

Bear Spray

Bringing a can of bear spray (or even pepper spray) is a must-have when hiking, camping, or hunting. It’s a non-lethal deterrent that wards off bears that may be charging at you.

Imagine you’re out hiking when you see a bear suddenly coming towards you. They could be doing this for many reasons, like a mother protecting their cub, or they could see you as food.

A bear spray would be able to spray far enough and long enough away that when the bear is around 15 feet away from you, they’d stop in their tracks, giving you and your loved ones enough time to high-tail it out of there.

Another helpful thing about bear spray is that it affects mountain lions in the same way. You can also use it to defend against other people that might be looking to harm you.

Personal Alarm

A personal alarm is a small device you should carry in an easily accessible place that emits a loud and piercing sound when activated. It draws attention to yourself and ensures someone from civilization hears your call for aid.

This is a crucial emergency tool to have if you’re in the wilderness where cell phone signal strength doesn’t work well. The loud noise can be heard from pretty far away.

The noise from the personal alarm device can either scare away predators or alert others, like a rescue team, to your position. This device can come in handy and save your life.

mergency Items for Camping or Hunting Outdoors

Self Defense Weapon

When worse comes to worst, you’ll want to have a weapon that you can use to protect yourself. You should have one on you, whether it’s a taser, a baseball bat, or even a firearm.

You should pick one depending on how confident you are with your own physical strength. For example, you’ll probably only need a bat if you have strong arms and can swing hard.

On the other hand, if you’re a smaller person and going into a pretty dangerous area, you should consider getting a firearm like a pistol with the appropriate optics (Shooting Mystery has more details).

Whether it’s a Glock 17 or brass knuckles, ensure your personal defense weapon is light and easy to carry.

First Aid Kit

Here’s one thing you can be sure you’ll need someday: a first aid kit. Whether you’re hiking long trails or stalking your prey, cuts, accidents, and injuries can occur.

There will be many times when you’re walking and either scrape your leg or arm on an exposed branch, cut yourself, or trip on uneven ground and sprain your ankle.

An excellent first aid kit will have all the medical tools you need to treat minor injuries and at least patch up more major ones while you make your way to the nearest hospital.

Aside from the first aid kit, remember to bring any medical supplements or equipment if you have medical conditions like asthma or have a strong allergic reaction to anything outdoors.

Appropriate Safety Gear

The final emergency item to bring with you is appropriate safety gear for whatever area you’re going to. This can help you when unexpected situations arise.

For example, bring rope and harnesses if you’re hiking up a mountain trail. You might find yourself in a situation needing the rope to secure yourself or your companions.

While it will add some bulk to your bag, you won’t realize the need for it until you’re in a dire situation. You’ll be thankful that you brought it then.

safety gear rope and harness

Tips and Tricks to Stay Safe When Going Outdoors

Here are a few additional tips and tricks to help you stay safe when hiking, climbing, camping, or hunting outdoors.

  • Always go with companions and avoid wandering off alone.
  • Stick to known trails to avoid getting lost.
  • Check the weather reports days before going to see if it’s still safe.
  • Postpone any trips if the weather forecast looks dreary.
  • Keep emergency items in an easily accessible area.
  • Keep your eyes open for signs of natural predators.

Frequently Asked Questions

You might have related questions after learning about the top five emergency items to have and how to stay safe when going out. Here are answers to the most commonly asked ones.

What Are Important Things to Have in a First Aid Kit?

The ever-reliable bandage is the first type of item to keep in a first aid kit. Keep different types like triangular bandages, crepe-rolled bandages, band-aids, and various gauzes for wounds.

You should also pack creams, sprays, and ingestible tablets to treat rashes, irritations, and stings and to serve as painkillers. These can help reduce pain and soothe skin.

Finally, keep tools like a thermometer, scissors, tweezers, gloves, and safety pins to help apply bandages and other gauzes onto the affected person.

How Do I Avoid Bears and Mountain Lions?

The first thing to do is to avoid places where sightings of bears and mountain lions are frequent. These areas are high-risk zones.

If you encounter one, don’t make yourself look small or bend down to pick up a stick or rock. This will make you look weak and look like prey to them.

Instead, stand up straight and make loud, intimidating noises. This should scare them away, but if it doesn’t, there’s a reason you have your bear spray on hand.

hiking camping hunting safety tips mountain lion


After reading this guide, you’ve hopefully learned more about staying safe when hiking, hunting, or camping in the wilderness.

It’s a fun activity that still needs a lot of safety precautions because of variables like natural predators or even other human beings with less-than-savory intentions.

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