Top Best Rain Pants 2021

Top Best Rain Pants

It is a gorgeous morning in the hills. You throw in your pack and begin off with no care in the world before the mountain weather does exactly what it is famous for performing. It changes. It changes quickly, and your lovely evening is an incoming bulk of wet and wind. If you have packed a raincoat you are half protected, but you are going to learn quite quickly that half is not enough.

Each of the water landing that waterproof jacket is operating down into your legs down and down to your own boots, leaving the lower half of your body soaked and freezing. To prevent that outcome you require a set of rain pants and to help you opt for a pair we have brought you this guide to the very best rain pants for trekking. Whatever your particular requirements are in lower-half raingear, you will find something here to meet them! Are you looking for the best rain pants? My Trail Company has many best choice products which help you choose it here!



Just like the majority of outdoor equipment, there is a lot of choices in regards to rain trousers, and deciding on the thing you need is not always simple. You will want to estimate your requirements, understand the technology involved, and determine how much you would like to invest.

Pants created to occupy the smallest possible space in your package and appear just for emergency use will be made and constructed very differently from trousers designed for use for everyday work in demanding circumstances! The selection of choices may be confusing initially, but when you understand exactly what you want and what you would like to invest, it is possible to narrow that down into a few choices that will keep you dry on your kind of moist weather.


There are two standard sorts of hiking rain equipment. One is”just in case” protection which you take in your package to manage unexpected poor weather. Another is daily wearing that is intended for regular usage, even outside work, in areas where rain is anticipated and rain gear a part of the everyday wardrobe.

“In case” rain gear was designed to be as compact and light as possible and frequently sacrifices durability to attain that objective. Daily use equipment will be more lasting and provides some weight and packability to attain that objective. Since not everybody fits into a fantastic market, producers also make crossover rain gear that matches both purposes.

Just like the majority of outdoor equipment, if you would like something which’s lightweight, light, and powerful, expect to pay a premium to get this!


There are a couple of primary attributes we use to evaluate rain trousers.

Waterproofing is vital: the entire point of rain trousers would be to keep us dry. That usually means the cloth must keep out water, the seams need to be recorded or welded, and zippers need to be waterproof or protected.

Breathability is also a vital part of remaining dry. Breathable fabrics keep outside out water but allow inside water through, occasionally even wicking moisture away from the skin. Since we frequently sweat within our raingear, breathability is an integral element in relaxation and maintaining dry.

Ventilation lets you open the trousers to allow air in, which may be helpful when rain is off and on and you do not wish to be constantly shooting off pants and placing them on again.

Freedom is important in almost any hiking-specific garments. You need protection, but you do not need pants that don’t allow you to move. Manufacturers utilize crotch gussets, articulated knees, stretch fabrics, and other features to keep you dry and mobile at precisely the exact same time!

The simplicity of use is something we do not consider in the beginning, but it is vital. Rain may come on fast and you wish to have the ability to receive your pants off and on easily, without removing boots along with other clothing. Side zippers are extremely useful in regards to pulling rain trousers on over boots and a flexible waist is essential for ensuring that the trousers will fit easily on your other layers.

Know which features matter most to you and you are going to have the ability to balance them and make the best choice!


There are many excellent guides to picking rainwear online; many bargains with trousers and coats. To learn more, EMS provides some fantastic ideas for the best way best to select rain trousers and coats. Also, take a look at this review of topics specific to rain trousers to find out more before you purchase.



Every pair of rain pants begins with waterproof material. Knowing the substances helps us know how rain trousers are created and why the costs change so much. You might find it beneficial to find out more about the waterproof fabrics used in hiking equipment and clothing so that you understand precisely what you want before you opt for a pair of rain pants from the listing above.

Coated fabrics put a layer of plastic or rubber above a base cloth, typically nylon. The recognizable inexpensive raincoats utilize coated materials. They’re inexpensive but usually not breathable or possess limited breathability, and they’re generally stiff and relatively uneasy.

Laminate/Membrane waterproofing technologies utilize a waterproof/breathable membrane laminated between cloths developed to protect from abrasion on the exterior and provide comfort on the interior. This sort of fabric lets breathability, flexibility, and relaxation.

There are various kinds of laminate/membrane cloth in the marketplace. Some are marketed as”3-layer” cloths with a complete fabric coating out and in the membrane others as”2.5″ coating cloths, usually having a milder interior coating.

Gore-tex was among the very first laminate/membrane technology to reach the marketplace. It has been upgraded frequently and remains one of the very best, most sought after, and also many expensive waterproof/breathable cloths.

Pertex is just another proprietary high performance waterproof/breathable material utilized by numerous manufacturers.

Many producers have their own engineering, each with its own name: NanoPro, H2No, Dry.Q, DryVent, and a lot more. The majority of them are variations on each coated or laminate/membrane cloth.


The fabric needs to be kept together to make a set of trousers. Each pair of rain pants has stitches, plus they need to be protected to maintain the garment waterproof. Coated fabrics might be scraped, but in the majority of cases, seams are stitched and covered with waterproof tape on the interior. Lower-quality taping technology can get worse over time.


Rain pants have side zippers for 2 reasons. Side zippers allow you to set the trousers on fast and easily even when you’re wearing boots. They may also be opened just as much or as little as you prefer, and where you prefer, to provide ventilation.

Side zippers need to be kept waterproof or you won’t remain dry on windy days. Producers utilize storm flaps of waterproof fabric to cover the zipper or utilize waterproof zippers, or even both!


Waistbands keep pants from falling down, and that the majority of us would rather avoid. Many rain pants have elastic waistbands, frequently combined with drawstrings, snaps, or other closures. Elastic alone will reduce its own stretch with time, therefore it is fantastic to have a secondary closed system.


Cuff closures keep trousers tight around your boots, preventing water or snow from getting up beneath your trousers at the bottom. Pants utilize an assortment of cuff closures, such as hinges, Velcro, and elastic closure. Some trousers do not shut the cuff in any way.


Knee articulation and crotch gussets are forms of stitching and cutting designed to improve freedom, particularly in circumstances when you need to measure high, measure across a gap, or leap, all which occur when you are hiking!


Most rain pants are made to material into a compact bundle, so they are easy to store if you don’t desire them. Many trousers stuff to a pocket, typically using a 2-way zipper which you can use to shut the bundle. Other people utilize a little stuff sack.

The best rain pants brands - best rain pants for work

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The best rain pants brands

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  • WEIGHT: 11 oz.
  • WAISTBAND: Elastic + Drawstring
  • SIDE ZIPPER: Ankle Height


  • Articulated Knees For Superior Freedom
  • Zippered Bottom Vents Lets You Bring Pants On Over Boots
  • Packs Down Into Zippered Pocket

If you’d like a set of effective, highly packable rain pants to keep in your pack for crises, this offering from REI is the best rain pants for hiking. They are compact, light, and totally waterproof. They are also comfortable and possess a huge zippered bottom which you may pull right on your boots once the rain comes on quickly.

Up to them and they are snug and place to go! The vital pant does not have a lot of fancy features, as its name implies, however, it does exactly what you want it to do, remains in a light, compact package if you don’t want this, and won’t demolish your budget!



  • WEIGHT: 10.9 ounces.
  • WAISTBAND: Elastic + Snap + Drawstring
  • SIDE ZIPPER: Cuff To Thigh Water Resistant


  • Water-Resistant Cuff-To-Thigh Side Zippers
  • Articulated Knees Boost Freedom
  • 2-Setting Snap-Tab Closures Assures Snug Seal
  • Lightweight Stuff Sack Included
  • Patagonia Cloud Ridge

If you’re trying to find a rampant that thankfully doubles up as skiing, snowboarding, or snowshoe pant, Patagonia provides the products together with all the Cloud Ridge. This can be an all-purpose protective outer coating for your thighs, made to be worn by itself in warm weather or even above insulating layers in chilly conditions.

The thigh-high side zipper makes it effortless to find the pants even when you’re wearing ski boots and doubles up as a powerful ventilator in hot weather. Cloud Ridge is an easy, light bit of protective equipment that delivers excellent 4-season flexibility.



  • WEIGHT: 12 ounces.
  • WAISTBAND: Elastic + Velcro Adjustment Tabs
  • SIDE ZIPPER: Total With Storm Flap


  • Full-Length Zippers With Sudden Storm Flaps
  • NanoPro Fabric Goes Moisture Away From Skin Care
  • Three Zippered Pockets
  • 100% Taped Seams

The primary distinguishing feature of this PreCip Full Zip is, obviously, the full-length zippers on the outside of each leg. The zippers ensure it is dead simple to set the trousers on over boots and trousers if the rain comes without warning, and you are able to start the sides for ventilation if you would like to keep the trousers on when the rain slows down.

The zipper is protected with a well-designed storm flap which prevents water from passing through the zipper on windy days. All these peaceable, well-designed, and effective rain trousers are fairly priced and their prevalence has been got with functionality!



  • WEIGHT: 8.6 ounces.
  • WAISTBAND: Elastic + Webbing Cinch Strap
  • SIDE ZIPPER: 3/4 Length Water Heater


  • Water-Resistant 3/4 Length Side Zippers
  • Fully Articulated Design For Outstanding Freedom Of Movement
  • Zip-And-Snap Fly
  • Reinforced Lower Cuffs For Durability

Some rain pants provide tradeoffs: some very light pant may offer less water or durability resistance. The Arc’teryx Zeta SL fractures that routine, providing high-class water resistance and endurance in an ultralight ultra-compact bundle. These pants are light enough to reside on your backpack as a”just in case” choice on long lifts but sturdy enough for everyday wear under adverse circumstances.

The Gore-tex PackLite Plus cloth is on the peak of the course for breathability and comfort, and also the completely articulated design provides unparalleled freedom of motion. The sole tradeoff here’s the cost, which is also on the best waterproof hiking pants of its course, however, you really do get what you pay for!



  • WEIGHT: 5.5 ounces.
  • WAISTBAND: Elastic + Drawstring
  • SIDE ZIPPER: Ankle


  • Ultralight And Really Compact
  • Waterproof, Breathable, Totally Seam Taped To Keep Water Out And Warmth In
  • Ankle Zippers For Easy On/Off

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If you’re trying to find a pair of rain pants which could lie undetected on your package for days and appear to keep you dry in rain, these are the pants you’ll want. They’re one of the lightest and best mountaineering pants on the current market, as well as the Pertex Shield cloth scores high marks to be both waterproof and very breathable.

These pants are not packed with features: what was pared back to attain insanely slim down. They have been criticized for not one of the most lasting pants on the current market, but that is also a tradeoff for the weight reduction. They are not designed for everyday use under rugged conditions; they are intended to be very mild and incredibly packable, plus they fulfill that function nicely.



  • WEIGHT: 11.5 ounces.
  • WAISTBAND: Elastic + Drawstring
  • SIDE ZIPPER: 3/4 Length Water-Resistant


  • Water-Resistant Double-Separating 3/4 Length Side Zippers
  • Gusseted Crotch And Articulated Knees For Easy Movement
  • Snap Closures On Cuffs
  • Back Pocket Doubles As Materials Sack
Preview Product Rating Price
Outdoor Research Men's Foray Jacket Outdoor Research Men's Foray Jacket

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These trousers do everything that a rampant is assumed to perform, and they do it well. The GoreTex PackLite fabric is extremely breathable, lightweight, light, and comfortable. The fabric and construction are completely waterproof even in complete storm conditions. The articulated knees and gusseted crotch will not impede move even on the best rain gear for work or the maximum reaches.

They’re small and light enough to carry that” in the event” place on your package and durable enough for everyday wear. They are not the lowest priced pants on the current market, but in the event that you can manage them and you’re searching for a top excellent set of all-around rain trousers, they are well worth the purchase price.



  • WEIGHT: 8.11 ounces.
  • WAISTBAND: Elastic + Drawstring
  • SIDE ZIPPER: Knee-Length With Storm Flap


  • Pants Stow Inside Their Own Pocket
  • Knee-Length Side Zips
  • Velcro-Adjustable Ankle Cuffs

North Face’s DryVent system which makes these rain pants is a multi-layer foam coating designed to maintain outside out water while going indoors dampness away from the body. The half-length zippers make them simple to wear over boots and clothing, and they’re durable enough for active sports.

These trousers are cut rather loose, which provides unrestricted movement and space for layering, but if you do not like baggy trousers, then you may prefer another version. These trousers are lightweight, they are compact, they are tough, and they are a terrific value in a really inexpensive package!



  • WEIGHT: 9.5 ounces.
  • WAISTBAND: Elastic + Integrated Belt
  • SIDE ZIPPER: Total Length


  • Full-Length Side Zippers
  • High-Stretch Material For Total Mobility
  • Integrated Internet Belt Encourages Waist Secure

What sets these trousers aside from the competition is summed up into 1 word of the title: elongate. That term is there for a reason. These trousers actually do stretch, to a degree which makes them among the very comfortable and portable rain trousers in the industry.

In case you’re looking for pants that are appropriate for busy sports that need freedom of motion, you will want to consider them. They’re also rated among the most breathable trousers on the current market they pack down to very compact dimensions, and also the full-length zipper provides excellent ventilation choices and makes them simple to get on or off fast!



  • WEIGHT: 11 oz.
  • WAISTBAND: Elastic + Snap
  • SIDE ZIPPER: 1/4 Length


  • Articulated Knees For Total Mobility
  • 100 percent Seam Taped
  • 1/4 Length Boot Cuff Zippers


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The Marmot Minimalist lives up to its title. There are not many bells and whistles, no complete zippers or fancy features, only a well-cut, well-designed pair of rather waterproof hiking trousers. The GoreTex PackLite cloth does exactly what it is supposed to do, providing an extremely large amount of waterproof protection and breathability at a light, compact package.

There is not a great deal of venting here, so these may not be the perfect pants for warm-weather usage, however, if you’re searching for all-around weather and you are focused on getting the basics right, the Marmot Minimalist fits the bill.



  • WEIGHT: 14.5 ounces.
  • WAISTBAND: Elastic + Drawstring


  • Welded Seams For Total Waterproofing
  • Polyurethane Repair Kit Included
  • Adjustable Waist For Easy Fit

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All these rain pants are designed and constructed along the lines of classic rain gear, using a strong waterproof polyurethane-coated cloth and welded seams. They are not breathable and they’re able to collect perspiration indoors, and they are not as mild or as compact as the majority of the best rain gear for working outside on this listing.

They’re in the very low end of the purchase price range, however, and they’ll keep you dry! If you’re searching for a simple set of rain pants and you are prepared to forfeit the high-end features to receive a product that matches a restricted budget, have a good look at these.

Arcteryx Beta SL Rain Pants

After an unknown market brand, Arcteryx has turned into among the very high-quality titles in outdoor equipment.

These waterproof breathable hiking trousers are made out of the recognizable Gore-Tex breathable cloth and all of the fine features you expect in the very best rain suits for work.

There are a couple of refinements on those waterproof hiking trousers which will have you rejoicing. If you can afford them, that is. The waterproof zippers on the ankles are a number of the greatest I have seen.

Preview Product Rating Price
Arc'teryx Beta SL Pant Arc'teryx Beta SL Pant No ratings yet

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Finest Women’s Rain Pants: Arc’teryx Women’s Beta SL Pant

Arcteryx Beta SL Rain Pants at a Glance:

  • Waterproof breathable Gore-Tex
  • Generous boot zippers
  • 1/4 length Water Resistant lower leg zippers
  • Fly zipper access

Columbia Men’s Rebel Roamer Hiking Rain Pant

If you have read some of my reviews of outdoor equipment, you will understand I rave about Columbia as a brand that provides value.

Their equipment may not be the fanciest, however it is cheap and it works wonderfully! The Roamer waterproof pants are no exception.

Of all of the waterproof hiking trousers on our listing, not one could match the performance and best waterproof work pants for the minimal cost of this Columbia Rebel Roamers.

Preview Product Rating Price
Columbia Men's Columbia Men's

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Columbia Men’s Rebel Roamer Rain Pant at a Glance:

  • 100% nylon 70D
  • Low Price
  • Fantastic user comments
  • Adjustable leg openings

Helly Hansen Men’s Voss Rain Pant

Helly Hansen is bringing us a set of welded seam nylon waterproof pants that putting Columbia into the test for the worth.

These pants are super cheap and present the best mens rain pants for hikers that need a set of waterproof pants without a flash – only work.

Since Helly Hansen proceeded with welded seams on these trousers, there is no requirement for tape. Welded seams are heat welded together and only bond both sides directly together with no stitching needed.

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Helly Hansen Men’s Voss Rain Pant at a Glance:

  • Polyester and PU waterproofness
  • Welded seams do not need seam taping
  • Flexible snap bottom hem
  • Easy and Inexpensive Alternative

The North Face Men’s Resolve Rain Pant

There is no denying the North Face is a respectable name in outdoor equipment. These waterproof hiking trousers are a North Face choose a traditional design. They are packaging in each one the features we want and nothing we do not.

Allow me to start off by mentioning a significant comfort factor that has been included in those shorts. Indoors there’s a lining of breathable mesh that retains the plastic-feeling waterproof pants from the skin.

Preview Product Rating Price
The North Face Men's Resolve Pant, TNF Black, XL X R The North Face Men's Resolve Pant, TNF Black, XL X R $124.58

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The North Face Men’s Resolve Pant in a Glance:

  • Seam recorded for waterproofness
  • Two front pockets
  • Ankle boot zippers
  • Ankle zipper gusset

Patagonia Torrentshell Pant

Preview Product Rating Price
Mens Torrentshell Pants Mens Torrentshell Pants No ratings yet

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These trousers are nothing particular; that’s a great thing. They are not just the best rain gear for construction, they are not the worst, and they are not the priciest. They just keep out the rain when you require it and package away gently once you don’t. Others tend to be milder while some are more protective and durable, but the Patagonia Torrentshell hits a sweet spot. For more bucks, our Editors’ Choice winner warrants a look. To get a wonderful intersection of performance and value, take a look at the Torrentshell.

REI Talusphere Full Zip

A super flexible, durable, and storm-worthy pant at a best hardshell pants cost; the drawbacks being it is not as compressible or mild weight as other models from the fleet

The REI Talusphere Full Zip is a fully-featured rain pant that’s constructed of stretchy PU cloth, which allowed for some of the greatest freedom from contenders. The Talusphere performed well above average in 2 of the most significant features of a rain pant – storm worth and breathability. The only real downsides of this Talusphere are its weight; it is undoubtedly the heaviest version in our inspection and has a bigger than typically packed volume.

Mountain Hardware Stretch Ozonic Pant

The Mountain Hardwear Stretch Ozonic Pant is also, as its name, suggests a stretchy pair of rain protectors. It utilizes Mountain Hardwear’s unique 4-way, all-over stretch, and this will be a number of the very best backpacking rain pants. The face material is a tough yet flexible 40D, and the waterproof tech is Dry.Q, yet another time-tested attribute from the manufacturer.

The Stretch Ozonic trousers have watertight zippers on each leg, an elastic back waist, plus a flat built-in buckle using a Velcro tab that will help to dial in the perfect match. There are two complete leg zippers for slipping off and on, and leg cuffs in the base that fasten the trousers to your own boots. These can repel water, they’re going to stretch with your assortment of movement, and they’ll be comfortable the entire way.

Helly Hanson Voss Pant

The Helly Hansen Voss Pants is the very best waterproof traveling pant with this list and performs the task of a fundamental rain pant. Such as the Columbia Rebel Roamerthey does not possess much in the way of features. An elastic waistband and snap closures around the ankle cuffs are you’re working with.

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The match is a little oversize for layering, along with the waterproof technology is Helly Hansen’s Helox+, PU cloth that keeps out water, but does not breathe very well. These trousers work for fundamental lifts and prolonged walks in the rain. If you enjoy this particular brand or favor the match, they’re equivalent to the Columbia trousers, however, they do not have so long a guarantee.

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