Top 12 Best Park & Freestyle Snowboard Reviews 2024

Top 12 Best Park Snowboard Reviews 2020

Are you searching for the best park snowboard? My Trail Co highlights the top models currently on the market below.

What defines freestyle snowboarding? It is difficult to pin down, as there are a lot of sub-categories that live under that small umbrella term.

Are you a large jib child? Are you trying to find a plank to core silk on? Would you like to ride half pipe? Snowboarding does need to take place road riding has been the taste of a few of the very prolific freestylers from the sport.

A park board is going to probably be based around an outline that is genuine, which means that you may feel like at home taking off or landing button. It will also help balance the swing of this plank, keeping it more steady if you are throwing about.

The profile of this board is determined by your riding style. A positive camber profile will provide a much more volatile pop for fostering from kickers and provides a more competitive ride for riding and gripping within an icy pipe. The camber dominant profile can occasionally be a disadvantage if you are a very playful jib child, a little bit of rocker from the tail and nose will mellow the ride out. You may look towards a flat board that will provide a genuine loose skate-style feeling.

Your playground snowboard’s bend is also subjective. Stiffer boards will probably be stable once you’re hitting larger features and will help you stomp those tremendous landings. Flex is a taste for people who adore to butter and flatland. The milder board is also a gentler introduction to individuals who’re newer to freestyle and do not need a board that has going to kick their bum as much.

There’s no ideal answer to what makes a park snowboard, your riding style totally determined it. To offer you a helping hand, our Evaluation Team set a whole group of boards into the evaluation, and those were their best picks for tricky.

Top Rated Best Park Snowboards Brand

Top Rated Best Park Snowboards Brand

Bestseller No. 1
Nitro Cheap Thrills X Wigglestick Men's Park Snowboard (152)
Nitro Cheap Thrills X Wigglestick Men's Park Snowboard (152)
Powercore II; Whiplash Core Profile; Ureshred Sidewalls; Bi-Lite Laminates; Railkiller Edge
SaleBestseller No. 2
Ride Twinpig Unisex Snowboard, 154
Ride Twinpig Unisex Snowboard, 154
Size the TWINPIG down 3 to 6 cm from your standard twin; Slim Wall provides efficient energy transfer and lighter weight construction
SaleBestseller No. 3
Nitro T1 X FFF Men's Park Snowboard (149)
Nitro T1 X FFF Men's Park Snowboard (149)
Best Use: Freestyle; Skill Level: Intermediate/Advanced; Rocker: Rocker/Camber/Rocker; Flex:Stiff
SaleBestseller No. 8
CAPiTA Pathfinder Reverse Camber Mens Snowboard, 153
CAPiTA Pathfinder Reverse Camber Mens Snowboard, 153
Rider Type: Resort + Freestyle; Flex: 4/10

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GNU Head Space

Though pro models are few and far between nowadays, the Head Space is just one of 2 pro models for Forest Bailey. Bailey is an artist and his deck is adorned by his handiwork.

It is difficult to tell at first glance, but the Head Space is asymmetrical, a design approach that GNU was honing for several years. The idea behind it? Since snowboarders stand toeside and heelside turns are distinct.

Accordingly, each facet of this board is formed to maximize every sort of twist: a deeper sidecut on the hillside and much more shallow one on the toeside.

The Head Space carries a camber with rocker involving camber and the toes in front and behind the bindings. Together with soft flex, the board does not beat you up. Along with a heart that is a combo of harvested Aspen and paulownia wood provides lots of pop.

Size-wise, it is available in four lengths: 149. 152, 158, and 155. The 152 and 155 are also available in wide variations.

Gilson Duel Men’s Park

If you’re searching for a park board that is committed, this can be the first stop on the plank bus to you!

  • Soft border design
  • Poplar wood core
  • SuperFlex

This plank is a design across the waist but pulls to a rocker in the tail and the nose. Together with the nose and tail form, it makes the board more nimble, easier to twist, and enjoyable to kick up into butter. After all, that is what park about, right?

But as of that, you are going to be doing more work to maintain the plank charging and floating in powder so keep this board in the playground if you would like to be efficient. In addition to all of that, the up borders, known as borders, are defined so that they do not grab on features from the park.

Obviously, as we spoke about, this defined border shape will make it simpler to tear a split on the board in comparison with something more specialized. In addition to the absence of a camber means that this board will fight to find air.

Best for park boarding, particularly grinds, butter, and jibbing with time on the groomers or even off-piste.

Signal Park

When was the last time you have? And the best part is that the board may be customized for your riding style.

  • Cambered suspension
  • Poplar’s heart
  • Soft bend

Ok, technically this plank is really a medium/soft but in contrast to boards on our listing it is on the end. Nevertheless, but the cambered shape of this board constitutes a little bit of the softness using a general advantage engagement if you tip up the plank.

As a result of the nose and tail more of this plank, mass is based which means simpler and quicker twists. With the atmosphere, you can get more twists Such as Gilson Duel.

Contrary to the Bataleon Goliath, however, you will want to keep this board at the playground. It isn’t intended to slide across the powder and also the bend means you will fight to keep control.

Best for a bent board which lets you truly control edge pressure and board form from the playground.

Burton Process Flying V

Burton Process Flying V was constructed to be lively, lightweight and amplify a lot of pop from the nose and tail. This deck is your weapon of choice of Burton Pro Mark McMorris because of its twin form and hybrid Flying V camber profile which make this deck a considerable competition from the terrain parks.

The Flying V Camber adds a reverse camber zone between the bindings, routine camber underfoot and opposite camber again in the tail and nose providing this deck a surfy and predictable trip. Burton’s Frostbite Edges extends a hair underneath the bindings outside to include grip on hardpack and frosty terrain.

End off this deck using a lasting and highly porous sintered base for additional battle armor and exceptional slide, and you have a board that’s guaranteed to take you greater like a Creed song.

DC Ply Snowboard

The DC Ply Snowboard has been a deck throughout the past couple of years for road savants and park riders. The House Team Rider Brady Lem rides the DC Ply and if you’ve ever noticed him roll through the regional park scene, you understand he wants a deck that could keep up.

This double shape gives this plank the flexible ride it requires when stomping change and regular lines throughout the park while its conventional camber shape gives it lots of predictability, pop, and answer you want.

DC’s Stratus center provides a wood center that’s lightweight, lively, and full of energy from edge to edge, Ollie electricity, and everything in between. No bells and whistles you men, conventional camber, double silhouette, an extruded base for simple tunes and maintenance compose the DC Ply.

Rome Agent Snowboard

There is A bamboo pole buried at both ends at the board, going out towards the tip and tail and beginning between the folds. These’ hotrods shoot electricity which means it’s possible to load lies and slashes without messing with all the stiffness.

The blunted tail and nose are fantastic for reducing swing as you are bending down these twists and provide the board a shorter running span whilst maintaining the exact same successful advantage.

Salomon Huck Knife Pro Snowboard

The chamber beneath the bindings provides the board with strength. This really is a ride using all the rocker at the tail and tip playing its role also – you will wind pressing rails and boxes comfy. The Popster Boosters gives the plank a nearly skateboard-ish feel, which makes your ollies feel snappier.

Capita Ultrafear Snowboard

The Capita Ultrafear strikes loopholes into terrain parks and features all. This board has been among the very sought-after decks at Capita line because its early restricted release several years back and gets the resume to back this up, Transworld Good Wood awards, Snowboard Mag Platinum Picks, and High Cascade Camper Choices just to mention a couple.

The Ultrafear is a true twin-shaped deck which features Capita’s Freedom V1 Profile that applies a horizontal camber section into the exterior of the bindings in the middle and provides reverse camber regions from the nose and tail that give this board a secure ride, simple possibility, plus a lively platform ideal for the parks.

Capita took the liberty of adding some additional armor to the deck by wrap the sidewalls using a Kevlar Titanal Body Armor™ plus a 1.5millimeter cork dampening system that beef up the sidewall protection for bonks and dings and add a shock absorption when walking through hardpack and rocky terrain. The Capita Ultrafear really is and has turned into a favorite of riders.


Endeavor BOD Snowboard

The 3D camber is a complete tip to tail camber, but the touchpoints are slightly scooped up, to provide an extremely subtle”spoon” contour in the tail and nose. This provides the best of the two worlds. You obtain snappy, strong feelings, and the rebound normally associated with conventional camber with a more pliable texture in the endings that does not compromise the total pop.

Ride Twinpig Snowboard

Ride Twinpig is deck this season to the Ride lineup. The Pig series consists of 3 decks which are showcased in like-mindedness for their award-winning cousin the Warpig but today each deck includes a focus on the terrain.

The Twinpig is targeted towards the facet of things due to its twin shape and camber profile. The Hybrid Camber of the deck combines a conventional camber profile whilst incorporating a few reverse camber from the nose for an easy ride and lively texture from the parks.

This deck features an asymmetrical shape that cuts on the edge deeper compared to the toe side edge for a hold in your buttocks turns. The ride took the freedom in tagging “left foot” and “back” from the inserts so there’s absolutely no confusion when placing up this deck.

Impact Plates are inserted on the toes to get small meat beneath the bones to get a better impact resistance when hammering features from the roads or even the parks. Finished off with a foundation that is effortless tuning makes the Twinpig a member to wrap up our Park Boards of 2019.

Lobster Eiki

It is among the softest boards available on the industry and it is ideal for getting those flatland tips down and to get simple pressing and puttering around. The Wallie hints are blunted for low swing weight and rounded up to give you a bit more leeway as you are fostering it off features. Ideal for park rats, stuntin’ from buttery madness and the roads.

Nitro Beast

The Team features a conventional camber profile, making for a poppy ride. The silhouette is ideal for getting those swap tips and has been thrown and spun around. The centered stance provides a totally equivalent swing weight for if you are throwing those twists and means that you can ride out change with no dramas.


Snowboard Length

For those seeking to acquire the board, there is a chart. A fantastic guideline when obtaining the length that is very best would be to consider the way the board will be utilized.


If you’re riding at the playground, then consider a product on the shorter end of your size array. Then receive a plank, if you would like to handle a few hills, powder, or freeriding.

Another thing to consider is weight loss. Then get a more board, if you’re heavy to your elevation.

Snowboard Width

There are two regions of consideration in regards to getting the proper width. The very first school of thought will be to overhang on the heel and the toe involving 1 to 2 centimeters to the snowboard boots.

The belief that is other is to the toes to be the exact same width as the plank. Since the shirt is more narrow because of the angle onto the borders of a snowboard, the point is to create the dimensions.

Both beliefs seem legit, and the two schools of thought are the same, in case you haven’t figured it out. The upper side is a bit thinner in contrast to the bottom of the plank, so if your toes are perfectly aligned at the floor, there’ll be a bit of overlap at the top.

If your toes are aligned at the floor there’ll be a 1-2cm of overlap on top.

Width is very important to consider since you need the optimal management of your board, which just occurs when there’s some overlap from the heel and toe.

Snowboard camber

A camber profile is a snowboard that appears from both sides. A camber provides the board a lot more of a shape, a convex contour. There are ways that the board takes more of a convex seem below.

Flat Camber

Camber might be the easiest to comprehend. A board using a camber means the board is horizontal between the touchpoints the region that is binding.

Camber is most appropriate for novices who are excellent and want a sense of management. The drawback is that a ride due to the floor contact. Flat profiles are tough to discover, and flat-to-rocker is common.

Hybrid Camber

There is A Hybrid Camber simple to comprehend with the debut of automobiles. Hybrid profiles possess a mixture of camber. Though a board with camber is more for advanced riders A board having an extended rocker segment is excellent for novices.

1 hybrid vehicle has a camber at a rocker and the center in the tails. The rocker provides some float in powder requirements, whereas the camber from the region adds stability, rate, and remarkable edge-hold.

Reverse Camber

A camber includes a shape involving the region of the tail and the tip. The benefit is having a plank for something and butter which works in powder. The downside is a texture that is loose, it does not hold an edge well, and it is harder to land out of a jump that is huge.

Conventional Camber

Camber is the contrary of the camber. There is a camber to tail. Classic camber’s benefit is fantastic for soda, oldies, jumps, improved edge-hold, turns, and equilibrium.

On the flip side, there is a camber not great for powder, and it is more difficult to press and butter.

Snowboard rocker

The rocker was released in the part under reverse-camber. A rocker means you’ve got a component that rests on the snow with tails and hints. The shape is connected with a chair’s floor railings.

A rocker has flotation in powder. There is also increased since rockers are intended to have advantage contact, which makes for a more turning. It is also easier to slip on rails.

Snowboard Form


The shape was made to go in 1 direction. A few of the features of this shape include using a nose than tail the nose will appear distinct from the tail, a drawback position, along with a camber profile.

Boards are utilized by all-mountain and people who adore freeriding. The board shape is ideal for rate carving, and powder.

A true twin tip

The authentic shape is symmetrical. There’ll be two boards, Should you cut the board in half. At a plank that is genuine, tail and the nose are the exact same width and length.

The bindings are based so the distance in front binding into the tip is just like the space of the rear into the tail. A twin has the bend from the back and the nose.

Mountain and freestyle authentic boards are used by riders. On account of this contour comprehensive, the texture of this board is exactly the exact same for the way or all those riding changes. In freestyle, the switch is favored for performing tricks off or on the railing and other items.

Directional twin

Directional twin appears somewhat like a twin that is legitimate, but the nose is the tail. There is also a drawback position, but no longer than 20mm. A twin is acceptable for anybody riding all-mountain freestyle or all-mountain. Riding change is potential, but it is going to feel a little embarrassing.

Sidecut and Turn Radius

There is A snowboard sidecut a section that enables turns to occur. When there’s a tiny radius, then the board is going to be able to create turns that are sharper and abrupt. Freestyle, shrub, and park riders will reap the most to commence tips, spins, and moving.

A sidecut having a radius will not cut deep meaning ends are made by that the board and also contains outstanding stability at higher rates. The advantage is for all those who like large, open runs powder, and mountain free-riding.

Snowboard Flex

There are four flex evaluations. Brands and reviewers will proceed onto a ten-point system, in which a standing of one is really for bend, a moderate is about five, rigid is all about eight, and rigid is ten.

There is A flex snowboard for people who intend on spending a great deal of time. Bend enables for butter, jibbing, and floor tricks. There is A flex also excellent.

Moderate bend is for all those who wish to do a few tricks but wish to find a time.

Stiff flex is as they accelerate several runs for all those who want control. Stiff flex is great and in the backcountry. They provide stability and edge to maintain high rates.


When the winter is finished, it is time to provide your board’s little break and take out of your sneakers and skateboards. However, you can not simply ditch your boards! You have to properly store it.


  • The very first step is to ensure that your board is composed of all of the dirt out of stomps and all of your epic runs. The very best advice would be to use some water and a cloth.
  • Eliminate the bindings to eliminate gloomily and any salt. Don’t forget to wash the board.
  • Locate or the next step is to sharpen the advantages. Maintaining your snowboard sharp can help prevent rust.
  • Give your board waxing and keep in mind to maintain the quantity of stuff to stop the board from drying during the summer months.
  • The best wax to use is whether or all-temperature wax. Do not forget to wax the borders to postpone rust buildup.
  • The last step would be to keep your board in a cool, dry area with a degree of humidity. Consider including a cover into the board, including a zip lock bag. Maintain the board.

For additional protection, put a rug beneath the trick to prolong the durability of this plank. As soon as you’re finished you can choose your mountain bike summertime, to rule out!

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Conclusion: the Best Park Snowboard for Freestyle

The snowboard for you is an option If it comes right down to this. My Trail Company can not let you know exactly what to buy, you need to find it out based on what you want to perform!

If you go with a bend and a camber profile along with a stiff flex and a profile? Well, that depends upon where you are riding, what type of tricks you are focusing on, and the way you want to ride. Nobody snowboard is ideal for everything about the mountain.

My Trail attempted to get you thinking about the aspects. We covered a variety of park and freestyle snowboards from particular to the general. Some are great all a few are so certain they could be utilized to get a set of tips!

If you have got a limited budget, go with something which’s more of a”generalist” snowboard and over time you’ll be able to find out more about your riding style and save up to get a particular board that matches your growing needs!

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