Top 16 Best Camping Water Filter Review In 2022

Best Camping Water Filter

Everyone researching the backcountry needs water but remaining hydrated isn’t quite as straightforward as drinking directly from lakes and streams. To shield against protozoa, bacteria, as well as viruses, there’s a vast assortment of water purification and filtration systems constructed specifically for backpacking (many choices on this listing are excellent for day hiking, trail running, and traveling also ).

Our top choices for 2022 below comprise all from ultralight straw filters and compound drops to pumps and large-quantity gravity filters. For more background info, visit our water filter/purifier comparison desk and purchasing information below the selections. Keep reading My Trail Company will help you to find out the best camping water filter.

Water Filters- best water filter camping

Water Filters

What is the best camping water filter system? Water filters require the kind of capsules with miniature microscopic pores that strain out damaging elements. Microorganisms that are big enough to be stopped by blockers contain protozoa (including the infamous Giardia) and bacteria (such as E. Coli and Salmonella). Water filters don’t but protect against viruses (Hepatitis A and also the Norovirus, by way of instance ).

The present consensus is that filtering your water ought to be adequate for the United States and Canadian backcountry. Viruses, which can be transported primarily by individual waste and sometimes animal waste, are seldom found in glacier melt or transferring flows. However, as we’ll state lots of instances within the following guide, virus defense isn’t a bad thing, even in North America. It is far better to be safe than sorry.

Water Purifiers

Like water filters, purifiers eliminate protozoa and bacteria from water, but in addition, they fight viruses too little for many filters. This happens either via the use of compounds, ultraviolet light, or little fibers like the ones utilized at the MSR Guardian. Purifiers are crucial to getting drinking water from less-developed areas of the planet where water sanitation and infrastructure are not as strong and germs may make their way to the water.

Most water heaters don’t filter sediment or other contaminants out of the water, therefore in some cases, the mixture of the best water filter camping Reddit and a water purifier may be critical. The expensive MSR Guardian is the exception it acts as a pump filter, nevertheless, water runs through fibers so microscopic that germs have been kept from passing too.

Types of Water Filters and Purifiers

Gravity filters would be the quickest and simplest way to receive clean water from the backcountry, as long as you get a nice supply were to accumulate. You just join the components, fill your filthy water bag, hang it in a tree or stone, and let gravity do the job. Rather than pumping, water flows through the filter and then into another reservoir for drinking.

Gravity filters are amazing (our best overall pick in this guide is the Platypus GravityWorks) since they handle considerable quantities of water with no arduous job of pumping and distribute it readily. Due to the quantity of water that they could handle, gravity filters are a wonderful option for backpacking in classes and base camping.

There are a couple of downsides to gravity filters. To begin with, the components can be slightly bulky since the machine comprises a minimum of one tote (dirty water) and frequently two (the wash water tote technically is optional since possible filter into ribbons ), the hoses, along with the filtration device. If you’re trying to find the smallest and lightest set up for backpacking, quite a few minimalist straw filters, hand pumps, and chemical treatments can attain those aims (see the Sawyer Squeeze, to begin ).

And having a gravity filter will not demand scooping water to the filthy bag, which can be best performed from a reasonably sized pond or stream. You will also require somewhere to hang the wash water bag to allow the filter to perform its own work if you don’t would like to hold it at the head level as the water filters down.

Pump Filters/Purifiers

If you hear the word”water filter,” a pump likely springs to mind. Vacuum filters have long dominated the world of water-resistant water filtration, just lately being blindsided by new technologies like gravity and jar filters. A pump filter employs the activity of you guessed it pumping to siphon water from the origin, via a hose, right into a microscopic filter, and then outside a separate hose into a sterile receptacle. Vacuum filters, including gravity filters, are excellent for use over the road to filter out a liter or 2 while trekking and are adept at extracting water from shallow sources (we rely on these in Utah where it is often hard to scoop massive amounts ).

But filtering water with a pump could be tough, field maintenance frequently is needed to clean the cartridges, and pump filters are among the heaviest water filtration methods (MSR’s 5-ounce TrailShot is 1 exception). Two of the top pump filters in 2022 would be the Katadyn Hiker and MSR MiniWorks, along with the MSR Guardian is in a category of its own as a pump compressor.

Bottle Filters/Purifiers

As its name suggests, these filters hook to the spout of the jar and filter water as you drink. Most frequently, the jar has to be soft-sided (such as a plastic jar or the components that accompany the Sawyer Squeeze), as hauling the water into your mouth usually requires a grinding action. We adore these filters due to their flexibility along with drinking directly from the jar, it is possible to filter water into another receptacle for storage.

However, they’re often slower in filtering compared to the usual high-performing pump layout and need quite a little more effort than the usual gravity model. Nevertheless, their compact and lightweight construction makes them popular amongst long-distance backpackers, day hikers, and bikers.

Besides filtration choices, 1 bottle purification system created our record: the Grayl Ultralight. This all-in-one set-up comprises a French-press-style plunger that works both as a filter and conditioner, letting you care for your water and sip normally. On the other hand, the Grayl includes a small capacity and short filter life, which makes it best for travel in developing nations when water resources are easily obtainable and purification is necessary.

Straw Filters - best water filter for camping

Straw Filters

Used commonly by day hikers, trail runners, and mountain bikers who prefer to not transmit water as they go, straw filters enable you to drink straight from the source. They utilize the strain of sucking to transfer water from a stream, lake, or jar, through the filter and then in your mouth.

Normally, straw filters are somewhat lighter and price less than a pump or air filters, but they’re practical in restricted surroundings like when water is easily available without storage of water (for drinking or cooking afterward, by way of instance ) is required. Among the most well-known straw filters would be that the fundamental LifeStraw.

Chemical Purifiers

We hesitate to call them old college, but compound sprays have been around forever yet still get the task finished. Perhaps the most well-known compound process is Potable Aqua iodine pills, which you add to water and wait for 30 minutes prior to drinking. The upsides are apparent: pills are lightweight and affordable, as well as that you get adequate virus protection also. But remember that pills and similar compound choices like Aquamira chlorine dioxide drop go directly into unfiltered water.

This implies that whatever level of silt, twigs, and creatures is because water will probably be on your jar also. Because of this, drops and tablets operate best when you’ve got easy access to great water resources such as arctic streams. A last note on compound sprays: flavor frequently may be a problem, particularly with iodine. Potable Aqua does include neutralizer pills, but it is difficult to prevent that chemical flavor.

UV Purifiers

1 purification program on this listing, the SteriPen UltraLight UV, utilizes exceptional UV purification procedures. Concerning procedure, you put the SteriPen on your own water and swirl for approximately 90 minutes before the light turns green (it might take more time when the water is quite cloudy or cold). Like the chemical sprays recorded previously, the SteriPen goes into drinkable water and so you are going to need a fantastic source.

Another disadvantage of UV removal is the fact that it needs batteries and electronic equipment to operate, which may go dead or fail from the backcountry. Because of this, we advocate bringing backup batteries or alternatives like drops or pills (in actuality, this is always a fantastic idea whatever your machine ).

Weight and Bulk

Much like backpacking equipment, the objective is to go as small and light as you can. The fantastic thing is that with water purification and filtration, more than ever there are quite a few super lightweight and packable choices. Everything begins with compound droplets and pills, which can be approximately 3 oz total (approximately 6 oz for iodine if you draw the flavor buds pills ) and take up virtually no room on your backpacking package.

There are ultralight filters such as the LifeStraw and Katadyn BeFree, which weigh at both to 3-ounce selection but are slightly bigger in proportion than chemical remedies (even though the Katadyn carries a water bottle). Pumps and gravity techniques take up the maximum space and therefore are the lightest, ranging from approximately 11 oz for the Katadyn Hiker to 17 oz for its MSR Guardian. These programs also have several components such as storage totes and hoses, but work well for classes and base camping.

Filter Life

A vital product specification which we mention in this guide is filter existence, or how fast your filter will have to be replaced. The main consideration here is price: you’ve got the first purchase price of this product, however after a specific number of gallons of water are filtered, you will want to purchase a replacement cartridge. By way of instance, two of our favorite pump filters would be the Katadyn Hiker and MSR MiniWorks.

The cost of this Katadyn is $20 less than the MSR, but it’s a shorter filter existence of 750 liters vs. 2,000 liters, which can be a large difference. Given that the Katadyn replacement filter costs $50 vs. $40 for your MSR, this brings the expense of the machine up within a span of years. On the ends of this spectrum, the Grayl Ultralight purifying jar has a cartridge life of just 150 liters, whereas the Sawyer Squeeze includes a lifetime guarantee, and they do not even create replacement cartridges for this.

Just like with almost any manufacturer-provided spec, the recorded filter existence is optimistic and probably ought to be considered as a max. What’s more, a number of these vacuums and filters are created out of a lot of plastic and it is fairly probable you will break another part of the apparatus prior to the filter expires.

Last, remember the 750 liters mentioned previously for your Katadyn is really a great deal for many casual backpackers which get out a couple of times annually. If your filter lasts that long and you are ready for a brand new cartridge, then you have gotten a great deal of use and wash water from it, which makes it a good investment.

Flow Rate - best camping water filter system

Flow Rate

In practice, you are likely to consume sufficient amounts of water from the backcountry if it is fast and simple to acquire. Thus, flow speed, or the rate of your filter, things. Gravity filters normally have the speediest flow speeds both the Platypus GravityWorks and MSR AutoFlow XL have been 1.75 liters per second so that they just take a couple of minutes to fill a 4-liter bladder using sterile water. The top pump filters available on the market are recorded at approximately 1 liter per second, although that sounds quite optimistic to people.

The exception is that the expensive MSR Guardian, that can be recorded at a quick 2.5 liters per second. Though not technically leak rate, chemical sprays require between 20 and 30 minutes based on the merchandise of your choice. The flow rates recorded by the producers will be realized in the best conditions and are most likely to be reduced in the area. Most filters include recommendations for backflushing or light maintenance to keep things going correctly (more on this below).

Pore Size

If you are getting heavy into a water filter/purifier study, then you might encounter the expression”pore dimension,” which can be measured in micron. This describes how big these very small openings in the filter, along with the bigger they are, the particles that the filter can obstruct. According to the CDC manual on water therapy, microfiltration units vary in pore size from roughly 0.05 micron to five microns.

Many backpacking filters within this listing include a pore size of.1 or.2 microns, which can be effective against protozoa (Cryptosporidium, Giardia) and bacteria (Salmonella, E. coli, etc.), although not viruses (Hepatitis A, Norovirus, etc.). The MSR Guardian is exceptional in relation to being a pump purifier on account of this medical-grade fiber used in the filter.

Compatibility with Water Cleaners and Hydration Reservoirs

Virtually all water treatment methods have some method of linking to either a water bottle or hydration reservoir, even or even both. This frequently takes the kind of a very simple hose or cap that fits onto typically sized water bottle openings. The MSR Thru-Link Inline Water Filter, as an instance, attaches right to your own water heater hose, and pump filters such as the Katadyn Hiker along with the MSR MiniWorks have adapters that fit the mouth of a standard Nalgene bottle.

Sawyer has played to the fast-and-light neighborhood of hikers using disposable plastic water bottles around the road, making their Squeeze and Miniature models capable to twist in the mouth of a typical plastic water bottle (good for weight savings, not as good for the surroundings ). Overall, be conscious of the compatibility to get the best cheap camping water filter or filter to be certain it works together with your drinking vessels.

Water Taste

Lots of water filters and purifiers have the ability to eliminate bacteria, protozoa, and at times even viruses, however, they will not necessarily alter the flavor of their water. This is not a massive problem when you are drinking directly from cold mountain biking, but it definitely can function as the level of your water supply deteriorates.

If you are using chemicals to purify your drinking or water from suspicious sources maybe water with floating leaves or plants growing beneath the surface flavor can get involved in a major way. If the terrible taste actually bothers you, then we recommend adding an electrolyte-enhanced beverage mixture, or in the instance of Potable Aqua, employing the corresponding neutralizing pills.

Additionally, carbon filters are also famous for assisting with flavor. Employed in the favorite Brita kitchen filters, carbon eliminates chlorine, organic chemicals, along with other poor odor and taste-inducing substances. Not all mobile backcountry filters utilize carbon but most on our list do such as the MSR MiniWorks, LifeStraw Go, and Grayl Ultralight Purifier.

Furthermore, some versions provide carbon filters like add-ons: the Platypus GravityWorks, as an instance, sells a carbon component individually which may be added into the current filter, and also the LifeStraw Steel version employs carbon rather than than a hollow-fiber membrane. It is important to be aware that carbon gets inefficient prior to the filter (after about six months or 200 liters), therefore if that is a feature that you wish to keep, select a filter that lets you buy the carbon component separately from the entire cartridge.


As we touched on previously if you are not employing a dedicated filter to split out sediment and other particulates, finding a fresh and functioning water supply is the perfect method to make sure your water tastes great. Nevertheless, there are techniques to mitigate the buildup if you find yourself with no additional choices.

The best technique is to pre-filter your own water by means of a bandage or other piece of clothes to breed outside sand, leaves, and other pieces prior to purification. Another choice is to scoop the filthy water into a Ziploc bag, allow the sediment to settle, then purify in the clean water near the peak of the bag. This is not only going to produce the drinking process more pleasurable, but it is going to also mitigate possible problems with filter upkeep (more about this below).

Filter Maintenance/Replacement

Given that their job is to eliminate contaminants from water, it must come as no surprise that lots of water filters have to be cleaned off the buildup. Most filler and gravity filters have been preserved by backflushing wash air or water through the filter. Together with the LifeStraw, it really is as simple as blowing out following every drink.

Other people take another item of gear, for example, syringe which is included with the Sawyer Squeeze. Generally, it is very important to learn about and practice keeping your filter in your home prior to taking it out to the area.

Cleaning pump filters can be a marginally more intensive procedure since you will have to unscrew the device and remove the filter or stretch a brush down the inside. Instructional videos are available on the internet for virtually every product on the listing, and you ought to expect standard maintenance to be a part of possessing and using a filter. If you are not keen on maintaining up your gear, you may always opt for much more carefree models such as the SteriPen or chemical remedies like Aquamira or even Potable Aqua.

Scooping water (Platypus GravityWorks)

Based upon the quality of the water supply, a filter may clog up fairly quickly

Emergency Backups

Last but not least we ought to mention that just about every water purifier and filter may malfunction, which might leave you with no clean water from the backcountry. Within this situation, you are able to boil your drinking water as long as you possess a backpacking stove and additional fuel, however this a time plus labor-intensive method. Because of this, we think that it’s a fantastic idea to take a lightweight chemical treatment or LifeStraw as an emergency backup.

The LifeStraw weighs only two ounces and costs $20, and Aquamira drops are only $15 for sufficient solution to deal with 30 gallons of water, for only 3 additional ounces on your backpack. Getting sick at the back can be a serious medical issue, thus we think using a backup is a wise thing to do.

The best camping water filter - best portable water filter for camping

The best camping water filter brands

Bestseller No. 4
Sawyer Products SP129 Squeeze Water Filtration System w/ Two 32-Oz Squeeze Pouches, Straw, and Hydration Pack Adapter
Sawyer Products SP129 Squeeze Water Filtration System w/ Two 32-Oz Squeeze Pouches, Straw, and Hydration Pack Adapter
100% of squeeze units individually tested three times to performance standards by sawyer

Last update on 2024-05-29 / Affiliate links / As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

1. Aquamira Water Purification Drops

Aquamira Water Purification dropsAquamira Water Treatment Drops utilize chlorine dioxide (used in municipal water treatment plants) to kill 99.9percent of germs, viruses, and viruses, such as cryptosporidium and giardia. Each bundle of Aquamira includes two bottles, Part A and Part B, which you combine together before handling your water.

The drops are successful in clean, muddy, cold, and warm water and have a shelf life of five decades, which makes them a superb alternative for global traveling, hiking, backpacking, and emergency preparedness. Each Aquamira bundle contains enough drops to treat 30 gallons of water. A lot of men and women take Aquamira as a backup if their water filter breaks or for purifying a couple of gallons of water simultaneously.

2. Grayl GeoPress Water Purifier Bottle

The Grayl GeoPress is a bottle-based water purifier that eliminates Protozoa, Bacteria, and pollutants from water resources. The GeoPress comes with an outer jar and an inner jar, using a filter at one side and a drinking spout using a screw-on top in the other.

To use it, then you pull on the inner jar from the outer jar, fill out the outer jar up with suspect water, then push the inner jar into the outer jar as if you would a French press. Once completed, you can take your water and sip on it straight from the jar for additional convenience or decant into another container.

3. HydroBlu Versa Flow Water Filter

Hydroblu Versa Flow Water FilterThe HydroBlu Versa Flow Water Filter may be utilized as an inline, gravity, squeeze, or straw filter without requiring purchasing further syringes, connectors, adapters, or substitute gaskets; it is compatible with standard 28mm soda bottles and reservoirs such as the CNOC Vecto; it includes color-coded finish caps to maintain the consumption and output clean.

Preview Product Rating Price
HydroBlu Versa Flow Water Filter System Package HydroBlu Versa Flow Water Filter System Package No ratings yet $25.95

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It does not flow between applications, and it’s a transparent inspection window so it’s possible to determine when it has to be cleaned. The Versa Flow 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria like salmonella, cholera, and E.col and 99.9percent of protozoa such as Giardia and Cryptosporidium.

4. Katadyn BeFree

Are you really going out for a very long day at the hills? The Katadyn BeFree is a private soft hand jar that matches a high flow filter using a brief span indoors. Scoop water on-the-go and drink directly from it. It will filter since you drink, fueled with a gentle squeeze, and your sucking on pressure. The bottle shirt is flexible to other narrow bottle tops, which makes it reusable if it occurs to spring a leak. Since the filter is brief and the jar is collapsible, it is possible to roll it up into the size of the hands and stow.

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The biggest problem with this item is that the sturdiness of this soft bottle. We’ve had this jar spring escapes on us fairly consistently over the previous five testing phases. So it is not durable. But as it’s flexible to additional bottles, it may be used over and over again. Additionally, it only holds 0.6 L and can not be utilized for big storage, therefore water resources have to be abundant.

5. Katadyn Gravity Camp 6L

We adore the Katadyn GravityWorks because of its super-easy-to-set-up layout and fast flow rate. It treats enormous amounts of water in minutes, which makes it an exceptional alternative for a big group or solo us.

The filling is simple as the water tote has a huge opening and can readily be squished down. This system does have to get suspended from a top place and it will do the rest as you do chores around camp. It is compatible with most hydration bladder systems and may double as a handwash station or shower.

Contrary to other gravity filters within this particular review, it doesn’t have another storage tote to get clean water. Due to the positioning of the filter from the tote, it does not work well if there aren’t any branches to hang it from. It clogs fast when filtering water in the Colorado River following a heavy rainstorm.

6. Katadyn Hiker Water Filter

Katadyn Hiker Water FilterThe Katadyn Hiker Water Filter is a pump-based filter that removes particulates, protozoa, and bacteria down to 0.2 microns in sizes, such as giardia, salmonella, and cryptosporidium. It features a pre-filter in the hose socket that filters into 150 microns, great for use with muddy or sediment-filled water, which eliminates large contaminants before they get to the primary filter and increase its life span. This is the best water filter ever for camping.

Quick-connect fittings allow the elimination of input and output canals: the ducts also link directly to hydration reservoirs with 0.25 in. Drink tubes. The anticipated filter existence is 1150 liters before replacement is needed. The Hiker weighs 11 oz.

7. Katadyn Long Lasting Portable Camping Water Filter

Katadyn Long Lasting Water FilterKatadyn Portable water filter is an ideal device for any outdoor enthusiast carrying short or exceptionally long excursions in the wilderness. First off, the construction of the water filter is from the world. It features a glistening steel exterior that keeps out the harmful external components.

Preview Product Rating Price
Katadyn Pocket Water Microfilter Katadyn Pocket Water Microfilter No ratings yet

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What is more, it poses a powerful silver-infused ceramic component that’s responsible for filtering out bacteria and protozoa. This also eliminates any algae in freshwater flows. Simply speaking, this water filter has the power to filter all germs which are larger than 0.2 microns. This effect is much thinner and safe to consume water.

8. Lifesaver Bottle Water Purifier Bundle for Camping

Lifesaver Bottle Water Purifier kit for camping if that you end up away from freshwater supply, then the Lifesaver jar is a fantastic way to make the water drinkable. This water bottle filters out waterborne viruses, viruses, and germs to let you drink water out of lakes, rivers ponds, etc.. The jar employs an ultra-filtration system which filters out 99.99percent (log 4) viruses, 99.9999percent (log 6) germs and reduces 99.9percent (log 3) cysts.

What is more, there’s a failsafe technology in which the filter prevents filtering water once it reaches its limit. It includes transparency sealed 6000 UF replacements to decrease compounds in water. This also eliminates chlorine, awful flavor, and odor to earn the water totally safe for drinking.

9. LifeStraw Flex Advanced Camping Water Filter

LifeStraw Flex Advanced Water FilterIf you’re searching for a compact, lightweight, and flexible water filter, and the LifeStraw Technology is a perfect solution. You may use it with a straw, the added gravity tote, plastic bottles with in-line hydration bladders. This filter provides high-quality protection since it eliminates bacteria and parasites such as Salmonella, Giardia, E-coli, etc..

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It features a hollow fiber membrane using a size of 0.2-micron pores. The filter eliminates 99.999999percent of germs, 99.999percent microplastics and 99.99percent protozoans. What is more, it may also eliminate compounds and heavy metals such as lead, chlorine, and organic matter using all the carbon filter capsules. This works by enhancing the flavor of their water. The water filter makes it the most dependable for global use and crisis preparedness.

10. LifeStraw Go Backpacking Water Filter Bottles

LifeStraw Go Water Filter Bottle for Camping, Hiking and BackpackingLifeStraw Go water filter jar is an ideal companion for walkers and other outdoor enthusiasts with briefer outdoor remains. It’s an impeccable design that enables the consumer to drink water straight from the bottle. This is due to the fact that the layout delivers the quickest way to filter out the atmosphere, meaning, you do not need to pump or await the dirt to repay.

Preview Product Rating Price
LIFESTRAW Go Water Bottle, 22 oz. One Color One Size LIFESTRAW Go Water Bottle, 22 oz. One Color One Size No ratings yet

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What is more, it features 2-stage filtration technologies. The first eliminates germs, parasites, and filters 1000 g per filter. Stage two eliminates chlorine from the water also enhances the taste in addition to reducing poor odor. Additionally, it reduces organic compound things and contains longevity of around 25 gallons.

11. MSR AutoFlow XL

The MSR Autoflow XL is intended for large group usage and basecamps. Its large capacity can consume up to 10L of water, using a flexible design fitting a variety of storage vessels. That is our preferred for team use, just because it requires hardly any set-up and may be left unattended whilst filtering large amounts of water. It may also double as a hand-wash channel or possibly a shower through the warmer seasons.

12. MSR Guardian Purifier

Since the luxury model of hand pumps, the MSR Guardian Purifier delivers excellent performance and construction. This purifier does not just eliminate bacteria and protozoa but viruses, which makes it ideal to use all over the world. Pumping is super simple and quick. It’s ideal for private use or using a small group of around four individuals. Its auto-backflush system retains this filter out of being obstructed…in turbid water.

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13. MSR Miniworks EX Water Filter

MSR Miniworks EX Water Filter is a pump-style water filter that screws on wide-mouth Nalgene bottles and gentle canteens. Though the MiniWorks is thicker than easier squeeze-style water filters, then it is a better alternative for filtering turbid, muddy, or tannic water resources such as snowmelt, spring thaw, or algae-infested ponds and turning them to clear and fine tasting water.

Preview Product Rating Price
MSR MiniWorks EX Backountry Water Filter MSR MiniWorks EX Backountry Water Filter No ratings yet $90.57

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That is because the Miniworks is a three-stage filter, using a pre-filter that eliminates larger solids, a ceramic filter to remove germs, and also a charcoal filter to eliminate unpleasant odors and scents. Weighing 17 oz, the Miniworks comes with an output of 1 liter per second and filters out contaminants down to 0.2 microns in size. The anticipated filter life is 2000 gallons. Replacement filters are also offered.

14. Sawyer Mini Filter ($20)

  • Weight: 2 ounces.
  • Filter life: 100,000 gallons
  • What we like: Feathery light.
  • What we do not: We will stick with the better-performing and longer-lasting Sawyer Squeeze.

1 ounce lighter and more $20 cheaper than the Sawyer compacted over, the Sawyer Mini is among the lightest and most compact water filters in the marketplace. Such as the Squeeze, the Mini attaches to its comprised bag or other harmonious water jars to squeeze filtered water in your mouth or drinking container. Unlike the Squeeze, nevertheless, the Mini doubles as a straw, giving it the flexibility of a jar, straw, or gravity filter (the gravity alternative requires buying additional components).

15. Sawyer Squeeze Water Filter ($40)

The Sawyer Squeeze Water Filter SySystem includes the Sawyer Squeeze Filter, two 32 fl. oz. PoPouchesa cleaning coupling and extra accessories for inline and gravity usage. Much like the Sawyer Mini, it is possible to drink straight in the Sawyer Squeeze but the majority of individuals squeeze untreated water from a gentle jar into a fresh container.

Preview Product Rating Price
Sawyer Products Squeeze Water Filtration System Sawyer Products Squeeze Water Filtration System No ratings yet

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The filter employs a hollow-fiber tissue filter which eliminates 99.99999percent of bacteria, such as salmonella, cholera, and E.coli, and eliminates 99.9999percent of protozoa, such as giardia and cryptosporidium. The filter itself weighs only 3 oz.

16. Steripen Ultra UV Water Purifier

Preview Product Rating Price
SteriPEN ULT-MP-EF SterPen Ultra UV Water Purifier SteriPEN ULT-MP-EF SterPen Ultra UV Water Purifier $123.24

Last update on 2024-05-28 / Affiliate links / As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

The Steripen Ultra is a water purifier that uses ultraviolet light to repel bacteria, protozoa, and viruses which may make you sick. The Ultra is USB rechargeable and matches in thin or wide-necked bottles. It is also among the greatest options for purifying cold water, which will create little holes in many filters when it freezes if the filter component is moist in chilly weather, thus destroying them. To use it, then you just dip it into a container of water and stir, until authenticator lamp indicates the water is purified, after about 90 minutes. Weighing just 4.94 oz, the Steripen Ultra includes a UV lamp life of 8000 uses.

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