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Best MenS Socks

Do not knock socks. While innumerable jokes tackle the frustration of receiving socks as a birthday or Christmas gift, socks really are fairly helpful, if not even trendy and an opportunity for self-expression when it comes down to it.

In this article, we will go over some sock-buying hints, the way to look after your own socks, and also the socks or no socks debate. Are you looking for the best men’s socks? My Trail Company reviews the best choice products available on the market today to help you find the right models for you!



From the grand scheme of life, purchasing socks isn’t one of the most glamorous and exciting things. If you don’t love purchasing socks, that’s understandable.

Then again, all good things need some energy, and finding the ideal pair of socks for you is not any different. So, Rather than grabbing the initial multi-sock package you visit, consider these tips:


Combining comfort, style, and performance, Boardroom Socks’ breathable, smart, and durable merino wool dress socks tick all the boxes.

Proudly made in the USA from the world’s best yarns, we love their soft feel and technical properties that make them a true pleasure to wear, as well as the two different lengths and range of classy and playful designs on offer!

best mens socks boardroom
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The substance of your sock features a substantial effect on its own comfortability and functionality. There is no lack of substances used to create socks, such as wool, cotton, cotton, cotton, silk, cashmere, etc.

Cotton is absorbent and comfortable, making it good for soaking up the perspiration from the skin. But, cotton does not allow wetness to vanish quickly. Cotton socks are great for small spells of intense action, like a gym exercise.

Wool breathes easily (than cotton, which is) and enables wetness to vanish. Additionally, it provides lots of warmth in chilly conditions. Wool is tight, but and such as cotton, it does not wick moisture away from your system immediately.

Artificial materials such as acrylic and polyester and many others tend to be thinner than wool and cotton and frequently mixed with other fibers to promote walking.

Silk socks can serve you at a dark tie along with more formal outings but are far somewhat more costly than other varieties of socks and will not survive as long as wool or cotton socks.


Socks come in a huge array of forms and these times you should not have any trouble locating a sock that fits your need. Few of the types comprise:


Athletic performance socks incorporate the easy cotton tube sock to low-cut running socks using sweat-wicking properties. You will even find a ski sock that wicks moisture and seals in warmth.

The most important thing is that athletic-performance socks provide comfort while raising functionality during athletic activities.


No-show socks are socks that “hide” from the bottoms of your sneakers while leaving your ankle nude. The bare-ankle appearance is rather popular nowadays, and lots of sock specialists think that no-show socks will be the most suitable option when wearing shorts.

But don’t wear them with sandals, high-tops boots or boots.


Dress socks come in a huge array of fabrics and intended worn with a suit or nice casual clothing. They also come in only about every color you can think about, though it’s ideal to stay with darker colors when sporting more formal clothing.

Notice: Never, ever wear apparel socks shorts unless you would like to look like this weird uncle who shows up in every family room.


Ah, mid-calf socks. You ought to have a drawer filled with these since they are considered the”workhorse” socks for contemporary guys. They look great with shoes, loafers, dress shoes, and virtually everything else.

Furthermore, they arrive in a million (well, maybe not a million ) colors and materials.


Next up is over-the-calf socks. Also called the”knee sock”, as its name implies they cover the whole calf and move all of the ways around the knee. These little beauties have both aesthetic and health benefits that often get overlooked.

Primarily since they fully pay the leg, they are not as inclined to the dropdown. Once worn with trousers, if any motions cause the trousers to grow upward, the socks stop any skin from revealing.

If that is not enough, they’ve compression attributes that may improve your body’s flow. These days, over-the-calf socks aren’t easy to find but when you do, snap them up!


Not to be mistaken with no-show socks, ankle socks sit just under the ankle and protect your ankles and heels from chafing.


Like with any other footwear, finding the proper match is essential when picking socks. Remember that many socks are not sized like sneakers though you will find more costly socks which are however a

“Moderate” sock typically matches to a size 12 in shoe sizes. Anything over that needs a”Big,” while”Big and Tall” are appropriate for guys with wide or long feet.

Additionally, be certain that you consider the depth of the sock and the sort of shoe in which is worn out. By way of instance, a wool sock is quite comfortable in shoes which are a bit also big and provide an excess bit of cushioning, but maybe not so great with a show that is a bit tight.

Traditionally, the more appropriate sock, the thinner it ought to be, even though that is not quite as essential today.


The most well-crafted sock appears out of place whether its color does not fit with your laundry. Your main purpose is to combine your sock neatly and unobtrusively in your ensemble and dress like a guy. If the situation requires something somewhat louder, so be it.

If you would like to play it safe, the color of your socks should match the color of your trousers. Should you want brighter, bolder colors, be certain the sock includes some color that matches part of your wardrobe.

A fantastic fall-back alternative for business apparel is to suit the color of your socks together with the color of your shoes.

SOCK CARE - best mens no show socks


If you do not offer lots of consideration to sock care, no worries. After all, you are not alone. But if you would like to get the maximum life out of the socks, and keep them comfortable and cozy on your feet, then there’s an ideal way and wrong method of sock maintenance. Here’s a Fast look:


For optimal results, wash them in cold water with a mild detergent. Additionally, set your system into some gentle cycle.


It seems obvious, however, sharp items incorporate long toenails thus keep your nails trimmed and clean. Otherwise, you run the danger of causing irreparable harm to your favorite pair of socks.


A suggestion that goes hand-in-hand with the very first hint about washing them in cold water.


The ordinary dryer kicks out a great deal of hot air along with the turning movement along with hot atmosphere pulls out little fibers on your socks. Should you fall dry your socks, then do this in the lowest heat setting.

Surplus drier heat also causes the elastic in the upper group of socks to break down, and this stretches out them and shortens their lifespan.



Never bleach your socks use different compounds that might cause them harm.


Washing your socks inside-out will keep extra lint from collecting on them. Attempting to have the white lint from your dark socks is not enjoyable. Nevertheless, you are interested in getting the interior of your sock amassing lint, the exterior of it.

If you would like to prevent lint, you can wash your socks separately from other things — but not every guy is prepared to go to these lengths.



With summer quickly approaching, the disagreement among guys and fashion specialists up about whether to wear socks or no socks are guaranteed to warm up like the weather. If you reside in a warm-weather climate, then the argument probably is warmed.

Going sockless is a look preferred by most guys now, looking that lends itself to many different comments globally. While Americans like to believe they invented the appearance, the truth is that guys in Europe have worn out shoes without socks.

It is, though, a look that has gained momentum in the U.S. in the past several decades.

So, what gives? Can there be a right and wrong in this particular debate?

The answer, in large part, is dependent upon the conditions, what you wear, etc.,.


If nothing else, then you need to respect socks for their flexibility. They are a terrific accessory for pulling an outfit together but also have several applications depending on the kind of sock.

They keep your feet warm in the majority of instances, particularly people of the working number, also keep your toes warm when temperatures fall.

They provide cushioning, helps stop blisters, and also, we can go on and on.

Socks are often comfy, and their heat provides welcome relief that the temperatures begin their descent in late autumn.

They could add a little bit of dash to your wardrobe, or even a more sedated appearance of elegance.


Some shoes simply don’t look great when worn with socks. Boat shoes for instance, or sandals, even though the socks sandals look is not quite the no-no it was.

Socks can pack up.

They can grow to be too hot.

They can make your feet sweat.


Going sockless on a hot day keeps your feet cooler.

It may also produce a sophisticated look that lets people realize that you understand what you are doing fashion-wise if done appropriately.


Walking around in a leather shoe daily without socks is requesting for sweat-induced difficulty.

Not sporting socks increases your risks of blisters and other concerns for which socks provide you protection.

Not wearing jeans with specific footwear or scenarios may force you to appear uncouth.

TOP BRANDS OF THE BEST MEN'S SOCKS - best mens athletic socks


SaleBestseller No. 1
Dickies Men's Dri-tech Moisture Control Crew Socks Multipack, Black (6 Pairs), Shoe Size: 6-12
Soft Breathable Moisture Control Fibers; Arch Compression Support and Stability; Ventilation Channels Enhance Air Flow
SaleBestseller No. 2
Hanes Mens 12-Pack FreshIQ Odor Protection Crew Socks, White, Big & Tall Shoe Size: 12-14
Maximum Cushioning around the foot (full foot cushion); FreshIQ Advanced Odor Technology helps fight stinky feet
SaleBestseller No. 3
Bestseller No. 6
Bestseller No. 7
Gold Toe Men's 656S Cotton Crew Athletic Sock MultiPairs, White (6 pairs), Shoe Size: 6-12.5
Made with USA cotton; AquaFX moisture control keeps feet dry and comfortable; Reinforced Toe for long lasting durability
SaleBestseller No. 8
Amazon Essentials Men's 10-Pack Cotton Half Cushioned Crew Socks, Black, Shoe Size: 6-12
For everyday comfort and style, stock up on these must-have basics
SaleBestseller No. 9
Bestseller No. 10
Hanes Men's Active Cool 12-Pack No Show Socks, black, Shoe Size: 6-12
Maximum Cushioning around the foot (full foot cushion); X-Temp technology adapts to your body temperature and activity

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MERINO WOOL MEN’S DRESS SOCKS BY BOARDROOM SOCKS (top choice – highly recommended)

Whether you are in the boardroom or at your desk, a fantastic pair of dress socks is a staple of your business wardrobe. Since 2010, Boardroom Socks has made it its mission to design the very best socks for men. This North Carolina-based, small family-run company constantly creates some of the finest gentlemen’s socks available today. All of the brand’s socks are knit in the USA from the planet’s best yarns to ensure American-made quality.

boardroom socks over the calf merino wool men's socks
Our team’s top choice for best men’s socks: Boardroom Socks’ merino wool socks


Boardroom’s signature Merino wool socks are exceptionally soft and breathable, delivering superior comfort. The gentle Merino wool fabric keeps your feet comfortable, while its technical properties also help to manage odor and moisture, providing all-day relaxation in both cool and warm weather.

Available in over-the calf or mid-calf lengths to cater for different tastes and seasons, the socks have a reinforced toe and heel to guarantee long-lasting quality without early wear-and-tear, which makes them especially durable.

They are also lined with just the right amount of spandex to prevent them from sagging or slipping down. This means you don’t have to worry about showing the skin of your legs when you cross them, or to deal with the annoyance of repeatedly having to pull your socks back up.

Their vintage ribbed finish gives them a timeless look that is appropriate for any event. We love the different styles on offer, from classic dark shades to more daring colors and playful patterns – such as dots and ribbons – for men who want to add a discreet dash of fun and fantasy to their look while remaining elegant!

Colorful Polka Dot Dress Socks for Men

Lengths: over-the-calf and mid-calf


  • The gentle Merino wool provides all-day comfort
  • A reinforced heel and toe ensure durability
  • They won’t slide down your leg thanks to the spandex liner at the top
  • Available in two different lengths and a great range of smart designs
  • Free US shipping, free returns, and free exchanges
  • Fantastic customer service


  • The sizing can run somewhat small


Comfort, durability, fashion — all of these attributes converge to make Boardroom’s apparel socks all-around winners, earning them the top spot on our list of best men’s socks.

Check out and order Boardroom Socks HERE.

Dickie’s Men’s Dri-Tech Work Crew Socks

Dickie’s is in the company of producing quality workwear and their Men’s Dri-Tech Work Crew Socks definitely signify the organization’s dedication to excellence.

Made from 78% cotton and 19% cotton (there are a little spandex and nylon blended in, too ), the Dri-Tech Work Crew Socks provides comfort, dryness, and also the durability to stand up to anything you and your toes have planned for your day.

Due to their softness, we believe you will enjoy the cozy feeling you will get with each step. You are totally free to attack the tricky work of every day without worrying whether your toes are up to this job.

Additional relaxation comes out of a ventilated breathing station which improves airflow within the sock. Additionally, it can help to take moisture away whilst causing it to vanish. It is just like a breath of fresh air on your shoe, so to speak. This are the best socks for men.

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Durability is essential for almost any workwear sock and Dickie’s has you covered there, too. Many consumers report wearing the socks for more than a year without creating holes at the top sides and sides.

Meanwhile, additional compression around the arch provides you the ideal amount of support without feeling tight or too restrictive.

Form: Crew sock


  • Moisture-controlling fiber
  • Ventilation stations circulate air inside the sock
  • Socks do not slip on your toes


  • The arch requires some time to get used to


Comfort is king once you spend the majority of your workday in your own toes and that is why Dickie’s is the best athletic socks for men of working guys everywhere. They are comfy, durable, and will not overheat your feet.


The staff at sock manufacturer Almi does not think you need to modify socks for every single action. That is why they style socks they state you can wear at the workplace, at the fitness center, to play basketball you name it.

To put it differently, say the people at Almi, not all hope is lost once you appear to your cross-fit course and understand that you forgot to pack your gym socks. Their All-Day Performance Dress sock is you covered if you are finishing a report in the workplace or exercising.

The All-Day Dress Socks is versatile but also has lots of features Which Make it one of the top socks for guys total:

It provides extra cushioning, such as it provides omnidirectional arch support which has just the ideal amount of catch.

Each sock also has a reinforced padded heel and toe which provide exceptional all-day comfort.

Vented mesh zones provide lively cooling and increase warmth when you are on the run, literally and figuratively.

Almi makes it socks using high-end equipment with 200 needles which help create a nice knit that is of premium quality compared to many dress socks.

Optimized compression retains the socks from slipping and your feet comfortable and healthy.

The Pro-Formance socks additionally keep odor at bay thanks top of this line Swiss silver liner.

While Almi is a relative newcomer to the scene, it’s made a solid impression due to its craftsmanship and its quest to come up with the perfect hybrid sock. Their attention to detail warrants a mention.

The socks are wrapped in tissue paper and also arrive in recycled packaging, making them a good gift choice. This is the best dress socks for men.

Form: Over-the-calf


  • Adaptive design works well as a dress sock and a sports sock.
  • Perfect for guys who lead busy lives.
  • They keep your feet cool, comfy, and odor-free.
  • Superior packaging, perfect for gifts.


  • Few, if any, though they’ve limited designs and colors.


It is difficult not to enjoy a sock that is best socks men for a number of applications while looking good and keeping your feet comfy. Almi is a new worth keeping an eye on.


HESHÍ BASIC CREW SOCK – BLACKIn Chinese, Heshi signifies”appropriate” or”to have a fantastic fit.” That is only fitting, no pun intended when discussing the organization’s superior team sock.

However, the latter not just fits and feels great, but in addition, it gives comfort and style using a classy dress sock when providing exceptional protection.

Really, protection stems in a cushioned heel, footbed, and fur area that’s quite comfy while protecting your toes, unlike few other apparel socks. They assist you to make it throughout your day without worrying about foot soreness or fatigue.

Heshi’s socks consist of 75 percent Pima cotton, 22% cotton, and 3 percent rubber. Pima cotton is a higher-end substance with more fiber compared to cotton where a smoother cloth is made.

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It is soft and incredibly durable (many producers say it lasts 50% more than products made with different sorts of cotton).

The Heshi team sock also features a Y-Stitch heel which prevents bunching while incorporating extra relaxation. There is also a”Stay Up” cuff which will help maintain your sock out of falling while still forcing you to pull up it again and again.

In addition, it has antimicrobial technology which will help reduce foot perspiration and odor.

Another bonus is that Heshi’s socks come in many different vibrant, eye-catching colors. They are sharp enough to wear apparel shoes but also for wearing with your favorite shoes.

Form: Crew sock


  • Provide exceptional all-around foot support
  • Antimicrobial technology
  • They do not bunch up or collapse
  • CONS
  • Few, however, the gaudy colors Might Not Be for everybody’s tastes


Heshi’s socks offer you a rest from weary, traditional layouts while offering exceptional comfort, such as for individuals who invest the best ankle socks for men of the time in their toes.

SAUCONY MEN’S COMFORT FIT NO-SHOW SOCKS Saucony Men’s 6 Pair Performance Comfort Fit No-Show Socks

Another product that you’ll discover one of the most comfortable men’s socks is Saucony’s Men’s Comfort Fit. They are also the ideal no-show socks for guys and worthy of the attention when deciding upon the best socks for men review to suit you.

Nevertheless, let us take a look at what makes them good:

They include Saucony’s Run Dry Moisture Management which includes ultra-wicking fibers. Moisture is wicked away and your feet stay fresh and dry whether you’re in the gym or on the street.

The socks comprise mesh venting that makes maximum warmth to keep your feet dry and cool.

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Their designs are designed to provide the ideal quantity of compression to maintain your arch protected and secure. They are also designed to maintain your sock from slipping and bunching up, which is not comfortable.

The sole is softly cushioned but cushioned enough to provide impact protection without consuming too much space on your sneakers.

They are no-cut and no-show, but large enough to protect your heels from rubbing and blistering. They are comfortable enough they’re even acceptable for more formal apparel.

Saucony’s Men’s Comfort Fit No-Show Socks consists of 95% polyester, 3% rubber, and 2% spandex. The mix is lightweight, moisture-wicking, and quick-drying. They are also machine-washable.

Form: No-show sock


  • Moisture-wicking cloth
  • Breathable
  • Will not cause blisters
  • CONS
  • Can be Somewhat tight at the arches


If you’re searching for no-show socks, then you have to have a very long look in Saucony’s Performance Comfort Socks. They are comfy, great for several applications, and very affordable. This is the best men dress socks.


Made from recycled plastic, the Arvin Goods Cotton Crews Socks is eco-friendly, and the company stands behind its high ecological standards.

Their socks will also be of high quality and well worth your investment. There are many features we enjoy, such as:

Superior underfoot cushioning. There is a heel to toe Terry loop cushioning which provides comfort while decreasing fatigue in high impact regions of the foot. You won’t need to worry about blisters.

A flexible rib cuff keeps the socks out of drooping your calf down, no matter how busy you’re. Along with also a full-length ribbed layout follows the curves of your thighs to get a flexible, yet secure fit.

A mid-foot compression ring provides excellent arch support and hugs the foot to provide firmness.

They have a structured fit that prevents bunching.

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They are very breathable and contain moisture control fibers that wick perspiration away and other moisture fast to keep your feet cool, dry, and comfortable.

Another bonus is you are able to make use of these socks for a number of events, whether it’s into the office or for activities like trekking and even to the fitness center. Last, you can purchase them as one pair or as an element of a three-pack.

Form: Crew sock


  • They provide exceptional cushioning and cushioning.
  • They do not bunch up in your toes.
  • The ribbed cuff keeps them from slipping down your own nerves.


  • Some guys say the color is a little too bright.


Arvin Goods is an environmentally-conscious firm that makes excellent socks. You will appreciate the comfort and functionality of those top-notch team socks.


Merino Wool Hiking Trekking Crew Socks Made in the USA

Wool socks are similar to any other sort of socks for keeping your toes warm during those chilly winter days and nights. They are also comfortable, particularly if they’re not too thick or too thin like Merino’s Premium Wool Socks.

Merino’s socks consist of a mix of 71% cotton, 21% cotton, 7% cotton, and 1% spandex. It makes for a plush, comfortable sock that is watertight and well-ventilated but without sacrificing warmth.

Nevertheless, it is not only about keeping your toes warm in regards to Merino’s socks since they are comfy enough to wear even when you’re on your toes daily. They include a reinforced toe and heel which provide lots of cushioning in addition to lots of protection.

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Here is another thing: due to the mix of wool and synthetic substances, Merino’s socks wick away moisture efficiently, whilst wool obviously lessens the danger of fungal and bacterial infections.

You will also enjoy that they provide more flexibility than several other wool sock manufacturers.

When it will be a stretch to predict these socks”trendy” in a pristine style sense, their purpose is everything. After all, they will keep your feet warm in the dead of winter when keeping your feet warm and comfortable.

We believe they’re the very best cotton socks for men cash can purchase.

Sort: Wool mid-calf sock


  • Keep your feet warm and nice
  • Breathable
  • Very soft


  • Delicate to wash


Enduring every calendar year’s coldest months is an issue of practicality and relaxation. You want socks that keep your toes warm and comfy – that Merino’s Wool Socks accomplishes and much more.


Champion has a superb reputation for designing and producing activewear for women and men. Their Men’s No Show Socks claim that standing.

Made of 74% cotton, these socks are soft and comfy and have built-in moisture control as a result of its added mix of polyester and spandex.

They will wick away perspiration, and control moisture buildup while keeping your foot dry and cool even when you’re in the middle of an intense exercise.

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The Champion Men’s No Show Socks arrive with unique arch support and inbuilt cushioning which provide additional relaxation and versatility. They are also resistant to external damage and extremely durable and perspiration and odor resistant.

Champion’s socks also contain”zoned” cushioning to help restrict the impact jolt and soreness which may result.

Sort: No-show socks


  • Wick away moisture
  • Sweat and odor resistant
  • Fantastic cushioning


  • Sizing can run somewhat small


Champion’s Men’s No Show Socks garner a lot of excellent testimonials from clients and via peer reviews. There is a lot about this sock to enjoy not to give them a go.


Alpine Swiss Men’s Cotton 6 Pack Dress Socks Solid Ribbed Argyle Shoe Size 6-12

The design is ultimate when it comes to Alpine Swiss’s ribbed argyle dress socks. In the end, you’ve got loads of colors and patterns to select from and you’re going to stick out from the rest of your office mates who are wearing plain-colored socks.

That is not to mention that Alpine Swiss apparel socks tend to be far more of a novelty than anything else. Far, out of it. These socks are lightweight and comfortable also hold up well to the rigors of daily life, including the type of life where you are on your toes a lot.

In a lot of ways, they rank among the most effective casual socks you will find particularly when compared to other apparel socks that feature vivid colors and patterns.

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The Alpine Swiss socks come income in six daring, colorful designs that will stand out regardless of which kind of browser you are wearing. Whether you are at the workhouse, or on a casual day social occasion, these socks will suit the event.

You will also enjoy how they feel. The socks consist of 73% cotton, 26% cotton, and 1% elastane (a foam substance frequently utilized in close-fitting clothes ), all of which can help to make them breathable, comfortable, and lightweight.

The elastane provides only enough durability to make them comfy for all-day wear, while the elastic on the peak of the sock keeps the sock protected without feeling like a tourniquet in your calf.

Another bonus is that these socks come at a really inexpensive price. It is a cost well worth it for socks which signifies a style statement in lots of ways.

Sort: Dress socks


  • Bold colors and patterns
  • Lightweight
  • Breathable


  • The material is Somewhat thin


Some guys prefer to put in a little bit of dash and flair to their wardrobe as well as also the Alpine Swiss men’s dress socks can help them attain their desired appearance. Not only do these socks stick out in a bunch, but they are also comfortable enough for casual usage.


Hanes has its act together in regards to underwear. Underwear, t-shirts, you name it, and its own Hanes’ assignment to make you”feel good .”

The Hanes standing receives a further boost from its Energetic Cool Ankle Socks, which are unquestionably one of the finest men’s ankle socks you’ll discover.

The Lively Cool Ankle socks consist of 53% cotton, 44% cotton, in addition to a little mix of rubber and spandex. They also consist of X-temp cooling technology that is intended to react to your body’s temperatures and cool things down, if needed.

Meanwhile, New IQ innovative odor protection technologies protect against odor-causing bacteria that will assist you to stay fresh daily.

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The mix of polyester and cotton provides further relaxation, as does a half-cushion foot base that takes the strain from your feet even when you’re on the daily.

You will also love the comfort toe seam that is smooth and not in any way restrictive. These socks are also machine washable, yet another also.

Form: Ankle socks


  • As-expected Hanes relaxation
  • X-temp cooling technology
  • Cushioned foot bottom
  • CONS
  • Fit may be little


Comfort is king and Hanes is all about relaxation. The Lively Cool Ankle Socks keep your feet cool and comfortable whether you are on your toes a best men socks reviews.

Uniqlo Men’s Low-Cut Socks, Black

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In summer and spring, guys could possibly be seeking to present their sunlight-starved ankles a few fresh airs. To protect against the blisters and odor that could include not wearing socks in any way, publicist Jon Salas told us he”dies and lives by Uniqlo’s no-show socks,” explaining that”they are super comfortable, durable, light, and breathable.” He attempts to wear them close to year-round as you can, which is hard in NYC, but he particularly enjoys them in the summer with shoes because they”show a little foot” and the sock remains concealed. “And you can’t beat the purchase price,” he adds.

Mr. Gray 2-Tone Melange Invisible Sock

Menswear consultant Nick Wooster is just another no-show diehard. He advised me, “Unless it is snowing out,” he likes to put on no-shows, and his favorites are created by Mr. Gray. “Due to the specific fit along with the quality of the yarn, they do not slip and actually grip my foot unlike any other.”

Uniqlo Men’s Color Socks

For people who are searching for a proven pair of socks appropriate to wear the whole calendar year, six of those guys we spoke with praised Uniqlo’s cheap and vibrant cotton-blend crew socks. “They are moderate thickness and height, so they are versatile for several outfits and actions,” says Phillip Wong, the co-founder, and inventive manager of Hawthorne. “They come in a vast assortment of amazing colors, so based upon your ensemble, you may have a wonderful tonal moment.” Photographer David Cortes told us that these are his favored since they are”soft, warm, and do not sag.”

Another enthusiast is photographer Patrick O’Rourke, that likes to”wear them with black loafers so it’s possible to catch a glimpse of color at the top” and states he catches a couple of pairs each time he stores at Uniqlo. And, based on photographer Christopher Fenimore, who’s famous for his weekly road snaps of New York City’s best-dressed and advised us he wears those”for the fitness center, and any other event,” the socks”endure hundreds and hundreds of washes prior to evaporating or tearing.”

Calvin Klein Combed Cotton Crew Socks

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To get a really versatile sock, author Kevin Smith states this Calvin Kleins is his go-to’s. “These are my favorite socks since they are long-lasting (I have had mine for many decades ), lasting, and incredibly comfortable,” he states. “They never drop, but at precisely the exact same time they do not snap your leg so tough they leave an indent as soon as you turn into gym shorts after work”

Lady White Co. Crew Socks, 2-Pack

Jarod Taber, the co-founder of innovative bureau Wash and Fold, told us he adores the”timeless, ribbed silhouette” on Lady White Co.’s socks, which he states seem”really great with a low top sneaker.”

Preview Product Rating Price
Dr. Scholl's Ladies 2 Pack Crew Socks Dr. Scholl's Ladies 2 Pack Crew Socks

Last update on 2021-02-27 / Affiliate links / As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

At $25 per set, they might cost a bit more than many others in this listing, however Taber cities their own craftsmanship (the socks are created in a 50-year-old hosiery mill in Japan) as proof of the quality, alongside how they have proved to be unbelievably durable because of him. “I usually discount socks skateboarding, running, and only down to the simple fact that I walk a ton,” he informed us. “However, not these.” This is the best dress socks men.

Tabio Power-Fit Cotton Crew Socks, Pink

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For a slightly less expensive, made-in-Japan team sock, men’s style author Jordan Mixson that also conducts the sock-focused website, the Sockateur enjoys Tabio’s. “I really like their take on team socks,” he states. “They feel really slick and smooth, like a fancy dress sock. And they are available in a pleasant, broad array of colors if you would like elevated principles”. This is the best crew socks for men.

And Ultra Crew Length Socks, White

To get a team sock that is both exotic (made in Korea) and neighborhood (made in Brooklyn), consider those from Plus Ultra which Strategist senior editor Anthony Rotunno says he has been sporting numerous days per week considering getting a few pairs to test from the back in October.

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Following a disappointing run using Bombas (“they developed holes in a few months of standard wear and wash”), he states that the Plus Ultras that also comes in navy and black and in briefer quarter and ankle fashions have proved to be really durable and also to maintain their form and elongate in his months of washing and wearing them. “I am not a gym person, therefore I have not actually put them to this evaluation, but for a routine lifetime, those have made the daily job of deciding on a set of socks to wear a no-brainer,” Rotunno states.

Oddball Performance Plus II Men’s Crew Socks XXL, 3-Pack

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For men with larger feet, Strategist contributor Jason Stewart who’s also a DJ and co-hosts How Long J podcast using columnist Chris Black indicates these team socks from Oddball, stating they are the best white socks for men he is found because of his size-17 foot. “Standard socks do not work out nicely for me,” Stewart told me. “These socks match incredibly (or I could imagine normal socks match on ordinary people).” Beyond being operational, Stewart enjoys Oddball socks for thoughtful design details like the”navy detail about the toe and heel box.”

CDLP Bamboo Mid-Calf Socks

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For everyday wear, Jeremy Kirkland, the sponsor of this podcast Blamo! Swears by those bamboo socks out of CDLP. “They are thin enough to wear dress shoes and thick enough to wear sneakers,” he states. “I enjoy the bamboo material only because they do not shrink, are anti-odor and antibacterial and produced out of a natural, more renewable fiber. Last but not least they are just comfortable AF.”

Ralph Lauren Polo Quarter-Length Socks, White, 6-Pack

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O’Rourke informs us that although this sock elevation that is taller than a foot sock but shorter and less formal than the usual team –“could be a no-no for all.” However, he discovers that, as somebody with large Trainers who wears shorts nearly every day, it is the span that”only looks the most ordinary” on him. Of all of the quarter-length socks that he possesses, these from Ralph Lauren will be the ones that he wears the most frequently. “They come in a pack of six,” he adds, “and continue forever.”

Darn Hard x L. L. Bean Katahdin Micro Crew Sock

For the following quarter-length group, Dan Small, that directs partnerships and special projects for Baggu, also enjoys this cooperation involving L. L. Bean and Strategist-approved outside brand Darn Tough. “Darn Tough is a humorous name for a new but an apt description of the socks,” he says, and”as a staunch L. L. Bean apologist, these cooperation socks are my holy grail.”

Bombas Men’s Performance Running Ankle Socks

To get a”daily running sock,” menswear designer and creator of Corridor, Dan Snyder enjoys Bombas ankle socks. Kirkland is another fan of Bombas for jogging and working out (though he favors the crew-length model ), telling us that the socks are”strengthened” in crucial places. This is the best mens crew socks.

Puma Men’s Athletic Crew Socks, 6-Pack

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PUMA Men's 6 Pack Crew Socks PUMA Men's 6 Pack Crew Socks

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“I wear Puma socks each and every day,” says designer Samuel Krost of Krost, which adds that he”can not go to the fitness center without even wearing” these cushioned athletic team socks.

American Trench Kennedy Luxe Athletic Socks

For an athletic sock that may double as a bit more trendy, copywriter Jon Roth enjoys American Trench’s Kennedy socks. “Like white briefs, there is old-school perfection in a set of white, red, and blue tube socks, and American Trench makes a number of the very best. I use these pulled high with shorts and shoes, but they are also a fantastic selection for a dance around the home Risky Business-style.”

Hot Sox Men’s Artist Collection Crew Socks, The Scream

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Hot Sox Men's Artist Series Crew Socks Hot Sox Men's Artist Series Crew Socks

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For socks using a bit more flair, author Scott Growing enjoys these from Sexy Sox. “Nothing catches my existing condition of mind like my socks depicting Edvard Munch’s The Scream,” he states. All these are a part of the firm’s Museum Collection, which features sock interpretations of many different iconic works of art, like the Mona Lisa, Starry Night, and much more. Growing adds, “These socks do encourage dialogue, so ensure that you’ve at least perused the painting’s Wikipedia page in prep for any questions that you might get.”

Anonymous Ism Patchwork Jacquard Socks

If it comes to jeans using”innovative layouts,” Snyder and two of our panelists are enormous fans of Western business Anonymous Ism, making exceptional socks in this way multicolored patchwork design. “When I am revealing some ankle with shoes or more casual apparel, I proceed with Anonymous Ism,” Fenimore told me, including that”the selection of beautiful colors are classic, and they are large enough to wear in the colder New York months”

Hansel out of Basel Mushroom Crew Sock

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“Hansel out of Basel includes a little team in L.A. that layouts quite amazing, intricately detailed textures,” according to Small. “They’re complete sock nerds through and through,” he adds, calling the brand’s”premium Manufactured in Japan lineup” (which comprises this enjoyable mushroom layout )”luxury for your feet

Stussy Tie Dye Socks, Green/Purple

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Even though tie-dye aficionados can probably replicate this therapy in the home with almost any white socks, those less excited to generate a mess ought to consider those already-dyed socks advocated by O’Rourke. He”enjoys the colors Stussy was using to dye theirs the previous few seasons,” and for how to design them, he proposes wearing the socks with Birkenstocks all summertime as he does.

Stance Men’s Marseille Socks

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Stance Men's Mens Foundation Marseille Socks Stance Men's Mens Foundation Marseille Socks No ratings yet

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“I use Stance socks all of the ways, in plenty of different patterns,” says photographer Eric Ray Davidson. “Everything out of solids into those in the very mad patterns. I love to save the very wild ones for large shoots.”

Socksmith Shark Attack Socks

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Socksmith Men's Shark Attack Socksmith Men's Shark Attack

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Cortes told us that he obtained a pair of those socks as a Christmas gift out of his brother and states they have held up well with time. “It could be a dark comedy, but climbing up browsing with my brother, we would always joke about being eaten by a shark,” he informs us. “I would not have purchased them myself but being that they had been a gift, they have become unique to me”

In-N-Out Drink Cup Socks

Taber states that fans of this beloved West Coast fast-food series can get their In-n-Out mend from afar with the organization’s home lineup of socks. “Great hamburgers,” he states, “and equally as good socks.”

Bugatchi Floral Mid-Calf Socks

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BUGATCHI Men's Gustavo Fashion Sock BUGATCHI Men's Gustavo Fashion Sock

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For a dressier but no less pleasure sock, Mixson is a large fan of Bugatchi. “They have all sorts of designs and prints created with mercerized Egyptian cotton,” he says, and he is especially in their floral designs. As he puts it, “nobody does flowery socks. NO ONE!”

Afrisocks Kubolor Socks

“In the present time, I’m obsessed with Afrisocks,” says branding and fashion consultant Ronny Oppong. According to its site, Afrisocks has been”based on Ghanian entrepreneurs that adore colorful socks” Oppong thinks, “They possess the trendiest designs to add a pop of personality to any appearance.” He adds, “They’re also excellent quality and fairly inexpensive.”

Joyful Socks Cotton Dot Socks

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In the event, you want to have more conventional but no less statement-making prints and layouts, PR consultant Terence Edgerson claims to take a look at Happy Socks. “I got them as a gift, after which I went out and bought more,” Edgerson informed me. He says they are so good since they never leave an itchy ring round his calves and match without being too tight, so a problem he has had with different pairs. “In addition, they have this wide selection of designs, from close solids to socks with polka dots,” Edgerson adds

Pantherella Cotton Lisle Blend Over the Calf Dress Socks

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For apparel socks, stylist Brian Coats favors a more”within the calf” version and especially likes this set from Pantherella. “They really become essential to your circulatory system once you’ve 25 showroom appointments per day,” he states. His praise is seconded by Fenimore, who advised us he has been sporting Pantherella socks to the previous four decades. “They are super soft and slim, so it feels as if you are not even wearing a sock in any way.”

Issey Miyake Yellow Crush Socks

To get a bolder, high-fashion spin on apparel socks, Wong enjoys Issey Miyake. “They are essentially well-made dress socks which also work nicely with non-dressy outfits. And they always arrive in unconventional layouts and perfect colors”.


Whether you’re looking for warm winter socks or light summer models, dress socks or sporty ones, we hope that our roundup of the best men’s socks helped you find the perfect pair for you!

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