Top Best Hiking Apps 2022

Best Hiking Apps

Hiking apps may be excellent sources for your road. As an instance, did you realize there are programs that may teach you from the snap of a photo simply about plants, animals, and stars? Or which informs your loved ones? Yes, there is a program for all. However, do programs belong to the backcountry? To have a look, let us discuss what hiking programs dive into reviewing ten of their top ones available on the market and can perform. Are you search for the best hiking apps. Keep reading My Trail Company will help you to find out the answer to the best hiking apps.

Hiking Apps

Reasons For Using Hiking Apps

1. Locate Trails that are new.

Programs such as AllTrails or even MapMyHike can pull a listing of the very best hikes in your region complete with testimonials, difficulty levels, total mileage, current course updates, and photographs. You may place a standard to narrow down your search. As an instance, say you’re on the lookout for a 6-mile, moderately tough hike that takes you. Set and input filters and Bada-boom! You have got a listing at your services.

2. Plan a Hike.

If you would like to gauge how tough a day increase or part of a course is going to be, many programs tell you forthcoming elevation advantage, terrain type, and much more. Or say you are wanting to determine just how many post offices or camping sites, water resources are at 100 miles? A hiking program can pinpoint all waypoints that are forthcoming. Many from sailors with testimonials as well as insights.

3. Navigate

Since mobile reception may clearly be sporadic in the backcountry, lots of hiking programs allow you to save and download trail maps or guides accordingly they’re accessible offline. A whole lot of apps arrive with built-in compasses and GPS navigation to locate your location and coordinates. This may be particularly useful on paths that are not certainly marked or when hiking a path that temporarily adjoins together with another.

4. Socialize

A competitor in your mind or seeking hike-minded camaraderie? Many programs have”challenges” you can work towards to unlock prizes or competitions and games you may join in to socialize with fellow hikers from all around the world!

5. Learn about Animals

Or how about if this bush you touched is poison ivy? And what is a celebrity or that mountain summit in the space? Hiking programs have recognition applications where you also have detailed data on a species within moments and are able to snap a photograph.

6. Share and track Performance

Exactly to get a hike, you may keep tabs on your stats as a running program. The stats will record details like speed, calories burned, total distance, elevation gain, etc., all provided for you in an easy-to-read, following hike excursion report. From that point, you can save your stats or discuss them.

7. Stay Safe

Planning a multi-day solo increase? Employing a survival program may be a fantastic method to help give friends and your loved ones some reassurance. The like Cairn of the app allows you to discuss your trekking route and send notifications in case you do not check-in by a pre-designated moment. They’re much more and available that acts as survival guides, loaded with plenty of information toxic plants.

Top Best Hiking Apps

Top Best Hiking Apps

Bestseller No. 1
Locus Map 4 - Navigation App for Hiking, Biking, Geocaching and other Outdoor Activities
Locus Map 4 - Navigation App for Hiking, Biking, Geocaching and other Outdoor Activities
Online, offline and custom maps; Track recording; Route planning; Voice navigation and beeline guiding
Bestseller No. 2
Camping and Hiking
Camping and Hiking
Smart Camping Tips; Smart Hiking Advice; Smart Backpacking Tips
Bestseller No. 3
the Colorado hiking app
the Colorado hiking app
Hundreds of peaks from popular Colorado lists to track your peak bagging stats with.; Log personal climbing dates and notes.
Bestseller No. 4
the Adirondack hiking app
the Adirondack hiking app
Track your progress on popular Adirondack hiking lists.; Log personal climbing dates and notes.
Bestseller No. 5
Hiking Guide
Hiking Guide
Hiking Guide; In this App you can see this topic.; 1. Hiking Some Tips For Buying A Good Pair Of Hiking Boots
Bestseller No. 6
Hiking Trail Map (With Offline Mode)
Hiking Trail Map (With Offline Mode)
Download unlimited map regions for offline use.
Bestseller No. 7
Hiking trails
Hiking trails
More than 150,000 trails all around the world, with GPS tracks and pois.; Search trails based on your location.
Bestseller No. 8
NOAA Weather Free
NOAA Weather Free
Highly localized, Geo-located weather.; Clean, fast, and easy to use design.; Current weather conditions.
Bestseller No. 9
Spectacular Hiking Trails Around The World
Spectacular Hiking Trails Around The World
These hiking trails are among the most beautiful in the world.
Bestseller No. 10
Hiking Simulator
Hiking Simulator
Simulation; Open world; Realistic graphics; Treasure hunt; First Person View; Big world; Indie

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1. PeakVisor

Have you wondered which epic summit was away in the space and ever been outside on an increase? PeakVisor utilizes your phone’s camera and state-of-the-art 3D technologies. You might even use this program to detect mountain huts and perspectives, in addition to hiking paths which may get one to a, but not all, the peaks. Photos you have taken to recognize the peaks in your images can be entered by you. PeakVistor PRO, available for $2.99 per month around the App Store and $4.49 on Google Play, enables you to experience the very same features and performance offline.

2. Gaia GPS

Even though there’s nothing like a stand-alone GPS (and, clearly, paper maps), the Gaia GPS program lets you locate your next hiking path, plot a new path, or scout out camping options along the way. It features easy-to-read modern topo maps, in addition to print maps. Should you spring for a membership ($20 annually ), you may download offline maps, document your experiences, and receive map overlays (such as contour lines, slope angles, and mountain biking ). The free version allows you to get the map, but just while online.

3. Star Walk 2

With Star Walk two, you can determine the constellations over you once you’re on a day hike or backpacking trip. You are able to find celestial objects, see how they go across the skies, and determine where to search for any planets or stars that you need to see. The app’s most recent edition delivers a real-time map of the skies, 3D versions of constellations, augmented reality, and even a segment for news that is astronomical. In case you only need to gaze in wonderment or have kiddos, this is the program for you.

4. AllTrails

Looking for a little-known trekking route? A place to bicycle? A dog park near your house? AllTrails makes it effortless to locate much more and these items. Users may form routes by action, suitability (belief stroller friendly and wheelchair accessible), and fame. It is possible to further tailor your look of this program’s 100,000-plus paths by path type, difficulty, elevation gain, duration, and volume of traffic.

When you pick a course, you can read testimonials from other recreationists, check the weather forecast, examine a path map, and then scroll through photographs of this road. As soon as you’re on the road, there is a feature for documenting your mileage, which means as you move, it is possible to monitor your space.

5. Seek by iNaturalist

With picture recognition technologies, Search helps you determine creatures and the plants as you’re out adventuring you see. In addition, it shows you recorded fauna and flora dependent on countless observations on the National Geographic Society, an initiative of the California Academy of Sciences and iNaturalist. Building off the success of this iNaturalist program, the group partnered with Netflix’s Our Earth and Earth Wide Fund to construct monthly monitoring challenges you’re able to take on right in the program. Capability and the interface to make badges for discovering different kinds of amphibians, birds, plants, and parasites make a critical update.

6. Instagram

Whether you are doing it to or gaining inspiration from the others’ experiences, Instagram has made a means for communities of fans in real life and to connect on the internet. We inspired by reports and enlarged into real-life hikes. @LatinoOutdoors, Still another manage, started to turn into a nonprofit that uses its Instagram station to promote its mission. When you’re not considering beginning a neighborhood accounts or nonprofit, you are able to provide followers a view. Once you’re submitting your photographs, don’t forget, have a little time to comprehend the principles of geotagging.

7. Pokémon GO

We did not realize until outdoors people indicated the program this happening was a thing. It’s been a moment, the program is a mobile augmented reality sport which enables you to combat, to find, catch, and train Pokémon. It utilizes your phone’s GPS to reveal them straight as though they’re in your real-world site. We did a bit more digging and discovered that this past year Niantic, the firm behind the program, awakened with the National Park Foundation to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the National Trails System and Wild and Scenic Rivers. For gamers from national parks, they hosted group events Throughout the venture to gain from the National Park Foundation.

8. Google Earth

Although the majority of men and women use this program for gaining insights in cityscapes, outdoorsy folks use it to plan cross-country treks, compute altitude gain and loss, and browse to the trailhead. The program enables you to choose between 2D and 3D maps, investigate spaces and zoom into the hunt for road features, such as pitch angles and water resources. In addition, we enjoy the dice attribute, that choosing your place to research randomly. You’ll find mountain vista or your city increase.

9. Oh, Ranger! ParkFinder

Oh, Ranger! It is a database filled on national forests, national parks, and the rest of the national recreation destinations? Additionally, it contains every neighborhood and state park in the country. Read descriptions and park overviews, maps and instructions, and be aware of weather and phone numbers.

10. SAS Survival Guide

Just like a modest British Special Forces soldier in your pocket, this program has hints from John”Lofty” Wiseman along with the complete text of his survival publication. Other features include a sun compass, a survival checklist, a Morse code signifying apparatus, and an extreme-climate survival manual.

11. Map My Hike

Developed by document activities depending on the GPS information and Under Armour, this program allows you to log over 600 kinds of workouts you make. 1 intriguing feature is that it is possible to monitor specific connected equipment (such as running sneakers ) to keep a watch out for the mileage you are racking up together; you will eventually get a notification when it is time to purchase a new set.

12. REI Co-op National Parks Guide

For a program that is absolutely free, as no in-app buys or subscription needed, select one of REI’s programs. The giant outdoor equipment co-op includes a couple of programs in their group (visit Hiking Project under ) and they put together this National Parks Program to observe the National Park Service’s Centennial Celebration. With information about trekking, camping, accommodation, and meals, and a Gems segment that make sure you find all the best elements of every park, the program is a crucial add-on if you are heading into one of our maintained all-natural locations.

13. Guthook Guides

Guthook Guides was launched by a set of thru-hikers who handled the Pacific Crest Trail. More than only a pair of maps is a handheld course guide for long-distance paths and road systems. Advice is included by waypoints like campsites and water resources, which have confirmation and remarks. Advice is also given by the manuals on the cities along your path for easier resupplying. The program is free of charge. Your purchase and get the manual you desire (which operate from $8 to $60) from a listing of climbing trails — such as the PCT, Appalachian, Continental Divide, John Muir, and much more.

14. Backcountry Navigator

Try before you buy with a presentation of BackCountry Navigator. The objective of the BCN app would be to turn your mobile. You get into the topo maps (including data from USG, Caltopo( and much more) before you proceed so the maps can be found offline. It is just available for Android phones and utilizes the GPS operating to find where you are, so mobile service is not required. Following the trial period (thirty days) a level $15 provides you with complete access to these downloadable maps along with also a $20 per year subscription will allow you to get Accuterra Topo maps also.

15. Hiking Project

That is the free program for hikers of REI. The majority of the information on the program is crowdsourced from other wholesalers, but Hiking Project testimonials. They’ve got 219,793 kilometers of hikes and over 65,000 paths with a few of the very best user-generated photography onto a trekking program. You are able to hunt for hikes by country or globally from the state — or simply search for something nearby then strap on your hiking boots (if not you have them out of REI) and begin.

16. Ramblr

For many time is equally as important as the action itself. While Instagram is your go-to stage, Ramblr is a free program using a trip-based approach to chronicling expeditions. Use the program to keep track of your path as you increase, recording sound, video, and graphics across the way then upload your own increase and see your path with your geotagged media dotting your route — with increase stats such as altitude, rate, and length included. It’s simple to talk about your excursions on social networking, or in case you’re simply recording to your enjoyment, setting your excursions to personal is always an alternative.

17. Cairn

The title gives you a good concept of this app’s function: cairns are heaps of stones utilized to indicate a stage in the landscape — alerting others, or helping you find your way home. Cairn, the program, additionally makes certain you receive home and utilizes your capacity to find cell service to permit other people to locate service on the road. Before you venture outside, setting up alarms will inform your security circle in case you provide the details about where you are and don’t check-in by a time. Cairn utilizes an algorithm to find out your ETA and also provides topo maps. It is absolutely free to try for thirty days and goes then for about $26 annually.

18. Leafsnap

Birds are not your thing — perhaps you are more into flora compared to fauna. Leafsnap is the program for you if that is the situation. Leafsnap is a joint project between Columbia University, the University of Maryland, along with the Smithsonian Institution. It utilizes recognition technology that will assist you identify exactly what species of shrub a leaf is out of — just have a photo along with the program will let you know exactly what you are taking a look at. The program does identify leaves. In addition, it supplies hi-resolution photographs of fruit, bark, and flowers, which may assist in the identification process.

19. Mountain Hub

Together with Mountain Hub, it is possible to visit your fellow sailors, skiers, hunters, climbers, etc for upgrades on weather and terrain. Resources are pulled together by the program from an abundance of subscribers to spell out trail info. Mountain Hub is totally free to download, however, there is a superior version that runs $3 a month or $25 a year which provides many different features. Pro users can indicate risks and points of attention in their manner, for example, and download topographic and aerial maps with many different layers for offline viewing.

20. MapMyHike GPS Hikes

Searching for an app to keep track of cycle or your hike? This one is going to provide you on your path, your speed, calories burned, distance covered, along with a great deal more. It is geared towards workouts, however, it has a range of features that make it perfect for anybody seeking to document trekking paths and share them. You could locate paths that are popular and compete to record the occasions that are very best. Should you register for the top version at $6 per month, there is a monitoring feature that lets you keep tabs on your trekking friends in real-time, heartbeat evaluation training, and path recommendations.

21. MotionX GPS

To get iOS, we advocate the MotionX GPS program. It gives a choice of charts and topographical maps. Additionally, it supports GPS navigation however you’ll have to dab on in-app buys if you would like to lift your GPS waypoint limitation. GPS will operate without company, but for where you are hiking ahead of your journey you will need to download maps and information.

22. Audubon Birds Pro

You like to learn how to recognize the birds you see if you are out hiking, or if you are a small twitcher following a listing, this program will help. It features the AOU Checklist of North American Birds, also you will find 808 species coated with descriptions and photographs. You may listen to the noises that birds create to assist you identify forecasts and songs. You find upgraded sightings and maps. It unites an accessible guide with bird alarms, and it has excellent value for money on Android. If you really do this, check the other programs covering everything of Audubon out.

23. Chimani National Parks

There are 59 National Parks in the USA, and this program provides photographs of all of these, and info, current information. This master program provides you with a map of the locations and a general summary, but you will find that Chimani provides free programs from Acadia, for lots of the parks into the Grand Canyon. These programs include points of interest, offline GPS navigation service tours, hiking paths, and a slew of manuals for all to Ranger-led occasions. This is a good program for organizing your own trip if you arrive, and making the most of your National Park.

24. Camp Finder

It is possible to guess what this program does from the title. It lists over 17,000 campgrounds and RV parks all over the U.S. so you are able to discover an alternative near you. You are able to filter the results to seek out destinations that provide policies, club discounts, the conveniences, or actions that you need. The program brings data from the favorite site which means you get comprehensive and current info, photographs, and testimonials for each group. It integrates with Google Maps to get navigation to your destination that is and you may spare a listing of your campsites. IOS users will probably want to fork out an additional $ 1, although on Android the program costs $3.

25. Animated Knots

Here. Knot tying is an art and thanks to Knots, you may. The program provides step-by-step directions for coping with many different knots, complete. Each knot has a related description, complete with a listing of applications, in addition to choices and weaknesses. You may favorite of the ones that you use.

26. Star or sky Map Walk

There are few things more pleasurable, following a day’s trekking than sitting and glancing up at the nighttime skies. The stars are so much easier to view when you are far enough from town, and such programs can help. So we’ve discovered a choice for everyone more, is not an excellent program for many platforms. Users are blessed since the Sky App app that is free is excellent. It is possible to locate the positions of planets and these stars by holding up your smartphone into the skies. You observe the constellations marked, and you may travel to observe the gap in years.

27. Green Tracks

Throughout the summary of the hiking programs that made it we never believed the Green Tracks program would rank in the first place — that the program stood out in a positive manner by its own design rather than. But after analyzing the program we figured out it is quite simple to use. It is the hiking program that is accompanied by an immense number of maps that are offline.

28. Komoot

In regards to interface and design, the Komoot program wins. The program is user friendly and includes a few features. 1 such attribute is turn-by-turn voice navigation — even on hiking paths! The program computes the route the program will make you the route to there, should you tap a stage on the map. The Komoot program keeps track of your tasks and lets you join across the globe with other hikers.

29. A-GPS Tracker

The A-GPS Tracker hiking program seemed like a version of this Green Tracks program. The program permits you to import GPS monitors with no hassle and is simple to use — you start them and transfer them. On the other hand, the A-GPS Tracker program does unfortunately not encourage topographic maps and we’re also somewhat disappointed with the monitoring precision (see the picture on the right). Additionally, it reveals information. It is a great solution for people who want a lightweight and very simple navigation program for their excursions.

30. Offline Survival Manual

This program is a whole in-depth guide which will teach you how you can start a fire, build a shelter, hints, and tips packaging survival kits, and much more. The program includes a psychology segment that talks about strategies for exhaustion, isolation, and handling anxiety. The manual is available to utilize offline, and it was created to teach survival skills from the wilderness to hikers of all ability levels.

31. Walk the Distance

In training style to your forthcoming thru-hike? Walk the Distance monitors your steps straight and maps out how much you would be in a park, on destinations such as the AT, at a marathon, or walking across a city. The program automatically saves your everyday mileage at a”background” tab, and it keeps a running tally of miles since you started using the program. To maintain your walking-inspired, there are also”checkpoints” that will inform you with interesting details when you hit a particular mileage count, also you are able to use the program with friends, getting notifications whenever they”pass” you or vice versa.

32. Sky Guide

We love this program! Sky Guides augmented reality can provide you the expertise and teach you a thing or two while it is at it When desiring to do some stargazing. Works offline and it may identify stars, planets, galaxies, constellations, and much more straight. It is possible to choose items in the skies to find out more and you can search for planets or stars. There is also a calendar feature that highlights occasions such as approaching meteor showers or moon cycles, and another area where you are able to read findings and news reports.

Google Maps


Could I use maps?

Google Maps is very good for directing one or to be used on a well-marked afternoon increase. You may download maps to utilize them offline and there an option. However, for some thru-hike or when venturing without paths, you want information that is more in-depth than that which Google Maps could provide.

Will programs work without mobile service?

This depends upon the program. Course maps and GPS monitoring may operate offline also with the growth of technology getting more popular farther features and improvements will probably keep growing. However, batteries die and mobiles take head-first dives into places they shouldn’t move. It does not hurt to have a paper map and compass useful.


We have to acknowledge that these programs are extremely helpful for hiking, but we’ll probably just use them. We’ll keep together with the Suunto Ambit 2 watch for both monitoring and navigation (along with your compass and a map) since it’s far simpler to work with than a smartphone — particularly in rainy and chilly weather. Note that smartphones can’t compare to GPS or GPS devices watches in regards to endurance and battery life.

What’s your experience with hiking programs? Can we overlook any trekking program? Tell us in the comments below.

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