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Top 12 Best Climbing Tape 2020

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Every rock climber understands how important it’s to discover since there comes a point as soon as your skin is worn out raw, the ideal climbing tape to work with on their palms and palms and you want an excess layer of protection. The cassette of climber does that – protects skin, in addition to providing support into ligaments and tendons.

However, top-rated tape for climbing can be hard since it requires to possess certain features that tapes deficiency to find. For starters, the rock shouldn’t elongate, but it ought to have the ability to be ripped into strips. Purchasing guide and our listing will provide you with the info you want to make the choice and can help you discover the best choice in the marketplace.

Top 12 Best Climbing Tape - Tape Fingers For Climbing

Top 12 Best Climbing Tape Brands

Bestseller No. 5
Mueller Grip Tape 1.5' x12 Yd
Mueller Grip Tape 1.5" x12 Yd
Cypher Climber'S Tape
Bestseller No. 10
Metolius Climbing Tape - White
Metolius Climbing Tape - White
100 cotton athletic tape; Retail packaging includes illustrated, step-by-step taping instructions

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Armadillo Skin Care Finger Tape

Armadillo Skin Care Finger Tape was made to help grapplers protect their joints from soreness and injury. It ensures that your hands work and gives support that is strong and dependable to mitigate harm. Produced from cotton, the cassette is latex-free and provides maximum stickiness, as a result of the greater than seven newtons of gluing force. Regardless of this, the tape leaves behind zero residues once removed. It may be implemented around your knuckles.

Engineered and quality-checked from Texas to stay in your palms for extended, the tape will keep your hands protected no matter what you are at. There are just six rolls in each package, with every roll measuring 0.3 inches x 15 yards. It is thin enough to and easily wraps your finger bones. The tape may be shared together with your palms you need not take any gear for tape.

Metolius climbing tape

Metolius comes off with our honors due to its performance.

It is our cassette with which simplicity of usage and to wrap crack.

It is one of the types in our evaluation, which we loved – I wore the Metolius to get a 12-pitch alpine crack scale, and in the conclusion of the afternoon the glove was intact.

It works on the palms. It divides into widths, although it is not the easiest tape to tear. I consider myself to be a real tape-ripper, and that I really could use the Metolius.

This Metolius Tape’s only downside is the fact that ripping off it may be somewhat painful, particularly for those with hands that are of us.

This really is an easy price to pay for flexibility and stickiness, and the Metolius was not as annoying as the Leukotape or even Evolv offerings.

Best of all are fairly priced and readily available at most half-decent gear shops. Should you will need an all-purpose daily driver, then look no more.

Evolv Magic Climbing Finger Tape

The Evolv Magic is a self-sealing, non-sticky, and breathable finger tape which stays sealed if your palms are wet. Periods of indulging in a specific action take their toll, the Evolv Magic helps protect and soothe matters. The super-secure paste sticks without falling or cutting off circulation. It is perfect for bouldering, indoor climbing, rock climbing, sports, etc..

If you play tennis this tape will tackle the breaks or cracks on your finger when you are holding the racket for lengthy intervals which you can get. For protection, be certain that you begin the wrap from the foundation of your thumb and continue from there over the joint. You can have a hard time but that is something that you shall learn and master with consistent use.

Johnson & Johnson Sports Tape

The tape is inexpensive, so the Best Value award carries less weight than it could in different areas.

The Johnson & Johnson cassette deserves an award and makes a stage: conventional tape is as tape for climbing, serviceable.

This cassette wasn’t our favorite, however, it was not that our favorite. Crack climbing glasses were made by us also it turned out to be a middle-of-the-pack celebrity.

It had been lasting and inviting than we anticipated, particularly on finger wraps. It is not quite as tacky as Leukotape or even the Metolius, however with work it had been adequate. In addition, it is easy to control and to rip, and it resists sweat.

The J&J was more affordable. If you do not have an equipment shop in your region, worry not – just visit your drugstore or grocery store and pick up any J&J.

White Athletic Sports Tape

This white sports tape by Hampton Adams is a three-pack tape. It is comfy and soft and has great tensile strength. Its distinctive formula ensures that the tape reels. It works flawlessly for rock climbers, weightlifters, boxers, etc.. The taping is powerful, but it does not mean you are going to require a tape cutter to reduce it. Wrap, pinch, and rip. If you have been utilizing tapes that are athletic all that while, employing this particular sports tape will help you find the difference in the effect and quality it creates.

The cassette is sticky, which means that you may bid. The stickiness means that you may use the tape bats, hockey sticks, pole vault pubs, pull-up pubs, and sticks. The substance employed is medical-grade, 100% cotton which physical therapists would love. The cassette is strong enough to finish a whole session of a CrossFit workout And of course.

Leukotape P

The variant of tape of Leukotape feels severe, from its coloring into the medical-themed packaging.

It is so severe that on Amazon it is categorized under”Industrial & Scientific,” rather than”Sports & Outdoors.”

The operation is robust. “It seems as though it is fused to my own skin,” said one tester after wrap up in Leukotape.

The Leukotape felt in our evaluation for that the most sticky of any cassette. It always stayed where wrapped through rain, blood, perspiration, and abuse.

Ordinarily, “stickiest” is an honor in the realm of tape, but in this situation, it is also the Leukotape’s most important weakness.

1 tester constructed a crack climbing horn. At the conclusion of the afternoon, the tape had not budged a little, but the tester spent a whole 20 minutes attempting to remove the tape before hitting for a climbing knife and giving up. He dropped all their hair.

The Leukotape will come with a cost. Despite 45 ft in the cost found at online retailers, per roll it the cassette in our evaluation.

In case you’ve got additional sweaty palms or you require tape that absolutely won’t move (for example for instance an injury), this material is right for you. For climbing programs, but we believed that offerings did the work.

Black Athletic Tape

The athletic tape by Hampton Adams is a three-pack cotton sport tape for rock climbers athletes, and people that are into other kinds of actions. Tapes are in white – that tape that is black is exceptional, offering an understated appearance. It is comfy and soft. The non-elastic character means you are going to gain from compression. Be certain as the application would present blood flow problems in the spot, you’re put on with the program.

The tape functions as encouraging bandage for sprains and strains; repairing inhibitors for chilly, hot packs; compression bandage to stop bleeding and help control swelling; buffer for sports gear; etc.. The tape provides athletic support which can help mitigate injuries to palms, ankles, wrists, the knees, and elbows. The tape may be readily reared by hands along its length and width; you will not need scissors. The cassette conforms readily, which makes it well suited for therapies and causes no aggravation.

Mueller (Trango) EuroTape

Trango is Mueller’s USA distributor, which means you will frequently find Mueller EuroTape (and tape) being marketed under the Trango brand.

It is still the exact same Mueller cassette. This cassette is popular from the rising world, for it going to the evaluation and that I had high hopes.

The EuroTape didn’t meet the hype.

The EuroTape was less adherent and durable, although I anticipated flexibility and stickiness to Metolius. It is a celebrity, however, I found myself needing to retape the following two or a pitch if I had been cracked.

Finger Tape for BJJ, Grappling, Judo, Climbing

The Finger Tape by Kuzushi Labs is a good tape for grapplers, climbers, fight sports professionals, etc.. This six-roll package comes with every tin containing six tape rolls of colors – namely blue, red, green, white, and yellow. Each cassette is 13.7 meters long and 0.3 inches broad. It’s apparent to remain organized when not being used and the pack was put together to continue.

As a result of its nitric oxide glue, the glue ensures stickiness that is lasting. The non-latex glue was designed to be durable and more dependable. The glue does not lose its stickiness if subjected to water. The 100-percent cotton substance, together with the nitric oxide adhesive, ensures that the tape is not hypoallergenic. Wrap this tape and negate or reduce the dangers of pains and damage.

Mighty-X Athletic Tape

This bunch of athletic tapes by Mighty-X is the tape for climbing, boxing, athletic sports, etc.. Produced from hospital-grade, 100 percent cotton, the tape can be torn together with the non-linear edges. The tape is accompanied by an under-layer which will help prevent abrasion. The under-wrap, when coupled with the cotton, provides relaxation. The product is latex-free – it uses glue.

The set contains four game tapes: 3 cotton rolls, along with a pre-wrap. The tape not merely with covering your wrists or ankle, assists, but in addition, it helps with hastening muscles’ recovery. The tape may also be utilized to protect and support your joints. It may be used by you for boxing, climbing, soccer, gymnastics, and different sports. During the action, the cotton tape will assist in preventing sprains, twists, and adjustments. The cassette is handy for baseball, archery, martial arts, hockey, and much more.

ClimbOn Bar

Climbing is a cream bar for the skin. In case you have blisters, cuts, scrapes, burns, etc. in your own skin, you’d require this skincare cream. Before placing the tape, Implementing this lotion will leave carrying it off debilitating and using the tape. The lotion is 100% pure and organic which may be used by rock climbers and infants. If your skin harms are currently preventing you from putting this cream would make matters difficult.

The lotion goes in its packaging, making it effortless to employ it on the skin which needs nourishing’s regions. Since it’s an antiseptic, it is highly recommended you clean your hands before utilizing the product. The cream guarantees hands with individuals would be embarrassing, although callus will not go off. With consistent use, the callus will eventually become softer. And of course, the cream is of the ideal consistency – it’s not darkened or too oily.

White Sports Medical Athletic Tape

This Hampton Adams’ white sports health athletic tape is an eight-pack cassette for coaches, rock paths, athletes, etc., who use tape broadly and don’t want their tape distribution to exhaust anytime soon. The tape is sticky and may be used to wrap objects ankles, bats, hockey sticks, along with lacrosse sticks.

No adhesive is left behind by the tape as it is made with a unique adhesive formula. Along with your fingers, you can tear the tape Regardless of the strength. You wouldn’t need some other equipment with the goal or scissors. The tape is thick, and this provides gripping attributes the tape is applied.

This all-purpose tape may be used to protect your joints and in addition, it can help hasten the healing process when applied to an injured body area. You might use this tape such as ice hockey sticks, baseball bats, equipment, and barbells.



Most climbers carry climbing tape when it may come in handy since you don’t know – actually, you are probably going to want it. The tape is a cure for skin injuries and also will help stop injuries by providing aid. According to Climbing, this really is the very best approach to tape your hands to stop injuries.

Needless to say, for climbing tape, the principal use is to earn crack gloves, which protect your hands when you are jamming your way. Here are a few strategies for making tape gloves and directions.


Although some tapes move smaller into a third of an inch, for finger accidents, you would like a diameter tape about half an inch. For taping ankles and wrists, then you probably need to select 1 or 1.5-inch tape, based upon your size. Tape gloves must also be manufactured out of all the heftier 1 or 1.5-inch tape.


Tapes have adhesives, and a few are wider than many others. If you are only doing a gym session, you will probably be good. But if you are going to maintain the desert crack you desire so that your crack gloves do not fall 31, the tape you can find.

Tape for Climbing: Selection Tips

The sort of tape is fairly high up on the listing, If it comes to climbing essentials. Does the tape come in handy for improving traction, but they may also be used to repair items.

Those looking at options on the market should know it is crucial to analyze different kinds of tape. The region of the tape maybe a tiny bit different, although The majority of the tape will be the same so much as stickiness is worried. If the tape does not properly adhere to the hands and hands, it’s never likely to properly do the job.

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